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Training Journals / Re: The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 28, 2014, 08:34:04 AM »

  • Natures Path Organic Strawberry Poptarts
  • Banana
  • Turkey sandwich
  • 3/4 Chicken & Gnocchi soup (Olive Garden date night!!! :) )
  • Split lunch portion if the Five Cheese Ziti, I only had about 3/4 of it
  • 1/2 of our appetizer (can't remember it right now)
  • 4 breadsticks with 1/2 alfredo dipping sauce
  • 1/2 Black Tie Mousse Cake

Definitely not the best eating day.


6 glasses


33 mins on bike

Not that great. But one thing is that my back is not hurting anymore.

Training Journals / Re: The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 26, 2014, 05:34:13 PM »
Might as well do today too and edit it later.


  • Oatmeal with hemp seeds
  • 1/2 cup of coffee (black)
  • Homemade orange chicken over brown rice
  • Peach tea
  • Homemade Mac N Cheese
  • Spinach Salad with about a tsp of ranch


3 glasses so far

  • Even more stretching

So I've only been stretching because I've narrowed the pain that I'm feeling in my back to be my sciatic nerve. At least this is what I think it is and not what it actually is. My hips may be misaligned and I need to get them realigned. It may be a couple other things. I'm not sure. I have pain centered in my hip and down my thigh. As well as pain in my back. But the pain in my back is more of a sore back on the verge of throwing out my back when I bend in certain spots.

My left leg muscles, my left hip, and my left buttcheek when I walk are always completely tensed up. And I can hardly sit. I have to lay down to get the pain to subside some what.

Training Journals / Re: The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 26, 2014, 05:30:01 PM »

  • A bowl of fruit (mixed berries, apples, bananas)
  • 3/4 cup of coffee (black)
  • Turkey wrap in romaine lettuce
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Clif Bar
  • Homemade Chicken strips
  • Spinach Salad with about a tbsp of ranch


At least 6 glasses

  • More stretching

Training Journals / Re: The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 25, 2014, 09:42:59 PM »


  • Oatmeal with hemp seeds
  • Banana
  • Scrambled Egg sandwich
  • Cream of Potato chicken breast over brown rice (yay for leftovers)
  • Apple


6 glasses

I'm happy I'm drinking more water than what I'm used to.


  • Stretching to help my lower back
  • 20 mins of beginners yoga

Went to the grocery store yesterday and we have lots of chicken and some fruit. Now to finish shopping and get some more veggies to keep in my fridge.

Training Journals / Re: The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 24, 2014, 08:09:50 AM »
Thank you for the information. I appreciate it. I do have access to weights but I would rather my back feel better before I do those. I'll be working on my core more often because I know it'll help. Thanks again Dick.

Training Journals / Re: The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 24, 2014, 06:56:58 AM »
Well Dick, I threw out my back about 5-6 months ago. And from yesterday at work I came home to where I can hardly walk. Or bend. As I'm typing this it feels like my back us going to snap in half. Also I have a history of a bad back.

Training Journals / Re: The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 24, 2014, 06:28:28 AM »
Joe, thanks for replying. :) I'll definitely keep that advice in mind. Thanks. :)



  • Bowl of Oatmeal with Hemp Seeds
  • 1/4 cup of coffee
  • PB&J
  • Crockpot Chicken
  • Banana

I didn't eat very much yesterday. But that's due to limiting food. Yay for getting paid today though.


5 glasses


I went to the gym last night and did 30 minutes on the bike.

I do need to strengthen up my back. Especially my lower back because it is very weak. Any suggestions for to strengthen my back?

Training Journals / Re: The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 23, 2014, 06:55:06 AM »

Posting the day after, but still posting!


  • 1 can Red Bull (smallest can)
  • 1 cup berry smoothie
  • Scrambled Egg Sandwich on Dave's Killer Bread
  • Half Honeycrisp Apple
  • Chessy Pasta w/peas and corn
  • Banana

Water Consumption:
5 glasses


Rest day!

Not much yesterday. Glad payday is tomorrow and I can go to the grocery store. I need more veggies.

Training Journals / Re: The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 22, 2014, 11:50:57 AM »
I hope you don't mind but I added that missing bracket in the code to make your post easier to read. I did nothing else to your post.

Thank you Nick!

I apologize if I came off as condescending. I didn't want it sound like you were ignorant when it came to diet nor did I want you to feel like I was making a critique of your personal life. It felt like my post was presumptuous , and again, I apologize for that.

Russell, it's all good. I really appreciate what you wrote and like I stated before it's a great reminder not only for me, but for whoever runs across that post. And I want to apologize to you. Because I feel like I came off like you were attacking me. So I am sorry if that post seemed to jump down your throat. Anyways, thanks again. :)

Training Journals / Re: The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 21, 2014, 11:58:05 PM »
Thank you both Dick and Russell for the comments and advice. I really appreciate it.

There is one thing that I wanted to address and that was something in your comment Russell. Let me quote it here:

To me, I feel eating right is all about having the proper mindset. Last year, I always gave myself excuses for eating unhealthy. "I can work this off", "It's faster to cook pre-made meals", and "I'm taking a break from diet" where all attitudes I had about my diet. As a result, I will train but see myself gain more fat than muscle.

Now, Russell, I do know that eating right is all about having a proper mindset and by not having that and making excuses it does no good. Not for me and my health nor my reputation (by reputation I mean not following through, not being reliable). By eating the fast food I did, it was from a choice of am I going not eat anything until I get home around 5 pm or am I going to eat and give my body at least something. This is going to get personal, but the reason I chose the latter is because I had to scrounge up any change I had, and I had only about $4. About a 2/3 of that money being pennies. I did not have anything in my house to eat. That $4 fed me and my girlfriend. If I would have went to a grocery store I probably would only be able to get bananas or maybe top ramen. But even then I wasn't sure because of the city of live in here in WA. The cost of living is high, grocery shopping is hard because of the prices, and want to know why everything is a bit more expensive here? Because I live 30 minutes away from Canada and businesses like to keep their prices high because of the high traffic they receive and the revenue the benefit from.

I decided to get that fast food because I knew it was going to fill me up and help me get to dinner time. Now let me explain the other things I ate yesterday.

  • 2 slices of homemade cheese and spinach pizza
  • 1 large spinach salad with sunflower seeds and ranch
  • 1 PB&J on Dave's Killer Bread
  • 1/2 orange

If some of our friends didn't make us, as well as give us, food until next payday, I would still be scrounging up change and maybe on Thursday when my girlfriend works she can get some tips (she's a waitress), depending on how much she got, would be spent on gas or food. Gas being the more important of the two because both of our jobs are about 30 minutes south of us. But basically what I'm trying to say here is that that money, change or some tips, would get us fast food. Because it's quick and easy when it's all I can afford at this point in time, but not a habit.

This week has been a weird week, my job status was in limbo because I was seasonal but finally earned a permanent position and because of an unexpected financial situation is why I have no money to get what we usually do. About 95% of the time my fridge and cabinets is filled with fruit and veg as well as healthy alternatives for snacks. For my meals, on a normal routine, is so much better and different than what I've had. So keep watch the next couple days. It will change.

Russell, please do not take my response as trying to cause issues or to combat you in anyway. I just felt the need to inform you that this is not the norm. And I really do appreciate the time and the information you put into your post. It will be the perfect reminder for me to not eat those bad foods during my weak moments. So, thank you again. :)


Still not the best, but no fast food. :) Also, thank goodness for great friends and the food (and gas money) they have gave us. Thanks guys. :)


  • 1 Nature's Path Organic Choconut Granola Bar
  • 1/2 a can of Pepsi
  • 1/3 cup brussel sprouts (they're not my favorite)
  • 7 Ore-Ida Garlic & Herb Potato wedges (that is a serving size)
  • 2/3 BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich on a 100% whole wheat bun with about a 1/2 tbsp of mayo on the bun

Water Consumption:

  • 4 glasses

Still drinking more as I type this!


  • 20 min beginners yoga

Not much, but it helped with my sore back today. First day in the back room of my position change at work. Receiving truck, pushing truck out to the floor, lots of lifting and bending. And for those that know me, I do not have the best back. Today was a bit more relaxed when it came to the work out. It should be getting better as I progress in my journey. :)

Again, please any comments or really anything is very much appreciated.

This is going to be the first day of the journaling I plan on doing as I take this journey. Not only is this for me, but perhaps it'll help someone searching for some inspiration or really anything.*


Today the only thoughts that continued to run through my head were those of fear. Even when I woke up I was thinking about it, and honestly that's a bit unusual for me. What really got the ball rolling was when I was at work today. We have a lift called Big Joe. It looks like this:

I work at Best Buy and this helps us put TVs away and the Apple Products in the cages up top. Though I'm not going to explain my job because that's boring. Anyways, I was watching my coworker put away the TVs and I stated that I'm "absolutely terrified of heights". A bit funny if you ask me. Considering that I plan to train to what people think it's all about, "jumping off rooftops". He said that I would get used to it and after a while it wouldn't phase me. But as I thought about I had decided that he was wrong.

Now to explain my fear of heights, I will not go towards a railing on the second floor. My stomach twists in knots, I start to get heavy anxiety (and if this is at a mall, double that because of social anxiety), and I begin to panic. I try to avoid going near a railing whatsoever. Now, this isn't to say I do this for every time, because there are times where I'm fine. Such as when I'm on my girlfriends parent's porch. It's pretty high up and I'm never really that nervous while I stand on it.

To continue on, my fear of heights started most likely in seventh grade at the tender age of 12-13. I have no idea where this fear came from and why it hindered me the way it has and still does. So I began to think back into my life. And still to no avail have I ever figured out where this fear stemmed from. But I thought about a Ted Talk that Sebastién Foucan has done. Where he talks about our relationship with fear. He talks about his stunt work in the James Bond film where he jumps from crane to crane, admitting he has vertigo and is afraid of heights himself. He spoke that he spent hours and I believe even months (or maybe it was weeks) climbing the structure of the cranes to understand them better. How he overcame his fear by not only challenging it but understanding it.

And I believe that's where I need to start. Is to understand my fear, to document it in my mind or journal, and be able to come to I suppose some sort of compromise with myself. To begin a healthy relationship with fear, to understand the risks and dangers but to also know how to cope with those risks and dangers. Sometimes fear is justified and sometimes it's not.

So, the next time I'm only on the second floor, I'll move closer to the railing, breathe deep and understand everything about it. Well maybe not everything, but a decent chunk. If you don’t overcome, you don’t become. :)

As a reminder to myself and perhaps to others, to take what Sebastién says from the video, "Do not think it is safe out there, do not think it is dangerous out there: just follow your way. Just be less afraid to be afraid."

*Just a disclaimer: These are my opinions in my journaling on here. You can agree, disagree, or just not care. But I feel the need to share what I think. Plus, it helps my personal progress in my journey.

Washington / Re: Washington Intro Thread - Say Hi Here first!
« on: January 20, 2014, 11:13:05 PM »
Hey there everyone!

I've moved up to the Bellingham area just last June and looking for others to train with. :)

Training Journals / The Journey to become a Lioness
« on: January 20, 2014, 07:27:04 PM »
Wow, so I haven't done one of these in forever. I'm getting back into training after a while. And I know that this will keep me accountable. So, I will start it today. And start, and I can't wait to get back and become the fierce lioness I am. Because I am a little leonine.

Now this is going to be somewhat of a journal. I'll write things here and there about whatever. But, I would appreciate some feedback, and more of the constructive kind. :)

Current weight: 214.7 lbs
Height: 5'5.5"

Goal: Get down to a decent weight and get more fit before starting to train more on the movements. Working on myself first.

I'm planning on going to the gym here in a minute but I will be editing this initial post with what I did today.



Food today:

1 McChicken with no lettuce
1 McDouble with only ketchup
1 Large Coke from McD's
2 slices of homemade cheese and spinach pizza
1 large spinach salad with sunflower seeds and ranch
1 PB&J on Dave's Killer Bread
1/2 orange

I've had about 3 glasses of water today.

Now I know that my food sucks. It's usually not like this. The reason being is because of an unexpected expense that took money away from our (that is my girlfriend and I) grocery money. This day didn't have distinct times of when I ate. I woke up late, got going late, and all in all was not a very good start to my day. More like I woke up tense and stressed. All I wanted to do was sleep and not have a care in the world. But I had to be an adult and be responsible no matter how much I didn't want to. To me it seems like I have an issue when I wake up and things don't go the way you want, when you wake up stressed it sucks the life out of me. Because, I just don't want to do anything. I just wanted to be lazy.


  • 20:10 on the bike
From the workout summary it told me:

Calories burned: 103
Distance: 4.07 miles
Distance Climbed: 1,184 feet
Avg Speed: 12.11 MPH
Avg Pace: 4:57/mile
Avg Heart Rate: 147
Calories/Hour: 306

  • 7:14 on stair climber

Calories burned: 533
Miles: .30
Avg Watts: 1,179
Floors: 14
Avg Calories/Hour: 442
Avg Steps/Min: 32

This thing kills. That's it. It's a killer. I haven't sweat that much in a long time.

  • 6:56 on treadmill

Distance: 0.31 miles
Avg Speed: 2.76 mph
Avg Pace: 21:42/mile
Avg Heart Rate: 142

This was more to cool down. This gym visit was a quick one because I have to get up early for work tomorrow. And I know for a fact I need a better cool down that what I've done.

So now my girlfriend said cardio is the best way to lose fat quick. I am wondering if this is true. I thought something 50/50 would be good. 50% Cardio, 50% Strength. I'm definitely going to do some research online and through here on APK, because I know that there are a lot of you that are fantastic at knowing that information or have it on hand.

But, any feedback would be appreciated.

Women / Guess whose back...Back again
« on: June 24, 2013, 12:03:44 AM »
Ashley's back. Tell a friend.

Anyways, hello I'm back from some crazy things happening in my life. Both good and bad. My battle with alcoholism is still going. I have my bad days, but I have more good days to combat the bad. I moved to Washington state at the beginning of the month. I'm in Anacortes at the moment but will be in Bellingham by the end of this month (hopefully! Here's to positive thoughts!). Since I last posted here in the women's forum I stated that I was trying to get back into the swing of things in my training. Well not long after that I got into a bad relationship as well as got out of that said relationship then got sabotaged at my retail job which resulted in getting a new one. And getting that new one is thanks to my current girlfriend who is the light of my world.

That new job though was unfortunately at a call center (for Verizon Wireless, I know how to fix pretty much all their products since I was tech support). Now if you have never worked at call center before I envy you, and to those that have I empathize with you because it is one of the most mentally draining job you could possibly get. And with it being that it makes you go home and not do anything else except zone out while watching some Netflix. So, long story short, I was lazy. And gained weight which isn't a surprise from literally doing nothing.

But, now I'm back and I'm sick of feeling cruddy and want my body to feel better when I'm doing everyday things. And most importantly when I get back into work. Because I sure as hell am no working at a call center again. This post is to help get my ass back in gear and start working on my body and in turn get me back into training. I will also be making a training journal which I will be trying to post in everyday. It'll be simple things at first. Bodyweight exercises and starting to eat healthier than I have been.

Here's to another fresh start. Oh how I've missed you APK.

Socialize / Re: What I Miss?
« on: June 27, 2012, 06:56:00 PM »
Eh Stevie I couldn't tell you. I haven't been on in forever either.

Socialize / Re: What Are You Listening To?
« on: March 27, 2012, 09:51:37 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Socialize / Re: What Are You Listening To?
« on: March 13, 2012, 09:35:50 PM »
^Nice FF-XIII, how do you like it?^


Only on Chapter 9 though. Haven't beaten Barthandelus because he's a douche of a fal'Cie.

Socialize / Re: What Are You Listening To?
« on: March 11, 2012, 05:03:57 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I've been playing FFXIII lately (more like finally). Been listening to the OST.

Next up on the playlist:

Blinded by Light - FFXIII OST: Disc 2
Daddy's Got The Blues - FFXIII OST: Disc 2
Through and Through - The Weasel King
Ezio's Family/Venice Rooftops (Mash Up) - Assassin's Creed 2

I listen to a lot of video game soundtracks. The music is so chill and relaxing most of the time.

Socialize / Re: Ask Micah the Troll!
« on: March 11, 2012, 04:51:40 PM »
Micah, why haven't you come to see me? It's been MONTHS.

Socialize / Re: THE SPAM THREAD
« on: March 11, 2012, 04:39:49 PM »
Yup. Miss you though. ;3

D'aw. Miss you too bb. ;]

I know you do not mean offence to anyone in particular, but as one of the newer users I can't help but feel slightly insulted...which makes me slightly sad... :'(

I'll get over it :P

I've been on APK for a few years now. I've seen it go through many changes and ups and downs. I mean no offense to any of the new users. And let's remember this is a forum, not real life. No need to get insulted unless I personally attacked you.

What I mean by it went to the gutter is that people are still arguing over the stupidest things, like philosophy or how to train (etc.). Each of us is our own person, how we train, if we believe there is a philosophy, or how we practice Parkour if for ourselves or not does not need a constant argument. People forget we are individuals with our own thoughts and actions.

And I know it won't change for a long time, but if we had tolerance for each other then it'd be better. I love APK, but I'm not going to say it hasn't changed or gone to the gutter because it has, it's the simple truth.

Socialize / Re: THE SPAM THREAD
« on: February 24, 2012, 07:39:52 PM »
Seems like APK has gone to the gutter...this makes me slightly sad.

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