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Movement / Re: Hardest Move In Parkour
« on: February 05, 2011, 09:39:22 AM »
I think the roll for me, only because it is the most neglected part of my training. I don't ever use drops i na my training, and I hardly ever have enough speed to have to roll.

Movement / Re: order for flips?
« on: February 05, 2011, 09:33:24 AM »
My order on a trampoline was fronts, sides, backs
In a gym it was Backs, fronts, sides
And on the ground, as in grass,  I can only do backflips :'(

Call me a purist if you will, I just call myself a traceur.
    If you do freerunning, at least primarily, I believe that calling yourself a traceur shows hypocrisy, but this sentiment brings me to my next point.
    Through my involvement with the parkour and freerunning communities supplied by this website and others of it's kind, I have concluded that arguements such as this normally stem from conflicts in mindsets between traceurs and freerunners. If you ask a traceur (that is, someone who only or predominately practices parkour) if there is a difference between the two, he/she will generally say that there is and explain the efficiency versus entertainment theory. However, if you ask a freerunner (that is, someone who only or predominately practices freerunning), they will generally deny any difference. They generally have starkly different mindsets. The general traceur thinks of training constantly and efficiency whenever confronted with a task involving their skills. The general freerunner thinks about the next big thing they can pull off and how to make what they can already do prettier, flashier, or cooler.

I will agree with you that there is a difference, the efficiency vs. artistic theory. Running is more efficient than vaulting, vaulting and wall running should be emergency only tactics, with more focus on running when you are training. So in a way were all FreeRunners simply because we all do a vault or two that isn't purely "efficient".
The point is not that there isn't a difference, but that we need to forget the difference and come as one people, with no contention amongst ourselves. Especially over something as little as a definition. There is no one definition (as said before), but there are general definitions that we (Traceurs and Freerunners) follow.
So there is a difference, a small one, but the point is we shouldn't really care much because it's all basically the same sport, with some exceptions.

I don't know much about figure skating but I'm pretty sure that the long program, short program, and doubles, are all different slightly, yet it is all the same sport.
Basketball on the street vs. basketball in a gym: Both are basketball, they are governed by a slightly different set of rules, and the practitioners are usually different in culture and background. Yet it is all the same sport.
Swimming: There is long distance, short distance, different strokes that people specialize in. But they are all swimmers, and they all swim.
Fishing: There's a difference between fly fishing and other fishing, but to the untrained eye it's all fishing.

So basically, Parkour and FreeRunning have become as one to the general public. If the general public can accept it as one sport than shouldn't we be able to also? They are too similar to judge the difference, at least the training method is. They both involve countless hours of perfecting the climb up, the kong, the speed vault, etc. There are some freerunning explicit moves (such as the wall flip), but you can not be a good freerunner without being a good traceur. If all you do is "freerun" (street gymnastics), then you are a gymnast that can take his/her skills to the street and apply them to different obstacles found on the street. If you are a proficient freerunner, you should be able to carry the title of traceur above your head, as well as the title of freerunner.

Again, if you are a pure Traceur, you run more than you vault, wall run, or climb. But if your are not a pure Traceur, you are also a freerunner. They are so close that I do not think that one can practice Parkour without inefficient movement. Yo udo not have to do flashy moves to be a freerunner, you just have to do things not as efficiently as they could be done.

The General Traceur focuses too much on vaults and vault efficiency, when in reality they should be primarily training running, and running fast. When you go running through the city, generally running along a sidewalk would be faster than vaulting railings. I'll use a dog in my next example: If a dog is chasing you then the only way you're going to out run it is first: get to a railing or a wall without holes in it. and two: Make sure you get there before the dog gets you (which probably won't happen). Where I live, the best way for me to flee from an animal would be to climb something, which isn't classified as Parkour, but it is still a valuable skill to use when fleeing from someone or something.

Now if people were chasing you, that would be different. Let's say they have a car. So your walking down the street and some people are like "Let's get 'em!"  So you start running. To out run a car in a city wouldn't be that hard, all you have to do is go where the car can't. But if just people were chasing you than you would need to be able to get over things faster than them, and have more endurance to out run them. If an Olympic marathoner or sprinter was chasing you, let's face it, we'd all be screwed. Unless you have a sizable head start and a significant wall near by.

Anyways, the point I was trying to get at is that Traceurs primary focus should be fast running for up to say 2 miles. If you can run 2 miles very fast in a city then you should be good. Most Traceurs have less emphasis on running and more emphasis on vaulting and wall running, and running in a straight line. But if there was a bike rack in my way, it'd be faster to change my direction by a few degrees and go around it rather than vault it. Yes, there might be some strange occurrence where you have to run in a straight line the whole time, but chances of that are very minimal.


P.S: Just so you all know, the names really don't mean much to me, I just move and do what I do. But I do enjoy debates.

Parkour is movement. Freerunning is movement. movement is all around us, it is the natural element that we strive to flow with. To sit here and argue what is and what isn't the definition of something that predates all of us gets us nowhere.
One may do parkour, one may freerun. yet, the simple fact is we are all traceurs here to reach the pinnacle of human ability and movement.
Movement is all around us, Movement is what we do naturally and were born to do. Humans as a whole have forgotten this and have become lazy.
To sit here and argue what the name is helps no one.

Definition of Sport according to The Websters online Dictionary:
1 a : a source of diversion :  recreation  b : sexual play c (1) : physical activity engaged in for pleasure (2) : a particular activity (as an athletic game) so engaged in.

There were several others, but this is the one were concerned with.

1. B twist
2. Ariel
3. Front flip
4. Side flip (out side)
5. kong to cat, kong to precision, kongs over gaps
6. Try bigger stuff
7. CLEAN muscle ups and climb ups
8. backflips off of stuff (outside)
9. Back full (tramp)
10. Front flip 360 (tramp)

Mostly tricking stuff, but some Parkour. I do more Parkour than tricking though... I can't do much more on my Parkour except get stronger and go bigger. :)

Who really cares? I'm pretty sure almost all of us on this forum practice both Parkour and FreeRunning, so who cares? As long as we know what were doing, and the general public knows were not vandalizing stuff then were all good. Parkour and FreeRunning aren't the same things in my opinion, but then again I could care less about what you call it.
A backflip off a railing is just a backflip off a railing. So technically it's street gymnastics and not freerunning, so why don't we all start arguing over the concept of freerunning and street gymnastics? If no one cares about those names, why do we care about the insignificant difference between Parkour and Freerunning?
All Parkour really is is running with vaults added in, so equally, we could call it running with vaults. But we don't.

As far as the art of movement definition goes, I entirely disagree. Yes it's movement, but if we called it the art of movement it would be denouncing other arts such as dancing and martial arts. Those are both arts, and they involve lots of physical movement. Dancing deserves the title "Art of Movement" just as much as FreeRunning does.

And what about those 3Run guys? Do they trick, do Parkour, FreeRun, or do they do street gymnastics? They do what they do, it's doesn't matter what it's called. That's how the Parkour community should be. Impartial to what it's called.

One benefit of everyone calling it by one name would be that when security is like "Hey! No Parkour!" You can be like "Well sir, I'm actually free running." :P

As far as competition goes. I am stoked for the idea of competition in Parkour. I hope they will hold Parkour/Free running competitions like they hold Skate competitions. In nearly every place. I enjoy competition, actually I love it. I know all you purists are unna jump one me "NO NO NO!!! Pro Parkour is AGAINST competition!" To you I say this: Sports evolve. In North America they capitalize. I highly doubt that in the beginning people held Karate competitions, but then one day some guy was like "Hey! I can make some money, and people can have fun competing." If you don't want to compete, then don't compete, and it won't effect you much, if at all.


"The Freerunner" Magazine / Where is it?
« on: June 08, 2010, 10:54:41 PM »
I haven't seen any new magazines since April. I'm wondering where it is. I look forward to when it starts being more regular again


Freerunning / Re: Flyaway tutorial?
« on: May 19, 2010, 01:24:23 PM »
whats a flyaway?

A flyaway is a back layout dismount from the high bar. But normally in free running you see it being done tucked. So a backflip dismount from hanging position on a bar.

I've heard it being called a "Lache Gainer" also.

Okay, I guess I'll just have to get the guts to do it. And maybe start with a lower swing and gradually swing higher. Part of teh reason I'm scared to do it is because at the gym I train at there are other bars within about 15 feet of the bar I want to flyaway from. oh well

Freerunning / Flyaway tutorial?
« on: May 18, 2010, 03:01:45 PM »
Does anyone know where I can get a flyaway tutorial? That'd be great if someone could provide me with it, thanks.

Movement / Re: I need help on the series of flips
« on: May 18, 2010, 02:45:58 PM »
I find side flips scary personally. At least outside of the gym. I can do standing back tucks, and I can usually (barely) land my front tucks on the ground, but side flips are just scary in my opinion. Although backtuck 90 isn't very scary. It's kind a hard though.

Movement / Re: Increasing air retension
« on: May 18, 2010, 02:39:09 PM »
Swimming? Especially front crawl. It's a beast to do.


Run, about 45 minutes, lots of hills, extremely tired after. Mild leg stretches, hard shoulder stretches.

DROP IN Running side flips, standing back tucks, diving kongs, Front flips and Websters off of blocks. Monkey to tuck planche press handspring type thing. Good time over all

Movement / Re: Should I be better?
« on: May 01, 2010, 07:48:02 PM »
Flips depend on the person. I've spent three years and I'm only recently starting to flip a lot. I guess it's whatever you practice you will get better at. Unless you practice it wrong.

Don't worry about it though. I've been doing it three years and I'm only at the level of some one that's been doing it about a year. Sad really.

So... I still haven't gotten my workout planned!! :(

BUT... On Wednesday  I went to drop in and I learned Websters, round off to back tuck, back tuck off of a block, back tuck dismount off rings... I did a nice biggish kong and I practiced precision front flips, and double kongs. It was a good time. It was a good workout,  I was tired by the end. I'm so out of shape :( I need cardio

I went swimming twice. One time it was all kicking, lots and lots of kicking. and another time it was slower, but more constant (as in 12 lengths in a row instead of 2)

okay. Lets see if  I can remember what  I did last week.

I went out and did railing balance one day. That was about 20 minutes. One thing I notice was that when there is a height factor involved you seem to unconsciously try harder to stay on the railing. On the bike rack I did about...2 laps and then 2 1/2 "bonus" (the railing on top). I also did other railing work.

I am organizing a workout routine, based of of Coach Sommer's Building the Gymnastic Body.

PPPU on rings MAX- 3
Ring dips (no piking, try to stick chest out) MAX - 5
HeSPU MAX - 3 - 5 (i haven't actually tried my max recently, but I know I can do at least 3)

L Pullups MAX - 7
Tuck Front lever rows MAX 7
Inverted chinups MAX - 0 (I can't the full ROM, I will progress through it though with negatives and half ROM)

Multiplane pulls: Pullover MAX - 6

PULL/PRESS Muscle ups MAX - 1  (it's ugly too) :D I need to work on them... desperately


Abs: V-ups MAX - 10 (Work on form)
       HLL half MAX- 7

LOWER BACK: Arch ups MAX N/A (Never done before)
                   Reverse Leg Lifts MAX N/A
                   Headstand Leg Lifts MAX 3
OBLIQUES: Windshield wipers (half) MAX N/A
                Arch ups Twisting MAX N/A
Backpull: Skin the cat (pike to German hang) MAX ~ 7? (I'll test later)
Front pull: Body Lever MAX 0 (again, I need to work on it, and increase my core strength before I do this)
Full Body: Tick Tock (tuck, trying for adv. tuck) MAX ~ 4?

LEGS: Deck squats MAX 0 (practice, again.)
         Deck Pistols MAX 0 (PRACTICE)
         Pistols (Right leg) MAX 3
         Pistols (Left leg) MAX 0 (I can't balance at the bottom. I think it's because of my shin strength, ankle flexibility, and groin flexibility)

Front Lever Progressions: Tuck progressing to adv. tuck (trying to keep my back straight)
Planche progressions: Adv. Frogstand
Back lever: Depends on the day lol. Adv. Tuck
L-sit: MAX 20 seconds

 I will sporadically work forearm and hand stands through out the day.

 I will have a more organized/detailed workout plan for everyone by... tomorrow I do believe.

100K Threads / Re: 100K Squats
« on: April 22, 2010, 01:56:47 PM »
About 145


FAQ / Re: how long dose it take to get good?
« on: April 21, 2010, 02:34:07 PM »
Yeah Ben, I'm in the same boat as you. Except I've been doing it three years. But This year already I've gone out nearly as many times as the past 3 years combined XD. I think in the three years I proly only put in about... say 40 or 50 hours. Already this year I've put in like 8 hours (mostly this last week). But my first I year I conditioned alot. I've been neglecting it and I can tell. My climb ups are terrible. I'm going to work on them tomorrow.

Movement / Re: Flow vs. Technique Focusing styles of training
« on: April 20, 2010, 06:20:56 PM »
 I think both are the best way to go. Personally I end up practicing on individual techniques more than flow. I usually only use flow when I'm leaving an area. But Then right after I leave I'm like.... Why wasn't  I doing that before?

this is really my first year of really training hard. So I still have some getting used to.

Lexicon / Re: Emo Wrists
« on: April 20, 2010, 01:51:00 PM »
Yeah. I love my hands. :) The only place I don't have calluses on my hands are my fingertips :( oh well.

I love sports that have sort of lik a trademark body sign if you know what I mean. Like Suimen mentioned.

Except football... It seems like a footballers (not European, American) are always sore, and have scratches all over their lower legs.

EDIT: And you know when you see a grappler if the cartilage in their ears are all messed up and broken and stuff. Or maybe that's just wrestlers... either way XD

Movement / Re: Kong off of an object instead of over?
« on: April 18, 2010, 06:20:58 PM »
Smashed my ankle trying the handstand thing XD

ON TOPIC: My favourite is the speed dismount. To me it feels the best. So whatever feels good for you. Also, if I'm on something that I don't want to just drop off (so something high) I will do kind of like a turn vault thing into a cat and 180 out of the cat. Except  Ido it all i n1 movement. It'd fun :)

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