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Kentucky / Northern Kentucky Assemble
« on: December 30, 2010, 11:11:41 PM »
So I'm in Hebron, some people in florence (not even 15 minutes away), some people in london(about an hour away), and peole in lexington. What ever nearby regions people may be in, we need to assemble. We should just find a single location of interest between us all and have meets every now and then. We're not representing Kentucky well with what we're doing now, so we need to get things in motion.

To start things off we need each person interested to post what city they live in, their availiabilty, and a desired meet location (if your limited to how far you can go). So we can even get to know one-another, feel free to post your age, experience in parkour, etc.

Name: Jay
Age: 21
Location: Hebron, KY (Boone County)
Parkour Experience: Beginner
Desired Location: Willing to travel a little
Availability: Unknown at the moment
Bio: I'm just starting to learn and working on conditioning at the same time. I'm not flexible nor do I have a strong upper body, but I'm currently working out to get the muscle I need. However I am a runner and have a lot of speed and endurance. I'm also quick with opstical courses and have good cordination. I'm a quick learner, and giving up never pops into my mind.

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