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Training Journals / Bryan S. Journey to gain what was lost.
« on: September 27, 2008, 12:00:22 AM »
So it starts, painfully.  After eight years of not doing much physically due to school and work, I finally found something that should keep me going to get back into shape and stay there. 

Current Stats:  5'9"|180 lbs

You know, your body reminds you that eight years of nothing is significant. 

After hearing about parkour and watching some vids on youtube, I realized this is what I did as a kid in the form of extreme tag on large playground equipment at the school near my home.  Remembering how much fun I had doing this, I know have motivation to start getting fit.

Sept. 18th 2008.  I remembered one thing I enjoyed in high school PE, the gymnastics unit.  So this day is the first day of my gymnastics training.  I almost messed up my back doing a basic handstand to forward-roll.  That brought something to my attention that had never been and issue to me in the past.  My scoliosis.  I think that my back has lost the strength to help hold my spine in its incorrect position painlessly.  If that wasn't bad enough, the muscle soreness from that one day of training lingered for about a week.  Chiropractor visit took care of the immediate pain.

Dug out my weight-lifting book that has been collecting dust for about 2 years from my last 'get fit' goal and put together a basic weight-lifting routine.  Went to gym about 2 days after gymnastics incident while still sore and did some light weights, nothing fancy.  Woke up the next morning with legs, back, arms, chest and some places that apparently have muscles, hurting(as in getting the rust out hurting). 

Sept.  25th 2008.  Current stats  5'9"| 175 lbs

Second day of gymnastics training.  Avoided rolling for now though my back feels great and doesn't hurt doing jumps or anything else.  Worked mostly on cart-wheel, round-off and front hand-spring technique.  Used a barrel shaped pad to practice hand-spring.  Did some jumping on the trampoline with some back-flips.  Back started to hurt again.  Landed my first front hand-spring ever on the tumbletrack perfectly.  All that arm work has given me tennis elbow in both arms (left worst than right)  and my abs are sore.

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