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FAQ / MOVED: Sugar
« on: November 22, 2014, 07:23:16 AM »

Recently I was watching Tim Shieff's interview with David Belle, the "founder" of Parkour.

For those who haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. The full interview can be found here.

Much of the interview goes into David's views on Parkour and his thoughts on how it has evolved into the sport it is today. David has said that Parkour itself is determined by the practitioner's own interpretation. His definition of Parkour is that it is about confronting obstacles. Something I believe many of us have taken to help us with not only Parkour, but everyday life. David further goes on an explain how flips are more acrobatic and fun while Parkour is more about moving forward and being efficient. This is where I feel I contrast with him.

The one thing many people have to succumb to in practicing Freerunning is fear. Fear, to me, is a mental obstacle that needs to be trained to overcome. Along with this mental obstacle, you also deal with physical obstacles. If you have no background in gymnastics, more often than not you will be dealing with moves that demand for you to use your body in ways you're not use to. This is a physical obstacle, one that also has to be trained. While you may not being moving forward the way Parkour is typically designated towards, you are still overcoming obstacles that can help you make you stronger.

Now at some point David discusses how Parkour has gone into different domains. I started to ask myself, "Can Freerunning just be a domain of Parkour?". Now many of you have had discussions before about Freerunning being different from Parkour and giving your own personal definition that separate the two. What I argue is that Freerunning is not different from Parkour at all. Much like the David analogy of Martial Arts having both your artistic side and the direct side, I feel like you can have the same idea for Parkour. Parkour's artistic "domain" would be Freerunning, while the direct "domain" is focused on efficiency.

So personally, my interpretation is that there isn't a difference between Parkour and Freerunning, rather Freerunning is apart of Parkour. Freerunning is just a more artistic subdomain of Parkour. The Parkour defined currently, is more of a subdomain that focuses on efficiency. What are your guys thoughts on this?

Parkour And Freerunning / MOVED: Feiyue Lo
« on: April 24, 2014, 04:54:31 AM »

Diet / Diet for a Marathon
« on: April 17, 2014, 09:16:12 AM »
As of June 1st I plan on running my first ever marathon. With a little over a month preparing I realize that, although I'm mentally prepared to go the distance, I may not have the diet for it.

Now when I refer to diet, I'm not so much talking about my every day diet, I'm talking about the diet for the day of the marathon. After doing some research on how to keep myself fueled for the full 26 miles I came to the conclusion my diet throughout the marathon should include the following:

1) My diet needs to have fluids that keep me both well hydrated and energized
2) My diet needs to have foods that are easy to digest to avoid distress
3) My diet needs to be high in carbs and low in fat

Many articles suggest the use of energy gels, power bars, and sports drinks throughout the run. My problem is, I do not use these and know very little about them. However, to assure my body is prepared to handle these foods for the marathon, I need to get into the habit of eating them during my training in advance.

I'm wondering what specific foods you guys would recommend for me to consume. What are some of the things I should look for when choosing my marathon food and drink and what are some things I should avoid? Any tips or feedback would be much appreciated.

Parkour And Freerunning / MOVED: shoes
« on: February 01, 2014, 06:24:35 AM »

Forum Rules / Report to Moderator - A Guide
« on: January 30, 2014, 08:19:14 PM »
As you may know, our forums are sometimes subjected to spam, offensive material, or downright inappropriate posts.

As Global Moderators, we try to stay avid on the forums as much as possible; to assure that this is maintained as much possible. However, sometimes there are things that slip by our watchful eyes. If you find anything that you feel like should be notified to a moderator, please report it to us using the “Report to Moderator” feature on the forums.

How Do I Submit a Report?

Every post will have a “Report to Moderator” link located on the bottom right of it.


Click on this link and you will be prompted to write a comment regarding your report. Comments only has a 255 character limit, so please keep it brief.

What should be reported?
  • Anything that violates our Forum Rules
  • SPAM
  • If you or another user are feeling threatened, abused, or bullied.
  • A thread posted on the wrong board or a post unrelated to the topic.
  • Anything you feel may be inappropriate
  • Links that lead to offensive or, otherwise, illegal sites

Consumer Whores / Parkour Pants for work
« on: January 11, 2014, 11:43:01 AM »
So recently we had undergone new management in my work resulting in me getting a different supervisor. My new supervisor has informed me that he wants me to dress more professionally (i.e. no more wearing my baggy cargo pants to work) so I need to search for pairs of pants I can use for work and still Parkour in.

Just for a little bit of information, I work in the IT Department, and I'm a student. When I kill off work I typically have an hour to kill until class. So I usually spend that hour putting in some training. A usual work day also includes a bit of Parkour before and after my shift. Because of this, I want to have pants that will look good for work and also not have issues with in training. I dislike jeans due to their lack of flexibility. I would prefer not to wear sweatpants as they will make me look too casual at work.

What are some types of pants I can wear for both work and train in for Parkour?

Movement / Failing a Precision Jump (Parkour Ukemi)
« on: November 12, 2013, 03:31:53 PM »
For those of you who don't know, Ukemi is called the "Art of Falling". This is something that is practiced in Martial Arts such as Aikido as discussed in the following thread:

Traucers have adapted Ukemi to make their own "Parkour Ukemi" to find the safest way to recover from a fall for PK. Amos has even dedicated his channel to Parkour Ukemi:

One of his videos that fascinated me was this one:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I was drilling Precision jumps earlier today and ended up attempting one on a four foot high, pretty frictionless, wall. I ended up doing a running precision jump onto the wall, of which my left foot slipped while my right foot still stayed planted on the wall. This caused me to tumble backwards onto the concrete.

I was thinking about this video once I took the fall. I knew how to recover it but I was thinking "What if this wall was a few feet bigger?". A few feet bigger to where using my arms to try to tumble out can cause me to shatter them upon impact. Later in this video, they showed them trying to do a precision jump where they didn't fall backwards, but instead have their legs keep sliding so they land on their rear. How I fell, there was no way for me to slide my legs go forward as one foot had too much friction to the surface than my other foot.

So I'm wondering. If you fell from higher objects attempting a precision jump where you can not tumble out like shown in the video, what would be the safest way to recover from the fall? Any thoughts?

Parkour And Freerunning / What was your worst injury?
« on: May 10, 2013, 06:57:50 PM »
Inspired by the thread, "What was your best recovery", I started to think about all the injuries I managed to get because I wasn't able to recover in time or I just did something stupid. I then wondered, what other traucers, freerunners, and the like also had bad injuries that they just couldn't avoid in time or even at all. So I ask you, what was your worst Parkour/Freerunning/Tricking injury?

I'll start off:

One day, I decided to do some tic tacs as a way of taking a break from 2 long weeks of studying. One of the tic tacs involved myself going from my left side to the right. For some reason, stupidly enough, I placed my right foot, the one furthest away from the wall, onto the wall first. I then found myself up in the air with my feet in a weird position. I landed on the right side of my foot with my entire body falling on the left side(The position of my ankle looked something like this). I fell hard on the ground and lied there for a while trying to recover from the immense pain. I thought I just sprained my ankle and a good icing would do the trick to a quick recovery.

I was at least 1.5 miles away from my home and my parents were still unsure of how safe Parkour was. I didn't want to call any of them and felt like my brother driving me home would make them suspicious. I then made the limp back home, where I was only able to get half a mile. It was one of those days were it was really cold and about to rain so it sucked ass trying to limp home. I finally manned up and called my brother. Eventually, he gave me a ride back home where I iced my ankle for a while before going to bed. The next morning, my ankle was still in pain, and I knew I would not be able to go to school today(This all took place on my last week of senior year). I told my parents that I believed I sprained my ankle and don't know if I could walk on it today. They took me to Urgent Care and I was seen by a doctor.

After a few tests and xrays they found that I tore my ligament and would need to wear a boot. After we got home, we got a call where they later found I had a fracture in my ankle. A day later, I went to the hospital where they did additional tests on my ankle. They did confirm I had a fracture on my ankle, but they believed it was something I happened to have obtained a while back and just didn't notice. They also informed me that this injury could've been a lot less worse if I didn't decide to walk on it for that half a mile. So for my high school graduation, I went to pick up my diploma wearing a boot. The worst part of it was that I was unable to do Parkour for about 6 weeks.

Suggestions - What can we do better???!!! / Submitting Broken Links
« on: March 29, 2013, 09:32:33 AM »
With how successful the APK Treasure Hunt seemed to be I started to think. Once the treasure hunt would end and the broken links were fixed, what would happen to the links that haven't been reported? Even now I noticed that there are some links buried somewhere on the APK site that are still broken.

I have been using this form for reporting links even after the contest had ended, but have since stopped. Reason why is because I'm not sure if my submitted links are looked at considering how long ago the contest has past. I have, however, still notice that there are broken links lying throughout the APK site. I imagine I'm not the only user who has found these broken links that have likely gone unsubmitted and hidden.

So I'm wondering if there could be an official form or sticky thread where users can submit broken links.  I understand that there is technically an "official" form that was used during the contest. However, it seems like only very few people actually know about that form. Even so, the ones who do know about the form will have to do some tracking to find it. This way, instead of any broken links going left unreported and unnoticed, the broken links can be acknowledge through user submission.

Suggestions - What can we do better???!!! / APK Log-in
« on: March 28, 2013, 08:27:29 AM »
When users are viewing the APK Article's comment section, they are given the option to "Add Comment". However, when they click on it they get a message saying "Only registered users can comment on an article. Please login or register".

For a long while I had no idea where to log in if I wanted to comment. I originally thought that this was an error in the site because I was always logged on to my APK forums account. I did some searching and assumed that my APK store account was linked to my the APK comment account. It wasn't until recently I learned that the APK log in was located towards to bottom left of the homepage. I want to suggest if there can be three changes done to the site so users, like myself, aren't as confused when navigating through the site.

1. Instead of the APK log-in being located towards the bottom left of the homepage it should be located here:

This option will allow users to easily spot where to log in straight away. Also, by having it located towards the right of the search bar, users are always given the option to log in right away on any APK webpage.

2.When a user clicks "Add comment" they are presented with this.

There isn't an option to click "Login" or "Register" so a user can directly go to either the log-in/registration page. Instead of having words login and register not going anywhere, I think it would be better to have both of those words hyperlinked. That way if a user wants to login they can just simply click "Login" and be brought to the login page. The same goes for if a user wants to register they can just click "Register".

3. Lastly, I think it would be much more efficient and less confusing if all the usernames on APK were linked together. That way, instead of having a separate username for Store, a separate username for comments, and a separate username for forums, we can just log in to one account. Not only will this eliminate the annoyance of going through multiple registrations but users will also just have to worry about one account for the entire site rather than three.

Russ W.

Movement / Reverse Vault Question
« on: March 04, 2013, 09:01:48 AM »
When I first started out doing reverse vaults I use to use two hands. After seeing more advance traucers only do one-handed reverse vaults I trained myself to do the same. However, even after mastering the one-handed reverse vault I'm still not really sure what the difference between the two are(Other than the fact that the one handed is one less hand on the obstacle).

Is there any difference between the one handed and two handed reverse? Any benefits from using the one handed one as opposed to the two handed?

Diet / The Leangains Guide
« on: February 27, 2013, 04:38:45 PM »
One of my coworkers, who focuses heavily on muscle gain, was telling me about this thing called the "Leangains Guide". A full summary of the Leangains Guide can be found here.

A small summary of it, is that this guy named Mark Berkhan, has various diet and training plans where one typically has to fast and workout during certain times of the day . My coworker was telling me that he's planning on following the guide as a way of losing fat. The training method he's doing is the "Fasted Training".

This is an excerpt of the Fasted Training:

11.30-12 AM or 5-15 minutes pre-workout: 10 g BCAA
12-1 PM: Training
1 PM: Post-workout meal (largest meal of the day).
4 PM: Second meal.
9 PM: Last meal before the fast.

My knowledge of both diet and general fitness is really limited, but wouldn't this type of training be bad for his body?

Suggestions - What can we do better???!!! / Spoiler Tag for the Forums
« on: February 27, 2013, 02:07:24 PM »
I'm wondering if a Spoiler Show/Hide tag is possible to include in the forums like the one found here.

I think it may help users by giving them the option to only have the view specific sections of a long post rather than scrolling through the entire post itself. I've noticed that some training journals tend to have this problem as well. Training journal users tend to have each post contain a huge amount of text, often trying to divide each one into certain sections. However, if someone wants to go through it and just read the section detailing a person's workout, they have to go through some tedious scrolling and searching.

Socialize / Zombie 5k Course
« on: February 25, 2013, 04:03:30 PM »
Anyone hear of this 5k Zombie Obstacle course called "Run For Your Lives?". Just found it it's coming to my state in July. Super psyched about it. Would you guys ever do something like this?

Website and Forum Troubleshooting / Problem sending personal messages
« on: February 11, 2013, 03:48:44 PM »
I recently tried to send a PM and received this error message:

I'm only trying to send the PM to one individual, not multiple ones, so why do I keep getting this?

Training Journals / Wilkie's Training Log - 365 Day Challenge
« on: February 06, 2013, 09:39:15 PM »

I’ve been practicing Parkour for a little over a year now and I realize my day-to-day training needs some work. I try to train every single day, but college, work, and various other things in life have made it much more difficult for me to find the time and motivation to train.  So I decided to create one of my own 365 Day Challenge Training Journal to better motivate myself. The only alterations I’m making to the challenge is that instead of doing at least 5-10 minutes of training I must do at least 30 minutes minimum of training each day. I also do not have a functioning camera so I will not be uploading a video of any progress.

My goal is to try to update this journal on a daily basis. I will also try to include as much detail as possible in case anyone provides feedback. I will hope this will be enough motivation to make sure I train every single day. Will be more than happy accept all feedback and comments from fellow Traucers, Freerunners, and others to help improve my training methods. =)

Goals for 2013
-Perfect my Cartwheels
-Palm spin Accomplished July 17
-Long Distance Kong VaultsAccomplished June 8
-Hold My Handstand for 10 Seconds Accomplished Feb 28
-Back Spring
-PK Roll on Concrete (No pain or feeling impact nearly 100% time)
-Kip Up
-Advance Tuck Planches Accomplished Oct. 15

Training Key
~ = Tummo Meditation prior
^ = Warm up Jog and Stretch

1. Included Tummo Meditation because I always conclude my meditation with a fully body stretch then either train or work out right afterwards. Tummo Meditation is usually 10-30 minutes long and is done right after work or breakfast.
2. My warm ups for my workouts will target the body part(s) I intend on working on that day. I will include them as a subsection of my Workout section so I will neglect using the Training Key for Workouts.
3. I always end my workout and training sessions with a stretch, so I do not plan on including it in my training and workout sections.
4. My rule for mastering a new move is: If I can pull it off successfully ten times in one session, than I have mastered the move.


Day 1(Feb. 6)

~Handstand Practice (11:56 A.M.-12:25 P.M)
(3:20 P.M.-3:48 P.M. Concrete)
(4:18 P.M. – 4:45 P.M. Carpeted floor)

1% Milk mixed with vanilla Whey protein powder (1 scoop)
1 Banana, sliced
Wheat toast spread with Peanut Butter

Turkey Sandwich on Wheat Bread, Tomato slice, and Lettuce
Nature Valley Granola Bar (Fruit and Nut)
Orange, peeled.

Yoplait Yogurt Original (Harvest Peach)
Celestial Seasoning Black Tea (Morning Thunder

1.5 Stuffed Green Peppers
   -Green Bell Pepper stuffed with rice and hamburger and topped with melted mozzarella cheese
1 Cup of Old Orchard’s Juice (Grape)

Abs and Back (8:10 P.M. -8:45 P.M.)

Warm Up
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Mountain Climbers

Going to be butchering some of these names. Tried as best as I can researching them.

20 Hanging Knee raises
20 Hanging Pikes
30 Crunches
30 Crunches with legs on bed
20 Crunches, both legs in the air
20 Bottoms up
20 Cocoons
2x 10 Crunches with one leg in air (10 for each leg)
20 Elbow to knee crunches
30 sec Plank
40 Elbow to knee
21 Oblique Cocoons*
2x 20 Oblique crunches (20 for each side)
30 sec Superman
30 Hyperextensions
30 Bench Dips

*Best way I can describe this one is I position myself like I do in a cocoon. The only difference is that I always have my hands in the position as I do for crunches while I bring my legs to my chest and extend them out. I then extend my legs out 45 degrees to the left and do another crunch. I then move my legs out 45 degrees to the right so my legs are back in the original cocoon position then do another crunch. I then extend my legs 45 degrees to the right and do another crunch. I repeat this until I’m at the desired amount of reps.

Website and Forum Troubleshooting / Trouble getting onto the forum
« on: December 24, 2012, 08:18:15 AM »
About two weeks ago, whenever I try to connect to the APK forum(via Home Page > Community > Forum) this message pops up:

However,  I managed to bypass this message by going to the Forum url( rather than how I typically connect. I'm using Firefox when trying to connect.

Some trouble shooting I've done:
I have deleted all the cookies as well as history from my web browser
I have used a different web browser,Google Chrome, to try to connect

Neither of these resolved the issue.

Parkour / Rolling with Glasses problem
« on: November 01, 2012, 06:02:17 PM »
I've been working on rolls a lot more recently and have moved to practicing them from inside-on a carpeted floor- to practicing them outside. However, I noticed that whether I've been jumping from a large height or I'm jumping after I sprint at a fast pace my glasses almost fall off after I roll. I'm wondering if this is a problem with my technique or if this is a common thing to happen when rolling with a larger momentum going.

Also, a lil note. I just recently have been practicing these roll outside. I go to a Parkour academy where they recently had a rolls class that I attended. We jumped from heights as high as the heights I jump from and rolled on a padded surface. My glasses never fell off or were about to fall off when I was practicing my rolls there. My rolls sometimes become harder since the grassy surface is not completely flat and smooth and am wondering if this plays a part in why I'm having problems with my glasses staying on my face.

Parkour And Freerunning / Gloves For Winter Training
« on: August 29, 2012, 05:06:47 AM »
I'm looking for a pair of gloves that have an excellent grip for doing Parkour in the winter. Last year I trained barehanded during the winter and I would often nearly lose my grip or get frost bite on my hands after training. I tried relying on some gloves I picked up around the house, but the only ones who gave me a grip better than my hands were completely fingerless, causing me to be cold during training. What would be the best gloves to wear train during the winter season? I need gloves with an excellent grip while still proving warmth.

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