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Training Journals / ASO's training log
« on: May 24, 2011, 11:03:10 AM »
Hello, Skye here. I'm opening this thread to record my stats, training, progress, fails, and other stuff.
I figured why keep this stuff to myself, when i could be getting feedback from the community as well as another reason to keep progressing and keep my motivation levels up. As well as to hold me more accountable for keeping up training. If i tell you guys what I'm going to be doing, then I'm more obligated to do it.

I am going to start doing video logs as well with this. That way instead of just typing stuff i did (which i could always fake >.>) I can show you and talk about it as well. One of my goals is reducing my BF% and through vlogs, I can see my own progress and show my progress as well.

I started weight training about a month ago with my dad and have really progressed with my strength goals. I fell really good and since starting "serious" training, (be it lifting or parkour) I fell much better. I have also changed my eating habits a lot, so not only am i helping my body. But i am also feeling more energized and less tired throughout the day.

So, well here it is. My log. Comments are welcome.


  • Do 1 pull up, no assist
  • Preform 1 complete muscle up. proper form.
  • Bench press 100
  • leg press 500
  • preform 20 push up no rest
  • precision 7ft
  • loose weight in fat. (dont care if i gain weight. i just want to loose fat)
  • smooth kong vault

Were i currently am today with my goals:

pull up machine 10 pullups -70 from my BW
muscle up... hahahaha...
Bench press: 75lbs
leg press at 450lbs
push ups at 7
precisions at 5 feet. (want to work on adding the extra 2ft)
Not sure what i weight currently, but since starting lifting and more serious training of parkour I've lost 2 1/2 inches around my waist.
kongs are WIP

Injuries - Discussion / Shoulder pain with squat rack
« on: April 01, 2011, 10:51:02 AM »
Every time i go in the gym to do squats with the rack, for some reason the connection area from my left shoulder to my chest starts feeling strained and eventually starts giving me pain and it will hurt for days after. I've tried different bar grabbing techniques but i cant get it to stop hurting when i preform the squat. I've tried moving my hand further down the bar, moving my hands closer to me, changing the position of were it sits on my neck... My right side feels totally fine, its just my left side. And i do preform a full stretch warmup before so im not doing them cold. And I've noticed that it doesn't really matter how much weight or how little weight i have on the bar. I mean if I only have like 10lb on the bar then its not so bad, but still...

Heres a photo of about were the area is.

not directly the underarm, but higher, about mid range from the under arm to the top of my shoulder, and slightly more on the chest side. And it will make lifting my arm hurt.

I really like weighted squats and i want to keep them in my routine but not if i cant find a solution to the pain im getting.

Parkour And Freerunning / The Beast obstacle?
« on: February 22, 2011, 02:07:32 PM »

i am planing to build this in my back yard, but i was curious, think i could get it stable without cementing? Id really rather not cement it in, as its in my grandfathers backyard, and also for the possibility of taking down in case of hurricanes...

 Reading some of the posts in the G4 Jump thread, i go to thinking... I'm not commenting on about the show (since its not out yet, there really isnt much to be said) But commenting on commercialization of parkour and the connection from skateboarding to parkour, being the "extreme flashy movements" that most media wants it to portray.

 Here is were i see the difference, between skateboarding and parkour. Skateboarding started out as a fun underground sport and skaters learned tricks to show what they can do with there board. I know this, I'm a skater myself, and when i see a trick that is cool, im like "that looks cool, i gotta learn how to do it" so i go outside and bust but my butt till i nail it. Parkour isnt like that though, you cant just run up a wall cause you saw some guy do it. If you cant make it, then you have to figure out how to get your body to be able to do it.

 This is why I see Parkour as compared more with a martial art in this aspect. Of course, after watching a Jackie Chan movie kids go outside and try to mimic the punches and kicks they see, But they will never be able to really do the moves unless they spend time putting forth the effort and training.

 So some kid might see crazy flips and movements and be like "i wanna try that" so they go to the play ground and try to vault off of something, mess up, and get hurt, and they might call it parkour, but its just like a kid running outside throwing useless punches and calling it karate. Its not. no matter how much they think they are doing it, without instruction it wont be.

 So this is how i view parkour, unless they really understand what they are doing, the can try to call it whatever they want. It just wont be. And even with media coming out trying to show big things, unless the person trying to mimic it has an actual understanding, then its not what they are calling it to be. And there is a bright side. There still are the ones who really understand. There are still traceurs out there that know what they are doing and are willing to help out the kids mimicking moves. And lets face it, most of use started doing parkour because we saw a big video of it with flashy moves and such, and yet here most of us have continued and saw parkour for what it really is, and the ones who haven't eventually strayed away.

So back to the G4 Jump, M2, I really look forward to seeing it, and just how it will help the community, and how many new ones we will be able to show parkour (on the forum, and possibly in our own communities) and what it really is about.  :)

Socialize / My glyph + T-Shirt Design
« on: December 14, 2010, 09:20:47 AM »
This is my glyph, my logo. It represents who i am, and who i want to be. It combines my nickname "ASO" (being the 3 capitals letters of my name "A-SkyfiOrginal and my body (notice the shoulder back and leg in the roll position). And i feel like it shows my strength as well as my vulnerability. It holds me. it shows the flow, It shows power, as well as weakness, it defines me and my movement, parkour. And i wanted to share my work with yall. :)

now i just hope it doesnt mean something else in another language  :-\

So feedback? Id like to get your thoughts on it.

Also, in my time i have come up with a T-Shirt design i am naming FTW (Feel The floW) everyone ive shown it to so far likes it so i wanted to show it here as well. I am going to print it myself and see how it comes out. anyway here is the chest design and the concept (notice my glyph on the sleeve)

(added back roll mark)

Socialize / My art work
« on: July 26, 2010, 04:39:27 PM »
as none of you know, (or maby a few do) I do a bit of graphic design/photoshop work, and i was bored before i went to sleep last night so i made this for anyone who wants to use them.

So, if you want it, you can have it. I also have the PSD file still saved so i can edit whatever you want into it to customize it to your liking.

I decided to post some off my other work here as well.


Creative work:


(i have many more sigs ive done)

Parkour And Freerunning / Starting over...kina
« on: July 25, 2010, 07:24:39 PM »

First i wana say, its a little hard to type this... no... its hard to admit this, but i have to start some were so... here it goes.

About two years ago i got into PK/FR and i became pretty good on my own. I could roll good, my legs were very strong, i even worked my way up to being able to do one dead hang pull up without assistance. (im a girl mind you) I could do a muscle up if i had a decent amount of momentum... and i could do almost every vault without a problem. But... i started to slow down... I got back up again and had my motivation reinstated... but i slowly started going down again. Now i dont mean like a deppresion, i mean i was getting caught up in life, being busy, my health, fitness, slowly started to dwindle and became a second thought. I still tried to to eat good... but eventually even that was getting caught up in a rush.

Then, about 6months ago, i started going to school at my local trade school. Now keep in mind, even thought i may have been "lost" i was still into parkour. Every now and then while i'd wait for my mom to pick me up (no license yet) i would play on the bike rack. Then i started getting into BMX again. I loved dirt jumping... anyway, in may i went on vacation to flordia and all i did was walk and ride my bike every were. I was starting to get fit conscious again. I would eat smaller portions, drink more water, i even started running. But my PK vision felt a little faltered.

When I got back home I was determind to start working out again and build up my strenth. And i was doing pretty good. Me and some friends would go play tenis and soccor several times a week, and i started going to the obstacle course that is near me.

But then school started up again... I wasn't expecting the summer semester to be so fast/hard, so even though i still tried to keep up my eating habit my physical fitness was starting to dwindle again. (mind you, i never got all of my strength/stamina back to were i was when i was gun-ho about it) I could barley make the whole obstacle course, and i started going less frequent...

But!!! now i want to change this. Now i know what to expect when it comes to school work, and i am learning to balance this. My next semester doesn't start up again till the 24 of august so with this break i am in now, i am determined to face it up and start really training again. I am determined to not let myself go even if it is a little. Ive taken steps like joining my local group on FB to be updated when they are going to meet. (if they are meeting this weekend though i cant go, taking my papa up to texarkana this weekend) I will join them when ever i can. I am also in the process of building an obstacle course in my backyard.

So anyway, point of the wall of text is:
1. I'm back
2. I'm very determined to stay
3. I have motivation
4. I want some support from you guys cause i know y'all don't judge and are very helpful when it comes to this stuff.

Also, i made a tablet log to carry with me. I think writing down what i do for the day might help me achive my goals and determine were exactly i need help and improvement.

Your fellow Traceous,

Socialize / Logo and other art works.
« on: February 23, 2010, 06:36:18 AM »
Well I did a logo for my local group (that i have never even met IRL >.>)
And I wanted to see what yall though of it. I hand did it (in photoshop)

But I didn't make this just to show off, I did this to let others know that I can do logos for them and also I can do some banners for the website here.

Here is the logo:

(oh and I do ALOT of signature work for forums. so if someone wants a cool sig hit me up. here are three of my most recent)

Again, not showing off. Just offering my skills to my community.

Parkour And Freerunning / Building the Parcube! Got what I needed.
« on: January 01, 2010, 07:26:19 PM »
So I got all my wood today. I'M SO HAPPY!!!

But I have a question In the first step were you trace the 2x4 onto the plywood, wichside goes down?

Do you trace 2 inches from the side, or do you trace the 4?

Also, i want to get back into skateboarding. I realised that this parcube will also dubble as a manule box. Talk about an all around traing device!

Socialize / Before and after shoes
« on: November 14, 2009, 09:57:09 AM »
I decided we need this!

Post your shoe before you started training. Then Show what it looks like now. Maby tell us how you liked the shoe.

Here I go:

Owning them for 6 months. I bought them because when I did a wallrun in the store they had very god grip. They are very breathable, and when I wear them to the ground I might buy them again.

Convexus Avia

After 6 months abuse:

If you notice the decrative little black strip on the toe is worn off.

Bottom grip on this one isn't so badly gone.

Bottom grip of my lead foot.

Padding is basicly gone.

Yes, I love my shoes.  :-*

Pics & Vids / I caught you APK HAHAHAHA!!!!!
« on: November 12, 2009, 09:37:35 PM »
I just got a mac and I was playing with Garage Band and I learned something

1: APK uses mac to edit thier vids (for my eveidance see number 2)

2: The sound effect that is used in the beging  is a sound effect from Garage Band.

3: I'm very board so I had to post this.

Socialize / Essay HELP!!!
« on: October 16, 2009, 07:26:45 PM »
Alright, so I did an "essay" on parkour and it was returned to me for not being essayish enough.
Apperantly I did it to professional like. with it being more of a report instead of an essay.

So please give me some tips on how to do this. Please! If ou want to read what I did here it is
(also this is the lastthing I have to do left inmy home-schooling-program. Whenever I did and had it returned to me I deided to just put if off. Well now I have to complete it.)

Pics & Vids / Vid I found to be inspiring.
« on: September 29, 2009, 01:21:46 PM »

There 7 years old and they are this good already. Kinda makes me go "a 7 year old is doing some stuff I can't do yet. Im going bust my butt today"  :D

Injuries - Discussion / Should I be hurting like this?
« on: September 29, 2009, 08:08:18 AM »
I spent all of yester day trying to do a front flip. Didn't land a single one. But I came close alot of the time.
I mostly landed on my butt or my lower back.

Today my whole body is really sore. My neck, back, abs all hurt to move. If I lean a little backwards it hurts to hold my head up. I have to use my hands to hold it with out feeling any pain.

I'm very tired though thats prob just from moving alot.

But should I be feeling this pain?

Training Journals / A-SkyfiOriginal's Log (SCREAM AT ME!!!)
« on: September 21, 2009, 06:24:57 PM »
Alright I figure this log will help me keep up my motivation to continue to train.

About me:
  16 year old female. 5'2" wieght :-X (130) Acordinly to BMI chart I am 23.8

 Have been training for a year but had stoped so I'm back at square1.

Re-Perfect my roll.
Be able to preform 1 full pull up.
I can do 2 standered push ups right now before I bust so I want to set a goal to be able to finish 10 reg pushups.
Be able to do 60 sit ups with no problem.
I want to strenthen my core strenth and increase balance.
Learn to cat balance with out falling off...
Learn to front flip. (not parkour, but its important to me)
Learn to backflip.    ^^^^
I can do about 5 regular dips I want to increase this to 15.
Learn to do a kong.
I will be getting my license soon so I can finally go to my local track. Ive been there before and was only able to run half way and then walk the rest. So I want to be able to run the whole thing with no problem.
Be able to handstand.
Those are the ones I have set right now.

I really need to get a good schedule going. I am horrible when I make my own schedule and put it off till later. So i need to make a schedule.

I have bowflex and I really do love it. But my problem (like many others) is that i am not consistant. I can pull down my body whieght with no problem.

Eating wise. I'm not really worrid about what I eat because I am quite health consinse, but I need to work on portion control. So I guess I'm going to set a goal to watch how much I eat. To eat slower. And to chew more.

But yeah, since its night time here and I'm tired, I won't workout till tomorrow. But if anyone has any advice on a schedule or such I would greatly apreciat it.

I will admit. I have problems trusting myself. I hesitate quite a bit. I try to "just do" but at the last second, I bail out. I have done this all my life. Dosn't matter what I am doing. After I make a desion, I keep think if I did it right or not. Even when doing something I competly know I'm right, after I second guess myself. I always am second guessing me self. No I am not indesisive. I am just a very hesitant person. I have to push myself into doing things always in the back of my mind thinkg "what the hell am I doing". 

I do not know why I am like this. It really doesn't make alot of sense really. See if I want to do something I have to slowly work my way at it. Untill...

I descovered parkour. I have always enjoyed the thrill of running and jumping even since I was little.

I started hard core training about a year ago. When I jummped into intense training I was practicallt obsessed. I was drillong 3ft drop rolls 20 or more times a day. But I was still very hesitant. I slowly started comeing out of my "shell" if you will. Even though my friend teased me. I was starting to not second guess my self as much, and my friends and parents noticed it.

But as always, I slowly was begining to slow down in my training. I wasn't "feeling it" anymore. I don't know what happend really. I lost my motivation. I went into an inactivity stage. Yes I would still watch the vids on youtube. I was still in love with the "sport" But I wasn't doing anything for it. I wasn't doing anything for myself. I began to second guess myself. I really didn't notice it. I really wasn't paying attention to myself. But my friends and family were seeing it.

My parkour high was over. I didn't drill my rolls. Or anything for that matter. I started being on my PC constantly. And I honestly didn't notice it. It wasn't till about a week ago I saw exactly were I was. I was out with some friends for the first time in a while. We went to the park and I just sat on the bench talking with them. (which isn't something I normally do). One of my closest friend (the one that really teased me but thought what I did was cool) said to me "Skye, what the hell are you doing. I know you see that rail right there, your normally all over it." I didn't even notice it...

I looked at it with a type of regret. 

Then another friend said to me, "hey why not you show us one of those vaulty thingys you do".  I said ok sure.    (Now keep in mind that this rail is only about weist high.)

I figured, why not lazy vault it. (thats my easiest vault i can do) So I started to run at it. Full speed. Aproched at 45degrees. I grabed it with one hand, jumped up. got one leg over, couldn't get my other hand down on or my other foot over. I hit the rail with my leg quite hard, and went face down into the pavement.

I rolled over and layed there for the longest time.Just looking at the trees and the sky above my, thinking about what just happened. I couldn't belive it. It was so simple, yet I couldn't do it. I should have been able to do it. It was very sobering to me how much I had let go, how much i changed. How simple it is to just say that im tiered today ill just train tomorrow. How easy it is to just let your motivation slip from your grasp. And just how easy it is to fall.

So here I am right now writing this to my fellow runners. Don't let your motivation slip. Don't let yorselves "fall"
Right now i'm back to the basic traing, trying to re-perfect my rolls. trying to get my jump back. trying to not second guess myself. I have hit my self realizeation. I have evaluated myself. I have learned from my experiance.

Thank you for reading this.

                                      Your fellow traceuse,

Parkour And Freerunning / Its so FRAKIN HOT!!!....
« on: June 29, 2009, 11:25:20 AM »
Im living in south Louisiana (by abbeiville/layffyette (<still cant spell it...) Any way, We are in this horrible heat wave right now. It is suicidal to go outside right now. We havent had rain in a few weeks (a little more than 2 months)
It sucks and I cant go out and practice. The avarge tempature has been around 90 to 102 degrees and that is without the heat index. with it, it is around 95 to 112 degrees. it is so humid that when I take two steps outside sweat just starts pouring out. (and if I do decid to bear it to practice rolls, the grass is dead and painful, and the cement is freakeshly hot)

  Hence, because I can't train like I norm would, my motivation to keep myself conditiond and fit is very low. I have alot of equipment I can use to workout with like my bowflex, the elastic bands and my fams wii. But still it really sucks because of my lack of motivation. so if anyone here could give me some encouragement, then I' masking for your help. Im stuck inside, and I have no place to really go...:(

This is my essay i did for school, im still working out a few kinks, so any help is apreciated.
currently it is 4 pages long. so if you dont have a good attetion span you can stop reading my post now, other wise, please help me out.


   “Oh no!” Thinking to yourself as you glance down at your watch. Late for work again. And to top it off, you’re stuck in a long line of traffic downtown, and it appears that the line won’t be moving for quite a while. You know that you can not be late for work again; you are on the brink of losing your job. What to do? You see a parking space on the side of the road and decided that you can get to work on time if you just walk there. You start your trek but then notice what was blocking the traffic was a bad accident. It’s so bad that the sidewalk path is even blocked off. What do you do now? There is quite a large distance to travel around the scene. You decide that you are just going to have to find a way around the mess that is up ahead. You walk back to your car and put on your running shoes. There is a path that you can take through the park. So, you start running.  There is a small gate a little over waist high ahead. Instead of breaking your run, you just decide to go over it. You place one hand on the rail, jump, and swing your legs over. You land and keep running.  Next you see a wall. It is completely blocking your path. You don’t have time to find a way around it. So then, without breaking stride, you jump up, the ball of your right foot hits the wall in just the right spot. With an explosion of motion you throw your body up pushing with your momentum and kick of the wall. Going up, you grab the top of the ledge with your hand, and then grab it with your other. Without letting your momentum stop, you pull yourself up. There is the office, just one block away. You are going to make it. But how do you get down? The wall is about 8ft high. Well, the only way down is to jump. Right when you hit the ground, you put your weight on the balls of your feet, collapse your knees and tuck. Putting the top of your right shoulder down on the ground, you throw your body over and skillfully roll across your spine, and to your opposite hip. Transferring you downward momentum into forward momentum. You stand up and then it’s a clear shot to your office. You smile knowing that you’re going to make it on time.

 What you have just read there in that introduction is parkour. It is known as the art of movement. But what parkour means is the most efficient way to move from point A to point B. Here I will show you the history, how it was started, what parkour truly is .


  Humans have always been able to overcome obstacles in their way.  Many people have worked on different ways the body moves. But focusing on parkour, and when it was started, we have to look at a time before World War 1.
    Methode Naturelle:
  A former French naval officer, named Georges Hebert, went on a trip to Africa. During his trip, he was impressed by the physical development and skills of indigenous tribes that he met.
He had stated that:
    “Their bodies were splendid, flexible, nimble, skillful, enduring, resistant and yet they had no other tutor in gymnastics but their lives in nature.”   
                                                                                      —Georges Hebert
     He, inspired by the indigenous tribes, became a physical education tutor at the college of Reims in France. He began to define the principles of his own system of physical education and to create apparatus and exercises to teach his methode naturelle.
  During World War 1 and 2, his teaching expanded. It then became the standard French military education and training. Hebert was one of the proponents of parcours — an obstacle course, developed by a Swiss architect, which is standard in the military training and led to the development of civilian fitness trails  and confidence courses. Also, French soldiers and firefighters developed their obstacle courses known as parcours du combattant and parcours.

  Belle comes in:

   Raymond Belle was born in French Indochina (now is Vietnam). He was taken by the French army and was given a military education. He fought in the Vietnam War. He and his companions worked to develop efficient methods to reach or escape while fighting, these techniques that he learned help save his and his companions lives.

   He was trained to kill, but he became a life savor. His large dedication to fitness helped him to serve in Paris’s regiment of sapeurs-pompiers. (known as the military French fire service)
Because of his athletic ability Raymond joined the regiments elite team, composed of the unit's fittest and most agile firefighters. Its members were the ones called for the most difficult and dangerous rescue missions. He was highly appraised and earned many medals. So no doubt his son David Belle looked up to him.

    Raymond introduced his son David to obstacle course training and the methode naturelle. David participated in activities such as martial arts and gymnastics and sought to apply his athletic prowess for some practical purpose. At age 17, David left school seeking freedom and action. He continued to develop his strength and dexterity in order to be useful in life, as Raymond had advised him. He gave the art of movements and motions a name, Parkour (taken from the word parcour meaning obstacle).


  People that practice parkour are called practitioners. Male practitioners are called tracers, and female practitioners are called traceuse.
If you watch some of the tracers and traceuse you will notice that their body flow in motions that seem almost impossible for a human to do. But when you break these movments down, you find that they aren’t hard to do once you have learned them, and practiced them. the vault, the wallrun, and the roll were mentioned in the introduction. There are other movements that are used in parkour. Here are just a few other basic movements that are used.

   You might be shocked to see someone roll there body on cement. Yet the roll is one of the most important movements that you can learn. A proper roll can not be stressed enough. Without it, falling from heights would hurt your back, ankles, and knees. A rolls purpose is to transfer downward momentum into forward momentum.
   When you go down for the roll, tuck your head in as tight as possible. Touch the ground with your lead arm, and tuck your head into your chest. Then put the back of your lead shoulder on the ground. Now here is were you will want to start your tuck then carry your body across your spin. It is vital that you do not roll on your spine. But go across it. You then want to end up on your opposite hip. It‘s like drawing a diagonal line down your back. Let momentum carry you through.

        Vaults are another key movement. They bring you up and over an obstacle. There are several different kinds of vaults that are used in parkour. But a few basic ones are the speed vault, the lazy vault, and the kong/monkey vault.
     The speed vault is probably the most basic vaults there is to do. You start by running strait at a rail (or other obstacle just about waist high) Jump throwing your legs to the side, and grab the rail with the opposite side that you throw your legs over. When you are over the obstacle, let go of it, and then keep running.
    The lazy vault is used when you are approaching a rail at about a 45 degree angle. You place you outside hand on the obstacle and then bring your feet over the obstacle. You then place your other hand on the obstacle and push off a little bit to help yourself to the other side.
    The monkey vault is when you grab the rail/obstacle with both hands about shoulder width apart and bring your legs over and through your hands. The kong is the same, but you jump into it and is done mostly on obstacles that are long, like picnic benches.

  Wall Run:
   A wallrun is a way to ascend a wall by using one or more steps to propel your body. A wallrun can be one of the most useful techniques to overcome an obstacle, most specifically when the obstacle is too high to vault or jump over.
  Your first step should be slightly higher than if you raised your leg straight in front of you, this will cause you to jump off the ground and put all of your weight into the foot on the wall. Use the front of your foot to push up off the wall. You should be pushing with just your toes, not your whole foot. Be sure to get your entire body over your push off foot, otherwise the direction of your movement will be thrown off. When you hit the wall, you should be pushing no farther than forty-five degrees out from the wall; this will ensure that you are always moving up the wall instead of away from it. Next when you are near the top of the wall, grab it with your hands. Add some kicks if necessary to bring yourself up and over the top.

   Those are the basic movements that anyone beginning will want to learn, there are many others, but those are just a few basics.


   If you saw someone jump from roof to roof, then jump off that roof land and roll, you would probably think that person was stupid or crazy. Many times, while I am training, I will have people ask me what am I doing, or some times when I tell people what I’m doing I get this response: isn't parkour dangerous? I've seen videos of people doing backflips off of bridges and jumping across rooftops. Yes it can be dangerous, like all sports are, if you don’t know what you are doing. Like all sports, to get good, you have to work hard and always practice the skills you need to succeed in participating in that sport.
    Parkour can not be truly defined as a sport. There is no competition. Parkour can be likened to martial arts, a discipline. Only instead of teaching you how to fight, you are being taught “flight” or a get away, an escape, an out, to avoid confrontation.
   The media tends to put a bad light on parkour. Only showing the big jumps, or the big flips (flips are not parkour, the reason for that is because since parkour is about efficiency it takes unnecessary movements to flip). 
   You never see a traceur fall much in the media. This is a quote from David Belle from a video he was in The Yorker: “It was the end of the day. I was just doing stuff with a bunch of kids. I fall all the time — I fall like the monkeys — but it never shows up on film, because they just want the spectacular stuff.” I have personally only seen David Belle fall in a video around 5 times maybe, But yet, when you interview him, he speaks a lot about how he has fallen.
   Not showing trial and error gives naïve kids the idea that parkour is without fail. The result is that they run out and try the biggest stunt they see without proper training. Hence, it normally ends up in injuries.


  I have mentioned several times that parkour is the art of movement. But it is also a freedom of motion.  A way to overcome obstacles. It can be viewed as an art form; it is a dance with the environment, a flow.
  Many people are getting into this “sport” as a way of bettering their body, getting in better shape, and even bettering themselves mentally. Parkour is not just a thing to do, but is a way of life. It trains you to think differently, and you feel different. My friends have noticed that I personally walk different.
  Parkour really is a great thing to get into, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to better themselves, and are willing to learn.

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Found this, thought it was intresting.

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