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Title: Grit: measuring a wall
Post by: Ryan A. Vetter on November 24, 2011, 02:01:21 PM
This doesn't so much pertain to actual self-fitness, but I've seen threads about "The highest wall climb." Is there a measurement for this? I've always referred to it as grit, like sand-paper.

Seems like to factors weigh in here, angle, >80 degrees, and the "grit."

How I measure "grit":

The largest single surface area under your height on the wall, divided by 1 Square inch. It poses as an negative quadratic, the closer/further the grit to/from zero, the less traction. 0 being impossibly slick, like ice, or > 1 being impossibly slick, like wet-steel.

What would you say, is it fair to leave it alone, it's obviously something that's been overlooked, or is it something I just overlooked?
Title: Re: Grit: measuring a wall
Post by: Intern on January 27, 2012, 06:46:37 AM
Personally I just run my hand over a wall before I get on it. I think it would be useful when organizing a competition but otherwise I just think "slippery, meh, alright, good, great, or super glue"