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I just discovered my post didn't post and I threw away the data.  I'll try to remember the best I can.  I made a few changes.  endurance is now 50 reps instead of 100.  squat is 1.25 body weight instead of 1.5  and DL is either 1.5 or 1.75 instead of 2x body weight.

Time:  1000-1500
Temp: mid 50's through most of it.
Wind:  13mph
Humidity: 30ish%

Weight: 257

Flexibility, Anaerobic cardio, Aerobic cardio, Muscle strength, Muscle endurance.

Flexibility             Didn't have a helper in time and was too stiff to be worth doing it later on.
Left back reach:
Right back reach: 
Sit n Reach: 
Horizontal splits:
Left splits:
Right splits:

Anaerobic Cardio
100m Sprint:  00:17:43
T Test  :    00:13:40ish

Aerobic Cardio
1 mile run(8):  13:15 ish. maybe less.  I keep remembering it being more then would check and it'd be way f#cking less that i remembered.

Muscle Strength
Clean n Press(163):  completed
or Pull up(1)
Squat(323): Completed
Dead lift(387): Failed.

Muscle Endurance  Didn't do these because after the Deadlift I was done with life.
Push ups(50): 
Plank(1:40):  I know I can easily hit this so i'm marking it as completed.

Here's the workout I've been doing in some form or another for... I dunno, months a year...*shrug*

It's basically to keep me basically in shape as i'm usually tired and stiff as f#ck after work.

It's endurance based and I do one warm up set and do 1-3 sets of semi max reps.  Or I do drop sets to get to 100.  I'll tell you now there's no way my fatass is doing 100 pull ups no matter the variation.

my main focus is on stretching.  I try to do dynamic stretches in the morning and static in the evening.   I have yet to go 7 days in a row with this workout.  Something usually gets too sore (shoulders generally)

Monday                    Tuesday
Sit ups                     Side bends
Push ups                  walk, run, or sprints
Face pull                  Upright rows
                               bulgarian split squats.

Wednesday                    Thursday
Plank                            Windshield wipers
bent over row                  lunge
Scaption -Vertical             Scaption - Horizontal

Friday                                           Weekend(as in one of the days, not both)
Contralateral core lift                    clean n jerk
pull ups                                      side deadlift
front delt raises (neutral grip)      ab vacuum

*scaption = external rotation of the shoulder.

wow it's been a minute since I've posted here.

My physical test is tomorrow.  I haven't trained for it at all.  These are going to be some terrible numbers.

I was working too much to do my physical test in September.  I'm working around 16 hours less now so I might be able to do one this month.

the other day I did around 5-7 sets of squats.

A day later I did assisted pull ups and inverted rows.

I was going to do yoga today but I didn't.  I'm getting really restless at work now so I'll try to sneak in some leg exercises. 

Time:  1000-1300
Temp: low 60's
Wind:  mph
Humidity: %

Weight: 247

Flexibility, Anaerobic cardio, Aerobic cardio, Muscle strength, Muscle endurance.

Left back reach: +2"
Right back reach:  0"
Sit n Reach:  -4.5"
Horizontal splits: -14"
Left splits: -7"
Right splits: -6.5"

Anaerobic Cardio
100m Sprint:  00:17:43
T Test  :    00:10:17

Aerobic Cardio
1 mile run(8):  12:58

Muscle Strength
Clean n Press(163):  completed
or Pull up(1)n/a
Squat(360): lack of equipment.
Dead lift(370): completed

Muscle Endurance
Push ups(100):  36
Plank(2:30):  completed

The long awaited testing day.     CTR/PRT

Time:  0900-1200
Temp: 70-74
Wind: 5 mph
Humidity: 46%

Weight: 242ish

Flexibility, Anaerobic cardio, Aerobic cardio, Muscle strength, Muscle endurance.

Left back reach: +2 1/4"
Right back reach:  1/5"
Sit n Reach:  +2"
Horizontal splits: -12"
Left splits: -8"
Right splits: -6"

Anaerobic Cardio
100m Sprint:  00:12:98
T Test  :    00:12:05

Aerobic Cardio
1 mile run(8):  13:18:00

Muscle Strength
Clean n Press(160):n/a
or Pull up(1)  completed.
Squat(360): lack of equipment.
Dead lift(420):  only had 300lbs but did it fine.

Muscle Endurance
Push ups(100):  49
Plank(2:30):  01:30

So much has happened since my last post.  *sigh*
Half of it good at least.

So I guess it happened in February or March.  Due to malnutrition or some other cause, I would be sore from any amount of exercise for days up to two weeks.
I decided to ignore how sore I was and pushed a workout.  It was going great.  I did sprints, goblet squats and several other exercises.  Well on an evil fluke, near the end of my workout I was reaching for a db for the last set on one of the exercises and felt a sudden and sharp pain in my back.
I immediately stopped and laid on my back to rest it.  After a few minutes I did a full body stretch and felt fine.  I thought it was no biggie because that area had mildly hurt off and on over the past few weeks.   Well this time was different.  After lying down to bed the pain came back in force.  I couldn't find any pose that didn't hurt like hell.  I was up all night and in the morning went to the chiropractor. 

Months later my lower back still isn't 100%.  I can do most things just fine but when the back gets fatigued it starts to ache.  If I try to dead lif 180lbs or more it really hurts.  I've slowly found exercises that seems to help it.  Good morning and romanian dead lifts seem to work the best.  Except for the run and lifts, it shouldn't be an issue.

On the bright side my shoulder is 100% better and more flexible than before I hurt it.
My knees are better but I wouldn't say 100%.  I still have to be careful with them.  I bought a pair of knee sleeves for some extra support.  Other than getting sore from going up and down stairs too much I haven't had an issue.

Tomorrow is my physical readiness test.

I think I'll do shit on most categories.  I'll do the best I can and see were I'm at.

Wednesday 4 March 15
4 sets of jumping jacks totaling 250
9 sets of tabata agility ladder training

Thursday 5 March 15

Hindu push ups 3x10

straight leg sit ups 2x40

Friday 6 March 15

8 sets of HIIT tabata ladder work

multi direction lunges x10
Squats 35lbs x15
 calf raises x20
good morning 35lb 2x12
fire hydrants x10
kick backs x10

Some much needed yoga

First soccer game of the season (FML)

So since then my knee got better.

I took up soccer in the late summer and fall. (mildly hurt my left knee twice over 2 months)

My right shoulder is getting better but still feels...not 100%

So guess what my dumb ass did?  yep blew out my left knee again.

I was doing box jumps in a sand pit.  Returning to the ground is when it happened.  As such I'm blaming this on the sand.  I figured this would happen when jumping from the sand.  oh well this time it isn't nearly as bad as the others.

This sucks, I can't remember the last time my legs felt so solid.

I really am still doing and on.

Today I did what is basically a dead lift and clean n press with a 5 gallon water container.  1 set of 50 reps.

For whatever reason I decided to participate in Ramadan.  Though I eat breakfast about an hour after sunrise.  I'm not getting up early for that.  I also drink water through out the day.

The other day I hit a new best for the plank.  2:02 seconds.  I thank the aid of a yoga mat.  The extra grip really helped.

I've also been doing a new series of lunges  heres a video:

I'm still alive!

I did 40 whole push ups today!

I did 1 or 2 sets of ab vacuum for 45 seconds each

I did various types of lunges between 15-25 each leg (seemed like a lot more when I was doing them).

2 sets of 10 good morning with a 5 gallon container of water

The majority of my workout was a series of footwork drills/ladder work.

Obviously I skipped the biannual physical test this month.

I'm still very hesitant to put heavy weight in my right hand.  Don't need the strain to the shoulder.

Apparently it's been a while since I've posted.

Back on thanksgiving I jacked up my back.  Later I jacked up my shoulder sparring.
My back is better, my shoulder has been obnoxiously slow to heal.  For a while I was going to the chiropractor twice a week.

During this time I hit up my core and legs to the point that I jacked up my hamstrings.
They're still kinda jacked.  The muscles are really tight so I've mostly drifted from strength or endurance training for yoga and stretching.

Last week I've finally been able to do big boy push ups again.

Needless to say my upper and lower body is pretty weak right now.  At least my core is still decent...for the most part.

Biking I have a hard time hitting even 2 miles now.  My legs are so gassed afterwards.

Looks like it's been a while since I've posted.  Work has kept me too busy and sleep deprived to workout regularly. 

I hurt my back on Thanksgiving messing around with lever progressions.  It wasn't the progression itself but doing something else that f#cked me up.  I pulled and strained my traps and lats pretty bad.  I even had to go to the chiropractor twice because my shit was all messed up.  Everything is better now except my right rhomboid major and maybe some other small muscles in that area.  I still haven't worked my upper body since that day.

Sunday 15 Dec 2013
Did a difficult sparring session where we take turns standing in the ring and fight one person after another.  I took a minor injury from that.  Throwing a hook while stepping to the side I was caught by a punch that shifted my body's momentum in a different direction than what my shoulder wanted.   Was finally able to go to the chiropractor for that yesterday, which was when he finished fixing my back alignment.  The shoulder still hurts to use full ROM or pick up some things.  Though I think it'll be better by next week.  Took so long getting it fixed so my recover was set back by that.

Unknown date in Dec 2013
I don't remember the workout dates but I've been focusing mainly on my legs and a little on my abs since Thanksgiving.
I've been doing plyometrics going up 4 flights of stairs.

I watched almost human, the episode where they made 24 flights of stairs seem like a big deal.
So for my workout my warm up was walking up24 flights of stairs followed by sets of plyo.
Every step
Every two
Every three
Every Four
then going back down, 3, 2, 1.

Saturday 21 Dec 2013
ab ball crunches 20,20
Leg raises:  20,20
Side planks: 40/40sec 40/40
ab vacuums:  40, 45
2 sets of going up all the stairs
the ladder plyo of doing every 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 steps (1 & 4 are the hardest)
Finally I did two sets of sprints, 2 every step, 2 every other step.

Wednesday 13 Nov 13

Elliptical: 5 elevation 41 resistance. 10 minutes
Dead lift: 225x6, 265x4, 285x4
Pull up:  neg 5, neg 5
Chin up:  neg 5, neg 5
Front Squat: 90x10, 135x10, 165x10
Back squat:  185x 10
Chest flies:  35x10, 10, 10

Friday 15 Nov 13

The only thing not sore on me were my abs, so...

Jumping jacks 100, 100
Plank 60sec, 60sec
straight leg sit ups 15
ab vacuum 45sec
crunches 25,
leg lifts 25

That looks really lame on 'paper'.  Clearly I need to work the abs more

Saturday 16 Nov 13

About 20 minutes of yoga
2 mile bike ride in insane wind.
 Going down hill, peddling and still losing speed.  crazy wind.

Apparently it's been a while since I've posted.  No surprise.  I was busy moving and started a new job.
The 2 week crazynado is over. 

10-11-13 Sunday

Unfortunately I was on call and didn't get to finish my workout.

Jumping jacks: 100,50,50,50
Push ups:         15,15,20
straight leg sit ups: 20,25,25
squats:  20
Lunges:  15, 20

Next time I'll try harder to finish 5 sets.

I also finally bought a yoga dvd that should arrive at the end of this week.
I plan to do this every morning as long as I'm not too sleep deprived.

Namaste yoga is the only series I've enjoyed.

Friday rode my bike 4 miles.  The cold kicked my ass.

Sunday, today I moved furniture.  I might go to martial arts tonight too.  Depends how I feel mentally and physically. 

    Wednesday 23 Oct 2013

I found out the hard way that my school's gym closes at 1900.  So unfortunately I only got 10 minutes of eleptical in.
5 elevation 45 resistance.

I swear I've been doing stuff....actually I still have last Wednesday's on my phone.  just a min.

Wednesday 16 Oct 2013
Dead lift: 180x10, 225x6, 245x4  (I accidentally based this off my weight percentage instead of 1rm.)  Tomorrow will be along the lines of 265
Pull up 5, 4 negatives
Chin up 5, 5 negatives
Overhead squat:  95x4, 85x10,6, 90x10 (I was having a problem with form early on.  Between having a guy record me and kinesthetic feel I figured out my grip was too far apart.  I should easily do 95lbs now.  Something like knowing grip is too wide should be obvious...  I'm just a dunce.

1hand farmer carry:  60x 2/2, 2/2, 1/2  My forearms were too gassed to hold the weight so I put it on my shoulder.  This required far stricter technique,  meaning keeping my body upright and not leaning at all. The fact that this modification works was shown to me when my left side gave out during the 3rd set.  I think I'll make this a thing so I can focus all my forearm strength for the pull ups and dead lifting.

Thursday 17 Oct 2013

Moving a bunch of heavy ass shutters for several hours.  Considering my workout from the day before this shit sucked so much.

The day before ended up not being a rest day and I was far too sore to do anything this day or any other until monday

Monday 21 Oct 2013
chest flies 20lbs 10,12,12,12
ab ball crunches 20,20,20
leg lifts 20
stair climbs & sprints 1 flights, 1, 2, 2 flights

Today (Tuesday) I moved a bunch of shutters again  I may be too sore for working out tomorrow. Those big ass boxes are around 80lbs
Good thing I've been working my traps or shit would be way harder.

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