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Unfortunately I have to put most of my training on hold. I vaulted over something right on top of a jello shot someone had hidden in a plastic container on the ground.

End result: Perfect form for a speed vault followed by a four foot fall onto downward stretched arm.

It was slightly dislocated and then had a strange disconnect feeling. I immediately went over to the hospital where it was diagnosed as a strained joint. The doctor mentioned the ligament could be possibly torn and diagnosed 10-14 days of rest before it started showing marked improvement.

That being said I'm not done with parkour, just means i can't jostle or use my left arm at all for a little bit.


Okay update time

Training day 1

Went online and found a gymnastic gym nearby approximately 2.4 miles and decided to do that for today. Started off with the APK warm up as usual and continued into sporadic HIIT sprinting occurred where I did not measure the distance out but would find a point and then sprint there, but I will admit I crapped out once. Repeated this for both there and back for a total of 4.6 miles of walking and running.

Downed a lot of water.

Did my first planche and buckled forward increasingly so as the minute wore on. It took me 8 attempts for the last 10 seconds. The first twenty were fine but I discovered toward the end I should have straightened my arms out a bit more. Hopefully will be able to front lever on the fire escape at some point tonight after I fuel up.

For dinner: Seasoned chicken 99% fat free (meh it was $2), kidney beans, Rice and raisins boiled together(yes I know, not the good kind of carbs but I'm out of veggies), Corn on the cob.

First off I tried to find OAC but all I managed to find was the obesity action coalition, so that's probably not what you meant.

I suppose isolate would be the wrong word indeed, I meant I wanted to build muscular strength there.

I understand that squats don't do much, and I plan on weighing at as much as possible, would you have other, better strength building leg exercises to suggest or should I just stick with the high intensity sprints.

Aikido is Monday and Wednesday evenings every week. It's not intensive at all but it help me develop body knowledge and control. I've used it as both a warm up for further exercise after class, or gone to it tired and  been fine both times so i wouldn't worry about that.

It's a shoulder stand and you do those a lot in Yoga. Thanks for the quick reply though.

Well after being enamored by the idea of everyday gymnastics wherever I may go I've decided to start doing some serious training towards Parkour and other various exercises. Preliminary goals include:

1)- Greatly Increase Upper Body Strength - All through high school I was in cross country non-stop and still I balked when the coach asked us to do upper body strength weight lifting. As such a month ago I could only do 2-3 pull-ups. It was only recently I was able to complete the APK warm up to completion.

A)- The muscle up. I have yet to build enough strength to transfer my hands, or to hold my body up with the false grip.

B)- Full Planche Progress

I've heard that using Planche Exercises will greatly increase strength. I'm hoping to gain it all through bodyweight exercises only as I have no weights or gym available to me. I do however have a couple of really good playgrounds within 1.5 miles from me.

Push: Push-ups Planche Progression with this for help in form,
        Planche and eventually tuck and adv tuck for greater endurance / strength
        Handstand Pushups for increased agility and balance

Pull:   While limited and dismayed at the lack of decent width bars to perform a full spectrum of pull up exercises on (I use the fire escape ladder but that doesn't have the room to allow progression to a muscle up) I will make do with front and back bar levers at a local playground.

Core: I'm actually having a hard time figuring out how to properly build strength here. I'm currently doing crunches, leg lifts and yoga sessions but I wish I could better isolate this area, any suggestions would be helpful. Remember: I do not have access to exercise equipment, although I would consider getting those little bar things on the ground that I see in videos, if anyone can tell me the name.

For legs a series of squats and intense sprinting will help me out there as I already have the endurance to jog 20-25 miles at a slow pace, but for the first time in my life someone beat me in a sprinting race. I didn't like that ;)

So Here is where it stands: it's really hard to quantify these things into a proper routine, but I was hoping someone could walk me through the process knowing my goals and plans. Keep in mind that on Mondays and Wednesdays I do Aikido for 2 1/2 hours.

Rhode Island / Re: Roll call
« on: June 17, 2009, 11:17:04 AM »
Hey guys, my name is Elliot and I'm just starting to get into parkour, I would be more than interested in anyone wanting to train together, email me at

Injuries - Discussion / Yet another shoulder thread
« on: June 17, 2009, 10:50:42 AM »
I've gone to 3 fitness trainers and a doctor and they can't seem to come up with anything.

A while back when i first started to train for Parkour I noticed that my shoulder clicks when I move it in such a manner:

Elbow bent at ninety degrees, arm horizontal with ground to position 2 perpendicular to ground.

It doesn't hurt but it definitely clicks and I'm not sure what to do to correct this problem.

Secondly a new symptom, perhaps related, perhaps not, is that I have been experiencing a sort of numbness and tingling sensation toward the base of my right shoulder blade, toward the center of my back. What is this and once again what are the conventional methods of correcting it?

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