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I don't understand this when it comes to Parkour or Freerunning.

I look around for people who are training or what-have-you and they are no where to be found.

It seems that you have to go far and wide looking in weight gyms or gymnastic gyms to find some traceurs/trickers. What is this off season?

I live in Michigan. We get the fury of the Great Lakes during the winter months and (given the opportunity) I still find myself bundling up and going for a jaunt around town. I mean, isn't that why we have hats and gloves and jackets and balaclavas?  In Holland, Michigan on top of that. So, I am right on Lake Michigan.

Explain yourselves!

People are huddled away or working on their tricking in tumbling classes. I can get behind hitting a tumbling class. I did that, too for a spell.

But come on. Humans adapt and overcome. Weather is just another obstacle traceurs need to overcome, no?

Diet / Vegan Diet
« on: February 20, 2012, 10:08:24 AM »
Why isn't there a thread on here about a Vegan diet?

I want to know what the common people and the learned people (on nutrition, fitness, etc. with the major or degree so on) think and feel about eating a Vegan diet compared to vegetarian and carnivorous diets.

The comparable results of a whole foods, micro nutrient based diet and a macro nutrient based diet.

Not only am I interested in the common and learned perspective of results and individual views, but I also want to know your views on the availability, lifestyle, and cost of the offered diets.

I speak of dieting as a lifestyle and not a temporary solution. Diet, to me, is what you eat. Period. Not a short term process which you undertake for weight loss or the like.

Michigan / HOLLAND, MICHIGAN calling all traceurs!
« on: May 03, 2011, 10:43:53 AM »
I have just recently moved to Holland, Michigan.
Back from a few years hiatus I want to get back into shape, training, conditioning, and improving.

I am in the 49424 area.

Let me know where you are! Lets start training.


Injuries - Discussion / I haven't Been to the DOCTOR for it but...
« on: February 23, 2009, 02:22:31 PM »
This can be a thread for every injury that you should've but didn't get to a doctor about.

I attempted a backflip this past summer and landed improperly. My two middle fingers feel weakened, pained, and sometimes broken. I have function in them but I cannot bend them back as far as I could before without tension and alot of PAIN.

Also, I rolled my right ankle before I started parkour one delicious drunk night. 3 story drop from a balcony, drunk, during winter, retrieving a sword that had been dropped. I didn't feel it until later, but I now feel it more often than not.

Thoughts Comments Additions?

Socialize / Who would win?
« on: February 20, 2009, 08:27:30 AM »

The opposing sides will be stated

Specific scenario will be stated

Limitations and/or afflictions will be stated

Tell who you think would win and why.

I will moderate and referee, deciding who would win or if it will remain undecided. Then I will post a new match. PM me for ideas for matches, conditions, or settings.

Michigan / MICHIGAN Runners
« on: February 02, 2009, 03:55:51 PM »
Shamas Rodriguez
           Battle Creek-Marshall-Kalamazoo, Michigan
   Battle Creek Parkour
Private Message Me for training

During this winter we are doing Weekly Gym Training in Kalamazoo (Kalamazoo Branch Gymnastics). It is 8p-9p Wednesdays.
But for actual training and conditioning we will have a steady Summer schedule and a flexible winter schedule.
Get a hold of me.

Training Journals / Shamas' Training So Far
« on: January 10, 2009, 01:31:26 AM »
    This is the beginning of my Journal. I never really keep track of these sorts of things, but if it helps me improve quickly and efficiently I would be a fool not to try it out.
    Things I am working on
    • Kong to Precision
    • Bar Muscle Ups
    • Standing Back Flip
    • Aerial
    • Higher Wall Run
    • Kong to Cat
    • Self Motivation (Eating Healthy Being Healthy)
    • Levitation

    thoughts comments?
    I won't be putting what I eat really ... I am not sure exactly why people do, but I am sure someone will explain it to me.


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