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Indiana / Re: Indiana Parkour: official team? website? clothing? etc?!
« on: September 25, 2008, 08:16:02 AM »
so this is just a concept if anyone like it i'll really go through and clean it all up(Get rid of the black in the letters), It's a mash up of my water shirt and his flow shirt (same concept different directions):

Just so you know, screen printing prices go by how many colors you use. That is why I have been making shirts using only one color.

If you guys want I can make shirts look ALOT better, but more colors=more money. Just trying to save you guys money.

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: My first attempt at kongs!
« on: September 25, 2008, 07:57:04 AM »
I don't know if it's me, but are your legs going over the side? The video looks as if they were

If that's the case, you need to correct that. If it's just my crappy video card, never mind then  ;D

Love the way you set that up to practice indoors... Hoah!

You are correct my legs arent going through my arms, but as someone has stated it might be because my chair wasnt wide enough. Once my toes heal, i will get a vid on something like a bench or picnic table. Expect it by monday.

Indiana / Re: Indiana Parkour: official team? website? clothing? etc?!
« on: September 24, 2008, 06:53:55 PM »
nah like a week after the thread is up on that date. we need to get this going.

Indiana / Re: Indiana Parkour: official team? website? clothing? etc?!
« on: September 24, 2008, 06:31:32 PM »
October 31st is too far away. Deadline should be by the end of the big jam in the middle of october.

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: We need a super awesome ultimate sign of APK!
« on: September 23, 2008, 12:18:40 PM »
Competition, contest? huh?

Ok so its not a contest, my bad on using those words.

But competition, yes.

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: We need a super awesome ultimate sign of APK!
« on: September 23, 2008, 12:06:38 PM »
How about this: there's two ways I can see it going:

1. The symbol for a traceur and what is important to a traceur - which is what people seemed focused on

2. The symbol fro APK - which for me is centered around the forum motto (which is really the whole site's motto) - Connect inspire - learn - train

I think that no matter what we do the symbol that is used will be related to APK, mainly for the reason: look where we are holding the contest. So I don't think that we should just make some that says "APK" in it because we don't have to. Why? Once again, because we are having the competition on the APK forums, so if they recognize it then they know it will be coming from APK.

I think anything that says, "APK," on it is unnecessary. So lets make a SYMBOL, not something that says APK.

Just my thoughts...

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: We need a super awesome ultimate sign of APK!
« on: September 23, 2008, 06:11:12 AM »
None of it affects me, but I'll throw in my professional view anyways. :P The flame thing has been done already by countless co's and is being focussed on too heavily by you guys.
For me, it doesn't do anything and just makes me think of Volcom, which obviously has skate connections.  Others will instantly make that connection too, if they see a freerunner/traceur wearing a shirt with it. Just my 2 cents worth.....

See, thats EXACTLY what I thought. The Flame design to me just seems too commercial. I think most of the people only know of the flame design because they didnt go through and read about my design or the spiral design. They probably thought the flame design was the only thing going. So for those people here are the designs again.


Only one color needed, black or white.


2 colors needed, one for spiral and one for line.

This was just so everyone that might not have read the thread can see the other options. Don't get me wrong I like his design, but it just seems like something that has been done hundreds of times.

Parkour And Freerunning / My first attempt at kongs!
« on: September 22, 2008, 11:02:04 AM »
Ok, so I decided to do kongs today. I was kinda nervous about the whole take off and diving out, but I got used to that after a while. The problem I am having is getting my legs between my arms. I dont know if it is a psychological problem or if it is just my form. Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated.

Here is a vid of me today:(lol at Rob and Big in the background)

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Indiana / Re: Indiana Parkour: official team? website? clothing? etc?!
« on: September 22, 2008, 03:23:09 AM »
lol no its not the calumet branch, i go to the main campus in west lafayette. glad you like the design, i really liked the concept for it.

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: sub six mile?
« on: September 21, 2008, 09:44:55 PM »
I actually got a new record time today!

4:36, felt so good!

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: We need a super awesome ultimate sign of APK!
« on: September 21, 2008, 07:04:40 PM »
Ok, so when I saw the symbol that you guys are working with I really liked it. There was one flaw that I saw, everytime I looked at it I only saw the "Volcom" logo. So, with that in mind I decided to make a fairly simple logo to show the true "powers" of a traceur/traceuse.

So, here it is:

The concept that I had was simple. No matter which direction a traceur/traceuse goes, their options are limitless. Hence the infinity symbol. This is just a building block, I will build with this and try and come up with something better.

Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks for the comments, criticism, and consideration.

Training Journals / Re: No limits, only plateaus - Eli's Training Journal
« on: September 21, 2008, 05:42:14 PM »
Quote from: Eli Kurtz
If I applied the same ratio to myself, I would weight right around 144 lbs.  Because I'm pretty sure my bone structure isn't quite the same as Lee's (his lowest waist measurement was 26 inches and I don't think my bones will let me shrink past 31) I think 155 is a pretty reasonably scaled goal.  Even if my strength only grows marginally over the course of the next year, if I compact that strength down into a 155lbs. body, I would be so much more physically capable.

I know exactly what you mean right here, bro. This is EXACTLY my goal. I weigh a good 172 right now and I am wanting to get down to around 150-155. Why? If I get down there I will be so much more capable of things. The way I see it is if I keep doing "light" strength training, then I will be able to drop the fat off my body without gaining too much mass in muscle. Because if I was to "bulk up" I don't think it would help my parkour life, mainly because you need more muscles to keep the same routine at higher weights. It's basically simple physics haha.

Anyways, I digress. I know what you mean by wanting to drop weight. Because I am in the same boat. We both want to keep about the same muscle mass, only in a smaller weighing body. This will allow us to move with much more power than people would think. Bruce Lee was a physical science genius and I think no one will be able to replicate what he has done for quite some time. If you watch his video's you will see a very small man, but once you see him flex you will be in awe. He managed to put a bodybuilder's strength into a smaller man's body. That is why he was capable of doing things that many would not expect him to do. Examples: Elevated V-Sits for 30+ minutes, his one-inch punch(which I am a practitioner of) able to knock men twice his size off their feet with ease, his one finger push ups. He was a freak of nature, in a nutshell. He was a man that should be remembered for coming the closest to breaking the laws of physics.

Sorry for the off-topic rant on Bruce, I am just an admirer of his. Like you said, we are basically the same person haha. I think I have superior cardio, whilst you have superior strength. I think that we should hold a few little competitions between ourselves. :P

Good luck with your training!

Indiana / Re: Indiana Parkour: official team? website? clothing? etc?!
« on: September 21, 2008, 02:33:13 PM »
Yo here is another one I just got done with. Although, I might use this for the Purdue Freerunning club, since the colors match haha.

Training Journals / Re: Kyle's Training Log
« on: September 21, 2008, 01:01:54 PM »
Alright so today, so far, has been a much more productive day that yesterday was. I actually slept in until 11 a.m which was NICE! Usually I can never lay around that much, but it was a nice change of pace.

So I woke up around 11 and decided to play a little bit of Rockband drums on expert. I know its not a workout, but I read somewhere that play video games actually burns calories. And playing drums on expert moves you quite a bit more than playing regular video games, so yeah haha. Played that for about an hour.

Then I went to the gym. Which was much more of a workout that playing rockband was haha.
So here is how the gym time went:

Warm Up

Quarter Mile-1:06, not the best

Actual Workout
Mile Times:
        5:45 Warm up
        4:36 Actual run, NEW RECORD!!! OMG this run felt soo good.
        6:16 Warm down mile
Chest Press:
              Yeah, I know my chest is really weak but I am working on it!
Pull ups:
Ab Crunch:
Back Extensions:

That was my first shot at an actually structured workout, let me know what I am doing wrong or right! I am sure there is something wrong, maybe I am not working too much.

-1/2 cup of cottage cheese
-1/4 cup of apple sauce
-1 turkey sandwich (2 slices white bread, 3 turkey slices, 1 slice American cheese, 1 tbsp. ketchup)
-Drank ALOT of water today which was a nice change.

The day is not over and I am thinking about going out a little later and doing some parkour or maybe a few more exercises. I know that I will definitely eat more, so I will post again before the day is over!

See ya then!

Training Journals / Re: Kyle's Training Log
« on: September 20, 2008, 06:52:26 PM »
Alright, so here we are at the end of my first day in the healthy life style of Kyle, haha yeah right. Day one seemed to be quite boring. Here is the layout of my day:

    * Woke up around 8:30 a.m
    * Went to work at 9 a.m and was a little late(oh well)
    * Was bored at work so I did a few little exercises. Here is the small list:
                + 10x5 pushups
                + 20x5 squats
          o Like I stated, it was a small list. But doing it at work was pretty nice.
    * Got off work at 3 p.m and was rather tired.
    * Got home and took a small nap.
    * Went to Wal-Mart with my girlfriend, Keri. And decided to splurg on frozen fruit for smoothies, which I am actually about to make!
    * Came home decided to play a little Rockband, but that didn't last long. None of my band mates were on so I decided against it.
    * Decided I better go to the gym to work out, little did I know that they changed their weekend hours. So I got there and they were closed, bummer.
    * Came home. Decided to do some bodyweight exercises. Here is the, again, small list:
          o 15x3 pushups
          o 25x3 situps
          o 25x3 squats
          o 10x3 box jumps, 24in.
    *Didn't want to do any parkour due to a stubbed toe that still hurt, but I am going out tomorrow.
    * Decided to make a blog on haha.
    * Now that I have made this and described my first day here on the interwebs, I am going to skedaddle.

Ham and Cheese Omlete, 3 eggs. (is this alright?)
1-Pink Lady Apple
Chips and Salsa
Few swigs of Pepsi, I know this is bad and I am weening myself off it!
1/2 cup of Cottage Cheese(is this bad?)
Mixed berry smoothie

I realized today that I am not good at making my own workouts, so any help would be appreciated!

Thanks for any comments and criticisms.

Training Journals / Re: Chris Salvato's Log
« on: September 20, 2008, 10:54:39 AM »
Hey can you clear up some of the accronyms that you use?
WU, WBE, RTO, FE, FF...etc.

I am new to the training logs and the workout lingo.

Sorry if this bothers you!
Thanks, Kyle!

Training Journals / Kyle's Training Log
« on: September 20, 2008, 10:20:17 AM »
Hey guys!

The name is Kyle Ryan, if that isn't obvious enough from my forum name haha. I have realized that the best thing that I can do for my health and muscle strength/durability is to make one of these logs. This way I will be more motivated to work out, because I am easily embarrassed and I think if this log died so fast then I would be hugely embarrassed. So I have put this up FINALLY to go through with what I need to.

The Facts

  • I have known about Parkour for about 1.5 years, but have yet to actually train and go hard with it. This makes me very uneasy with myself.
  • I am, in my eyes, very athletic. I can run sub-five minute miles, constantly. Yet, I am very uncoordinated.
  • 6'0 170lbs. 15 pull-ups max. 30 push-ups continuously max. Looking to greatly improve them.
  • The main thing I want to get out of this log is to have a better control over my body.
  • I tend to eat out WAY too much and I am going to try and stop. So this log will also consist of my eating habits.

I am excited to FINALLY start my journey to become a skilled and confident traceur. I know that this will take time, but I am in it for the long haul!

My Goals

  • To become more flexible. I can almost touch my toes standing, which when I do will be for the first time in my life.
  • To better my habits and create a better life for myself in the future.
  • To tone my body fat into muscle.
  • 40-50 continuous pull-ups, 75-100 continuous push-ups.
  • To be able to at least hold a handstand for 10 seconds.

I know there are a lot of very nutrition/exercise knowledgeable people on this forum. I am hoping that some of them will paroose into my log and help me with suggestions.

I am at work as of now, and when I get home I will make a new post and tell what I have done/ate for the day.

Much love, Kyle.

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: We need a super awesome ultimate sign of APK!
« on: September 20, 2008, 06:04:14 AM »
Ehh, I am kind of for and against the whole symbol idea.

For- Yeah it would be really awesome to have an amazing symbol that everyone will recognize. It could help bring unity to the whole American Parkour scene. Plus, it would bring in business to the site which would help them and reward them for their tremendously hard work.

Against- You have to think, anyone can get a hold of the symbol once it has been launched. That means ANYONE can go around doing ANYTHING while sporting the symbol and people would think they were part of the APK community. What if they were going around being a complete jackass(pardon my language)? What kind of rep could this do for the community that is trying to help bring a positive image to our growing community. It would only hold us back more.

While I think the symbol could bring a sense of pride to the American Traceurs, I think there would be tremendous backlash. Don't get me wrong I don't think there will be a lot of the more "intellectually challenged"(stupid haha) going around trying to desecrate the name of an American Traceur, but there will always be someone out there.

Just my thoughts.

Parkour And Freerunning / Re: sub six mile?
« on: September 20, 2008, 05:52:20 AM »

Trust me, one summer of constant running can do ALOT.

Last winter, i ran a mid-six mile which is alright in most eyes. But I wasn't happy with it. So I set myself a running log for Mon-Fri. 3,5,2,4,1 miles each of the days(mostly jogging). Did that for a summer and shaved over a minute and a half off my time.

Indiana / Re: Indiana Parkour: official team? website? clothing? etc?!
« on: September 17, 2008, 05:47:16 PM »
Yeah i think "How will you run your city?" is much better that "flow." Flow just doesnt seem like the right word in that sentence.

And yeah I dont really like the back quote, but i just thought of something on the spot and put it there.

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