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Age 26
Height 5'5"
Weight 242

I don't actually do Parkour all the running and jumping would kill me.  It is however something i'd like to do.  I do martial arts, some bicycling and other things.

I gave myself a physical test last week here are the not so great results.

B-Day Fitness Test
I've decided to give myself a fitness test, in honor of my 26th birthday. By the way I have two recovering knee injuries, thats why some of my scores totally suck.

Time: 1100
Temp: 40F

There will be 6 categories of fitness that I'll be testing.
Muscle Strength
Muscle Endurance

Unfortunately I've sustained 2 knee injuries. My left knee is around 85% better but my right knee is around 60%
I suspect I'll fail many events which require too much from my legs.

Here are the results that I suspect I'll achieve.

Side Split:       Results: -15 in
Right Split:      Results: -5 in
Left Split:        Results:  -8in
Sit Reach:       Results:  +4 in
Back Stretch:   Results:  R: -5.5 L: -4.5

Standing: 1min  Results: L: 1:00  R: 1:00 (could of held for longer but meh, why bother)
Stork: 30sec      Results: L: 0:16  R:  0:17 (oh this is sad, I had much better times when practicing this week)
Bass:                Results: Pass  (i think this is for kids or something, its beyond easy)

T-Test:               Results 12 sec
3 Cone/L Test      Results: 22sec
Quadrant Jump     Results: 25 times (my knees hurt so so much from these 3 tests)

Muscle Strength:  Turns out my friend only has weigts up to 125 lbs, so I combined the muscle str and end tests.
Bench press goal: 250lb   Results: 125x 25 reps
Squat goal: 500lb           Results: 125x25 reps
Curl goal: 62lb                Results: Pass

Muscle Endurance
Pushups: 100 reps.   Results Canceled
Situps:  100 reps      Results 60 reps (This is by far the most disappointing score)
Squats: 100 Reps     Results Canceled

Run 1mile:        Results: 26 min (oww)
Swim 20 laps:   Results: DNF  (Didn't bother to try)

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