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Title: Brandon Smiths Log
Post by: Brandon Smith on August 02, 2012, 01:30:53 PM
I'm not good with logs and such but I will try and I think it will help me train and keep track.
Day 1 (8/1): I first learned to do the Basic Landings, and can do the PK roll but not very well. I started practicing the Kong vault, I cant do it consistently yet though. I also tried the cat leap which was fairly easy for me. I later learned the wall run and I can consistently grab the top of the wall but pulling myself up is the problem. I also ran a couple laps around our park and I realized I have a low endurance. I didn't keep track of how long I did these, but I did do it for several hours.

Day 2 (today): MY body is aching all over so I think I should wait until tomorrow while I am camping to train some more. I did a large variety of stretches today. I am practicing my PK roll but I keep hurting my hip and spine and shoulder so I must be doing something wrong. Ill try eating a healthier, more protein enriched diet. For the most part I am not going to be doing much because I am watching over my sick sister and my body aches like crazy.