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Title: Jak's training log: 24 hrs at a time
Post by: Ryan on February 01, 2012, 05:06:58 AM
What's up guys,

Just wanted to say I really started hitting it hard the last 3 days and have been feeling fantastic. I say 24 hrs at a time since I have a 22 month old lil boy and a wife that requires a lot of my attention so sometimes my workouts aren't as fulfilling on a consistent basis. The last three days have been a mixture of some 3 round time sets of 10x push ups, air squats, pull ups, and sit ups for a warm-up as well as a nice 1/4 mile run. This is followed by another mixture of burpees, 5-6-7 foot precision's, more sit ups and pullup's, add in some handstand push ups and by then you should be feeling nice and warm. I rest for about a minute in a half then go to my favorite spots. I plan to really do 3 days on, 1 day off and continue this and take it 24 hrs at a time. My goal is to be consistent and get back into shape doing what we all love, parkour/freerunning.

I am currently 6'2 and weigh 200lbs about 12% bf. My goal by this summer, say June 1st is to drop fat, maintain size and strength, and be around 190lbs at 7% bf. Today is my off day, so nothing is going on except some light stretching and chillaxation. I will post my workout for tomorrow and any feed back will be much appreciated. Thanks guys, and happy training!   
Title: Re: Jak's training log: 24 hrs at a time
Post by: Ryan on February 01, 2012, 07:26:04 AM
Correction: Tomorrow is my day off. Forgot that Monday didn't work out due to weather. Also, My diet has been pretty consistent of late. I eat alot of grilled chicken, steamed veggies, brown rice, on/off with egg whites and whole eggs, fruit...pretty much all the essential stuff for a well balanced diet. I'm trying to lean more towards a true paleo diet and plan to progress more that way as the year goes on. So far this morning I had a banana around 7:05 and then ate my true breakfast around 8:15 of breakfast quesadilla's w/ spinach, eggs, sausage, and cheese. I know, not the most healthy, but it gets the day going for now. Usually my quesadilla consist of turkey sausage and egg whites, but ran out of turkey sausage and got lazy with the egg whites lol.

My workout today will consist of this: (Thanks to ZombieFit)

Warm Up:: run 1/4 mile, bike 1/2 mile, row 250 m.

3 rounds of: 10 air squats; 10 push ups; 10 sit ups; 10 air squats; 10 pull ups (may sub with jumping if needed) then rest for 3 min

For time, complete 2 rounds of 21-15-9 repetitions of: 6 foot precisions, dips and sit ups. After each total round complete a 100m sprint or sprint on a bike 1/4 mile or row 125m.

Perform a plank, 3x till failure.

So for another 30-45 min I practice vaults, gaps, kongs, cats, etc. and most importantly: rolls.

Any way, lemme know what you guys think.
Title: Re: Jak's training log: 24 hrs at a time
Post by: Ryan on February 02, 2012, 06:21:42 AM
Yesterday was a pretty good workout, didn't warm up with 3 rounds. I decided to just cut it to 2 and focus more on rolls later on. There's a nice little path on the outside of my apartments that reminds me alot of hurdles, but its hand rails going up about 4 steps and I make a pretty sweet obstacle run out of it. I mixed it up by doing dash vault, monkey vault, dash vault, and then back the other way for 5 rounds.

I got to work on rolls for about 15 min and by the end of it I was feeling awesome. The more I practice those, the more smooth my transition becomes and its wonderful. Today is a rest day for me, so I will be doing some light stretching throughout the day, drink lots of water, and stay true to that diet. I'll keep you guys posted.