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Hey HiPker's, as I said in the Oahu Post. I'm Colin, AKA, Syqwn. I'm with the WaPk community and I am currently on the beautiful Island of Oahu.

I arrived on the 24th and will be staying for two weeks. Thus making the date that i take my leave, April 8th.

In the mean time, I would love to meet up with you HiPker's for some runs. This being my first time that I am actually able to train on one of my trips here.

I may be a little rusty though as I just came off an injury and haven't run in a bit.

Contact me on here or you can send me an email if you want to set up a meet.

My Email is

Hit me up. Cya'll around

The Islands - Welcome! / Re: Oahu
« on: March 23, 2010, 06:19:53 PM »
Hey HiPkers. I'm Colin, or Syqwn as I'm known In the WaPK community.

I'm gonna be in the Waikiki area for the next two weeks and am looking forward to the wonderful Hawaii terrain for Parkour.

I've been out of it for awhile due to an injury and i'm pretty sure I'm a little rusty but I'm wondering if any of you HiPkers would like to show my the Oahu ropes :P

Message me on this to get a hold of me, Or possibly email me at s.i.q.incorporated(at)live(dot)com

Cya'll on the beautiful Island

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