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I don't really understand the point your trying to make about "is it natural?" naturalninja. I think you are thinking too much of other predatory animals who have specialized in a certain way of hunting, as Gregg said cat's stalk, dog's track in pack etc.
If your trying to think back to how pre-farming humans used to hunt and basing your conclusions on that then throwing, stalking and almost every other hunting technique would be natural. I think that's one of the reasons humans have become such a dominant species is due to our adaptability, we were able to hunt almost any prey in any scenario through use of spears and such.

I don't think it's "natural" for Homo Sapiens Sapiens to use persistence hunting to catch prey, maybe in a survival situation where you had no equipment you could use our species unrivaled running distances to hunt but I think early men would have hunted with weapons and with snares, using their brains to hunt.

I think Homo Erectus would've used persistence hunting to hunt but later species of humans wouldn't have.

But that's just my opinion, I'm not qualified to talk about this really.

Going Natural - Fitness the old school way. / Re: Foot Callus
« on: May 04, 2010, 12:50:37 PM »
Toughen your feet by walking BF, then build to jogging in place, then short 200-400m SLOW runs on hard debris-free surface, bla bla bla... if you feel pain, take an extra day off... gradually add distance, other surfaces and speed.

Blisters are a sign of heat, friction, and/or moisture. If they're on your heels, you're heel striking [bad]. If they're on your toes/ balls of feet, you're pushing off too much. [I do].

Yeah that's what I've been doing pretty much, I do what Ozzi does as well: barefoot as much as possible.
Funny you should mention the blisters because I actually got one one the ball of my foot from running last Sunday, what do you mean by pushing off too much? I just presumed that getting the occasional blister was part of the process of hardening the skin?

Going Natural - Fitness the old school way. / Foot Callus
« on: May 01, 2010, 12:59:44 PM »
(My first thread and post here  ;D)

So basically I'm trying to build up calluses on my feet for running barefoot, I've been using FiveFingers up till now but now that the summer is here I want to feel the world under my feet!

At the moment I can't run much more then a kilometer without my feet beginning to hurt and having to stop for fear of bloody feet.

Is there any quicker way to build up calluses besides actually just running gradually bigger distances?

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