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So I've Decided To Keep Track Of My Fitness As I Start To Delve Into Parkour, (Thanks To 1.Assassins Creed, 2.Ronnie Street Stunts, 3.The Tapp Brother's) But Yeah Criticism Is Allowed Although I Would Like Constructive Criticism And Leave Tips And Such.

Log1 - (7/1/2015)

Age: 15
Height: 5'9"
Weight: (Need To Find Out(Of Average Build))
Grade:(Is This Relevant ???)10th

2 Pullups (Very Ashamed Of Myself)
6 min Planks(Sideways , Back, Forwards)
3 min Walking Planks
20 Crutches
15 Pushups
50 Situps   Where I Get Most Of My Exercise's From.

 -Practically Have The Roll Down, My Only Problem Is That I Usually Hit My Shoulder On The Ground.
 -Practiced Muscle Up(Only Got My Elbow On Bar Couldn't Go Higher).
 -50 Push ups In A Row
-20 Pull Ups
 -Have Rolls/Dive Rolls In Muscle Memory
 -Be Able To Climb Up Walls (Problem With The Pull Up)
 -200 Sit ups
I Will Update As New Goals Come On
(Just Figured Out That My Left Elbow Cracks(Like When You Crack Your Knuckles) When I Do Push ups) [WTF]

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