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Parkour And Freerunning / Re: What animal(s) inspire your movement?
« on: March 29, 2013, 08:36:17 AM »
King KONG FTW !!!

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: October 07, 2012, 11:26:25 AM »
October 2012
It has been a long time since my last post here. I had no internet access until 1st October, although I was still active working out.

So, a short Overview here:
Increased the Pull-Ups weight to 22lbs (same as dips now).
Can do the Muscle-Up Rows without taking the step backward. :D Finally !!

Today was the max-testing day:
-Tried to do a Muscle-Up on the bar with no success again. Arggh :/ . It seems like this time I was closer than the last time, but still have a long road to be able to do one. Tomorrow I'll try it again, getting more explosively and using false grip, maybe with a little swing too.

-Tested the HSPU's eccentric and got 16sec, although I think I could've held for a bit more (maybe 18sec).
After this I tried to do the full HSPU's and surprisingly I could manage to do 3reps :D :D. Though, on the way up my spine/back was getting very over bent/curved, which made me feel a slight pain in the back for around 5-10mins.
Thus I don't know whether I should step up and work on the full HSPU's in 5x3 sets trying go straighten my back or this means that I'm not strong enough yet and should keep working on the negatives in 3x10sec sets trying to reduce the rest times until I can hit the sets consecutively? Any ideas?

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: September 14, 2012, 04:03:37 PM »
Got the flu last week and it was an awful weather here, so I called off a rest week.

3x10sec HSPU's negatives
@22lbs x 3x5 Dips

@22lbs x 3x5 Pull Ups
3x5 Muscle Up

Upped the Pull ups weight to 22lbs. It seems like this is my 5RM, thus I'll keep it like this.

3x10sec HSPU's negatives
@22lbs x 3x5 Dips

@22lbs x 3x5 Pull Ups
3x5 Muscle Up

Will delay the max-stats-check-day to NEXT weekend, as I feel like I still gotta "recover"/come back from the rest week.
And will probably begin squatting by then as I have to rearrange my schedule (mainly the sleeping one) to put in the squats.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: August 30, 2012, 10:59:39 AM »
3x10sec HSPU's negatives
@22lbsx3x5 Dips

@20lbsx3x5 Pull Ups
3x5 Table Muscle Ups

Increased the Pull Ups weight. No problems so far.

Finally got the inverted/table muscle ups. Just had to pull myself explosively and give one step backwards when turning the elbows up (which also had to be in a quick motion) and I made it! :D Also, I'm did it single-legged; it seems easier with one leg only, especially when stepping backwards.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: August 27, 2012, 01:11:09 PM »
3x10sec HSPU's negatives
@22lbsx3x5 Dips (Deep - shoulder to hand)

@15lbsx3x5 Pull Ups
3x3 Pool Table Muscle-Ups

Dips: Increased the weight to 22lbs and also increased the depth to max possible. Doing them with max depth and 22lbs appears to be the best combo. I'm going to stick with it.
Pull Ups: Could touch the chest on the bar in the first 3 reps (almost touching on the 4th). Always good to see improvements! :)

Pool Table Muscle-Ups: Tried them today on the table & with a skateboard , with some counterweight on the other side to prevent me of breaking myself :P . Must say that these are pretty harder than the bar rows. Couldn't get pass the transition phase as on the bar too, although also couldn't put the elbows pointing up whereas I could on the bar.
Definitely gotta film these one to check whether I'm doing them right, as they seem to be harder than the actual Muscle-Up :O

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: August 25, 2012, 12:19:30 PM »
3x10sec HSPU's negatives
20lbsx3x5 Dips

3x7 Explosive Pull Ups
2x5 Muscle Ups Rows

Increased the Dips weight to 20lbs and could still handle it with no problems. Will increase it to 30lbs next week and see how it'll go.

When I was going to do the weighted pull ups the mother saw me and again: "I already told you, don't use those weight up on that bar." So I had to do it with no weights, oh, and explosively :P . And after the first rep I was like "WOOWW", as I could go belly(right after the chest actually)-to-bar. I was really surprised; I didn't think the weighted pull ups would help this much.
It looks like I'm getting closer and closer to the Muscle Up! :D

And, next Saturday I'll test the eccentric HSPU's max.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: August 23, 2012, 11:53:21 AM »
3x10 HSPU's negatives
15lbsx3x5 Dips

15lbsx3x5 Pull Ups
3x5 Muscle Ups Rows

3x10 HSPU's negatives
15lbsx3x5 Dips

15lbsx3x5 Pull Ups
4 Muscle Up attempts (unsuccessful)

Great news today!!:
The brother got some plates totaling 35kg (77lbs), packed in 5kg, 2kg, 1.5kg and 1kg plates. :D. So, including the dumbbells we've got 35kg+12kg = 47kg (103lbs). Oh, and plus the bar weight there may be a bit more of weight.

I guess this is enough weight to start proper leg training (squats and dead lifts) right !?

And as I've been able to handle the 15lbs Dips and Pull Ups quite well (can do deep dips and neck-pass-bar pull ups without struggling too much) maybe I could increase some weight. Maybe to 18lbs? or 15% BW (21lbs) ?

Oh, and as the Muscle Ups Rows on a bar require strict technique I was thinking about replacing them with a Barbell Exercise that would also help on the Muscle Ups. Any suggestions ?

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: August 19, 2012, 07:49:24 AM »

3x10sec HSPU's negatives
15lbsx3x5 Dips

15lbsx3x5 PullUps
3x5 Muscle Up rows

Today the dips and pull ups weren't hard as the last time. I guess it was just a bad day, or couldn't handle it because of working out 2 days in a row.
The dips were deep dips and could do them without problem 'till the rest rep.
Neck over the bar (even on last reps) Pull Ups today.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: August 17, 2012, 12:11:21 PM »
Rest day.
Played some basketball today. For approximately an hour I think.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: August 16, 2012, 10:37:01 AM »
3x10sec HSPUs negatives
15lbs x 3x5 Dips
15lbs x 3x5 Pull Ups
3 Failed Muscle Up attempts

3x10sec HSPU's negatives
15lbs x 3x5 Dips
15lbs x 3x5 Pull Ups
3x5 Muscle Up Rows

It feels like the eccentric HSPUs are getting are bit easier. Good Good.
On the weighted side: I don't know whether last time I did it wrong or this 4lbs weight increase is really affecting, but know it really challenging.
The dips: I really had to give all of my strength (almost struggling) to finish the last reps. I couldn't believe I was having trouble with dips, but it seems like in the "weighted world" I'll have to get used to it.
On the Pull ups: Could barely get my neck over the bar when doing them and on the last rep I couldn't pass through it at all, was only able to go eyes-to-bar.
Muscle Up Rows: I had thought that these would be easy or that at least I would be able to complete it (pull->dip), but it turns out it isn't that easy. Couldn't get pass the transition phase again, although, I was able to flip the wrists and turn the elbows outside. But, again, got stuck in this position. May I should bring the feet closer to the bar or something  ???

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: August 10, 2012, 03:21:23 PM »
3x10sec HSPU's negatives
3 failed Muscle Ups attempts

3x5 @11lbs Dips
3x7 Explosive Pull Ups

3x10sec HSPU's negatives
3 failed Muscle Ups attemts

3x5 @11lbs Dips
3x5 @11lbs Pull Ups

Handling the HSPU's 10sec pretty well.
Muscle Ups: decided that would go for these now, and: The new "nightmare" :P. I get stuck on the transition phase, can't go up nor forward... nowhere. And I felt like with the false grip I couldn't go as I high as I could with the normal (and should for the MUs).
All good with the weighted dips and pull ups. I'm going to increase the weight to 15lbs.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: July 28, 2012, 03:08:46 PM »
2 weeks have passed! Well, on the week before the past one (that is currently ending) I got damn sick! It took like 4-5 days before all symptoms were gone. So, after that I decided to take a week off before coming back to workout.
Which means...I'll re-start working out this starting week.

Today I just tested my maxes. Stopped before failure in all exercises:

HSPU's: 16sec! According to the Prilepin Table I should now start doing reps of 10sec. And... I'm pretty close to achieving the main concentric version goal.
Dips: 11. Goal completed! Guess is time to get back on using some weights. Just wondering how much should I use ???
Pull-Ups: 10. Goal completed! Will start doing these in a faster pace ("explosive" Pull Ups right!?). The last time I tried using weights it was impossible.
Didn't check for the Tuck FL PU's as I'm pretty sure I can't cross past the 5-6reps barrier.

Goals Updated on first page.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: July 17, 2012, 02:55:55 PM »
Rest day!
Nothing done.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: July 16, 2012, 10:44:46 AM »
3x7sec HSPU's
3x6 Dips

3x5 Pull Ups
3x5 Tuck FL PU's

No biking in the end today.
The pulling exercises were a bit harder, but could still manage to finish the 3sets with 5reps.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: July 15, 2012, 10:31:48 AM »
Back to the old order and no biking in the rest times.

3x7sec HSPU's
3x6 Dips

3x5 Pull Ups
3x5 Tuck FL PU's

Everything went OK today. Didn't struggle in any exercises.
The PU's are getting easier and easier. Hope to get to the goal soon. I can feel I'm close ;) !
And... for the very first time nailed 3 straight TFLPU's sets of 5 reps with the correct form - hips on shoulder level all the time - and no kipping.
Finished the sessions with 15mins of biking. Followed by the always-great contrast bath.

Will probably check the max of all exercises on the upcoming weekend.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: July 14, 2012, 04:27:31 PM »
Rest Day

Was supposed to workout today. Argggh, missed it!

Had a party today -_- . It just feels soooo bad to not workout. Haven't worked for 3 straight days. Wow, I can't imagine how the "sedentary" people can live :P

Will DEFINITELY workout tomorrow.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: July 11, 2012, 09:36:45 AM »

3x7sec HSPU's negatives
3x6 Dips.

3x5 Pull Ups
3x5 Tuck FL PU's.

Today I changed the order of the exercises to see if I would get better results: after the HSPU's I did the TFLPU's, followed by the Pull Ups and finished with the Dips. And... the results weren't that good I guess.
Also, in between the sets (on the rest time) I rode bike for the whole 4:30mins of rest, expect when I was doing HSPU's. So, this might have affected as well my performance today; not sure.

The HSPU's were good. I think that the form is pretty good now.

TFLPU's - The first set was the best I've done so far! ;D Hips were on shoulder lever the whole time, and I was using only the upper body force to pull. Don't know whether this is good or bad, but I was also "feeling" the triceps :P. So I can now say that I've achieved the 5 TFLPU's Goal!!!
Although, On the 2nd and 3rd sets I was raising the hips on the last reps. So, they were actually more of sets of 4 or 3 1/2 correct reps.

Pull Ups - Wow. For the very first time I was REALLY struggling on these. Could barely finish the last reps on the last sets. Had a really hard time.
The Dips weren't much affected I think. Could still nail 6 reps ...easily.Well, not as easy as on the other days but, still.

Finished with 10mins of bike around the yard!

With all this said, I'll go back to the old exercises sequence and take off the bike riding on the next workouts. Maybe will leave the bike riding on the end only.
Nevertheless, it was a good day overall. Enjoyed it! ;)

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: July 10, 2012, 03:27:12 PM »
After 3weeks or so without working out because of the wrist injuries, I re-started today. They are OK now.

3x7sec Muscle Ups negatives
3x6 Dips

3x5 Pull Ups
3x5 Tuck FL Pull Ups

Increased the MU's eccentric time to 7sec. Could handle it well ;).
The Pull Ups were easy today. Will up it to 6 reps on the next workout (probably tomorrow).
Yes! Finally 3 sets, all of 5 reps of TFLPU's. Although, On the last 2 sets I felt that the feet weren't at(/on   :?:) shoulder level. Will try and correct this.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: June 23, 2012, 11:35:42 AM »
Rest Day!

HSPU's: 3x6sec
Dips: 3x6
Pull-Ups: 3x5
Tuck FL Pull-Ups: 4x4

The pull-ups and tflpu's were hard today. Guess it was a bad pulling day.

Later today on the basketball practice, during scrimmage, I got pushed off to the floor while running, fell and over-flexed BOTH wrists , just like the previous time. :( Though the right wrist isn't THAT bad like the left one is.
Ahh, 3 injuries in a row! I feel that this is going to slow down my progress.

21/06/12    22/06/12    23/06/12
Nothing because of the injury. Pfff.

Training Journals / Re: Chelton's log
« on: June 17, 2012, 11:28:58 PM »
HSPU's negatives: 3x6sec
Dips: 3x6

Pull ups: 3x5
Tuck FL Pull ups: 3x5.

The Pull ups are getting easier. Feeling that soon I will achieve the 10 goal.
First time nailing 3 sets, all of 5reps, of the tuck front lever pull-ups. Wow, that's awesome! Though, I was struggling on the last set.

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