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Suggestions - What can we do better???!!! / Tapatalk
« on: November 08, 2014, 06:34:51 AM »
I use the app "Tapatalk" to keep up with some of my other forums. Would be great to get APK on that. I think more people would begin to use it again.

Parkour And Freerunning / Possible Mental Breakthrough
« on: December 04, 2013, 10:10:28 AM »
Disclaimer: This may become a pretty random and rambling post so no one is forcing anyone to read it ;D

1) I'm taking a short hiatus from Parkour. This officially started on November 16th and will end December 12th. Why, you ask? There are a few reasons for this... None of them fun and none of them absolutely necessary but all could be helpful down the road:
          a) I am a new teacher and am also taking two Spanish classes. Right now those things combined are kicking my tail and so I decided I would focus on them until finals.
          b) I was hitting a plateau and becoming extremely frustrated with myself and have experienced breakthroughs in the past by just taking a short, one or two week break to focus on something completely different, de-stressing, and coming back.
          c) There were some things in my personal life I was letting slip because I was so focused on Parkour. Yes, Parkour is a large part of my life but it is not my life.

So, I will be back to it here in a little over a week. And I'm excited. Because:

2) I feel like I might have had a pretty big breakthrough mentally. Obviously, I won't know until I actually get out and train, but I'm hopeful. I was watching videos and I noticed a fairly basic thing that is so vital to all traceurs and yet it had not actually "clicked". I don't remember who I was watching... Possibly Move to Inspire? And a traceur was doing a particularly difficult run and the thought occured to me that they were doing it with a look on their face of... not fear??? No, actually, just determination and concentration. So it hit me. So much of what is holding me back is not the fear I have of doing something that stretches my limitations, but the focus I put into that fear. It is natural to feel some fear, but controlling that fear and not letting it control us that makes Parkour about pushing our boundaries. In the past, I have had so much fear when doing things that are so simple... maybe not in the entire concept but maybe just one part.... for example, (and I will get back to the beginning of this sentence and wrap it up) trying to land a tight precision... I am completely unafraid of the take-off and in-flight parts of the movement but landing between two objects that my feet have to fit between scare me to death... that it blinded me to landing it no matter how good my form was at different points in the movement. I know. It's called "bailing", "not committing", etc. I just hadn't thought of what was going on before. If I am focused on actually landing the prec (referring to my example) and not on the fear of failing, I will be 1000 times more likely to land successfully. I have gotten past the point of having no proprioception, but have made the choice to black out because of fear (black out being a very strong term but I don't know what else to call it) rather than know where my body is in the air. Hopefully, making this connection will be a huge help when it comes to breaking through my plateau  :D :D :D

I have more ramblings but I also have a class to teach. Thanks for reading. Any thoughts are welcome  :)

Oklahoma / Trampoline
« on: March 16, 2012, 05:34:18 PM »
Hey if anyone knows somebody who's getting rid of their trampoline around Tulsa and its in good condition, pm me please  ;D Thanks!!

Parkour And Freerunning / Newb :-D
« on: March 03, 2012, 08:44:29 AM »
Well, after being on the forums for probably 5 years now and posting from time to time but being too self conscious to actually get out and train by myself OR with other people I finally did it! See, I found out about a class starting up here in Tulsa at a gymnastics academy and decided after all these years to take the plunge. I first heard about Parkour, ironically, on a plane. My family was either going to or coming from a vacation to the Philippines and on the long flights you always have televisions in the back of the seats in front of you and one thing that was showing was a documentary about Parkour! This was 9 years ago. I wish I would have jumped right in but I always felt as though I was too weak, not coordinated enough, and couldn't balance like I would need to. So, every once in awhile I would make plans to head to a jam, then chicken out. Finally, last week I heard about the free trial class some guys from Tulsa were putting on and had to go. I felt that surely in that safe environment I would be ok even if not totally comfortable. I had a blast to say the least and I wasn't the least  bit uncomfortable. It was definitely an introduction class so we did a ton of different things and didn't focus much on any one thing except vaulting. It was a way for us to decide if this was something to get into. To say the least, I'm hooked :-D It has been two days since the class and I am as sore as I have ever been in my life, plus slightly sick, but I'm probably gonna make a run to the park here in a few to train. I also signed up for a once a week class so I'm looking forward to the improvements I plan to see in the weeks and months to come.
Thank you guys for the encouragement you've given without knowing it and for sticking with it :-)  Hope to see some of you out there!

Oklahoma / Gettin started
« on: April 16, 2011, 01:56:07 PM »
Went out to Riverside today (was beautiful). Decided to start running so I have more endurance when I train for Parkour. I alternated (just about 1/2 and 1/2) running and walking for 6 miles and feel good. I'm pretty weak so I'm going to start doing the APK warmup and WOD and eating better (hopefully--eating has not ever been my strong point). Bought the APK dvd awhile back; gonna go watch it again and start working on the basic stuff (landing and rolls, etc). I don't live in Tulsa yet but selling my house in C-Ville to move to an apt there soon. Hope to see some of you guys in person soon. Also, hoping to get to the next OKC jam!!

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