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Training Journals / Holytotemic's Log
« on: October 05, 2008, 04:17:51 PM »
Well as i have seen in the first week of just running and basic heart rate and toning exercises I am very out of shape. see,com_smf/Itemid,159/topic,7.msg146629/#msg146629 . I am working on being able to get up a flight of stairs without getting winded lol. Just bad juju all together. Seems i have let myself go after my surgury alot more than i had thought. basically anything involving flips and arials i am no longer able to do at this point. im going to have to get back into a gym and retrain my body before attempting that. I do however have a 4 foot vertical jump wich is more than i was expecting. rail palmspins and vaults i can hit the basics with more effort than i like to admit. Also hit a successful back handspring but my ancles are much weaker than expected as well....caused a bit of pain on the landing. anyways I'll keep on truckin and keep on postin. any tips from vets to get back into shape (seeing i've never had to do this before) would be awesome.

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