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San Jose Parkour - Fremont, CA - Parkour Classes
« on: July 22, 2009, 11:09:55 AM »
San Jose Parkour and the Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy host Parkour/Freerunning training sessions every Saturday 3pm-6pm. We have a great facility which includes:

12000 sq ft facility
2 separate dojang training floors covered with special martial art padded mats
Fully equipped
Parkour obstacles created and designed by the Instructors
Landing pads
Heavy bags for strength training
Small target bags for focus and speed training
Handheld focusing pads for kicking and punching
Rubber balls
Traditional training equipment
Ssaurabi training machine
Weight machines
Free weights
Stationary bikes
Pro-Shop fully stocked with martial arts equipment, uniforms, supplies and a snack bar for refreshments after class!

San Jose Parkour and Jung SuWon has been training students in the art and discipline of Parkour and Freerunning since March of 2008. The Instructors are Matthew Trinidade and Jonathon Palmer. Matthew Trinidade has been involved in professional sports for over 12 years and has been an active in Parkour since 2003 and has taught over 200 traceurs already from different parts of the world (California, New York, Israel, Australia, etc.). Trinidade has a focus on maximizing the human body's potential and Parkour techniques using traditional teachings studied from many of the founders of Parkour. Jonathon Palmer has been a martial arts instructor and black belt at Jung SuWon for many years. Palmer has a focus on Freerunning and tricking using martial arts and gymnastic methods. Both instructors have great experience teaching people of all ages and methods.

You can expect a great in-depth training session when you come to the dojo. Each class has hard conditioning work-outs, drills, training on basic techniques all the way to advanced Parkour/Freerunning/Tricking techniques. The instuctors look for and insist on perfect practice in order to insure the safety of it's students and the promotion of good, healthy work-out habits. If you want a great work-out and learn a great discipline, come out this Saturday! The best students will want to train with the group regularly every week and give everything a good honest try and devoit of laziness.

Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy
4150 Technology Place
Fremont, CA 94538

Trinidade: 408-644-3547
Jung SuWon: 510-659-9920

Current Price:
$25 for drop-in sessions

Video of the facility and students: