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Title: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on October 21, 2010, 02:34:38 PM
Ok so this is my training journal.

I just started in my third (?) week so pretty basic. More conditioning at this point and working on the basics. Starting with yesterday's training and not looking back farther than that, altho more of the vaulting, precisions and technique was before this first entry.

My body needs a lot of work to get up to the point where I can focus more on the fun stuff so this will make for some boring reading if anyone is looking at least for a few months I think. It's been 15 years since I was regularly active (highschool!). So I have some catching up to do.

Here goes...
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on October 21, 2010, 03:40:06 PM

@ HA

1 hr


some light jogging, shuffle step jogging


just me in class so i really got it.

squat walk, over then turn and back

front bend step with palms on ground, over and backwards

moneky walk, over and backwards

monkey walk (straight forward) with one leg, over and backwards; switch legs

monkey walk (straight forward) with one arm, over and backwards; switch arms

50 jump squats (20+15+15)

rest in plank pose

50 cruches (20+15+15)

15 pushups with hands on pad as part of rep

more that i am forgetting...maybe total of 35-40 min?


balance beam work:

cat balance [first time], over and backwards

door swing walk, over and back

one leg hop with assisted foot touch in back, over and backwards

speed drills with giant poofs, over and back, over and backwards, variations...

cat balance, over and back


shoulder and quad stretches. ankle too sore for sitting on knees to bend back, so did one leg out other leg bent back on floor, lean back on elbow. butterfly, other stretching. downward dog, hilds' pose, pigeon...


quads=ouch. need to work on flexibility overall but mostly legs and back...try to stay lower in QM drills. core wasn't as weak as i had expected. i was really tired, not much for breaks so i drank a lot of water...too much. 2 weeks since sprain. ligament feels better but still being careful. achilles pain...maybe this is tightness? need stretch. lost 3 lbs in last month. total of 13lbs in last 4 1/2 months. QM starting to feel more natural. balance beam was harder than anticipated but got confidence at end.

class on monday showed me i can work on advanced elements (kong!) at babystep level; jump with both feet on surface, pause, and practice basic landing. didn't do kong but i was able to join the line up with a sprain. am seeing things in pieces now; start small and see everything as accessible if you break down the parts. i don't even have the safety vault down yet so i'm not saying i am "vaulting" yet...working on movements...


lose min 20 more lbs and fine tune down another 5-10 over next 6 months-year. add another training day to the week on fridays. try solo or with wendi...jog to park and do some conditioning, don't plan too much...try some drills on whatever i find. swim more and paddle on weekends. try longboarding when ankle feels 100%.

make more specific focused goals!
here's one: stretches, pushups, pullups, crunches and QM's, maybe some squats and lunges, bouncing, etc on days not going to class, maybe in evening after pool...workout 4-5 days a week, active 6-7

start going to jams
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on October 27, 2010, 11:34:51 PM
WEDNESDAY 10.27.10 @HA

skipped Monday due to Fam issues

Light job warmup
No stretching

Flow training thru simple course if a handful of movements ending in cat grab with MU
constant movement to keep heart rate up
Probably 35 min

Same thing with breaks and group analysis

Total >1.5hr

endurance sucks
Ankle still sore, ligament strong...maybe tendon? Getting X-ray and seeing pod. Not used to coordinating hand to land on certain foot. The move before this is the driver. If you plan to land on good foot try rolling with other lead or sim.
Flow was fun, not so much predetermined but was limited so tended to do same elements
MU is easier with use of legs. Right side drags. Work on this with conditioning.

Focus is easier than anticipated but muscle memory is worse for creating ruts than planning next moves. Fix by changing sides and change approaches...stride vs double foot jump

workout daily. Jog. QM. Swim felt good at sharks cove and getting out of water was fun getting blasted by waves and holding all wendi's gear while she got out. She got an applause from shore watchers but I was clinging to Rock. Lots of fun. More of this.

Work on strides and limit stutter step. Found power in stride jump for certain applications. I can jump farther than I think and my rolls are improving their followthru
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on October 28, 2010, 11:28:23 PM
Wendi and i resolve to do SOMETHNG on the pullup bar everytimemwe pass it

Her goal is to do one dead lift pullup even tho she has been doing trapeze for a couple years. Note the guns. My goal is to get over the dread and enjoy the umpf
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on October 31, 2010, 04:54:16 PM
Nice paddle at ala moana this afternoon. Good tail wind. Head wind on the way back was manageable. Nice and quite. Jelly fish come tomorrow so that must have been why. Nice to get out there again

Ankle felt good but tendon is still sore. Walked to Chinatown yesterday. Ankle felt hot but was ok. Way back felt tiers and sore. Must have been about five miles
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 02, 2010, 11:34:52 AM
Monday 11.01.2010 @ HA

dynamic stretches:
Slide strides forward and back x 5
Same with more of a hop
Same with high knees
Hold plank
Negative pushup x5

QM forward and back a few times
Did a bunch of QMs...may miss some here
QM's forward with a hand step right and left. Cross over hand to step. Not foot Forward a few times Diagonal across floor all right, side step, repeat other side so you loop the floor with continuous flow Maybe four times around room Sideways plank style QM with hand crossover

Kong progressions on vault followed by roll and various choose your own adventure mats and balance beams back to vault Worked on some cat balance 



not keeping up with class on kongs but am being mindful of ankle. Hurts all the time except during pk class! Love it. Feeling more comfortable about faster approach and bigger takeoff at vault. Still pausing at top. We worked on pushing off with one foot like skater. Then pushing off with hands instead. I never got there but am making progress. 

Oh when I was stretching I remembered a kickass dream I had about swimming with a turtle. So cool

Not doing so hot at remembering pullups. Keep forgetting. 

lost a couple more pounds. that's a total of 15 since june

workout daily. This is a necessity. And is not too much I think. Maybe daily during week with fun stuff on wknd. I should add another day to HA Next time. Or add Friday anyway. Thinking about elements in jan. CF+bootcamp in feb. Wonder if I can handle it

REALLY need to practice QM. So simple. Serious work. 

Really thinking about CF+HA. four days plus open gym at HA. Paddle sat. Hike sun. Rinse later repeat. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 03, 2010, 10:02:42 PM
MONDAY 11.03.10 @ HA

light running, shuffle run, backwards run, high knees run, walk with high jump, walk lunges, walking toe touches, walking high jumps with full landing


Wide arm pushups 1?x20

Pullups 3x5

Plyo tuck pushups (?) 3x5

Rope climb x3

Wide arm plank 20count, 20count, 15 count, 10count, 5count

Situps 1x20

Something else...can't remember

ran out of time for lower body conditioning and vault type techniques. Boo
Situps so suck. Rope climb is humbling. Didn't get 2 feet but I understand the technique. Don't KNOW it. Seems like best to regrip every step with leg wrap.

Pullup with Kip. Embarrassing. Jesus. Barely did one. But hang if can't. f#ck it. Needs serious work. Pushups need work. The basics need work.

Ankle has plateaued. Annoying. Ice more. Stretch. Wish we got to do QM

try for half hour work on basics off days until CF.
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 06, 2010, 04:44:10 PM
2010.11.06 with jordan on maui in haiku

Jog and shuffle and backwards run warmup
Highjumps with landing drills

QM cat walk forward and backwards
Same one arm
Same with roll

landing basics from 2' box
Jump up basics to box
Jump up, step, land as progression
Same with flow
Same adding a roll
Same without step in between and introducing diving roll
Jump ups to platform with hand assist
Suspensions with shurgs and swings
Kipping pullups
Cat balance...didn't get far...not much to work with


Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 07, 2010, 02:29:02 PM
Not much to work with. Well that's not true. There is tons of stuff to do but no walls or rails or trees with limbs...not even a slanty palm. One big vault and two small boxes would go a long way. The work bench would be perfect but a big deal to move.

Tree line with mulch would be good for QM cone drills.

Railroad tie retaining wall would be good for balance (pretend one side is a drop).

Upside down wheel barrow was good for platform to jump onto and down from. Not for vaulting but could be good for jumpng over. Bottom chord of garage truss good for suspension. Stood on safe for stability. Bench was good for platform jumps.

Do some jump square today. On bench
QM at tree line
Balance on ret wall
Jump from deck to gravel planter 3'
Walking squats
Raking after overdue mow was good upperbody warmup
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 09, 2010, 04:01:40 PM
2010.11.08 MON @ HA

run, stretch shoulders, shuffle run, backwards run, high knees, switch directions on command, walk long strides and broad jump with tuck, same etc

QM cat walk and backwards, neg pushup x2 Repeat QM crab walk Hold horse Repeat these QMs Hold v sit

Team pushup to shoulders
Team of 3, hold plank while they pushup
Set of 10...ouch

safety vault and 2 precisions on pads
Plank or horse while waiting

Downward dog
Childs pose. Arm under, face on floor
Downward dog pushups...down on elbow, slide forward to pushup bent arm, that's half.
Pigeon, reach back for foot, switch hands. Pigeon, switch sides Lay face down arms out. Leg up and over other, hand to sky. Switch, downward dog Standing toe touch, breathe up, collapse to one side, breathe up, switch sides,...toe touch and exhale up

work on pushups. Upper body is not what it used to be. I love QM. Feel like an animal. Precision jumps have way little power and balance is strikingly less than what I expected. Been a month since the sprain (DOING JUST THIS) and I forgot how much harder this is than it looks. Jump was not far but had to reset every time

Vault was meh. Needs work. I let go and tried the bad ankle landing. Felt good. So I let go more and just did what foot came first but still did the stutter step. Body needs to unlearn that.

Roll...get good at both sides and drill from directional landing. One side is alwYs more logical from a landing so focus on best flow for going into a roll. Pickup momentum is ok with roll. Could be more fluid once on feet to turn and redirect energy with run.

Right shoulder down, smell left armpit.

workout more for fun. With friend is best. Natural. Motivation is easy.

Felt great not taking the weekend off. Felt good to create a custom workout to fit environment, fitness levels, muscle groups...
Try the park one day a weekend for an hour

Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 12, 2010, 10:27:32 PM
FRIDAY 10.11.12 @ HA

standard with added progression of QM 
Not gonna spell out warlike anymore 
I have enough to go from and enough creativity to mix it up

1,000,000 pressups and variations
Ozzi must have watched that super ninja pushup YouTube
Did that crawling QM with the arm slide   Nice move. Try it more
Downward dog pushups
Hold plank to elbows down and back
Work on these
35 min to this pt. 30-40

Random course lineup
Not many rounds


pushups so hard! Maybe I never had this as a strength. Maybe just bench and maxing. Do these daily with pullup variations. 

Tag was good. Blank mind. Adaptive body. Lots of laughs. Some don't get it but it's fun to watch and everybody had a good time. It really takes the cannedness out Of the vaults. Movement becomes natural and elements blend into fluid physical thought. Remember to look up and aim a little more for the horizon. 

Never had a yoga buzz from a class but now I think I know what it is. Awesome class. I love moving my body. Feels good to be a human. Don't know how society got this far gone. Where are the playgrounds with vaults? Isn't this obvious?!?

My architecture will have carefully placed walls and rails to inspire the humans. 

small ones. Pushups daily. Pullups. Work on handstands with Wendi in the park tomorrow and do some fun stuff. Paddle this weekend. Hike? Waterfall. Movement seminar Sunday. Continue to move and get low to the ground and breathe and be aware and feel alive. I refuse to die in a hospital or live in a cage. Life is what you make it. So make it. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 12, 2010, 10:31:48 PM
And my ankle really hurts. Maybe fracture? Was supposed to have  x ray today but had to cancel
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: Ozzi on November 13, 2010, 12:02:53 AM
Continue to move and get low to the ground and breathe and be aware and feel alive. I refuse to die in a hospital or live in a cage. Life is what you make it. So make it. 

Thanks  for being part of my journey.
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 13, 2010, 11:10:07 AM
Word. Thanks for breaking it down into chewable chunks
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 26, 2010, 08:01:08 AM
SUNDAY 11.14.2010

Over 4 hours of movement. Lots if conditioning. 

Cat hang 
Wall climbs
Safety vault
Speed vault

Gauntlet. Lots of waist catches or whatever you want to call them. Wall drops. 

Press up drills again. Not used to these yet. Rotor cuff hurts. Do some phys ther for this. Ankle needs glut help. Work on squats
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 26, 2010, 08:03:13 AM
MONDAY 10.11.15 @ HA

Lots of tumbles on long tramp. Dizzy. Backwards tumbles. Hit my head really hard before I got these. Was sick for a day. Rolling made me nauseous. 

Worked on cranes
Love these. 

Need rest to let head recover. Thanksgiving coming. Travelling
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 29, 2010, 11:51:17 PM

Nice class at HA
newbees and me after thanksgiving...just what I needed after two weeks of slovenly human blob to ease back in

Jog, touch end and return
High knees forward and back
Shuffle run back and forth 
Shuffle job in circle with FB stance 
Circle jog with high jump and landing
Planks and such

Drills over flat pads in a long line
• dancing step up and down for agility. Back foot goes up first, fore foot follows and you do a few steps per pad. Flow onto next pad
• jump step up onto pad with body centered
•'same with body leaning over fully to other side
• similar with hands on pad. Walk hands one in front of the other
• sim with more momentum forward / straight
•'sim with more momentum to the side
•'sim with forward momentum and one vault per pad

Vaulting drills sim to previous
moved on to 2/3 vault 
Mount version with precisions 


fun vault. Not sure if it has a name. Monkey vault feels good at low level, eg one flat pad. Easier to open knees when that low. Really sweaty. But no pain. Lots of mid ab work for those agility drills. 

No pain, no gain is bs. Sweat and fun = plenty of gain. Coordination and conditioning. 

feb bootcamp and min 2 classes a week. Band phys ther exercises for shoulder. Think I may have hurt it almost a year ago overdoing vaults for the first time. Feels like rotator cuff.  Hope it's not torn. Try wrist phys ther. Figure out ankle. TAKE CARE OF BODY. 

Do solo or meetup min once a week. I have tons of ideas of movements and things I want to work on. Really wantto do rails. Want to vault. Slow vault. Controlled propulsion. 

Join crossfit after bootcamp.

 Do APK WOD on off days
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 01, 2010, 11:33:13 PM
2010.12.01 wed at HA

long warmup jog maybe 5-7 min
And then the blueballs of gymnasium Parkour:
The fitness test

A f#cking complete and utter waste of time and money.
I had a sh#t day at work (should have worked late instead) and looked forward to unwinding but now I'm just pissed off. After a day of corporate office douchbaggery I need to feel less like an underpaid slave to the man and more like a biped who lives on an 8,000,000 year old volcano in the middle of the ocean. But now I just feel like a standardized cog who knows how long my feet are, the distance from my balls to the floor when i do the splits, and how many pullups I cant do with a block in my lap. How fantastically pointless. 

I don't even care that I can't climb a rope in the seated position. That holds zero frustration for me. I am over meaningless grade school gym class bullish#t. I want to work on conditioning, technique, movement, vaulting. Instead I got the fundamental opposite of what I am paying to learn. 
And poor Peter Parkour (first class covering for Ozzi) thinks we hate him for administering something that georges Herbert and erwan lecorr would probably refuse to do. Its not the instructor's fault they have to follow the rules but this SHOULD NOT be a substitute for a paid class. 

I could rant for 10000 more words about this but I won't. I even saved the moderator the time and censored myself with pound signs. 

Now I really need a workout. Maybe I'll go for a swim

do something worthwhile 
Perform movement that has actual value
If this were jeet kun do I would delete the fitness test for lack of efficiency and value
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 02, 2010, 12:58:33 AM

Interestingly enough I noticed a change in performance even during my warmup jog based on food intake the last 24 hours. Those 6 martinis and 2 slices of pizza did not do me any good. Felt like crap after, not hungover except maybe the second hand smoke, but just undernourished.

  I lost steam quickly and did t have the same spark. Muscles fatigued earlier as well in QMs. May have been lag from Monday after two weeks off but I blame the garbage fuel. 

Too many beers the night before and Italian food didn't help either. I preferred eating closer to paleo. More consistent energy and digestion, not to mention it tastes better and goes down easier. More Stable sugar even with frequent beers and bread a few times a week

Thanksgiving was an unavoidable binge that I am looking forward to putting farther in the rear view. Can't wait til Wendi is back to shop and cook. Amazingly I didn't gain any wt 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 05, 2010, 12:16:38 AM
2010.12.01 Fitness test ab work recap
Ab work left me feeling good for days
I want more

Actual work:
Lay on back witharms and legs up, Rock 60s
Same on stomach...did other stuff in between
20s pullups max with block in lap...hold if can't 
Same with chinups
V situps max 20s (60s?) 17?
Rope climb In sitting position, nogo
Max pushups 20s (15)
Pullup hang, touch toes to bar max 20s
- this is like hang tucks but straight legs
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 05, 2010, 09:03:20 PM
2010.12.05 Sunday at booth park

Met Ryan and his buddies
Did a bunch of different stuff for a couple hours

QM warmup on steps
Low wall jumps (plant plyo), variations, cranes
Did those jump back and forth drills on benches walking hands along w feet together
Worked on progression for palm spin on slide and table
Cat on wall 8'? With wall run assist
Cat on 5' wall
Goofed around on play stuff and monkey bars
Couple vaults on wall and rail
tried step 1 of flag to get the feel but didn't get anywhere
Played ninja 

Nice to be outside. But could do with more warmup and disciplined drills. Harder without a drill sergeant. Was pretty chill. Didnt really break a sweat. 

Squats need work to assist mounts. Tucks need work. Lose the belly. Cats and low wall work was nice but vaults need more work at HA to get comfortable. Rolls on padded ground suck. Better on grass. 

4 beach trips this weekend. Did a lot of swimming. I love this beach frequency. Going solo is quick and easy. Can't wait to paddle again when I can get some help with the board down the stairs

Want to do this solo with some preplanned drills on stuff you would find anywhere and then be creative on whatever is there. 
Try apk warmup in parks
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 05, 2010, 09:15:58 PM
been making gradual progress at home. Not even scratching the surface but can do 4 pullups from rest. Once I get warmed up At the gym I can't do one. Can do 4 more chinups with rest as well. But I Kip. Not that I mind. The movements I am training for are dynamic anyway so I don't feel like I'm cheating. Same with palms facing grip

Goal of 5 of each within 15'min
Maybe if I do it on bathroom trips I will remember
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 06, 2010, 10:33:22 PM
2010.12.06 mon at HA

warmup run almost 10min

10 pushups
10'wide arm pushups
10 of those pushups with one arm 90degrees and the other flat, alternating
10 sit-ups stretched all the way out on back, legs stay straight 
10 knees to chest, flat on back, arms out to side
10 candlesticks. Sim to above but legs come all the way up and u lean back on shoulders. Legs mostly stay straight
10 Squats
10 jump tucks
20 mountainclimbers. 2 feet =1

safety vault
Speed vault
Freestyle on cube...mostly crane for me, some safety


awesome class. Warmup run was long but that's Richard. Conditioning sounded horrible when he told us the whole thing before we did it but it was good. I did 90%. Shoulder still hurts on those funky pushups but I can do them slow. Body feels good. Getting used to the work. Getting easier. Brain still gives up sooner than body tho. Situps are no longer my bain, thank you Richard. 

Vaults felt good. Finally got the approach down to the step count. This helped a lot. Leading run with left leg is hard mentally. Conscious start and count, then launch with leg naturally. 

Speed vault is nearly there still have the safety tap. Hand lingers...push off and square shoulders. Work left foot landing more. Was just starting to really feel this and we spent a lot of time on it. 

Kong was fun. Never committed but got the hips up and the hands out. Mostly tried to stick the mount or practice the roll. I am ever the cautious planner. Safety first. Second time newbees were getting this but I am in no rush. I believe in muscle memory and second nature. Reflex and reaction. Non thought. The Tao. Anyway...

Lazy is not intuitive but has a predictable pattern. Lead with close foot, land with far foot (feet as seen from starting side of the vault) or land with close foot (as seen from landing side). So I guess it's counter intuitive. Focus on this; thief next. Did sort of a quick progression...throw leg and sit on top. Tutorial breaks it way down but this was good to jump into the feeling and bypass the fear reaction. 

Lead with head for kong. Dive. No fear. Body follows head. Think I'll work on monkey first to get the leg arm coordination going. 

Downward dog is FINALLY a resting position. 

none really.  Keep going. Class 3 times a week. Crossfit after bootcamp. Solo once a week. Pullups to bathroom, goal of 5 clean. Get some decent shoes with no treads. Remember to stretch after play. Stay in love with being a mobile complex organic creation
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 07, 2010, 01:12:24 AM

Discipline with physical need for fitness can get easy. Addictive. I wonder how true that can be for creative need. Something that is so much more cerebral and unpredictable. Something so dependent upon mood and emotion. Physical need is real. It makes sense. Its palpable like hunger. How do I create a regular regimen for creative work that mirrors the discipline of a physical workout?

One variable is the supply of work itself. In an ideal world the architectural commissions would be as steady as the weather in Hawaii. Then design and production would flow as easily as a set of Parkour workouts inspiring the next predictable and regular as the swell at Waikiki. Self perpetuating flow. 

So given that, what does it take to schedule and organize design? Or is it better left for the craving? Passion is power, but lack of structure wastes talent, so I guess more constants could set the construct. Discipline is required. Client meetings. Submittal deadlines. Time management. Due diligence as if it were conditioning. 

And then the movement is a momentary or even planned response to an obstacle. Work as thought is a natural progressive reaction to a problem we want to solve. And as we develop our skills we add more of our own touch and flavor. A finger print. Originality. Preference. Dominance. Individuality. Style comes as basic services become second nature...
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 09, 2010, 12:43:49 AM
2010.12.08 wed

Missed class due to extenuating circumstances

Long brisk walk
Light stretches
10 flat sit-ups
Meant to work out at park but got lazy and it got dark

shit day makes me look fwd to workout
Need movement. Dissolves stress. This is now a necessity. Even dramatic emotional responses are more short lived, even at extreme levels. This is kind of impressive. Human animal is independent. Caged human is just that. Lost with clipped wings and an unplugged isolated brain. 

Yet human animal recognizes gregarious traits and need for interdependence. Coach is a basic initial need. Passion replaces injected motivation but I think the habit needs to stick and enough skills need to be learned. Habit is not enough. Although things are transforming. Patterned thoughts are unravelling. New freer thoughts and creative will is coupling with an open mind. Body and mind are more closely linked. Body thought is easier. Forced physical microfocus has dropped away
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 10, 2010, 09:01:32 AM

The urban current clan video breaks it down well but does not specify which foot To land with and this always helps me

Land with the foot you throw over the wall
3 step progression
• arm wt on wall
• arm and foot on wall
• hips over and 1,2 landing

Don't over think the arms and legs. It's an oblique approach so you just start with the arm and leg closest to the wall. That leg la da and the other arm pushes off. 

Simple but kind of counterintuitive if you are used to analysis upon approach
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 10, 2010, 02:40:59 PM

2 months after my sprain and I finally get to a foot doctor. 

Ankle is strong but I broke my os trigonum (steidas process) and have a little floating bone. No big deal. A bit of pain for certain movements but tendon and ligaments are fine
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 10, 2010, 10:11:34 PM
2010.12.10 FRI @ HA

Warmup 10 min run

sideways QM (?) plank with pushup down and back
Cat QM down a d backwards
Broad jump burpees down and back
Croc walk down and back 
Lunge walk down and back x2
30 pushups (did 13)

20 min 

vault vault roll pattern 
Mostly safety x2 
Safety and monkey mount
Crane and watev
Mixed them up

Same pattern but vaults turned long ways
Lazy a d kong mount
Lazy and safety 
Mixed them up

30 min

safety was feeling good. Could have do e speeds but training burned me out. I missed the sweet spot and was over tired for vaulting. Monday conditioning was perfect. Broad jump is awful. Maybe 3-4'

Lazy vault got nice flow but only did a handful. Hips up. Don't think. Back hand down. Right side is good. Left side needs work but I want to get the technique down first. Easy to sit on vault but that probably won't work outside

Bring the knee up on safety/sppeed. Still stutter stepping but trying not to. Break the muscle memory. Left foot lead run is still a challenge. General vault flow and speed a d grace is improving. I want to do them all 1000 times. 

Rolls are getting sloppy. Left side needs work. Piston arms. Had one bail in a roll that didn't go
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 11, 2010, 01:50:14 PM

I am trying to break these down so I can name them and separate them. The terminology here is as close as I could get to yoga poses but is not exact. 

1 pushup

2 plank to forearm plank (0:30)

3 chaturanga to forearm plank (0:36)

4 dolphin to chaturanga (0:45)

5 downward dog to dolphin to chaturanga (1:00)

6 downward dog to chaturanga to dolphin (same as above but reverse) (1:13)

7 DD to alternating forearm plank (1:21)

8 wide one sided pushup - alternating (1:42)

9 wide one sided pushup - continuous  (1:50)

10 bonus (2:00), (2:10)

11 combo (2:27)

12 pressup to handstand / V-up

1 pushup - hands by shoulders

2 plank to forearm plank - forearm pushups. forearms flat, hands shoulder width just In front of head

3 chaturanga to forearm plank - elbow levers. on forearms w/ hands by ribs, to plank with hands just above shoulders. Butt up easier In chaturanga

4 dolphin to chaturanga - partial DD pushup. DD on forearms to chaturanga 

5 downward dog to dolphin to chaturanga - DD pushup, more like sliding in and out of chaturanga. Basically a rollercoaster

6 downward dog to dolphin to chaturanga - reverse DD pushup. 

7 DD to alternating forearm plank - DD pushup with elbows out. Bring head forward of hands and go around

8 wide one sided pushup - alternating. pushup w/ one arm flat, other 90degrees, alternate sides

9 wide arm pushup - continuous. circular. same in one direction instead of alternate

10 plyo pushup to lower level, add clap
 plyo tuck pushup, add 2nd and 3 Rd step

11 combo - 1, 3, 4, 6, 5, 8, forearm down and alt, 4, DD, pau

2 dolphin is hands together but close enough

4 could be called dolphin to chaturanga to updog but I don't think Ozzi is intending an UD

5 this is what we are calling DD pushup but it's not really. could be called DD to dolphin to plank, but it's not really a plank. This is what revolution pk calls rollercoasters. Couldnt find a YouTube of it
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 13, 2010, 01:04:39 AM
2010.12.12 SUNDAY @ papakolea park

4 chinups
run: warmup shoulders, high knees, side shuffle, backwards, long strides, slow to squats, QM side monkey
QM cat, backwards, 
kong walk

precisions on basketball ct using lines 
  6-7' or so standing
  8' or so with step
Precisions to steps and bench
Rolls with hop
2 handed vault on rail
Played a bit on a corner with steps, rail and bench...low


Tired from friday. Quads mostly. Running outside feels so hard after the gym floor. Was really hot. First half was good work but slowed down. Still not feeling the rail for vault. Want more time in the gym. Want to build portable vault and work in the grass on flat ground. Really want the vaulting muscle memory down before I go for it outside. Maybe that's silly. Not sure. 

Wantedto try thief but did t have the nerve. All planned vaults are based on safety. Even lazy is sim. But not feeling the tap with slick shoes on a rail

 I am trying to make the parks adapt to me rather than me adapt to them and I know I shouldnt. But am taking care to write a workout prior to going and catered to what's there so I should have plenty of ideas but it's not the same when I show up. Maybe would be easier alone and with more conditioning and confidence under my belt. It's easy for conditioning but I am lazy and wantto work on vaults

Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 14, 2010, 03:28:16 PM


Pulled a muscle in my low back. Was bending over looking in the fridge and it gave out. Had a duck butt and had to go sit down which wasnt much better than standing. Feared it was my spine but I think am ok. Really painful and scary. Not like previous low back muscle pain. This was higher up same side

Am laying on floor. Stretching with ball and roller. Working on simple hip tilts. Like yoga for meditation. Childspose. Wendi did some massage and worked the spine kink out

Need to work on front core. Back core is tender from recent work. Core is generally weak but slowly getting better. Lose the belly and it will help align spine and take pressure off muscles.  Be careful. Focus on conditioning. Approach vaults and rolls with caution until body catches up with eager mind

Checked out my pics from 2 months ago and there is a noticeable difference. About 10lbs. Left upper body is getting stronger than right. Probably overcompensation for ankle even tho I have been alternating sides...mostly 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 19, 2010, 04:20:51 PM
2010.12.19 stretching at home

There are 5 or 6 basis basic stretches I am doing. 

So the chiropractor says no pk for a week or two. Pulled my back. Core is weak.  Ham strings are tight. Thank you office job. I think the ankle threw me off and made my body compensate. And weak core with hard conditioning hurt my back. And a spasm made it tweak. He recommends pilates instead of pk. I don't like the idea. I get it tho

But I do need to scale back and focus more on conditioning. Even tho that is what I was doing 80%. Now I get why in France they don't let you jumpmfor a year. 

To the pk community I am old. 34. And all the doctors reaching 50 talk of their pill popping habits and nagging pains. Say how we need continual maintenance starting at my age. Sad. But I went 15 years without any exercise. I am not surprised I am falling apart as I put myself back together. I can't keep up with teenagers and twenty somethings. 

I am fine with that. I have a lifetime of movement to look forward to. I just need the discipline to workout on my own so I get what I need. I love the HA vault work. I want to bring that outside as well. The hard part will be the motivation for solo conditioning

Rehab back
Build portable vault
strengthen upper core with crunches, etc
Then lower core with leg lifts, etc
Develop AM or pau hana daily conditioning routine
Ramp back up to pk 2-3x/wk
Cardio solo to lose 5# (short term goal x3: 15# total)

Crossfit can wait a year or so
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Post by: AndrewL on December 24, 2010, 11:24:12 AM
2010.12.24 non-movement update

Chiropractic and massage. No movement other than stability stretching. Walking as much as poss. Don't quite feel confident to go paddling as planned. Low back is super tight and needs constant attention. Body alignment is funky and changes daily. Diff muscles hurt depending. Keeps shifting. 

Walking to work can ruin my day. Am learning my body. Anatomy. my office chair is the worst torture device. Need continual maintenance. Monthly massage. Chiro every couple/few mo. Got the go ahead to workout again after week and half of rest. Need a few months of core conditioning before I get fully back to free motion. 

Been eating like crap. So much holiday sugar at work. Lazy about wheat and starch at home. Want to get back to paleo or close. No mo beer. Wine for sugar instead. I miss the pk and workout buzz too. Grumpy and depressed

Been doing a lot of homework on core and conditioning movements and putting them together. Lots of analysis. So I have a routine when I get to any park whether it's a field or has play toys. Time to start the doing. Felt great to get outside yesterday. Turn the Multitasking brain off. Can't wait to get over the hump. 

Don't rush stretch after workout...lengthen muscles and continue tension awareness 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: Ozzi on December 29, 2010, 09:59:15 PM
I think u miss me ;)
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 29, 2010, 10:23:35 PM
Oh yeah?

I do miss having a coach
For sexability and otherwise
Mostly otherwise

I bet your privates are expensive
...lessons, I mean
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Post by: AndrewL on January 02, 2011, 02:10:22 PM

Paddle at san souchi

4 Pullups (Kipping) 
Never did that many in a row
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 02, 2011, 02:11:08 PM
Acroyoga at kapiolani park

Total time 1.5-2 hrs
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 03, 2011, 09:58:30 PM
2011.01.03 beachbody 10min trainer videos 

Week 1
Day 1
Lower body

Total 30min

Skipped low abs work and replaced with upper. Low left back is super tight. Ham strings too
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 04, 2011, 09:54:05 PM
201.01.04 BB 10min trainer vid

Total body
Lower body
Cool down


workout is ok. I sweat more in HA conditioning. Less time but more work I guess. And I like the movements better...or at least the QMs and stuff. No room at home for that really. 

Might switch to p90x and do more less frequently. I can't study and workout and do it consistently. Would rather do an hour MWFS and study off days. It's only 3 months. Then core will be ready for full on PK, I will have my license, and if I meet my diet/workout plan I should be at my target wt by then. 

Not drinking is easy I guess. I don't miss it. Yet. 

Need to do PT. get Theraband. Funny how I am learning to repair as I build. We are complicated machines. Our minds are incredible. I hope that self-mastery through discipline will work for creative work and production as well as exercise and academics. Humans can be so unpredictable. And design can be such chaos. But I need some semblance of order to operate solo. 

Become independent
Of a company to employ me
Of a bank or landlord to house me
Of the grid to provide me utilities
Of gyms to provide motivation

Short term goals
Complete this week's schedule
Reward with wine and a Wendi date on wknd ;)
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Post by: AndrewL on January 16, 2011, 05:18:50 PM
2011.01.16 @ Maunalani playground

Warmup run:
3 times around the field 
Alternate sides of field with run, shuffle, backwards, crisscross, side monkey
Walk last time with arm stretches

Gauntlet warmup:
Run up stairs, QM down, 5 pushups
QM backwards up, QM down, 5 pushups
Couldn't do last round so held plank, downdog and horse

Cat balance on wall, vault rail
Free style vault over and back on rail all the way down

Gauntlet movement:
I did my own thing since everyone else was doing more advanced stuff
Kong over low wall (2' or so) to roll, cat balance back (10' or so), repeat and alternate roll side
Palm spin progressions on table
Cat hang dynos

1 hour of movement (not including standing around)

Didn't get far with the dynos. Takes more leg strength that anticipated. Work on the motion with just the legs. 

There is a mental barrier outside with rails. Walls are easier. Wider and no chance of foot getting caught. Low wall is nice. Grass is great. Safety vault on rails felt clumsy. Kong on wall felt good...super low and easy but roll was uphill so I needed a lot of momentum to get up running. 

Don't eat a heavy breakfast an hour before. 2 hours ok. Small breakfast one hour before ok. 

Back feels fine. Will do pk once a week and core workout 3 times a week In evenings. Move to mornings when tests done. 

It's been weeks since I have done regular training other than random Pressup drills and Pullups. Back on the island now and ready for routine. 

Be creative when on own in parks. Use what is there. Be disciplined. Pick an exercise and work it for min number of sets or minutes and move on. Short breaks only. Stay focused. Mourn  
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 22, 2011, 12:11:46 AM

Haven't done anything. Been taking it pretty easy and trying to process. Some pushups and a solitary pullup here and there. Occasional QM teaser

A benchmark to reach someday
Also a good training approach

Need to get back into it. AM seems like the best approach. Min 30 min. Start with a run and go from there. Hour would be better if I don't study that AM. Workout in eve same day. That's the plan anyway.


Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: Ozzi on January 22, 2011, 12:48:26 PM
Bro, I have been wanting to do a mile QM for a while, I do think I would have to prep myself for it. Maybe a look around Ala moana or something. Who knows...

Mind, body and spirit and where is at my man ;)
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 22, 2011, 02:18:18 PM
Or maybe at Waikiki between the zoo and san souchi. Wide walkway and wide walls there. Like the part at ala moana white pillars but much longer
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 22, 2011, 03:19:58 PM
2011.01.22. Diamond head hike

Pretty crowded but went as fast as we could when the humans werent in the way. Ran the last part down on the paving to the park in the crater. Ankle felt a tweak a few times on the gravel but no prob

Did 4 tree Pullups (still my Max)
Climbed tree

Ran down to car in neighborhood
Played on playset by the farmers market
3 Pullups on the pullup bar
Bit of QM and monkeying around...lava game
Cat balance on slanty beam

Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 23, 2011, 01:11:47 PM
2011.01.23 @ Makiki park

Warmup run to park 5 min

20 pushups
Cat balance on wall around playset 
20 Squats 
QM under playset and backwards 
20 crunches
Cat balance on wall around playset
10 jumping/swinging/Kipping Pullups
QM under playset and backwards
10 height jumps to 1'-6" wall
Couple handstands with spot, pike on tree with shoulder touches (macaraina)

Ran most of way back home

Long stretch

ACTUAL WORK 30min + 15min stretch

tried to do a tight half hour workout. Would have been a tight half hour but we had a bit of downtime in between, deciding what to do on what wall/rail/table. Were pretty efficient for first half hour. If we had run back the whole way and did a 5 min stretch it would have been 1/2 hour and I could have added at least another set of something or did 2 rounds of everything faster. 

Back felt mushy. Keep belly sucked in for most elements. But still felt like 8 marshmallows. Now just low back is a bit...I dunno. Helps to focus on core stability and better use of gluts...push thru heel. Try not to engage psoas so much for certain elements. Massage once a month.

handstands Didnt feel too steady. Height jumps felt uneasy on 2' wall (to mid tricep). 1'-6" wall is better (to elbow) and could have done 3 sets 10 fast. It's frustrating to feels so weak and stiff and mentally soft. Makes sense why we need so much activity so often to get anywhere

3 morning workouts a week, 2 evening classes a week, something fun and active each weekend
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 27, 2011, 10:16:46 AM
2011.01.27 DIET NOTES

looks like I reached my 180# goal. So I lost about 20 in 8 month. Have some pretty funny before and after pics. Am starting to look more like a human. The next 10 will be harder but shouldn't be too big of a deal. 

Goal is 2 months. Same diet, maybe smaller portions if need be. Increase workout frequency. Calorie count as req'd. No beer is easy and is working...but am drinking rum instead. Sugar and alcohol processed in liver like (worse than) sugar is no good but my mood has increased. Supplements have helped too. 

Diet has been nothing hard. Basically paleo at home as far as meals go without thinking too much about it and not being strict at all. Cheating with the never ending consultant chocolates at work. Started cal counting but am spotty at best. Wendi is counting daily and I eat pretty much what She eats. 

Protein has been low. Started smoothies. Sometimes that is dinner. Am never hungry. Still eat too much. Not trying at all. Could push 2# loss per week if tried. Still being lazy about mornings and evenings. Will be happy when bootcamp starts. 

Drinking about 2.5-3 gal water per work week. 0.5-0.6 gal per day. As much as I want basically. Doesn't include workout water. Only office. Not much at home. Negligible. Coffee mornings. Rum pm mournings.

Nutrition is ok. Need to better calorie count to know better. Cursory looks shows lower than anticipated protein...meat and fish are $$$$. Fat is high, but carbs low. All in all not concerned. Slowly getting better. Fruit breakfasts. Home lunches. Awesome home dinners. Averaging probably a handful of salads per week. Have snacks at work to level blood sugar but am not consistent. Not always hungry for it. 

2 mo goal will get me to the top of my rec BMI. But I still have a 20# range below that. Once I get there I imagine the coming years and intended weight/strength training will keep me about the same wt trading fat for muscle. This is all ideal of course but if i stay 165ish and building muscle Next year and onwards i will be on it. 

And by the way, it's been maybe 5 years (?) since I quit smoking. Ha. Funny how things go. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: Ozzi on January 27, 2011, 02:21:45 PM
10 pounds left to lose huh... maybe the couple days for the next 6 weeks will help. Will definitely increase your muscle mass for sure.
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 27, 2011, 04:28:42 PM
Yeah bro, I know it will help. But I am excited to get the belly out of the way for other reasons too...makes arm jumps easier to high walls without the bump, less weight on upper body to haul over obstacles, etc.

Cardio will probably help so feel free to make me run or do mountain climbers or whatever if my back is complaining

Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: Ozzi on January 27, 2011, 05:13:54 PM
Sounds good to me brother.
You are always welcome to suggest drills and the like that I can also share with the class.
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 30, 2011, 05:29:51 PM
2011.01.30 OLOMANA HIKE

Good hike. First peak. 4 hours with maybe an hour of breaks. Climbing and rope sections weren't as bad as we thought they might be. Climbing wasn't too hard. A bit challenging and fun. QMs helped and felt natural. Didn't use the rope except for the top Rock. Next time will try more belaying type ascent and descents. Especially the descending is a mental barrier. 

The top was mentally a bit scary once you see how high up you are. About 1800'. The whole way up you are on a small ridge but the vegetation gives you a sense of balance and safety. But up on top the sky is so big that it was a mental challenge to relax. Thought the climb down would have been harder on the rocks and rope but it wasn't bad. Once we were over the 15' wall it was easy. Some nice little jumps on the way Down. Work on ankle PT to strengthen. Felt good but I could tell more than certain things would have been a strain. 

Next time we should do the second peak. Third peak maybe after I can climb the rope with no legs. Wanted to go to jam but didn't want to pass this up. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 30, 2011, 08:05:53 PM

my friend made me a challenge to do 100 pushups a day for a Month. I figured I am not there yet and offered 50 instead. He accepted. Since FEB is a short month we are starting today. That's a total of 1500. 

Did 25 just now and will do the rest before bed. I won't log daily but will post updates in logs.
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 01, 2011, 11:03:07 PM
2011.02.01 BOOTCAMP

first day. Nothing major. Lots of breaks with instruction 
Long nice bounce warmup with some QMs
Stretching, Held some plank
Basic jump drills up steps, varied QM down, maybe dozen
Wall climbups with pop, negative down, maybe handful
One min horse...burn

Time 1:45...with 45minwork

Keeping up with pushup challenge with Ed. 
Added one minute hollowbody per day challenge with Wendi. 
5 pullups, 3 sets (first ever set of 5!)

Wrist is stiff. Shoulder is tight
Body awareness is really improving. Back is great except for jumping! Interesting...basic conditioning movement is easy to keep core tight which keeps back great. But even basic jumps and I forget. Inefficient. Legs are slow and weak to tuck, core is sloppy, and sloppy abs makes back overwork. Bad ninja! I get the mechanics, but need work to promote more efficient body usage.

Wall pop was a first. Sloppy. Core and leg coordination is under developed. Same basic weakness. Which means vault without perfect execution is a risk. And learning things the wrong way creates bad habits. So...thinking as I am typing, guess I have to say that baby steps are the way to go. Train the most basic jump 1000 times. I have heard it said; now I'm saying it. Guess I learned it. 

now that I have regular workout thing GET LICENSE EXAMS DONE. NO EXCUSES. 

And do at least a workout or two solo...I am itching to get some reps done. Group training has it's limitations. I want structure but what I really want is the trainer inside me to get up on it 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 03, 2011, 11:27:44 PM
2011.02.03 CLASS at ALA MOANA (again...forgot to log last loc)

great class. Back feels good...warm and alive. Upper body feeling the pushups and pullups. Legs still feeling the hike. Nice to get the compound work feeling. J'aime Le Parkour. Je suis amoureux avec l'art du displacement. 

Chill sunset beach warmup
Pressup drills (finally got them!) 20-30
Lots of planks
Pressup drill walk thingy...tough to coordinate and pull off
Plant plyo...maybe 100. 16 people: 1,2,3...8,7,6,...1  6=6reps
Lots of cat work on pillars (7'?)
Pop vault - from cat hang to cat with feet on wall, work up the wall
Variations of this
Cat hang 10s, 5s
Few min jog to 5' wall
cat from standing, run
Cat to backwards roll with flow...drill w/ min 2 people
Wall run to mount
Wall run to get over wall x2
Light stretch
Meditation, play the movie back...reflection w/ flow

TIME 2 1/2 hours 

felt really good. Good sweat, mostly constant work but not too hard...lots of work tho. Back is starting to get a little knotty but way less than when I used to do nothing, so great improvement. Need a rub soon. Abs are a bit sore, maybe from hollow bodies. Got some nice little blisters from the walls 

Starting to get the wall run foot placement but still loud. Think I am gonna pass on the pushups tonight. Did the equivalent today. But might do a set of 10 for good measure and a set of 5 pullups. And a 1 min hollow body to keep up the challenges. Plyo plants...still got my knees wider than my arms...what's wrong here?

got them set and am on track. Feels good. Start studying ;)
And do 1 hour work at Makiki on plyo plants and box jumps. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 05, 2011, 07:03:12 PM

warmup run
Inverted rows overhand 3x10
Inverted rows underhand 3x10
Squats 3x30
Crunches 3x30
Jumprope 5x50
Lunges 3x10
L-stand at wall barely 10s x2...Wendi did 1m
Precisions on ground 6.5' (shoe feet) 3x10
Box jumps on knee ht wall 3x10
Kong vaults over same wall, about 10
Kong vaults over low bench, about 10
Cat balance on curve balance beam 3x
Cat leaps to 7' wall but rounded on grip
QM about 20-30' forwards and backwards x3
Dip at Waikiki 

Time...maybe hour or so

Arms are tired from thur so worked on legs mostly. Wanted to work on vault or some kind of movement but frustrating. Hip ht and momentum feel good but still have the outside mental barrier. HA makes it easy. Want to get to the point where I can do most vaults on picnic tables b/c they are everywhere. Every park. A good beginner wall is hard to find. Maybe find a good spot to break the jump

Wanted to work on simple jumps. Precisions are weak and sloppy. Didnt bother to try and stick it yet. Work reps and grow the technique. Lots to do. Work on landing correctly. Harder than it seems like it should be. Same with box jumps. Needs work. Jumprope is fun tho; do more!

Saw a bad ass dude about 45 doing farmer carries with a huge stump. He was ripped. Carried a block of concrete as big as a cooler...just strolling around, crossing the road...
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 08, 2011, 10:54:32 PM
2011.02.08 class @ kakaako park

Warmup with kind of horse stance walk
Jumps on steps...prec up and Down x10 or 20
Gauntlet on steps: prec up, 3x monkey stalls on wall, run back, jump down x3 or so
G2: prec, cat balance on wall, run back, jump down x3 or so
Hold plank, 20 pushups
Did another set of 10 pushups 
(warm now)
Lazy and thief values on big rails and go under(x2 per rail) switch sides, sprint back, x2...dozen rails...almost 50 vaults and duck unders
Precisions at amphitheater, various
QM gap
Monkey stall on big rails with slow squat
Monkey vault rail x10...mostly to one side cheat
But pulled off decent monkey at end

TIME about 2 hours

great class. Body feels good, not too tired. Don't think I will be that sore. Back is talking tho. Jumps felt good but I think the vaults (L) did me In. Couldn't get thief. Leading hand shouldn't be there? Watch tutorial.  Lazy vault is cake. Feels good. Swing up and over, np. 

go find something to vault and practice whatever feels good. Do sim jump gauntlet Cond after good warmup. Maybe those rails again. 

at ALA moana lifeguard station d1 at 9am
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 10, 2011, 11:29:26 PM
2011.02.10 class at ALA moana

Warmup In sand
QM various 

Hop up on wall, step down, all the way down wall
50 mountain climbers
Step up on wall (II to wall...close leg up, step, same leg down, step) all the way
50 (i did 30) Lsit leg extensions (?)
Box jump on wall, side QM down, all the way down wall
10 burpees
I think we did all that twice with frog stand, etc,...

Landing drills from wall 10 or so
Rolls 10 or so
Leapfrog rolls 10 or 20
Wall dismounts...step with hand assist, vault (watev) back up
Did a whole bunch of movement
Ended in dismount from high wall like safety over it
Pop vaults up wall, tons of these
Various flow, like jump up low wall and power jump to high, dismount
Version with cat negative dismount
Pushups for loud landing
Just did a ton of movement...awesome
Last thing had super hero funny


TIME 2:15

so fun. Don't really feel sore much these days but I am working. Think I am getting stronger and building endurance. But warmup was a bit of an ass kicker. Guess starting is the hardest part In short and long term. 

Back felt a bit shaky to start but felt good. Kept core engaged. Did 95% of everything but took a couple short breaks near end to monitor and stretch. Low back felt warm and good. But after a min felt a bit mushy. Will know tomorrow...

Rolls. Need to work on arm pistons...soft arms. Leapfrog had bad rolls. Speed and monkey starting to feel good. Having a blast. Even after the warmup. ;) moon was half and high, sunset was pink and buttery against the gray. Had a sweet moment to enjoy it before movement. Nice shavasna on the beach at end. Thanks mom. 1 month today. 2 hours are better than 1

find a way to still be doing this in 30 years. 20 years ago people started. Now the best have 10+ years exp, and most are teaching. Thats not long. How do you keep it up when most moves can be mastered in a few short years? 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 12, 2011, 08:59:10 PM
2011.02.12 Saturday @ Kaneohe community park

Warmup broken into sets
300 Jumprope
50 pushups
60 squats
25 monkeystalls with arm assist

Some cats on wall and a little bit of climbing
This and that, not much
Some Pressup drills, some sprinting
Some QM on wall, pike on wall, lame handstand
Mostly Lazy and thief vaults on rail
Some underbars

maybe an hour 

Light workout. Starting to get thief vaults. Safety tap doesn't help. Wanna try on wall. Lazy is feeling pretty good but probably looks sloppy. Work on these. Rained and was a bit wet. Not too bad. Underbars need work. 

Increase precision by a foot
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 14, 2011, 11:43:18 PM
2011.02.14 @ Makiki park

run to park
3x50 Jumprope
3x cat balance on wall
3x10 box jumps on 18" wall
2x25 crunches
25 pushups
2x QM gap over and back on 10' rail/wall other side

Worked on lazy vaults on high wall, about rib ht. Worked progression and did some monkey vaults

about an hour

Night practice. abs too sore to do more than a pullup. Lazy is coming along. Caught my foot a couple times. Try on lower wall. Monkey vault is feeling pretty good but still closer to a 2-handed vault sometimes. Wall was Too high for thief.

Been keeping up to date on pushup challenge. Running total 800 for the month. Same with hollow bodies, except I have a makeup day to do...tonight I guess. 

Work on monkey vault on lower wall at same area this week. There is sort of a planter where the wall is shorter on one side with small drop on other side
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 15, 2011, 11:02:06 PM
2011.02.15 class at ala moana

Warmup on beach, mostly QMs and moving around 
On grass, don't remember...plyo pushups, some handstand progressions from pike, a bunch of quad burning stuff
20 or so things...kinda like mountain climber in a pike with feet jumping from ground to wall

10 cat leap abort drills both legs
10 more each leg

Safety vault over low fat wall at deep steps, climbup
Tic tacs to high wall, cat negative, hand shimmy to low wall
Switch...but land with hands at waist on low wall

Ab work on beach in hollowbody position
20? legs straight out
2 or 3x50 bicycles
50 swims

Static stretching

Just under 2 hours

Tic tacs were useless. Matt helped me. Work on wall run parallel to wall instead of up it. Try that spot again. Climbups are feeling good on a wall maybe chin high. One side safety vault needs work, other is close to speed vault. That spot is great...variable wall ht, diff drop at each step

work on Tic tacs cause they suck. Take goals (that are getting better at being goals) and build a workout around them. Work on climbups at varying ht wall at Makiki park cause they rock
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Post by: Michael Himes on February 16, 2011, 01:16:11 PM
Oh hey Andrew, although I don't know who you are from class. It's Michael from the class. Just a note it was at least 3 sets of 50 bicycle kicks. Also that weird twisty thingy we did is called a Russian twist and there was 4 sets of 50.

I'm at Ala Moana Beach Park on Saturdays also if you'd like to join me then.
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Post by: AndrewL on February 16, 2011, 04:21:16 PM
Thanks Michael. What time on sat?
i posted pic of myself
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Post by: Michael Himes on February 16, 2011, 04:36:45 PM
Oh hi yes. You. I know you :D I'm going to try to be there somewhere between 1pm-2pm. I generally do random conditioning and training. and afterward go for a swim. My number is (808)699-9682 can text me or call me. :)
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Post by: AndrewL on February 17, 2011, 11:23:35 PM
2011.02.17 at ala moana

Warmup run
50 pushups
75 crunches
100 Jumprope 
25 squats

Cranes on wall
Safety vaults
Precisions to lamp post
Precisions on bollards about 6 1/2' (6 or so)
Cat leap to wall, climbup, cat on wall precision to lower wall with spot
Cat leaps to wall with climbup spot

2 hours

Precision was tough mentally after my sprain but I did it. Toe is still a bit angry from cat leap stub a couple weeks ago
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Post by: AndrewL on February 19, 2011, 07:18:09 PM
2011.02.19 at ala moana

Warmup run
25 pushups
2x25 crunches
2x25 squats
2x50 jumpropes
4x QM forward and backward about 20'
Joint warmup

10x ea leg: safety vault over wall, safety vault back
10x switching leg: crane from curb to wall, kong back
Some vaults to climbups
Some wall runs and tic tac practice wall runs
10x wall dips
Some tic tacs to wall catch (hands at waist)

Under an hour

Did some intense movement and kinda wore myself out. I forgot how much of a break you get in the lineup between vaults at class. Wanted to do precision to lamp post and really work on tic tacs and climbups but was worn out early. 

Back feels good and strong. Wrist feels funky. Need accupuncture. Kongs are feeling good but still leaning the landing to one side. Easy from the high side of the wall. Turn from crane to keep momentum feels good one side, other side doesnt work...feels unnatural

work on speed vaults
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Post by: AndrewL on February 20, 2011, 06:57:44 PM
2011.02.20 @ MAKIKI PARK

Run to park
10x swinging/kipping pullups
2x25 crunches
2x25 squats
2x10 pressup drills, half ea way
2x cat QM on wall
2x50 jumprope

Handful of cranes, ea leg
Flow: 10x Lazy, safety, monkey, walk around ramp for rest
3x4 cat climb ups
10x cat leaps, alternating legs
3x5 wall runs, alternating legs
10 wall run climbups with landing other side
Half doz 360 underbars

just over an hour

at home. almost forgot again. Just do it at workout spot

Nice light workout. Getting more used to drills solo. Could use more set of same vaults but didnt have time. Could have doubled everything up. Flow spot was taken when i went to rails :( tight spot, good for tight technique. 

On track with pushup challenge. Running total of 1,100
On track with hollow body challenge. Running total of 22 min

Wall run Climbups are feeling good. Should progress to pop vaults next or at least work on kip up to top of wall. Hip feels like its there but not sure what leg is doing. 

Cat climbups are hard! Couldnt pull it off like apk drill. Want to work up to cat dynos. 

Underbar is getting there slowly but that place has funky rails. Try diff spot to nail twchnique. 

Far off goal...muscleup. Need 15-20 pullups. Maybe 6 mo? Still deciding on next mo challenge. Squats or pullups. But arms might need a break
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Post by: AndrewL on February 22, 2011, 11:06:00 PM

Stretching on sand
QMs to sides
Explosion plyo pushup kind of movement with feet as straddle splits...various movement like this...sets of 10
Diagonal pusbups, maybe 3x10
Parkour pushups in straddle position...sets of 10
Planks, DD, etc

Barefoot Run to rails
Two handed kind of vault back and forth over rail...did sim on blue pads at HA,QM back x2
Same with focus on turning hips and exit like safety, QM back x2
Lazy vault back and forth over rail x2 or 3
Lazy vault, same as above but land on other foot...hips stay up, use second hand x2?
Turn vault progression...over, over with both hands, land feet
turn vault, safety back...reps
Safety, safety over rails...switching sides
Lazy, lazy over rails...switching sides
Flow with turn vault, precision, safety vault
Pushups if turn vault is sloppy...did 25 (2 sep times)
Rail walk with spot, finish with cat x2

Yoga...variations of sun saltuations i think...x3 

2 hours

Good warm up. Lots of upper body. Rail walk was great. Didnt think i could do it. Felt the peace and got to breathe and enjoy it. Loved it! back is getting tweaky. Didnt stretch well enough from weekend work. Rail drills were great. 

Solo warmups could be more comprehensive. And slower to warmup. I tend to go too fsst and hard at first and my pace is set at that point. Could do much more reps on vault work and movement too. Turn vaults are great and easy. Needs many reps. But banged shin pretty good. Bloody. Tweaked my knee a bit but feels fine now

Work turn vault. Get low back massage
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Post by: AndrewL on February 24, 2011, 11:17:02 PM


Run 20' on sand, monkey vault onto wall, 10 pushups on grass, jump and roll off wall, run back, 10 jump squats. X10
Thats 100 pushups, 100 jumpsquats

3x5 pushups on wall, spotter holds your feet and does military press when you go up and squat when you go down

QM capture the flag. 12 of us. 15-25s rounds. One on one a time or two, two on one,...

30 more pushups

Predator and prey game

Farmer...pulls out the carrots game

Also shavasana with limb pulls and swings and some rubbing


Awesome time. Feel great. 100 pushups warm is easier than 50 cold. Was huffing at 6 reps, but powered thru and felt amazing. Upper arms burning, but rest of workout was pretty chill. Wendi is noticing my growing pecs and arms ;)

Back is sore. Being careful when not working out, but not really letting up on it. Looking fwd to some hot tubbing on maui this wknd. Maybe build some vaults too! Might wait til constr starts and just use scrap. Save $$$

Class is starting to loosen up and really progress. Hopefully people will stick with it and grow the community. Have some workout buddies...

Hamstring stretch as next monthly challenge
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Post by: Ozzi on February 26, 2011, 01:30:32 PM
Wendi is noticing my growing pecs and arms ;)

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Post by: AndrewL on February 26, 2011, 07:27:56 PM

Run 2.5 times around park
Ballistic stretching, jumps on tires
Some precisions

5x15 pushups with DD rest each set
4x1m hollow bodies with childs pose rest ea set

20x turn vaults, switching sides...typ
30x safety vaults
10x lazy vaults
10x cat leaps to wall with 8" wide ledge to grab
Some hang to cat hang kips (worm) but stubbed hurt toe


under hour

Short and light. Wendi was getting bored so left early. Good thing, cause heavy rain came. Turn vault not accurate on landing. Did a few speed vaults but technique is not great so went back to safety. Noticed i sometimes use 2 hands on vault. Focused on one hand and relying less on foot tap. Feel like such a beginner. It's fun. But i want to be able to kong that conc FDC. Dash too. so many great things i could do if only i were able...patience and work. Make haste slowly

Pushup running total for mo: 1,400
Hollowbody running total for mo: 28min
*doesn't include extra PU, HB during classes
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Post by: AndrewL on February 27, 2011, 03:19:45 PM

Ozzi style warmup 

Pk pushups 
box jumps
Run with flow

Landing drills
Back and forth vaults down rail
Turn vaults on rail
Safety vaults
A few speed vaults
Some thief vaults
Lazy vaults
Few monkey vaults
Few kongs over benches
Cat leaps to wall with hole
Hang to cat hang kips
360 underbar
Pk pushups
Cat balance on wall
Precisions to flag pole base
Rail balance



fun pkwk with jordan. He is a natural. Nice to find such a bitchin playground near his house. Hope he sticks with it. Kinda did the pk sampler since there is so much potential there. Awesome flow for next time. Easily a dozen movements within 100 yards
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Post by: Ozzi on February 27, 2011, 06:37:16 PM
So good to hear you keep on moving...
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Post by: AndrewL on February 27, 2011, 07:01:52 PM
It's quickly becoming a habit but i want to make sure it sticks. It might tail off after bootcamp ends. Thinking of joining the next one for the schedule. Or at least wed class
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Post by: AndrewL on March 01, 2011, 11:27:39 PM

Light run 

Hell stairs drills...pyramid:
• 2 foot jump every step up and down
• 1 foot same
• Monkey fwd up 3 steps and down
• Monkey side same
• Precision jump one step less than max (3) and one step jump down
• QM bqckward up, fwd down (killer)
• same halfway...i did side QM w/ alt hand together, feet out for 2/3 of it, QM fwd down
• one more!!! W/ step, step, step, drop on both hands down...tried the drop but couldnt do it
• may have missed a set. Was a lot
got kicked out, ran back to stairs at ala moana

• Gauntlet: Wall up to precision down from wall down lower flight...out of my league so i did the wall up, back down, and precision just down steps, not the wall. X2
• wall ups on middle wall at ramp. Ht of my full reach. X3 or 4
• wall up with hop from low wall at bot of ramp
• from middle landing, wallup and get over gap to wall at sidewalk, wall climbdown. Safety vault, x2 catch hang...hands at hips (3 total)


2 hrs

Tired from pushups. Still not 100% from whatever i ate that gave me full body hives the last 5 days. QM bkwrds up stairs were a killer. Precisions and hts need training. 

Wallups are getting there. Cat Grab to forearm grab to elbows to catch hang. Delete steps b/t cat and catch hang. Work pk pushups. Coming down by getting into cat and dropping is improving

Met feb goal of 1500 pushups and 1/2 hour of hollowbodies
Go back and do stair precision 50 times. Do wall later with spotter. Work on walking and playing on high wall. Get comfortable

did my first vault on my way to work. Kinda funny. Walking along...dress pants, dress shoes, buttonup...saw a wall along the sidewalk and bam! Gave me a giggle
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Post by: AndrewL on March 02, 2011, 10:34:55 PM

Run to park

• 10x boxjumps up, QM dn stairs at ramp
• 10x pk pushups
• 2x side oblique QMs up and dn big steps by tennis cts
• 10x monkey stalls on wall with drop other side
• Various vaults and monkey stalls

• 4x back and forth down rail over and back vaults
• 4x down and back on rail lazy vaults
• 8x3 climbups on high wall
• Safety vaults over wall at ramp but so high...moved
• 2x10 monkey stalls to plateau, low impact dismounts
• 2x10 safety vaults on rail
• 10x wallups with flow to safety over high wall
• 1m one foot balance on waist high bollard, ea leg
• 1m both legs...relax, watch kid on distraction training
• 5x wallups on 6' wall with flow to safety over high wall...too tired for 10


1 hr

Feels great. Wall ups feel good. Wall my ht is perfect to get to catch hang. Spot is right by the playset. What i was doing looked more fun so the kids took it over and i left. Lazy feels sloppy. Safety is now down to one hand but still have foot tap. Getting closer tho. Action feels good but mentally still some hesitation. 

Bollard balance was nice for ht. Felt the muscles work and got into the zone. Shoulder feels good. Think pushups helped as PT. 

Was gonna do hamstring stretch challenge but not gonna bother. May do stretches but dont need challenge. Just gonna work out when i want to, which so far is daily
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Post by: AndrewL on March 03, 2011, 11:28:18 PM

Run back and forth around columns 
Added stop at column and roll around...deflect
Same with cat grab to roll off

At least a few of each, maybe several:
• Cont precisions for power over tables...lava
• Same with safety hop on table, cat grab w/ 3x climbups
• run over tables staying low w/ legs
• butt spins on roll but on upper legs and butt
• kind of a safety vault over table but using core to swing 
• Cat traverse around columns...lava except curb between them
• Thief (safety) vault over wall to drop, cat to wall, walk ledge...some of these
• same with cat traverse, leg assist
• same with one arm, switch
• 10x pop vaults to high wall, dismount like thief (hips out, drop and push with hands)


2 hr

Climbups are feeling really good. Easier than yesterday. Diff surface texture? Seemed same. Precisions need work. Dont lean fwd so much on landing. Hips fwd to stick it. Land on balls of feet. Left foot pop vault sucks. Cant do pop w/o both hands. Hamstring flexibility and weak core makes me feel limited and sloppy in movement, mostly in vaults. Hips need to help more. Drive with legs, use hands less. 

dont have any other than continuity. I should say that my goals havent been super defined...more like wishes and projections of future workout ideas and things i want to work on. There is just so much to do, i think i will leave this section off until i have something specific to accomplish with some metrics to measure progress
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Post by: AndrewL on March 08, 2011, 11:02:43 PM

Run to bathroom at west end

• plyo plants all down wall
• cat balance on wall
• Safety over and back all down wall
• safety over, spin to lazy all down wall
• running cat leap to wall with hop from shin high bench (8.5' gap), vault over wall
• various vaults on wall
• 40 pushups
• 50 kongs over wall
• gauntlet pop vault up wall at garbage enclosure, down other wall, pop vault up and out...variations with cat balance on high wall instead of 2nd and 3rd pops. Critique



Cat leap was too big but i got talked into it. Last time for that. Learned my lesson this time. I know what i can do, what i can't do, how to test it, and what i am afraid of but should just suck it up and do anyway. Now to try 8.5' cat leap from ground from a run.

Pop vaults have good power but finish is not there yet. Want to really work these with some flow. I want the mule kick. More tuck and heels need to get closer to butt on kongs. I like that wall for them. 

Bummed pullup bar came down. Need to work reverse dips, pullups and precisions...and box jumps. Need reps and power. Work on drops from cat and quiet landings. Thiefs need a lot of work. 
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Post by: AndrewL on March 11, 2011, 12:46:20 AM

Palmspins...not really. 
PS Progression on wall with outside foot tap
Corkscrew popups, dismount. set of 10 ea side
Bboy clocks
Kind of combo b/t clock and corkscrew popup
Kongs onto wall...set of 10 or 20 or ?

•Gauntlet: climb up negs on high wall, box jumps on low wall, waist shimmy on high long wall, QM back, 25 squats, 25 pushups
•Gauntlet: other direction, same thing, 25 reverse dips

•Vault conc table, jump to step, to table, cat leap to col, dismount, jump on wall, jump to roll in sand
•Pop vault up col to dip...muscle up progression
•Climb up drills with straight arms...finger grip only, not hands on top. Try these on wall with rail on top
•couldnt get up to do dips so worked climbups
•50-60 burpees

Med for richard...acl 

2hr plus

Did 1 palmspin one tree with spot. more like ozzi did it for me. Big spot. Geez. These need so much work. Start with soon tap, work up to late tap. I am on doublw tap walk. Clocks were cool. Work on these

Ankle sore. Kind of Minor sprain but workable. Ice. Toe still hurts too. Did some damage last time but overcame and made the cat this time. Shorter by a foot, not as high, but take off platform is higher and its on an angle. Looks scary but i made it.  BOx jump ht is super limited. Work on it. Wendi says look up to keep energy up
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Post by: AndrewL on March 18, 2011, 02:37:37 PM
2011.03.19 DIDN’T WORKOUT
Been working crazy hours everyday for weeks and no time for workout. Came to a head where I had to skip classes. Don’t do this anymore. It’s been a week yesterday since last class and I don’t feel good. Body is stiff. Back is developing knots on its own. When you have no time in the future…which shouldn’t happen…need at least an hour every couple/few days…at least stretch or do a 10min whatever
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Post by: AndrewL on March 24, 2011, 08:38:14 AM

it's been 2 weeks since last class. Feels like a month. My body wants challenges. Pullup bars are welcoming. A set of pushups sounds like a nice thing to drop and do. This is new. 

Excuses are easy to come by. Deadline for work is today although I could have gotten in an hour the last couple nights. Wendi has been sick. Another excuse. Rained yesterday but that wouldn't have put me off if I had it in my mind that I was going to train
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Post by: AndrewL on March 29, 2011, 12:45:21 AM
2011.03.28 class at HA

an hour of gauntlet style drills up and down the narrow side of the floor. Mostly rolls and fall training. Tumbles. Some fun pushup drills. QMs. 



Got a good sweat. Nice variety of muscle groups. But got so dizzy and nauseous. almost puked a few times in the bathroom. Had a dry heave at home and crawled up in a ball on the floor for a few hours. Feel better but still a bit woozy. 

Toe still hurts. Actually getting worse. Been at least 3 weeks. Thinking of getting an x-ray. Train left foot lead wall ups instead. Other ankle is still stiff from same class but it's just the ligaments loosening up after two weeks of nothing. Probably needed the rest anyway. 
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Post by: AndrewL on April 05, 2011, 11:13:48 PM

Sand movement 
Ab work in kind of a plank walkout

Get the shoe QM game.  3 pushups if you miss shoe. I always did. 

1,2,3...6,5,...1 jump tucks
Monkey stalls
Monkey stall to spin to jump landings
Monkey vault at white wall, high five, jump/dismount

Yummy sand stretch. Reeeelaaaaaaxing

Awesome fun class. Kickoff of bootcamp so light. Basics. Instruction. Bit of a sweat but got nice and warm. Toe is feeling a bit better. No pain. Building muscle so bruised bone doesn't hit the ouch spot. Left ankle is still stiff and funky. Plantar flexion and dorsi flexion and a bit of lateral ligament weirdness. Been a month or so since both but I am moving more than just walking to work so they should heal faster now. 

Ancore, J'aime l'art du deplacement. Can't believe I skipped a week of classes and then didnt move for weeks. And for work? That's a laugh. Pk is what makes work not matter. Perspective. Hope you learned your lesson

Keep up with tues wed thurs class schedule for april. 
Min one class a week and try for min two solo sessions, one intense hour and a two hour exploratory session like tonight's class, hit all jams. 
Continue to learn techniques and condition. 
Take APK standards test
Go to American rendezvous 2
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Post by: AndrewL on April 06, 2011, 10:27:49 PM
(first ever outdoor Wednesday monthly class)

Stair work, Precisions, QMs
Monkey stall, incline pushups on wall

Precision, monkey alternating up stepped wall, QM down...variations
Pop vaults


Mellow session. Beginners. Need to train the left leg pop vault. Balance is not good. Work rails and squats. Precisions. Bitchin waves, badass lightning storm, and 3 waterspouts on the ocean. Beautiful. 

I have so much work to do for Parkour and it is so exciting, inspiring, motivating and fills me full of hope. I have so much work to do for my job and it is so crushingly dibilitating. I had a run away screaming, shoot yourself in the face, day from hell and now i feel great. The best part of my job is Parkour. 

I am not going to be so strict with my logs from here on out since I have a good catalog of workout and matching notes. Gonna let it flow and be more free with it. Want my solo sessions to be more experimental and creative. 

Just because I am discipling myself, it doesn't mean I have to be a meticulous and methodical slave driver. My job may turn me Into andr-oid the archi-bot but my own practice will be andrew the architect...and my pk practice will be andrew the human. Clear mind. Balance. Here.  Now
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Post by: AndrewL on April 07, 2011, 10:56:34 PM

Intense warmup, lots of core, ballistic stretching
Planks, Mountain climbers, pk pushups, etc, sets of randoms

Rolls...side, back, dive, broadjump, trips
Flow rolls over 7 people

Flow up down up over walls broken into steps and then put together:
Popvault, kip
Monkey stalls, negatives (turnvault prog)
Thief/lazy vault as dismount



I may have missed some stuff but like i said i am not counting or being super diligent about recording everything. Good sweat. Just enough rolls to make me dizzy, then some more, and I was fine. Like the good warmup conditioning pain there is a sweet spot for dizziness. Don't pass it. 

Toe feels ok for pops but still need to focus left up. Tweaked my bad ankle! Now both are uneasy. Whatever. Getting the Kip kinda. Work this with reps. Fast for cardio, slow for power...explode with arms to finish Kip. Flexibility needs work, upper body endurance, leg explosion power, everything. 
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Post by: AndrewL on April 09, 2011, 02:29:19 PM


3x Box jump shuffle run down wall, QM back, 50 Jumprope 
15 plyo pushups
30 crunches
25 squats
some movement until I figured out what I wanted to do:
Kongs, turn vaults, safety, lazy, dismounts,...thief needs work

Pop vaults to lazy as a dismount
Locations weren't working so I moved to ramp
3x10 Kip from waist catch to monkey stall
3x10 thief vault to drop, 5 ea side
3x10 precision jumps up steps 3 at a time, jump down

Pk pushups


Thief is getting there. Still awkward. Getting the back hand to push away but hips need to pull more. Core strength helps. Kips are getting high but I tend to land with my feet to the left side regardless of Kipping leg. Awkward to get feet under me. 

Worked technique rather than flow. Power over cardio. Good sweat. I tend to go nonstop alone. Looser this time but i counted once i started doing reps. Seems to help me structure workout. I would shoot for ten and realize 5 was tiring me out so I switched to something else and came Precisions, which were good...nonstop explosive. Core is feeling tighter. 
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Post by: AndrewL on April 09, 2011, 03:31:50 PM

4 times a week is better than 3
2 hours is better than 1
Outside is better than in
At least 2 solo's a week to work on your weaknesses
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Post by: AndrewL on April 12, 2011, 11:45:11 PM

•Light stretching
•Box jump, climb down/up, climb down/up other side x 20
•run up and down wall (right up, right down) precision down big steps, QM or watev
•Switch directions
•Kind of a reverse thief vault (right hand, do circle, left hand...) down wall
•run up and down wall (left up, left down) precision down big steps, QM or watev
•Switch directions
•Side QM plank dakine with feet on wall, 30 ab in outs or watev
•Switch directions

•Precision jump lava prog over tables
•Flow: monkey stall on table, dismount, cat to pillar, traverse, tic tac off pillar to sand, roll


2 hr

Maybe missed some warmup. Different order to mix it up. Was tough. But felt good after. Was tired so didn't try precision over table from bench to bench. Try it. Also tired for Cat traverse. Didn't have strength
To try tic tac. Lots of core work. 

Rehurt toe doing same cat before class. Tried precision from table to column. Didn't tuck enough. Hit knee and jammed toe. Left wrist is funky from catching it on wall from Thiefs on sat. Left ankle is still healing but doesn't hurt to run anymore. 

Ate big Vietnamese curry for lunch. Felt like crap. Can't eat heavy foods anymore. Want light and fresh. 
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Post by: AndrewL on April 13, 2011, 10:59:59 PM

Sand stretch and kundalini 
Run to bowling green

•Cat hangs with tac back
•Pop vaults to waist catch
•Pop vaults to negative cat hang
•kind of a cat turn vault on the wall with one foot on wall. Like a crane, switch on the wall or back and forth on one side. Wt on hands. Work up to one foot on wall at a time
•monkey stall to bench, jump one foot on wall (instead of monkey stall to wall from bench. 2 for 1. About waist high)
•thief vault type dismounts from wall to parkside
•Cat balance on wall, then backwards
•Jump from bench to waist catch, Precision on pillars and's about 5' but is about 4.5' high
•box jump burpees on bench, drill down wall
•Hand on wall, hand on Bench swing thru and back (can work palm spin from this)
•Hand on bench and tac off wall, drill down bench



Fun but light workout. Lots of movement now that I look at it written down. Some sets of 10 and 20. Abs need work. Cat negative needs work. Precision felt good but a bit shaky on the way back. Need to drill this solo. Only did it once. Pussy. 

Big toe and toes on other foot...and knee still tender from cat. Feet were too low. Need more tuck. Which means more Ab work. Low mid back is feeling yesterday's core workout. Feels good. Loved the kind of cat turn vault motion on the wall. So many opportunities. So much movement. How could I ever get bored?

•work on box jump at low white wall. Measure ht and progress. Jumps need work. Box, broad. Would say I want to box jump to my waist ht by my birthday. That's 3.5 months. 
•palm spin by my birthday!  That's a good present ;)
•compose journal more like a movie replay and less like an admin submittal
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Post by: AndrewL on April 17, 2011, 08:19:21 PM

5/3/2 pullups (max)
30 crunches
50 Jumprope
QM on wall
10 plyo pushups

Couple pop vaults on high wall
Dozen or so thief vaults
Couple lazy and precisions
Monkey stalls
Kip up from waist catch



Light workout while mark and I were waiting for a tennis court. Those walls are high. Not the best for multiple reps. Go to ALA MOANA and work technique there. Too slippery for cat hangs

Had a good paddle at ALA MOANA. Snorkel at sharks cove and swim at waimea bay yesterday. 
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Post by: AndrewL on April 20, 2011, 10:51:35 PM


at rail spot
•drill up and down rail in kind of cat hang shuffle step, arms extended
• sim but alternating hands together and feet apart like side QM
• sim but faster and with a bit of a hop
• spinning traverse along rail...facing bending over rail, the back against rail...spinning
•butt spin progression
•butt spin with spinning traverse flow to turn vault and back. Starting to be like dance type rail flow...cionn kine
• precisions on picnic tables...seats and tops
• sim but skip top
• from top to next seat
• monkey stall to top, precision to next seat, flow over table


Ripped hand. Tried out balance bracelet. I think it works. Light class. Bit of a sweat. Mellow. Mark just left. Skipped some classes so was nice. Porco dio, il lavoro non mi piace a fatto...mi fa arrabiatto. L'odio. Voglio la liberta. Lo avro. Ma, adesso devo pratticare l'art du deplacement per il mio corpo e la Mia mente. 

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Post by: AndrewL on April 21, 2011, 11:38:49 PM

sand shoulder warmup
Elbow plank in a circle, everybody jumps over everyone
Downward dog, QM under everyone
2x10 precision jumps up steps 

Cat work on columns...technique, not too many reps
dismount precision
Leap to arm grab first
Farther leap to foot first grab
Climbup drills
Popvaults to seatlike dismount
Same with flow with kind of a spin...pivot on balance arm


TIME 2.25hrs

Flow was tough. Technique and flexibility need a lot of work. Low back is tight from cat dismounts. I tighten upon landing. Doesn't feel right. Mostly mellow night

It's a good group. Everyone is pretty self aware. Balanced. been working on taking work less seriously. Variety helps. I am def in the same mind frame as the rest. Funny how there is a common mentality that goes beyond interest in the same thing. 

flow. Don't fight. Widen gaze. Shorten focus. Schedules and lists are to be avoided. Change perspective. Stay out of ruts. Music helps. Melancholy can be good but in limited doses. Still pretty sad. More than I have been. Grief is unpredictable. need release and positivity
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on April 27, 2011, 10:51:34 PM

run to volleyball courts

10x run, vault, 10x pushups, jump, roll, run, 10x jump squats

•Cat leaps to wall...relax hang
•Cat hang to climbup...use boucne
•variations, spots, etc 
•Running cat leap to climbup, cat balance on wall, drop to lower wall
•Pop vault, cat balance on wall, negative cat drop



Fun class. It's great to hear people enjoy it. Love that warmup. A great way to make the brain shut up. Trust the body. Did the 2nd pushup set as pk pushups. Haha. Knee drive needs work. I could drill these forever. 

•Left ankle is still funky from same spot where I tried the cat leap off the bench. Been a couple months. Might be a tendon Tendon thing
•Right toe is getting better. Left middle toes hurt from getting bent back (learn to tuck!). 
•bottom of right ball of foot is still tender. Kinda bruised it or something. Work on soft landings. 
•left wrist tendinitis is bugging me a bit. Affects guitar. Need Accupuncture 
•best of all is my right ankle, which was the worst injury so far on my second ever day of training. 100%
•shoulders seem less tight overall. I think they are starting to loosen up. Usually so damn tight. Movement is good. 
•low back has not been bothering me. Core must be better, stronger
•still hovering around 170-175. Goal is 160. Still wearing same clothes from 195 self. Getting new pants this weekend. Then when I reach my goal they will be huge as well. Then I am buying some sexy designer clothes that I will wear until either they fall apart or I do
•still getting dizzy quickly on rolls. Wierd. They need a lot of work. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on April 28, 2011, 11:18:54 PM

Sand stretch

5 sets 
•5x monkey stalls to full standing, squat, QM 30', 5x pushups, backwards QM

Rail balance work with spot
•squat turns, 
•standing turns, 
•5xpistols per leg, 

•safety vault drill down rail with flow
•lazy  drill down rail with flow

Vault work over 3 tables
•precisions with progressing difficulty, reps
•some free style



Fun class. Nice warm, the rest was mellow. Loved the rail work. Good body/mind synergy. Pistol form is pathetic. Precision depth is improving for jumps from bench to bench over table top. Safety flow is good. Lazy is ok. Generally movement is getting more smooth

GOALS...more like stuff to work on so I can find it easily
•precision jumps over table top
•work reps for downward dog to jump through so knees can get inside arms
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 01, 2011, 11:38:44 PM

•seated 5min belly breathing
•seated 10min anger release
•movement paint fence
•movement hands parallel to legs up and down to pike
•movement prayer up around down around
•movement hip twist
•seated mountain

TIME 1hr

movements were sim to pk warmups and cooldowns. Feels great. Body is wise. Brain is insane. Satsang was good. Reminded me that head in the clouds is required for me. But prerequisite is feet on the ground. And roots are key. Death and birth. Work without meaning is slavery. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 03, 2011, 11:29:47 PM

•5x Run down beach from home base to other pillars, turn, run up stepped wall, run on wall, dismount high wall to beach, zig zag run up and down stairs, monkey vault wall, run, dismount high wall
•last one had a dozen or so jumps from high wall to roll
•pushups/squats/crunches while waiting
•5x run to pop vault up wall at home base by stairs, up and over pillar to cat, run around tree, pop, dismount, jump, roll on sand
•some more of these I think

•standing cats from table to pillar
•worked on cat abort and technique and climbups
•cat to pillar, up and over with bounce with chicken wing

TIME 2hrs

Made it over the pillar first time! Caught my thumb on the last high jump on the way into the roll. Felt like a sprain. Head a pop. Got really hot. Feels ok but I should ice it. Finished the class ok. Modified pushups. Strained left tricep on cat negatives trying not to use left hand. Needs a rub

Great class. Lots of running. Total now. Cat to pillar psyched me out a bit. My ups and distance are iffy that far but the right launch even from standing and I am more than there. Need confidence as well as commitment. Keep doing this one. Feet still hurt. Knee is better. Ankle slowly getting there

Next time work dismounts parallel to wall:
•turn vault
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Post by: AndrewL on May 04, 2011, 11:22:40 PM

Run to tennis cts and stretch

•side QM down and back
•plank QM down and back
•forward QM with feet past hands
•broad jumps down and back (32 down)
---about an hour at this point
•planks and pk pushup progressions
•body carry over shoulder down and back..not as far
•body carry marriage style down and back
•10x squat someone
•10x each leg partner pistol
•pk pushup freestyle til failure

Nice stretch and bit of a med


it rained pretty hard so we stuck to conditioning in the sand. Amazing rainbows. Aloha wau ia Hawaii, Mahalo nui loa! And Ozzi is obviously trying to get in shape for the rendezvous so it was a pretty hard class. Distances were looooong. Like maybe 50 yards. did a solid hour of hard conditioning and then it spaced out and we had longer rests. 

Core is really feeling it. Back still from yesterday. Thumb was fine. Woke up like a sprain, swollen and hot...iced it. Will do at least 3 days but hopefully will be fine in a week or so. Maybe 100% in 3 weeks. Felt really good after class. Energized. I can't imagine not playing and working out. 
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Post by: AndrewL on May 05, 2011, 10:56:14 PM

run to end
Sand stretch
Worked in a line...don't deviate from it
Then to a circle...180 and 360 turns with hands on the ground
Then jumping turns, reps

kong dismounts drill up and down wall, QM back
3x ea side, various speeds

Pop vaults:
•Worked various techniques and steps
•Drive with knee, push button, alternate legs, etc
•Also kick back with leg to bring hip up variation
•Goal of clapping climb up from standing
•pop to mount, then dismount pushing off with both hands
•flow pop to cat and climb down at corner
•flow pop to longer cat to climb down
•some flow up and over walls at dumpster area
•Rained so worked some pushups while everyone else worked muscle up style climbups. Still a bit sore from last 2 days
•cat hang stretch...this should have a yoga name...ahh



Good class. Not too hard. Lots of technique. kong drill got me in a rhythm where is was not getting the dismount. Try this again warm. Location is fine. Try kong up, run along and dismount. Make it flow. 

Pops are feeling a bit smoother. Pop coordination needs a bit of work. Got a bit confused...step with one foot, drive with other knee...then from here you COULD get that foot on the wall. I can't yet. OR you could step with one foot, kick back with the other and drive the first knee forward to get foot up? There are many ways to work this. Just work it and find what works. 

Abs are feeling really good. Back was alive, not quite sore for a day or two but the more I keep it worked daily the better the core feels. Feeling tight. Hands are getting pretty rough. Cat climb downs are feeling better but I favor my right side. Thief vault dismounts are feeling really good but I favor one side. 

•Want to work hip Kips and other core Intensive pk drills. Drill climbup progressions too. 
•See notes above for pop vault work 
•work left side cat climb downs
•exclusively work left foot pops
•play with cork screw pop vaults and similar stuff...palm spins and breakdance clock
•work bad side of thief vault dismounts
•work dismount pushing off with both hands at high white walls and work up to head ht walls...scary

Still no specific goals as such, just want to train 3-4 times a week and focus on getting my exams out of the way. Get thru work. I like being led thru class right now. Have to pull myself thru studies and drag myself thru work. Wendi is busy these nights and is late picking me up so these entries are getting long....
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Post by: AndrewL on May 09, 2011, 01:37:00 AM
2011.05.08 MEDITATION

•5 min sit
•10 min sit - mountain
•moving chi gong yoga
-prayer gather chi scoop
-forward scoop...give energy to universe
-gather ground energy 
-dragon awakening...push, ball
•walking...must be 10 min
•5min sit - suffering

1 hr

back hurts from core work. Meditation is getting easier. Wanted to workout at ala Moana but it has been raining for days. I would have but wendi didn't want to. Been a non weekend
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 10, 2011, 05:37:27 PM

I missed my session on the weekend. Was planning to do one but I didn't. Now I am stiff and need to move again. Wanted to go to ala moana. Should have just gone to makiki or scout out another area in walking/biking distance. 

Note to self: if no paddle/hike/playing outside then get a training session in
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Post by: AndrewL on May 10, 2011, 10:47:30 PM

sand warmup
QM circles in a big circle, butt spins, etc

20 plyo pushups on people's shoulders
Plank while they do their pushups
Flow freestyle movement along white wall
Grip work in banyon tree

Landing work:
Thief dismount switching sides
Dash style dismount from standing and approach
Climb wall every time back up



Parkour is so fun. It reminds me of that Tom waits quote about how kids make you grow down and put things into perspective. Life is fun. Work is work. Life is not work. Or it shouldn't be. 

Wall was pretty high...6 - 6.5'. And sand makes it hard to get a good run up so I had to use the chicken wing. I have a meeting tomorrow. No one here wears long sleeves so I have to go In and act like I just came out of fight club

keep doing Tuesday and Thursday workouts even when camp is done. I like the schedule. I don't want to stop. 
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Post by: AndrewL on May 11, 2011, 11:03:43 PM

•10x run from wall to water, run backwards to wall
•5x shuffle side to water and back
•some more running forward, back, side
•3x sprints to water and back to wall
•5(?)x long stride run (between run and sprint pace) to water and back
•3x 10 tuck jumps in waste deep water
•swim to reef and back
•2x run in water pulling 3 people
•3x 10 explosive tuck jumps in waste deep water 
•10+3 QM fwd 5 steps, pike up wall
•dip to cool off



I might have missed some things. We were just winging it. fun class. Wasn't much like a class. More like hanging out and goofing around. Rained so nobody came but 3 of us. Felt good. Water hides how much work you do. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 13, 2011, 12:12:10 AM

cat traverses along columns
Run to bowling green

lache training:
•swing side to side
•Kip fwd and back moving only chest
•swing side to side, lifting hand
•Kipping pullups
•10x windshield wipers
•knees to elbows
•feet grip post, pull up, go down
•4 x10 box jumps on bench
•fwd swinging traverse
•side swinging traverse
•power traverse
•10 assisted pullups
•5 assisted muscle ups + negative

•10x thief vaults up bench and over wall, pop vault back
•dash progression up bench and over wall, pop vault back
•drills in waist hang like safety, then backwards, switch
•breakdancing clock move...right hand and foot down at same time, swing other leg around
•350 tuck jumps with hands on wall


2 hrs

i was a bit of a baby about the lache. Thumb is not 100% so I favored right side. Upper body is still feeling weak. Can't do a  pullup after lache hangs. Miss pullup bar. Pop vaults are feeling better. Can get my foot up quicker
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 14, 2011, 10:43:57 PM

Light run, shuffle, backwards 

•QMs, various
•various Agility drills down wall, QM back
•monkey stalls and landings, set of 10 or so
•precisions up and down steps, several rounds, varying 
•2x25 tuck jumps
•2x10 front dips
•2x 5 climb ups
*Forgot to note that on Wednesday we did Tabata front dips for a minute.

•some pop vaults
•some monkey vaults
•some thief dismounts, rolls
•assisted handstands
•some cats on pillars


1.5hr +

Light workout. Wendi wanted to join so I gave her the pk introduction. She is not a fan of jumping. Prefers to fly. Time flew by. Didnt feel like we did much. Been working on getting my knees in when I monkey. Hand stands feel good in the stand
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Post by: AndrewL on May 15, 2011, 01:04:27 PM

•15 min - The most fortunate we can be is when we generate happiness for others 
•20 min - light

Tai chi (old style)
•tiger - right leg fwd, claws back in circle, end bending fwd...x5, switch sides
•deer - hands as antlers, stretch hips and lean to each side bringing arms...x3 or 5, switch sides
•monkey...standing, hands near chest, eyes move back and forth, drop hands and bring back up fast, repeat x5
•bear - standing, rotating at waist with bear hands 
•bear - foot fwd swinging arms lime walking, reps, switch
•crane - foot fwd, hand on top of other, lift up then bring down and out to wing span, reps, switch
•crane (tree pose) - flap arms 

10 min with bell reset

5 min


back hurts for seated. Need massage. Changed position for long one. All seemed much shorter. Moving is just a stretch for the walking but the forms have some meaning. 
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Post by: AndrewL on May 17, 2011, 11:16:57 PM
last class of bootcamp until June 
Over at the walls and steps by the baseball field

•QM on wall at steps, waist shimmy over piers, side QMs, jump to waist catch and climb up all along wall going up steps, QM backwards to beginning
•monkey stalls all down wall at steps, jump to waist catch on high part, various drills down zig zag walls...pistols, waist shimmy, QM back

•50x jump abort drills
•20 cat leaps to backward rolls
•30x pushups with feet on wall...part of planche progression

Dash vaults
Wasn't getting it so I went back to thief vault but more straight up

1.5 hr of work, hung out...2hrs

Dash makes sense as a hurdle, but I don't think I am there yet. The safety tap is too heavy. My tuck isn't tight enough. But my thief vaults are coming along. Figured out how to lean back and catch the second hand for the push off. But I need to work on the weight/pivot on the base hand. My foot is too heavy. Need to use core to lift and arm to control, like a flair. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 18, 2011, 10:53:58 PM

Run, traverse ledge, agility on wall, etc

5x 5 hip Kip ups from waist hang
4x precisions over 3 tables
4x 4 climbups from cat on columns 

•Monkey stalls in, out, right, left, alternate calling them out
•breakdance clock movement on grass (???!!!)
•clock on wall...pivot with foot! And dismount
•fwd mount left hand left foot up like clock, switch
•bkwd mount left hand right foot, dismount other side, switch
•corkscrew pop mount to landing
•follow the leader QM drills in the sand
•monkey QM to wall and back
•QM gallop to wall and backwards



some things get easier when they were so hard the first time. Climb ups, pk pushups. Other thInge stay hard. Clock, Kip to get feet on wall, monkey with feet in. Key to clock seems to be to lean arms to side and pop. Eventually should be able to keep hands in front and pop both once each turn of legs. 

Rained again this class so drills were appropriate. I really don't mind the rain in Hawaii. Poeple who say that in Portland are lying or crazy. Feels so good. 75 degrees and rain is a shitty day here. So there is never a bad day for pk. Why would I ever leave this island. I guess to live on another island. 

bkwd mount left hand right foot, dismount other side is kind of like drill on wall at bowling green where you jump backwards and keep one leg like a safety against the wall. But mount works with one foot up at a time. Fwd mount should ideally be both feet on flexibility 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 22, 2011, 08:12:41 PM
With Phil and Kana

Did a super light warmup 
Couple of climbups into the video game secret level
Set of dips on the high wall
Some pop vaults
Horse...followthe leader
Lava tag 
Some gauntlet vaults and pops at walls by steps at baseball area


biggest wall climbup ever. Twice. Chicken winged it but it was easy. Those guys are fun. They want to climb stuff and play around just about anywhere. I want to train. I get sloppy without some structure. But I think I have more discipline alone. Less distraction. More focus. But it's less relaxing.  Thinking about some better shoes. Maybe vibrams. 

Didn't bother to stretch. Had a nice swim with Wendi and our new goggles. Love them. It's like snorkeling without the snorkel. Makes me able to hold my breath longer and feel more like a fish. Visibility is great. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 23, 2011, 10:29:13 PM
just got my vibram five fingers!

ballistic stretching on the beach

•5x run to wall, vault up, 10x pushups, jump down, run back, 10x jump squats
•run from volleyball ct to pillars
•5x precisions over tables, 5x climbups...are so easy in these shoes!

•traverse around building ledge
•5x pop vaults (left side) up wall, dash style dismount
•10x climbups...most in a row ever
•thief style dismount from 5' wall to conc...felt I quit
•10x safety vaults over table each side...landing feels nice
•rail balance...feels good
•cat balance on rail...first time I got this!

Need to do it. Was sore today from not stretching yesterday

About An hour

love these shoes! Grip is awesome. They feel great. Make most things easier. Big drops are a bit uneasy on hard surface...but ankles, not ball of feet. Maybe this is psychological. Takes some getting used to. Ball of foot running is nice and easy. Never really could do it. DD feels good. I can feel the ground and grip it. 

All the efficiency and comfort of being barefoot without the fear of pricklies or stubbing toe. There is a bit of padding to help landing but not much. Makes me really focus on soft landing, which is good. My new balances have been limiting me. Got some sand in when I was on the beach but it did t bother me. 

Finally getting the hang of the dismount. Shoes help...sole thickness, but the grip doesnt help. Definitely different muscles in use from ankles to knees. Not sure of foot muscles yet but I had more muscles to access in general. Felt more free. Less clumsy. More like a monkey. Precisions felt light and powerful. Pops are feeling great. Core is bringing me up

By the way, Saturday was first surf session ever. Was fun. Junk conditions. Rain and wind and just a mess of waves everywhere. Caught one to the beach but never got off my knees. Work on popping up from laying down. 
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Post by: AndrewL on May 24, 2011, 09:47:58 PM


2x ball of foot run steps to steps, QM back
2x Agility drill down wall, run back
3x 10 box jumps, pushup style dismount bkwds
3x 10 pushups
30x crunches
30x leg lifts
30x side crunches ea side

10x monkey stalls 
10x kongs up wall, alternating low impact dismount
10x jump bkwds at wall, opp hand and ft, circle back dn
10x pop vaults, feet fwd drop
3x 5 climbups
3x 5 safety vaults over table switching sides
5x these shoes



nice light session with variety. It's hard to keep the motivation up for more than an hour. Easier to take over an area in a group. I have not been planning. Just going with the flow. But I think I could do similar to the start of this one or yesterday and then do 300 whatevers. 

Kongs feel like I am getting them but am leading with same leg. Monkey stall/plyo plant...finally getting my feet between my hands. Vibrams help I think. 

I used to do an hour at Makiki pk bit I would plan to do an hr. That was stressful. Like violin practice as a child. Strive to fill the time. Much better to just go and move. See what happens. Feels free. More fun too. 
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Post by: AndrewL on May 25, 2011, 11:08:32 PM
met up with Joe and Neil from class, and guy, and Tony traveling from Maryland

Warmup and light conditioning
Did some random movement
Worked on kongs but didn't try table yet
Played ADD-ON 
Worked on a bunch of stuff...dismounts, monkeys, palm spin progression, bunch of cats and climbups,...
Sand stretch

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Post by: AndrewL on May 28, 2011, 08:26:47 PM
AMERICAN RENDEZVOUS 2 with Brian and Dom (PG)

bouncing, up, down
Egyptian shoulder rotation
Other typ

101 QM fwd
101 QM kong fwd
101 QM kong bkwd
101 QM ea side

Run to spot
Balance on rocks down path
Human bridge game

From standing, drop to plank on wall, monkey stall, precision back to wall
Same but kick back to plank from monkey
Same with pushups added before monkey

LUNCH (1h)

balance on log fwd, side, bkwd, fwd blind folded
cat hang on bridge grip drill, climb over everyone drill, various 
Cross over bridge traverse

QM, precisions on rocks over path
Precisions on walls

Log crouch balance, stand, hold at diff hts, eyes closed

Hip flexor stretch: R knee down, hips fwd, hook in quad, R elbow up

5 hrs of movement, not including lunch

fun. Good workout. Never tired. Worked hard. Did a ton of incline pushups on Dom's drill. Felt good today. Precisions felt great. Need to trust self more but drops were big. Made progress. Left groin hurts...don't know why. Left elbow feels like oncoming tendon pain

Each session must have been about 45 min, including conditioning (6 total). Warmup with run to spot was probably 15min, and run back and stretch was probably another 15min. So 5hr + lunch. Easy for the day to fly by
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Post by: AndrewL on May 28, 2011, 08:39:56 PM

Run to spot
Rail cat balance while waiting
joint warmup, Foucan style:
•ankle hold up: flexion, circles, up back and forth
•knees small circles at same time in opp dir
•arms out, palms fwd, swing back and forth, shake head opp
•Egyptian shoulder rotation
•head LR, then up dn with arm circles
•wrists with forearms together
10 pushups
10 situps

•Rail precision with tall wall behind to catch with hands
•Rail precision, wall precision
•11 incline pushups b/c tree got hurt
•Precisions down to lower wall, vault rail, run on wall with bkwds turn at corners, monkey stall back
•Rail balance
•Palm spins...progression on corner of wall
•Hanging traverse

TIME 1:20

They divided us by experience...lowest was 3-4 months. I have 5-6, so i went with another group. I was in over my head. Took my lumps. Did what I could. I tried. Very humbling. No rail precisions or palm spins for me...worked on palm spin progressions and did precisions to wall
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Post by: AndrewL on May 29, 2011, 07:49:39 PM

Brian warmed us up. Standard stuff, great stuff

Precisions...step to dbl ft landing and take off
Precisions to bench, then table

Precisions up cascading landscaping

Flow over rail to drop, same again, then back up those 2 levels and sprint back. Set of 10 in about 10 min

11 Pushups and hand stand holds for 11s, sets (4?)
QM dn stairs and bkwds up
Group one arm pushups...2

TIME 2hr

group cooldown never happened. Stretched as I could

Tried...not really...precision to back of bench. But based on rails last night I did t do this. DurNg Precisions we tried to land on the first board of the table. It was like a 2x4 or 6. I couldn't stick it consistently. Will be a while until I can do rails. But I nwver jumped this high before! ESP over a bench to table 

My everything hurts. Did t do a good job of pacing myslef. Went all out on stuff the whole wknd. Lots of fun. Sore. Maybe shouldn't have worked every day this week except for the day I was on a plane. Learned not to count movement. Timing is better if u r to track. 
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Post by: AndrewL on May 30, 2011, 02:37:32 PM

WARMUP (20-40min)
I like the flowers, I like the daffodils...

STATION 1 (Auntie - 40-50min)
•running Precisions various to get it
•51x Running Precisions
•group traverse from bench to monument to bench with help

STATION 2 (Naomi - 40-50min)
•Flow over sculpture wall and thru tree
•Strides to precision...14 dn to 12
•kongs on bench

TIME 2hr training session

•each person did own 5 movements, no mind
•follow the leader move, one per person (15 or so)
•group add on
•follow the leader flow

at home after a beer...mmm. Left early to chill with Dad

Paula rocks. No shock there. One of my two fav women. Had a blast. Really inspired. Movement is a language. Need some rest and a lot of foam rolling. Need to work on split foot take off on kongs...push with back foot before kicking it up
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Post by: AndrewL on June 02, 2011, 11:55:13 PM

Dynamic stretch
run around the block couple times

•10x jump to wall, run up, QM down
•10x R, L, precision on wall, precision down, precision down
•10x precision, precision, precision on wall, precision down, precision down
•10x L, R, precision on wall, precision down, precision down
•Tried a few with running precision to second step and the. Third
•Traverse beam fwd, left, right
•20x pushups
•10x pk pushups
•20x crunches
•20x pushups

•10x Flow at stairs going up wall, over rail, rail, rail precision, precision, turn vault, drop
•5x going backwards

TIME 2hr+


Was really tired and technique so cut last set. Movement was very careful on flow. Need more urgency and creativity, efficiency, but this was a new kind of flow for me. I improved efficiency by reducing steps. Did the precision on walls at top of stairs once with spot but just did one foot during reps. Not confident yet. Drill this. Feels good when you do it but I want to be fresh and build confidence. Easy jump. But I still get sloppy 

Energy is a bit unpredictable. Was tired and sore on days I thought I would be fine, felt great on days I should have been sore. Slept 12 hours last night. Still need to foam roll. Looking fwd to a relaxing weekend of movement. Lots of stuff going, 2 study meetings, appt viewing, study,...geez. I want to break jumps and push comfort each training, in progressively bigger steps. 
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Post by: AndrewL on June 07, 2011, 10:43:52 PM

Joint mobility
Up down left right from toe crouch
QM various
Ninja stand one foot, joint mob other foot

precisions and QM on steps
Waist catch, wall dip, pop vault drills


2 hrs

I love Parkour 
2 classes a week and 1-2 solos. Or hike/surf/paddle/adventure in lieu of one solo. 
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Post by: AndrewL on June 08, 2011, 10:56:20 PM

Plank variations with QM 
Bounce mirror agility game

10x+3 Precisions up steps by baseball field, QM dn wall
10x strides up and down steps
1, 2, 3,...7 monkey stalls

Flow over zig zag walls (4 movements)
Worked some turns on dismounting



Feeling really good. Strong. Mind is no longer complaining. Completely quiet. my body tells me to keep going. And it feels good. Power and momentum is getting better on Precisions. Strides feel nice...peripheral vision and body awareness/trust feels nice

Need to work on kongs. Especially kong dismounts. Dive. Control with arms. Punch feels good on monkey stalls. Knees are still out but getting better. Did some foam rolling this am. More of a teaser than a roll session. Low back is tight. Left toes bent back again on sloppy precision with vibrams last night. Thats their other flaw. Want shoes. KO's or Free's. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 09, 2011, 10:56:49 PM

Beach style warmup on grass

10x Vault lava wall, QM fwd, alternating dismount
10x same bkwds, bkwds climb down slanty wall

Pop vaults, thief dismount (I got this)
Rained, so switched to precisions

run home


light. Took a while to get inspired. 45 min at the pk before I even got started. But I stayed until it came. Park was busy. Rain and vibrams makes for super slick painted walls. Maybe inspiration and motivation, as well as a lack of caring what people think (harder when solo) get easier with practice. I also imagine I will enjoy solos more and get to a point where I can do a couple hours easy. 

Training is totally analogous to work. Teams make for more fun and you learn a lot. But you have to go out on your own to do what you want. And then you realize what the team has that you alone don't. Synergy. Build in time to get yourself going...warmup. You have to master your creativity and then drive your production. And the more flexible your client and project type, the better.

•Been getting stuck on right foot pop, left foot side up, and on thief dismount got stuck on left foot tap on wall. Drill opposite 
•really want to drill Precisions. Need a good spot. Maybe some gear too. Or somewhere like the sculpture area at battelle park
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 10, 2011, 07:45:23 PM

Sand run with backpack...change of clothes, sketchbook, the usual

3x10 monkey stalls
3x10 safety vault up wall, dismount down, alternating sides
3x10 pop vaults up high wall, thief vault down, alternating sides
3x10 wall dips
3x10 climbups...wall pullups 
*gonna start calling these wall pullups. I think APK calls them climbups but they are smtg diff here
5x Precisions up steps, down big white steps...tired

swim to reef and back


Chill. But got tired. Focused on technique and control. Steady work, not many breaks. Lots of glass and sticks that I didnt move. Was just aware of them. Good for focus. Also the model photoshoot on the beach was distraction training

Drops are feeling good in vibrams. Feet don't hurt. Hips have the action and back hand is there for Thiefs. Slow and controlled. Starting to see all vaults as arm jumps or whatev. Dan's book is making more sense. Not a set of movements. Just a few movements and lots of variations of them. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 11, 2011, 04:38:00 PM
2011.06.11 MASSAGE


foam roll IT band

sunset picnic kokohead hike tonight
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Post by: AndrewL on June 12, 2011, 04:43:46 PM

Did an hour of meditation: sitting, dragon movement (qi gong) and walking
Explored for an hour on campus

Joint warmup

•drilled Precisions up and down steps
•thief vaults down walls, pop vaults up
•follow the leader
•QM bkwd up steps
•strides at amphitheater 
•Precisions and monkey vaults to table top
•Precisions on conc block seats


Awesome area. So many spots. Got kicked out but moved. Np. Security was cool. Just got Nike free run 2. Absolutely love them. Perfect all around. Grip isn't great on everything but good for running, Precisions, vaults, landings. Good for control and stealth. Very light. 

Feeling lighter and more controlled. Pushing envelope for Precisions...distance and ht. Sticking landings consistently. Vaults feel more smooth. Underbars still feel clunky and rails have me at a bit of disadvantage, but I am getting more creative at moving thru and around them. Arm strength/dips/core work are helping. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 13, 2011, 10:56:57 PM

bike ride to park
Run, cats, Flow...QMs, stretching, etc

•Worked low wall with vaults, dismounts, monkeys, landings, cranes, some creative movement, turns, etc, to get warm and condition
•thief vaults on big wall 
•10x wall dips
•bit of flow over tables...but tired
•a bit of flow at zigzag walls but wasn't feeling it
•drilled safety vaults on wall at steps but wasn't feeling it
•Precisions up steps but really wasn't feeling it
•rail balance work...various
•turn vaults
•drills: vault rail, turn vault on rail
•cat traverse on the grip work kind...squat and traverse
•bit of flow over tables...tired...more rail balance

Nice long stretch on the beach between 2 palm tree under a full moon that lit up diamond head. Yoga flow. Forgot to stretch yesterday bit was too tight


creativity is coming. Don't have to think anymore...just look somewhere and my body responds. Didnt plan anything. Just started moving. Was tired; gauntlets and big moves weren't feeling good so I moved to the rails. Worked some balance. Then got my energy and worked some flow drills. Felt good 

Free runs aren't great for grip on walls. Cats ng. Rail grip is fine. Started to get the balance on my feet. Played with it. Really starting to get turn vault with some accuracy on landing. Nailed the thicker edge at the grass. Thinner side needs work. Got the feel of safety tap on rail. Not so scary anymore. Slow and controlled...speed it up. 

Abs got a good workout yesterday and the last few days from Precisions. Couldnt pull of more than 5 wall pullups without slipping but was first time with these shoes. Flow warmup was fun. Didn't really count, just some reps and the. It evolved and I didnt control it. Just followed it
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 14, 2011, 10:21:01 PM

Run part way to park
QMs, plyo pushups, squats, random movement, sideways gap QM 

Rail balance 
Pop vaults, various vaults, some flow where possible, Precisions down steps



Ligh workout. Kids everywhere, ESP at my spot. Best wall was taken over by library mtg. Uninspired. Prefer ALA MOANA. Balance was fun.Beirut get much of a groove otherwise. Am now able to stand up on the rail without having to hold onto something...except that there was a low wall under the rail to step on. Crouches feel stable. Standing is easier than cat balance

Lazy vaults are feeling better. Rail set in the middle is kind of an annoying spot. Everyone passes thru and there is always someone sitting and staring. I guess ramp part is out of the path. I should focus on this spot. Corner spot by field is ok, but not much flow opportunity.  Generally not feeling the park anymore. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 15, 2011, 10:41:53 PM

Hip stretches, planks,...sand stretch
Shadow running
Run to rails

Hanging traverse along rails crossing feet and hands
Vault drills over rails...thief, lazy, both feet, all 3, turn vault
Balance work
Underbars thru tight rail
Traverse under table



Fun class. Finally got the feel of the thief vault. Not scared to catch my foot anymore. Silly mental block overcome. Vault drills was a good sweat. Hip flexor stretch warm up got me REALLY low. So cool! I got at least 5-6" lower!!! 

Time to work speed vaults. 
Turn vault landings need a lot of work. 
Need to work broad jump and tuck jumps
Drill monkey vault on rail
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 18, 2011, 09:10:54 PM

Sand stretch with hip flexor stretch

monkey stalls
Speed vaults
Thief dismounts
Fwd drops
Precisions off low wall
Cat Traverse pillar
Stair Precisions 



mike is in town and we are going to a show so had to make it quick. Snorkeled at Hanauma bay. Haven't moved since wednesday and really needed it. Martini fest with my smoker friends on Thursday broke my rhythm and we had to get the house ready. Was a bit stiff but just jonsing to move around. Did a bit if play on the rocks at the blow hole by sandys. 

Drilled kongs. Still not really getting the split foot take off. Kinda with the right and can feel the power but needs work. Tried with left but nope. Tried left again without the split foot but kept landing with my right...not a kong. drilled both for a bit but this needs some time to get it down. Maybe a better wall
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 20, 2011, 01:34:25 AM

swimming and rock running
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Post by: AndrewL on June 21, 2011, 09:57:26 PM

michael is in town so we are entertaining. Got a short one in the other so am not yearning too bad. But my body wants to move. My mind does too. 

Actually had a Pk dream last night now that I think of it. But not a good one. I kept running at things and then deciding not to get over it at the last moment. Felt real. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 22, 2011, 10:46:09 PM

•10x One leg hops up wall ea leg
•20x Precisions up, landing
•Run outside leg up and dn wall
•Same inside leg
•Safety stalls dn wall and back
•Monkey stalls dn wall and back touching ground
•Same but hands hit wall first

•follow the leader QM along wall at baseball field, precision up steps, stride down
•few minute drills of palm spins at picnic tables
•always run to next station with flow along way...thru trees along path
•bridge traverse
•Precisions from wall to curb at sidewalk on ala moana blvd
•wall runs at the high wall at bonus level
•Precisions to tree to sidewalk behind tennis cts
•flow over HECO vault and transformer behind tennis cts
•same place precision from high transformer to vault, flow dn



Different tonight. Format changed. Awesome and fun as always. More stations. A bit more intense but moderate for the most part. Ozzi is stepping it up so I logged more. 

Precisions are getting better. Sticking landings. Distance is slowly improving and my ups are getting better so basically I can go as far but with more control b/c hops are better. Still underestimate distance on the ground tho so need more practice. 

Feels great to move again. Feels like it's been forever. Dont want to go so long. I have the need. And it balances my stress. Makes me laugh more. 

working up to breaking the jump. I need a system. Ok I want one. I liked Annty's 50 reps jump to get something and nail it consistently. Then i want to find a spot higher and break it. 
Am still working my reps build my confidence. Don't want to risk it. I want to know I can do it and get my mind to do it. That is what I understand it to be. Everything so far is stuff that I am not sure I can do. So it's a risk. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 24, 2011, 12:09:10 AM

Went out for drinks with john and talked shop. Then did yoga balls and foam rolled right shoulder. Way over due. It's noticeably a few inches higher than the other shoulder. Ouch. Levator scapula and rhomboids hurt. Maybe I am overdoing one side on drills. I try to switch sides but maybe need to over compensate for beginner times
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Post by: AndrewL on June 27, 2011, 11:22:53 PM

Nothing since Thursday. Did t even go to the beach this weekend. Just recovery and rest. We were tired. Did t even bother to do the dishes since mid last week. Fun relaxing weekend. And now I am feeling a bit lethargic. 

Probably nothing like I have been for the last decade and a half. But I could see how it's easy to want to come home and vege. Have a drink. I was thinking that at work. But the feeling of wanting to move when it's something you do a few times a week is so much stronger. Yet I can feel it fading after about half a week. 

Moreover I can see how it would be hard to get mentally get back on the path after a year or longer of doing nothing. Hard and at the same time so easy. Just as easy as it is for us to let go and be ok. Mental game. But then isnt that half the reason to train Parkour in the first place?

So the left over beer and chips from the weekend got me. Not that it would stop me if the want is there. But I did t fight it. Did the bills and booked the hotel and other dakine that needed attention. Now the dishes...

One excuse to avoid: I need someone to train with. Bs. It's fun. But no excuse. You can find your own inspiration. And in the end you want to do what you want. Same with music. I love having a band but it's baggage. What I want is a quiet place where I can sing at the top of my lungs and work on this song until I get it right but that's condo living for you. More limiting than land. 

Weight wise, I am still on the slow path of about 1/2lb per week. Funny thing is it is almost stalling. And for a bit in the low 170's I was wondering if I was losing anything but i am pretty sure fat is turning to muscle. Getting leaner. And rounder on delts and such. Dipped under 170 for a touch but after 5 courses on Saturday night and poolside decadance on Sunday I am up over. 
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Post by: AndrewL on June 28, 2011, 10:40:59 PM

run, some flow and sand stretch

•10x Precisions up and dn steps at beach
•10x pop to hands on wall at steps, 4x wall dips, Kip up
•10x speed vaults up wall by bathroom...more like running one foot jump up, dismounts dn
•10x thief vaults of high wall

mostly ran around park looking for what was next. Did a bit of flow but never stuck to an area. Lazy I guess. Did that flow over HECO vault and transformer, and the precision down ending up on sidewalk. Had other ideas but lacked momentum. So I kept running. Felt good to run. 



Class is good to push you. Just like the urgency I have at work with coworkers and the schedule. Should have done more. Haven't moved since wed. Thought it was Thur but nope. Barefoot running is easier. I get the spring motion. Ran full out and it felt good. Not a sprint. Like 80%. Forgot about that! Funny. Like remembering you could do something. 

practice architecture and move like a ninja on at least a bidaily basis. You get rusty after 3 days. Garcia said so. Senses dull. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 30, 2011, 12:59:44 AM

joint and leg kine

run...fwd, bkwd, side, in and out of bollards
Ran for what must have been well over an hour with some jogging on the spot to regroup
50+13 jump tucks
Tabata pushups
Tabata squats




Dizzy. Still have a bit of a throat infection so am not 100% but fine. Doesn't affect work, only focus. Harder to commit to vaults and drops as I found yesterday. Wrist was funky on cartwheels. No injuries to speak of. Think I am past my hump. But mid left toes I bent back months ago are still sore
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 30, 2011, 11:26:35 PM

bike there, not much else
Some pops and Thiefs and such, rolls, etc for the camera
Follow the leader, choreography

Precisions at picnic tables, 5 wall pullups
Progressed to strides and safety vault and then lava using pillars can see where this goes...
Bunch of pushups while waiting and people stepping in lava



good and interesting energy tonight. They are going to air a special on channel 4 in 2 weeks 

Tweaked my ankle on a tic tac up the steps. Upper calves and hip flexers are sore from running yesterday. Kind of took it easy. Socializing and observing a bit more than usual and didn't push hard. Did that cat from the table to the pillar. It's nothing now. But I need to do it a bunch more. The distance looks so much shorter. It's all mental now that I know I can do it. 

Wall pullups are getting easier...feeling stronger. No problem striding to top of table. That was a first. Interesting tho...tiny doubt until you see everyone can do it. Pk pushups are totally easy going fwd. Bkwd is still unsteady coming off the elbows. Precision over table felt good but never got second one on flow. 

Tried the running precision to table top but the distance threw me and I chickened out mid air. Need to work this ht more. I like it. Work the distance back. Drill this 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on July 02, 2011, 06:22:07 PM

bike ride, sand stretch and QMs, run with some flow

squat rail traverse
Two handed vault along rail
Lazy along rail
Thief along rail

Rail balance
Left then right vault over rails, switch
banged toe pretty hard so I stopped
Sets of pushups, Incline pushups

Stretch in sand

Just under an hour 

hip fleckeds are getting super loose. Strides were feeling good between vaults at rails...have to adjust for distance. Didn't rip bit have 4 blisters on hands. 

INJURY REPORT...I think...
Nailed left pinky toe on rail with trailing leg doing a safety vault. Had vibrams on so the toe caught and pulled to side. Heard a crack, not really like a pop. Pain but not hot like a sprain. Went up the side of my foot a bit. Doesn't look bad. Gave it a rest and took it easy but hurt solid...been 1.5 hrs. Hurts less or maybe just numb now. 

Can walk ok and ride. Put Wt on it by accident a couple times and got sharp pain. Never broken anything before so I will have to wait and see. Don't want to see any useless doctors and don't want to bother with an xray. What's the point on a toe. 

Already thinking of all the things I can do without one foot if I need to. Couldn't think of much and didn't want to risk it since the pain was pretty steady - not like when I popped my thumb and thought I sprained it - so I swam. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on July 06, 2011, 10:53:40 PM

joints. Everyone ran, I walked...broken toe

rail squats with spot, 10x, 10x each leg
Monkey stalls on rail
100reps...various...lunges, squats, hold horse, etc

everyone worked pop vaults so I just did some gauntlet style drills. 
Multiple Sets of 15...didn't count
Crunches (30)
Hollow bodies for min
Cat balance
TM (tripedal)
Wall pullups...sets of 5 when couldn't do 10
Pk pushups
Plyo pushups



Got the monkey stall on rail. Felt good. Mental hangup. Pop hands up and use for balance. Then i missed one foot and fell on my hip. Collapsed on the rail. Ouch. Right on the bone which was probably the best place. The whole area is sore...muscles, bone, ligaments. Big bloody welt. Right side. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on July 13, 2011, 10:42:09 PM

hobble over to lache area
CF style 21, 15, 9 burpees and pullups (assist on wall)

Safety vaults on table...did til toe hurt
Then did 3QM, tall QM back 
Cat balance on wall
Sets of 30
Pk pushups
Palm spins
Kong vault progression over table...until it hurt
More drills same as above
One leg squats on wall both legs, balancing on big toe left foot



Finally got the palm spin without a safety tap! So easy! Like a safety vault or a cart wheel over the side of the table, hips fwd like a thief vault. Wt off table. Stoked!

Finally found a way to walk yesterday that doesn't hurt. Distances are limited but I can manage the 3/4 mile walk to work without stopping as of today...after a week and a half, just can't wear shoes. Pressure is too much. Muscles have stopped cramping on inside arch. Neil said it stops hurting after a month and swelling goes down after two. He broke his pinky too

Frustrating. Cant do much in class. Cant even approach a vault with quickness or jog between obstacles. For the first time in my life I yearn to run. And I can't. I am back in that accident prone mode and it's annoying. Banged my elbow getting off a wall...big bump. Bruise is still huge with a big lump on my hip. Left shin still hurts from the rail. I don't even know what that was...lack of focus? Did I slip or just miss it? Awareness is generally good. I guess control needs work. Not the same as caution I guess. I don't mean to whine. Just logging...

Tabata pk pushups and squats daily as a minimum
Work on upper body at the park...pullups
I have a list of non foot things I can do
Guess I could ride my bike to the park and continue sessions
Movement isnt as fun when the flow is so limited...just another obstacle I guess

That spot is great. So many opportunities. Need to work it there again. Tables are perfect for kongs and palm spins. Nice and low. Awesome spot on that banyan tree they popped thru bu I wasn't able to try it. Table, tree, table, sign post to spin and come back to table, around tree, table.  Nice flow. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on July 27, 2011, 11:18:42 PM

Shadow freerunning...hilarious
Plank in circle, vault everyone, other way...17 people
Monkey stalls: 8, 7, 6...7,8
10 or 20 boxjumps to landings
10 power box jumps...did in pairs
Run to volleyball ct area...non stop...toe feeling strong

Monkey vault on picnic table, precision to rock, vault big rock
Sets of 10 pushups while waiting
Tic tac off tree to precision on rock
Precision from rock to rock


2 hrs

J'aime l'art de duplacement. So fun. Makes me feel like a normal person. Even after an easy day at work I am so wound up. It unwinds me. Stoked. Toe feels great. Been 3 1/2 weeks since i broke it. A bit tender, but not as much as Monday and I did way more. Tried some drops, tested it. Only worked one side tic tacs. Got it tho. Got speed vault one side. Warmup was hard. Feel like I could do a lot more

step it up. Been almost a year. Thought I would be fwrther by now. Not saying I haven't accomplished anything and not comparing myself. But can do bigger jumps than I do, more flow, more reps...move thru the pain...longer sessions

Drill tic tacs

Drill speed vaults

Drill Precisions on rocks
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on August 01, 2011, 11:51:00 PM

Step ups, maybe 50 or so alternating randomly
50x calf raises
Calf stretch on wall
30x knee ups, Alt legs
Box jump, side vault along wall
10x pushups
Other direction
10x pk elbow pushups
Safety stalls along wall
10x wide pushups
Other direction
10x pk pushups fwd
plank QM from mid wall to end, other direction
10x precision broad jumps up steps, strides dn

MOVEMENT 20-30 min
At zig zag walls by field
Monkey vaults on med/low wall, safety dismount down
Pop vaults on med/hi wall, thief dn



Pops are feeling really strong with right leg. Lots of power. Got the Kip finally. Got the left one once. But once is never. Toe feels 100% for pk. Still a tiny bit tender if I sit on it. 

Feel really good. Conditioning was med hard but could have done more movement. Low back is still sore from Wednesday workout. That was a hard warmup. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on August 04, 2011, 12:47:20 AM
classes are always there so I'm not gonna say it anymore. Hawaii academy classes are toast

sand...bouncing, jumping, jump walking, leg stuff, typ. Sim to warmup for long run. 

some upper body
Plyo pushups from standing
Same to lower step
Plank QM down steps, 5x pushups, back up, repeat
Some similar stuff

2-3 light poles on track
70-80% during
Heel kicks at 70%

•Follow the leader around the maze of palms, tables, tacs on trees
•Tac to table vault, both sides 10min
•Some palm spins on the corner of the wall. Tried a super leaning palm but couldn't get my feet over. Need to be more vertical. 

under the palms

2hrs as always. Not gonna log this either

fun day. Could have done more. Sprints were fun. Not tiring at all. Interesting how getting over the warmup and conditioning bump is the hardest part of training. The rest can go on forever

am seeing more and more precision spots. Hit them on training days
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Post by: AndrewL on August 08, 2011, 11:32:44 PM
2011.08.08 MONDAY CLASS

Joint warmup, leg isometric, balance on leg
Plank rounds
400 mountain climbers
100 mountain hoppers
Broad jumps 5x on sand steps to steps

Cat traverse
Cat grabs


Tough warmup. Upper abs were feeling it. Precisions are feeling good. Accuracy and confidence building. Need reps! Bridge is too far. Maybe 2 feet

to get that precision by the end of the year. We will see what happens. Am more interested in looking back to see if I made it. 

Pretty busy right now. Wendi is working 7 day weeks and I have 3 study sessions a week plus long work days. Will be more free In October and can focus more on training certain drills. 2 classes a week for now. 

Am thinking about running 3 miles 2 days a week starting in October. Want to lose 15 lbs. 
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Post by: AndrewL on August 11, 2011, 10:44:35 PM
tried to do Thur bootcamp for wed makeup but got there late...stupid work

sand stretch, QMs, pk pushups,...

10x monkey stalls
10x kongs, tried to alternate foot takeoff
10x low impact dismounts
10x wall pullups
10x pop vaults, Alt legs
10x thief vaults down, Alt legs
10x wall dips
10x dash style drops
Wall traverse
Rail balance where I broke my toe
Couple dozen palm spins, both sides 
10x precision from pavement to tree, tree to pavement
50x jump tucks
...Went back and worked the rail...get on the horse
10x turn vaults ea side-only count the good ones 
10x Safety vaults Alt sides
Lots of running

Caught up with class


first solo in a long long time and it felt good. Could have joined the class but I like training solo. I could push myself harder tho. More reps. Fewer drills. But I enjoyed the variety of it all. Didn't plan anything. No flow, just technique sampler. Felt like a light workout. 

Turn vaults felt great made the long side consistently and nailed the short side the last few. That's a first. Stoked to have a few firsts. Feel like a new man with my toe close to 100%. I made peace with the railing and got to know it. Back on he horse. 

Need to work on kongs. Need to work on left pop. Kip up is not right. Left palm spins are coming along. Work on right with one hand If possible. Fav low table was taken so I used a taller one. Precisions from tree to pavement felt good. That's 8'. I started at about 6. I tried it at the bridge on the ground but didnt make it. I need ht I think. Challenge. Break this jump
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on August 12, 2011, 12:11:11 AM

Just looking back at my log since June I notice some changes. When camp was going on I had 3 classes a week and was inspired to do a solo day for 4 days a week and I was happy. Then I went to 1 day a week and broke my toe. Then I fell on my hip. That put me out of commission for a while and things got frustrating. 

Part of it was class schedule. Part of it was momentum...solos. Part was injury compounded with grief...powerful. Add failing a test and it's exponential. And then work creeps in and your priorities get out of whack. Bob said he is happy out on his own less stress but less money. Who cares. Independence is prime. But it means creating your own steam, especially when things are tough. 

Wendi's schedule has been nuts which turns everything upside down. Kids will make it worse. Mental note...lose Parkour, lose sanity and balance. 

As i have said before elsewhere, pk is totally analogous to sole proprietorship. In motivation terms, they are opposites. Have a job; be a zoo human. Excuses. Be free; seek no approval. The irony is that the excuses are born of the fear of being free, yet the excuses wouldn't even be brought up if they didn't scorn their situation. They want to be free! Everyone wants to be free. Parkour is the way. You already have your reason. So nothing is stopping you but yourself, your fear, and your excuses. 

Fear of failing is fear of falling. But fear shouldnt stop you. Private practice, be it Parkour or architecture, is about fear management. Desegno sense paura. The fear will always be there. Just like pain, it is an indicator. I've really learned to appreciate both. Movement is not only physical. Move through fear. Accept pain. 
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Post by: AndrewL on August 15, 2011, 11:48:29 PM
2011.08.15 MONDAY CLASS

Bouncing, etc
9 people, 9 drills for a minute each, 20s rest, 2 rounds
•hands and toes on ground, turn knees and bend outside elbow, Alt
•Ab twist dakine, touch ground on both sides
•hi punch, punch, low punch, punch, snap kick, kick
•capoera move, hand on ground with opp leg stretched out and hover butt over ground, alternate 
•Alt pushups...right hand fwd, left hand back
• hip flexor rolls fwd and Bk
•jump squats
•knees up jumps

cat leaps
Drilled bounce offs and then angled like tic tac
Cats to traverse one side of col
Flow up col, thru tree, table, table, high wall
Cat leap to climbup
Safety vault drills over 2 tables


cats and Kips are feeling strong. Bounch feels right on good side. Can get up with chicken wing. Can get a jump off to the side like a tic tac as well and land it nicely. 

work tic tacs
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on August 17, 2011, 10:55:52 PM

Sand warmup
Plank vaults around the circle
Dn dog QM under circle
Elbow plank jump over circle

Precisions without lifting legs
Precisions up big steps at sand
Running Precisions to steps
Lots of Precisions. Stick it, vault thru it, power to next precision, etc
Stride to Precisions 


Mellow class. Tough warmup. My elbows always get tired in plank. Maybe I am doing them wrong? Never really shoulders...hmm. Precisions need work. Up more than out. Stick it. 

Feeling good about having two classes a week. Tests are still main priority and will be until Halloween. So it's nice To not have to think about it. Just show up. I want to train every other day when I have more control over my schedule and less of a time suck than the ARE. I don't think a kid or my own biz would be as distracting as having a job. 

I'm coming up on a year of training soon. Another month and a half. Still plateaued at what I think is 15lb above my ideal Wt, but I'm not trying to lose. Staying between 165-170. Thought I would be farther along by now. But I guess that's what you'll think if all you do is watch YouTube. Ozzi's one year tribute to training does not set the bar for normal men. Bit it's a nice precedent to have set. 

Still really want to do just s ton of reps. Annty style. 
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Post by: AndrewL on August 18, 2011, 09:35:24 PM


something just struck me. I have been tracking my progress with technique, strength, etc but not mastery of fear. Figured I haven't really gotten anywhere since I am not working big gaps or breaking jumps. But I have made progress in managing fear.

Lunch break from work, typical, I got to the park and chill under the banyan trees at the fountain. I was walking along the wall and came to the bench. I tested the back of it with my foot, remembering the precision to back of bench I decided not to do at am rndvz2. I stood up on the it, got my balance, and was about to jump onto the ground...the thing was made of plastic and tipped backwards. I ended up landing on my feet and caught myself on my hands. it was so fast I didn't know what happened until I landed. no damage. dust on my hands, no problem. Business casual clothes didn't get dirty....

the funny thing is, a year ago if I did that, I would have an adrenaline rush and maybe be a little freaked out since I wouldn't be used to moving like that. the height would have bothered me, etc. the point is I have developed. minor skills in managing fear. even embarrassment. now I'm more like a kid. fall down, go boom, no big deal. I didn't even fall down. landed in a perfect QM. before I might have banged my knee or jammed my wrist. so here's to acknowledging the baby steps
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Post by: AndrewL on August 22, 2011, 11:02:57 PM
2011.08.22 MONDAY CLASS

bouncing on grass, bounce to plank, much bouncing, hundreds of high knees

Find max box jump from steps to white wall
Drills of box jump x2, QM wall, cat dn
Monkey stalls up white steps, QM, box jump, QM wall, pillar traverse, cat dn big wall to beach...or vault later, rolls
Dips to Kip up from waist hang. Sets of 5
Set of 3, waist shimmy along wall, set of 2...ouch
2 rounds...ugh


Tough class tonight. Waist shimmy is a killer on my wrists. I mean it's not too bad on my right so I figure it's normal but my left hurts more...the bad one. Felt pretty lethargic. Even early on my vaults were lackluster. Box jumps lost power early on. Tried a higher max but wasn't making it. 

I want to progress farther. Higher, faster, farther, smoother, stronger, cleaner, more control. Twice a week is all I can pull off right now. Don't feel like I am really getting anywhere. I don't think you can get really good at anything unless you do it daily or every other day. Garcia got rusty after 3 days. 

get Pau with license and step it up. Classes are good for now to keep me In The game. Maybe do mon, wed and bootcamp after Halloween. Train on weekends and meet some goals. Break some jumps. Live a little. 

I van focus on weight loss then too. Still hovering at 167. Need to shed at least 15. Then I want to see how I perform
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Post by: AndrewL on August 24, 2011, 11:56:49 PM

Bouncing on grass by baseball field

Plyo QM along wall at grass...hands on wall, QM along wall, side QM, other side half way, bkwds QM at end
Same other direction
Same again with legs on wall QM, kong QMs on wall, side, side, bkwds QM
same other direction
Plank with legs on wall...variations: kick both legs, mountain climbers
3x5 plank to hand stand (mostly did pike)
Wall bounces (cat leap abort) 3x10

Safety vault with back hand
Thief vaults
Progression sim to palmspin...slow approach
Safety vault, reverse safety, thief 
Flow over wall, pop, drop


hard workout. Thief vaults need work. Develop core. Shoulders need work as well. Progress is slow but I guess I am getting somewhere. Work feels the same. Want more faster. Wore my vibrams for the first time since I broke my toe. Feel great. Cats are fun. 

muscle up
Cat to tic tac
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Post by: AndrewL on August 30, 2011, 01:27:07 AM
2011.08.29 MONDAY CLASS

Run to end of park

Kick walk from path to trees 
Back, Alt sides...opp foot and hand
Bear crawl there and back
QM hops with straight legs together, back
Side QM stretch staying low, back

Monkey stall to table, landing
Progressed up to land and roll
Cat balance on long wall at parking
Cranes on wall, sets of 10
Crane to safety over wall
Precisions on bollards x3
Safety vaults over walls

Sand. We haven't done that in a while. I missed the beach

mellow class. Worked techniques. Learned about keeping hands back when monkey onto table so they can swing fwd to a precision. Never thought of that. More efficient. Can get farther on table with monkey. Rolls feel good. Were gonna drill vaults but it rained so we craned. Can gap the sidewalk. Cranes are ok. Technique is there, just needs reps for muscle memory and confidence. Drill this

Broke the jump with Precisions. Been a long time since i did this one. Looks so far. It got me for a second but I did it. Power is fine. Fear is heavy. Confidence is light. I need more of this. Stoked. Landings are better. Didn't need any spot. Well mentally I did but I never used a physical one. Fear is good to face. See what you're ready for and elevate yourself. 

Break the jump on bollards
Tic tacs
Really want to train muscle ups and meet some solid set goals
Other goal is to tighten up. Just got the Nike+ chip. Want to run and lose the gut. Will train mornings when I have them back. Got a new arm band too. Stoked!

But main goal is GET LICENSED. Classes are fine to keep me going. Train goals after tests pau. 

am back on daily study schedule. Sometimes you have to rearrange to get back on track. Analysise, Redirect and try it. Lesson learned in goal setting: daily work, constant focus, slow progress, patience, acceptance, discipline, passion, and gratitude. no schedule; only path...acknowledgement leads to motion. And motion is everything. Time is nothing. Make haste slowly
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Post by: AndrewL on August 31, 2011, 11:28:50 PM


10 set of 10 box jumps, crawl to water, 10 pushups
Varied QM and PU ea time
Random sets of 30 pushups

turn vaults to safety vault


felt lazy today. Mental block on the left side for vaults on rails where I broke my toe
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Post by: AndrewL on September 06, 2011, 01:16:28 AM
2011.09.05 MONDAY CLASS

Bounce, Run

10 sets of 5 reps ea: jump squats, run, vault, pushups, jump, roll, run

Pop vaults, 3x dips cat balance along wall
Pops to waist shimmy along wall
Pop with foot on wall at top
Pop with foot (one smooth movement) to foot down on the other side
Cat leaps to wall, hang for 10s
Cat to climbup


Pops feel great. cat to climbups need work. Got the bounce, but don't have the momentum. And don't get the bounce to Kip. I like the pop vault move on top of the wall to foot down on the other side. It's a nice flow and you can go back and forth. We did drills like this on the curved wall by the green. Cat negatives still need one side after the other. Just started working the left side first. Awkward. Waist shimmy is working better. Keep hips away from wall
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Post by: AndrewL on September 07, 2011, 11:21:21 PM

Creative movement class. Ran around the park and stopped at places that looked interesting

At path where magic island begins
•precisions across path with step in the middle. Precision, precision. Step to precision. QM step to twist and land with feet at other side
•hang shimmies on bldg
•flow over heco vault to pad, over stream, box and wall
•precisions down across stream from wall. Back up

•plan spins on palm tree

At area near east entrance
•precisions from wall, step, precision up to wall
•some strides to running precision on wall
•QM on wall
At pullup bars
•flow thru tree
•late swing drills to landing

At bridge
•traverse railing
•precisions from wall to curb


Palm spins need work. Did cartwheels to practice. Helps on tree. Left leg step to precision is surprisingly weak. Never noticed before. Strange, Bc if I take off with a right Kip then how is the power In my left. Need to feel this out. 

Was generally a fun class. Nice to be random and flow. Ripped, but hands are getting tougher for sure and are healing faster. I am definitely not sore after classes much anymore. Other people are tho. They haven't been training as long I guess. They are usually more fearless and get techniques quicker tho. 

I'm really digging on certain drills tho. Reps. And breaking the jump on simple things. The tree flow looks so much worse than it is. But I'm still hesitant. Want to work more on power and technique. I have a lot of fear to unlearn. So many years of not doing sports or anything...makes me not try things I should. Can't wait to train on my own regularly. I can see why they did such big numbers. How else do you master anything?

Thinking of doing daily precision drills. 10 to 20 or so. Start over if I miss one. Not sure how realistic this is right now with my schedule. 
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Post by: AndrewL on September 14, 2011, 01:29:54 PM

Run on beach, sand movement, QM, etc

Standing cats to wall
Running cats
Set of box jumps
Standing precisions to post base
Running precisions



had a big smoothie an hour before so box jumps weren't making me feel good. Scoped out the area beforehand. Found a good tictac spot in the trees. Forgot to stretch but the water was distracted I guess. I love this island. My standing jump is better than I thought. Running also. Left foot take off is improving. 

The distance is always hard to gauge, especially when u r going up. It will come with time. Pk eyes are improving. Didn't do what I planned to do, and what I planned wasn't much. I can't go this long between movement. I guess it was a week. Leaving for paula's wedding today and had a lot of prep work to do. Only had time for a quick one today. 
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Post by: AndrewL on September 19, 2011, 02:29:44 PM

run, play, sand warmup
Incline pushups, various sets inclined up and dn
Mountain climbers, squats, QM, etc

gauntlet style flow on boulders, branches and logs
Rail balance on branches perched on rocks
precision off branch to rocks
Rail squats on branch
Rock running on boulders and rocks, like lava
Cat balance on pier rail


probably about an hour

We were out at the pier with nick, paula, kelly, Stella, dimitri, katherine, and George. Caught a fish. Drank a couple heinikens. Chilled on the pier and went running and jumping around. Boulders In the field were awesome for pop vaults. Did some straight running up the sloping sides. Some sides were good for vaulting. Nice and high for landings on grass, sand, pebble beach, and other rocks. Some boulders were great for palm spin types of moves. Mostly just did creative movement and play. Natural elements are easier than urban ones

Lots of fun. Felt like a kid. So many opportunities. Boards with rusty nails and rusting lobster cages to avoid under branches. There were rocks balanced on rocks so I vaulted through them and tried not to knock them over. There were some big precisions but I kept it simple since I had a beer and a half. Most rocks were stable but it added an extra factor to consider stability of rocks and wood. Got a nice booboo on a big rock. Had a great peaceful stretch on a beautiful secluded beach on fort pond bay. Am finally starting to relax and feel like I am away from it all. 
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Post by: AndrewL on September 26, 2011, 11:00:24 PM
2011.09.26 MONDAY CLASS

Martial arts style movement warmup

Ukemi for rolls


I still get so dizzy from the rolls. Good to be back on the island. Pops still feel good. I want to move. Was pretty inspired atthe beach yesterday. Went next to the blow hole. Rocks were like a giant play ground. Did a dive off a point rock...balancing on one foot, waiting for the right moment with the surging water. Balance is greatly improving. Sense of  play is alive. I would have moved a lot more but the lava was sharp and I didn't have shoes. Drops hurts. There was a cave too! 
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Post by: AndrewL on September 29, 2011, 02:14:21 AM


Plyo drop work on steps from squat. Push off. Variations
Plyo drop, drop, explode, etc
Monkey type Plyo: hands dn and push feet fwd like dash, then hands dn, Plyo back, hands dn and push feet back to starting position

Reverse dips 5x5 to Dash drop from wall to cat on ledge at bathroom, hold cat 5s
Various grip work
Railing work: vault back and forth, lazy, bkwds vault along, etc
Monkey stalls to rail, stand, squat
Monkey vaults


Workwd the technique for Monkey vault a bit. Practice on ground to get feet past hands. Hips high. Worked the rail mount. Big mental block from last time. Got some confidence up when I could get my feet under me and onto the rail but was reluctant to release hand. Need to work on pop with hands. Pull and then pop hands off. Balance is much better and can squat now no problem, it's just getting the mount. Don't even really feel like I need the spot. It helps when I try to push my momentum fwd. Can get the mount if I work on bouncing off. Still dont trust my aim with my feet. 
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Post by: AndrewL on October 03, 2011, 10:30:12 PM
WEEKEND FUN 2011-10-02

had a great weekend. 3 beaches. kayaked off Kailua beach on Saturday. Sunday, took the board out and paddled at mokolii, did a bit of snorkeling, then went and played in the giant waves at makapuu.
last weekend was fun too. Susan and Rich were in town. swam around the reef at san souchi Saturday. Went to that secret beach near the blowhole on the south shore. bring shoes next time. great rocks for movement and play, and the cave leads to another area which apparently has a lava tube.
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MONDAY CLASS 2011.10.03 


15 sets of 10 monkey stalls, QM, 10 pushups, QM
variation on monkey stalls this time. Stall, squat up, hands on wall to pivot and leap backwards. That's 1. Goal was 10 but had some slow people so I helped them out. At least they were dedicated

Run back

Pop vault with defender
Then defenders


I started out feeling lazy. But now I feel great. I feel strong. I feel like I accomplished something. I feel like I am getting a little closer to something. If only work felt that way. I am finding vast stores of energy and power. At set 7 when I am tired and want to quit I can summon up the power and gallop backwards faster than I've ever done. No pain. This is new

want to do more flow work. I like the gauntlet warmup. I want my technique to improve and I want more tools in my bag. No immediate plans to train solo. Finally got the hang of getting the board out of the bldg on my own so I guess my movement goal is to paddle weekly. Train on those days too. Trade off with someone. Main goal is still exams. 
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cat hang from standing, jump with feet up...set of 10
Hang stretches
Climbups from cat hang 2x10...maybe 3
Gauntlet: cat balance on wall, side QM with feet on wall around inside of dumpster enclosure, cat traverse wall, climbup, precision dn to top of wall
Hand stand walkups, hold plank, hold dn plank, typ etc

Monkey vault prog on wall...stall, skater kick, vault
flow thru tree, vault wall, cat climbup wall, cat negative
Various styles of this...silent, backwards

Grip needs work. Not strong. Legs feel good. Running has Improved a lot. Endurance is much better. But upper body is still weak when it comes to power. Endurance is ok. I can do 100 pushups in a gauntlet no prob. But handstands, or grip work, and I suck. I favor my right side for chicken wings. Don't want it but I need more strength to pull it off right. 

work more climbups. 
And speed vaults
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Post by: AndrewL on October 10, 2011, 10:40:21 PM
2011.10.10 MONDAY CLASS

run kine warmup

Sprints columns to columns
1 at 60%
1 at 80%
3 at 100%
crawl back
130 pushups +\- variations every 10

Corkscrew popups, jump or step down
Same, To dismount
Combo to fluid movement sim to clock. Lean at to other hand and put foot thru (not pivot foot...which is same side as hand with fingers pointing dn)
Reverse vault...washing machine
Next level is reverse palm spin. Work up to it by doing reverse vault and try not using the second foot. 


Felt lazy today. Movement was lackluster. Felt a bit dizzy after the run. Ran out of power during pushups. Last set was clapping. Couldn't do more than 3 or 4 but still had lingering endurance. Rain felt nice

I want to train alone again. No class to drag me down if they are lazy. More room to work. More flow and creative space. Parkour is good practice for work. And study. Training hard. You have to push to start. And always do more than you think you can. At mind games to keep going. Schedule doesn't work so much for me by reps do. Just get them done. Speed doesn't matter. Just passion and persistence. Power thru. Soon you're floating and having fun. 

Making progress on studying. Should be in a routine in a week or so for the next 6. Two more exams after that. 
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Post by: AndrewL on October 13, 2011, 12:07:30 AM

50 knee ups per leg
Quad stretch

•10x jump ups...standing, palms on top of wall, jump up to waist hang, climb up facing one way with foot on wall, switch sides. That's one
•10x Turn vault on wall, QM on wall 
•5 or 10x Turn vault, drop, pop up, QM on wall 
•10x Turn vault, 5 dips, turn vault back other side
•5x flow turn vault, pop up, QM on wall, turn vault, pop, turn vault down
•1x full speed
•50x Plyo pushups from standing at low wall
•Butterfly vaults
•Lazy safety vault
•Reverse vault via crane


Good class. Lots of movement. Good flow. Got tired. Still sore on triceps. Pops sucked at the end. But could have done more. Vaults were getting a bit clumsy. Assisted coached a bit
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Post by: AndrewL on October 13, 2011, 11:15:17 PM


agility drills on wall

turn vaults
Lazy turn vaults
Safety to reverse safety
Flow safety vaults and turn vaults at rails

Bootcamp, wk2. Huge class. 20+. super tight and sore. Tired. Tweaked my leg on agility drills. Slipped on wet wall and strained my groin/hipflexor. That got me lazy. Then I realized I'm still sore from this week. Need a hot tub

Still stutter stepping during flow. Disappointing. Mostly at turn vaults. Work these. Safety is fine. Lazy needs a certain approach. 
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Post by: AndrewL on October 17, 2011, 11:01:58 PM

Only stayed for about an hour cause Wendi needed the car. Warmed up on my own. 
Spotted rail walk 
Worked some rail balance with backpack
Cats to CMU wall...grab the holes
Wall runs
Really want to train on my own
CRAVING inspired creative movement. I want to hear what my body has to tell me. 

At home
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Post by: AndrewL on October 17, 2011, 11:10:15 PM
2011.10.17 MONDAY CLASS

Capoera jinga
Kind of cart wheel
Kind if safety vault drill with leg extended (block) X20
Combos of above with flow
From horse to on toes with feet together, back x20

10x bounce off from step
10x bounce off from standing...variations
Running take off to two foot tac off col landing w/ turn
20x worm to cat


I had a great time. Absolutely love this. Really got the tac with two feet. Started and couldn't do it. Until I was doing it to 90deg turn with no hands, then nailed the 180 on right side. Other side isnt far behind. This Kind of stoke should happen more often. But then I should challenge myself more. 

Rails still freak me out for certain moves...monkey stalls, backwards safety vault. But drops and other fun stuff doesn't bother me. Maybe build confidence in breaking jumps this way, precisions, work more bounce type drills and progress that way. Work rails for balance, master monkey vault, dash vault and then work the rails to confidence. Core and flexibility have a long way to go. That will help as well. 

ok it's goal time. Watched the monkey is back again and got something else out of it. I need weekly goals. Like the pushup challenge. Or 1000x whatevers. Since I have class and not much extra time, 500 is a better number until I have time to train alone. I don't have any ideas at the moment other than develop drill for vid
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Post by: AndrewL on October 19, 2011, 11:46:10 PM

Run up steps fwd, dn bkwd
Shuffle sideways up and dn
Same with touchdown
precisions on steps
5 pushups or squats if one person doesn't stick it...did about 10 sets of ea
forgot to mention last time we did those pushups where you go back to bended knees

Precision from low wall to sidewalk and up onto bench (the bus bench kine)
Vault over bench, step step precision on wall
Rail precisions on bench arms
Kongs on low wall
Back and forth vault drill along wall lime at rails


class was focused on technique. Made some progress on my kongs. They are had to land on that tiny wall but it's all core. I can get straight that way. Rail precisions felt good. Its totslly mental, but stillmy nemisis. Precisions are feeling good but I need to trust my distance and my ups. I got it. Work some bounce off drills to practice this. 

Worked the tic tac off column to 180, that was fun. Pops are feeling pretty good but I want to train them. I'm itching to do some vaults to drops. And maybe some turn vaults and work some flow. I could go for some climb up work too. Core is pretty sore from Monday cat work but it feels good. 

goal setting is settling in my mind. And I'm tempted to set Pk idea I really want to pursue is making precision trainers...but my goal setting will be limited to exams at the moment. I'm getting excited about that. 
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Post by: AndrewL on October 24, 2011, 10:48:41 PM
2011.10.24 MONDAY CLASS

Basic warmup for a run

Flow around park, escalating level after the first one or two. Run, Pk movement with QMs fwd and bkwd on steps and along walls, some up and down movement on walls but mostly creative movement along a path
Did about half a dozen rounds
45 minutes or so

longish yoga session

1.5 hr this time. Normally class is 2hrs b/c Ozzi rocks ;)

Nice flow session. Mostly simple moves once we got tired. No big drops like last time. Most bigger drops were cat negatives. QMs were a nice break. Hard, but I was able to push thru and explode to a sprint if I wanted to. Nice even rest movement. Jumps got my core worn out and the pops got sloppy after a while. 

Got saucony shoes at a sweet deal. A bit small. But wanted some halfway decent shoes to give my frees a break. Haven't worn the vibrams In a while but wanted them on Kauai. Did some vague movement on the rocks at secret beach but was mostly exploring and looking for opportunities in case we end up there. I also want shoes for hikes to beaches. Remoteness is calling more and more for play shoes. And hikes want some play shoes too. I am not interested in hiking shoes anymore. 
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Post by: AndrewL on October 26, 2011, 11:16:59 PM


QMs on conc in front of shave ice around columns
•fwd and bkwd
•tall straight leg w/ feet together
•Kongs fwd and bkwd
•low crouch side
•plank QMs
•croc walk w/ 10 pushups 
•from pike walk 1,2,3 fwd and leap feet fwd straight legged with feet flat

cat to wall at bathroom, traverse ledge, precision gap, traverse, precision gap, traverse, etc


2hrs as usual

Conditioning is tough as usual but feels great. Endurance, flexibility and strength is improving. Explosive strength is slowly improving. Hip flexor flexibility is better than ever. Two step wall run on column is right there. Want to try this to a cat. General movement and explosive moves are getting better. Flow is way better. Mind is quieter. 

Pop vault is slowly geting better and i can get the kip if i really push it but not in these shoes. Tried my NB for the first time since I got my vibrams. They are so heavy and clunky. gaps are getting easier. I surprise myself with the distance. Mostly mental. But when I reached for the ledge with my hands rather than feet on wall/ledge first i missed a couple times. 

None to speak of but I am getting better ideas of realistic goal making. Focus is on goals other than pk and keep working hard at class
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Post by: AndrewL on October 31, 2011, 11:34:23 PM
2011.10.31 MONDAY CLASS

sand QMs and such...buttrolls,...QM kine one leg mountain climbers

3x10 jump to waist hang dip 
5x5 from waist hang, Kip to mount, neg dip
Last set was 10 instead of 5
10x Monkey up, monkey dn (like kong parallel to wall) along wall...3 per run
6x same but start with box jump/no hands...this got dicey for me when my feet were dragging half way thru 
Safety vault dismount off high wall. Drilled it to split ft landing also

Flow involving big and low walls: pop, dismount, monkey up and dn


Did some pops and 2ft wall runs before class again. Love those. Am getting fast at warming up for stuff like that. Run a bit from the bus, some quick jount and muscle moves and im ready to go. Hard warmup on quads in the sand. Kips are there easily with momentum but super hard from the dip...more like one ft at a time...not really a core workout; more arms. Damn you auto correct. Kips, not lips.
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Post by: AndrewL on November 02, 2011, 11:04:41 PM

sand run to end of white walls
Run bkwd
Shuffle sideways
Other side
QM fwd
Bkwds run
Fwd run

5 sets of Circuit training at 3 stations for time. Time was about 5x broad jumps up and dn
•broad jumps up giant white steps, dn
•jumping dips, about 20 per. 
•QM dn and up stairs, 4-5 reps

Kongs on med wall
Kong dismount from high to low 
Two handed vault like a cross btw speed and kong
Kong on low wall to grass...rained so it was slippery...gotta clear the wall
Kong dismount from low wall

Flow with all. 6 rounds


Tough session again. Tiny bit harder than Monday. Mental toughness is ever better. Rained super hard. Mmmm. Could have done more. Feeling strong. But so much farther to go. Still steady at 168. Could drop at least 10 lb. Maybe more. Strides and pacing is solid. No stutter stepping. I don't plan techniques much but it backfired and tweaked my big toe. Should have been a crane or a pop and was something else. 

Pops get me there but I need to work on them in flow. Hard to keep momentum once I get to the mount. Working on one two landing and it's working well for my flow. Kongs are super versatile. Learning to apply them. Better for ht than I thought. Have been slipping on training both sides for techniques, but we haven't really been training reps that much. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: Shamas on November 03, 2011, 03:55:35 AM
Great job so far!

Keep it up, man.

Posted to follow.
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 04, 2011, 10:30:47 PM

Yoga ball under ball of foot left, step and press. Move right, then down, then Left until you cover the whole foot

Calf stretch on bigger ball. Other foot almost next to ball on foot. Genie arms, fwd partial bend. Full bend. Bend other knee and straighten, same with hip dip

Shake out feet

Sit on floor, roll ankles on foam roller. Up and down, then Back and forth. 

Move up to lower calf. Same. One foot over the other for more pressure. Lift up on hands for even more. 

Move up to meat of calf. Same

Move just below knee. Same

Hamstrings rolling up and dn. Tilt back and forth. Lift one leg for more pressure. Roll a bit to get closer to IT band

IT band. Left leg. Right foot crossed in front, left hand back for support. Lift both to control pressure. Both hand on the floor and roll. Lift both legs for a lot of pressure

Switch legs

Sit on roller, feet on floor. Left foot on right knee for right glut. 

Move foot close to hip and hug knee and deep roll glut

Switch gluts

Roller under sacram. Wave legs in the air like crazy. Knees up, legs at 90 deg, both legs to right, shoulders on floor. Roller gets side of hip...TFL

Switch sides

Roll quads up and dn. Bend knees up toward butt. Bend knees and windshield wiper to get sides of quads

Roll all of back from sit bones to base of neck

Big ball all over back

Arm pit on roller. Lie on it with arms behind head for limphnode

Arm pit over roller and fold chest to floor, open chest to clg to get pec and scapula

Sit on end of roller and lay back so it's on spine. Roll side to side. Can bend arms to 90 and get under scapula

Roller under base of skull at occiput. Shake your head no



drink tons of water after. Seemed super quick. Tons of knots in places I never knew about. I need a lot more attention in my gluts, calves, IT band, ...
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 06, 2011, 01:39:15 PM
trained with Ed

Joints, muscle warmup, bouncing, run around field

QMs up and dn bleachers, QM to grass 20 pushups
next set on bleachers, QM bksd to grass, 30 squats
Next set, QM side, Pk pushups...taught technique...various
Other side, 20 squats, 10 jump squats

Flow/creativity on low bench, picnic table, low bench
Monkey stalls on low bench...technique, landings
Monkey stalls on picnic table...technique...added some QMs on top, a bit of kong progressions
Palm spins
Drill tic tacs on tree to  dirt spot target...decent distance
Flow on picnic table, picnic table, tic tac on tree


1.5 hr

Fairly light workout with flow and technique. Strained my lower back. Wasn't anything in particular I did. Maybe tic tacs. But mon and wed workouts were pretty hard on it so I think it's just an accumulation of things. And probably my abs need more dedicated work. Tic tacs felt really good. Aim is good, distance is farther, turn is there, sticking landings. 

Strides are feeling really good and help keep control and an even keel. Same with run up distance and footing for working drills. Flow felt good, analysis of movement was productive, creativity session developed nicely. Didn't plan it, just scouted areas and winged it. Started training with Ed a year ago. It's interesting to see how far I've come...strength, flexibility, endurance, grace. There are some good cat opportunities but ran out of time
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 10, 2011, 12:02:14 PM

Pulled my quadratus lomborum. Right side again. Wasnt any one move. wear and tear over a week of noticeable soreness. 

Got a massage from Wendi on Sunday, about an hour and a half. Stretched and iced. 

Took the day off Monday. Didnt leave the house either day. Couldnt stand up for very long. Couldnt do the dishes in one go. Plan to do a light session on the weekend of crawling. Restorative Pk. Knew atthis point I wouldn't be able for wed class. 

Tuesday could walk mostly erect but had to stretch front of body to straighten out, and back to be able to move. Its a lot of work to keep core tight and supported. Sore, but was able to walk home. Didn't ice and regretted it. 

Wed walked to work with a gal of water and made it fine. Walked to lunch and was able to get around. Less stiff but still just as sore. Iced and stretched. Could touch my toes by end of day. Seems like this injury, perhaps a recurring one at this point, will take at least a week to the point where i can back to training. Maybe a month to 95%. Upper back takes a lot of strain. 

Feiyues arrived. They are big. Tried some minimal bouncing. 

Thursday and could touch my toes in the morning. Feel like I want to try jogging and bouncing. Core needs work. Warmed up pretty well on sat. Could have warmed up the muscles and body more. Maybe I should have switched the legs on the tic tac or do e fewer flow reps. Didn't do that many. Need to keep core engaged. Learn to breathe into upper chest with navel to spine while jumping...feels like a lot of coordination without even focusing on movement technique.

That's it for now. I feel like I know how to manage it at this point. Hopefully will get better at training to strengthen it and prevent future injury. Probably a myofascial injury rather than a muscle injury. I remember when it started to hurt I sat in lotus position and bent fwd. I felt something give, like tissue or fabric. Not like a nice kind of pop. 

Flexibility is everything. and form. And breath. I have been under hydrating too. 

Didn't do any workouts. Not much I can do but I know I can do something. Lazy I guess. Have been working on other important stuff. But neglecting ARE as well. Still need structure to make progress. The road to self mastery is not short. there is a balance between enjoying your time and being productive for production's sake. I have not struck that balance. Been eating like crap too. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 14, 2011, 11:34:28 PM
2011.11.14 MONDAY CLASS

Mellow sand jog, agility, some butt rolls, bkwd turns, shuffle, etc

Bkwd QM half up steps, side QM halfway (pole), hollowbody and 50 side to side thingy...or 60, 10 or 20 windshield wipers with legs
QM Same other side, hollowbody In and out
Pk pushup variations, about 10 of each
•elbows dn
•dndog to bent elbows and back
•Pk pushup from dndog to low plank WITHOUT elbows dn (hard!)
•others I'm sure...

Precisions at St wall to curb
20 or 30 good ones


1.5 hr

QL isn't healed yet but it was a pretty mellow class. I'm feeling it now tho. Didn't do much asymmetrical movement so it wasn't too bad. Got the higher curb precision no problem. Others were doing the bridge. 8 feet. Curb is 7. Distance is better so I should be trying the bridge soon. Last time I didn't even have the distance at ground level. Some of those guys have the bridge no problem. I want to work reps at 70% and really have the ht and curve.

First time with the Feiyue's. It was funny. Waiting for class to start and Ozzi, Neil, Isaac and I were all there by ourselves with the same shoes. Mine are definitely too big as far as perfect fit is concerned. Shoes are fine. Good for precisions. Kinda clunky on the run...they are long so theyre a bit like clown shoes. Feels like barefoot for walking and running. Grip sucks on walls and I hear they are super slippery. Good for stealth work tho. 

Ozzi said something about training with people. Made me realize the mix is good. You can't always train alone like I think about. Need people to push you and give you ideas. Teaching is a great way to learn. You can't plan too much. But you can commit to move and let what is about to happen unfold in front of you. I needed to recover but a week without moving did me no good
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 16, 2011, 11:18:54 PM

sand. Hard. Did probably 200 mountain climbers (I did maybe a quarter of them since my back was feeling it), a bunch of horse stance stuff and plank stuff, everything. About an hour

Lava precisions over tables with cat to column, cat traverse column


Took it easy on the vaults. Back is not as strong as I want it to be. Been a week and a half. First day it didnt hurt but I had a twinge a time or two. Feeling limber again and back to normal flexibility wise. Can touch my toes again.  Warmup was tough. Most people said it was a 9/10. Lots of burning. 

My vaults were very squinched...I need to ease back into this. It's hard to remember to keep my core tight for this...the very thing that is hurting my back. But the cats felt good. Foam rolled last night. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 21, 2011, 11:13:32 PM
2011.11.21 MONDAY CLASS 

with David on sand 25-30 min
Agility, gauntlet chain drill shuffling in between people, crouching handhold jump over arms, etc

Climbup progressions at high wall by baseball steps
4x10 Kipping climbup from cat with one foot on ground
4x5 climbups from cat...chicken wing


Pretty easy class except for the climbups which made it a Humbling class. Climbups are hard. Pops are easy. Couldnt quite get left arm chicken wing. Got the Kip coordination tho. Need to work on dips, wall pullups, jumping climbups, jumping muscle ups, assisted muscle ups, Pk elbow pushups. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 23, 2011, 11:30:28 PM
AKA menehune pyramid of doom

Run from Ala Moana. 0.8 miles

•run up stairs one step at a time, back down
•Two steps at a time
•Side step up and down, cross crossing in front
•Other side
•Side step up and down, cross behind
•Other side
•Kong up and back down
•Side QM up and down...feet first down
•Other side
•side QM parallel to stairs, hands first down
•Other side
•QM backwards up and down
•Solidarity run up and down until everyone else catches up..."I like the flowers, I like the daffodils..."
•Plyo up bkwds...or if you're not Ozzi, plank on bottom with feet on third stair and one hand up at a time...10x per hand
•Kinda like mountain climbers with feet to third step x30
•Maybe we did another QM bkwds up or something else...can't remember

running step step precision on steps, monkey up, monkey up
Same delete a step
Same to like a pop on wall instead of precision
Same to waist catch (easier than pop)
Run back to Ala wai and ala Moana
Flow: step kong up steps, pop, waist catch, run, cat down, step to cat...up steps, over wall, wall, along path, down big wall, along path, small wall to big wall and back to steps
  Progress to crane on the top wall instead of waist catch


great class. Feel great. Hell stairs was easier this time. My endurance is better. We didn't go to the very top but we did more things. And we didn't get kicked out! We moved fast in case we did. I loved it actually. Training hard rocks. The burn...mmm. I had a good reserve of energy.

The flow at the end made us more tired than we thought. Felt good after the stairs but got winded easily. Everyone enjoyed it and there was good energy. Class wasn't too big. Maybe 9 or 10. There is something about the challenge that makes you feel accomplished. Shoulders and upper back/seratis is sore from climbups on Monday. I was surprised. Didnt seem like I did much b/c I had a really hard time getting up. But it worked.

Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 23, 2011, 11:37:21 PM
Great job so far!

Keep it up, man.

Hey bro,
I didn't even realize you posted until now. Thanks.

Happy training, and happy thanksgiving!

Posted to follow.
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 26, 2011, 07:24:21 PM

Joints, run
precisions, QMs, monkey stalls, dips, pushups

1 hr

built a vault box with jordan. 36x36x48x16
Its a good size but high for a lot of things. Low back is still a bit funky. Motivation and discipline is hard alone. Easy to get lazy. The worst is warming up and then getting lazy to work on movement techniques and flow. Need to get back into solo training and build the habit again. 

We are socialized as sheep. We got to school and jobs and think we can accomplish proud of what we have done under the supervision of people in systems that were designed for us. It's not the same to design your life and live it with vigor. Especially if it's not conventional. I'm talking about career and home construction as much as anything else. I have been enjoying the hard led workouts tho. But havent developed technique in a while. Took a nice walk in a pine forest and did some movement there. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 28, 2011, 10:57:03 PM

chill warmup
Moderate conditioning gauntlet 10x QM and either some kind of pushups or squats
Various Vaults on box
Bounce on tramp
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on November 28, 2011, 10:58:45 PM
2011.11.28 MONDAY CLASS

Joints, bouncing, high knees

agility drills on low walls...both sides of steps, always bouncing
Left up, left dn, run back
Other side 
Repeat both side Bc no one got it
Shuffle step up, hands dn, run back
Other side
I feel like there was another round with hands but maybe not
Crawl back halfway, bkwds rest of the way

rolls...lots of instruction 
Jump to stance, Plyo pushup
That with roll
Jump to stance, plank, pushup and roll
Broad jump to roll x3 in a row
Thief vault big wall and roll
Same without the back hand
Speed vault, roll

Failure is one step closer to success. Felt tired and lethargic. Thanksgiving is over. Quite a gastronomic experience. And I think I gained a pound and a half in less than a week. Low back is tender. 

Thiefs felt great. Rolls felt great. Actually the first roll session where I can out completely unscathed. Weird but I'll take it. Speed vault felt pretty good but need more commitment and momentum. Kind of tapped my hand twice on the wall. 

Flow and inspiration is what was missing from my weekend vault box workouts. I was conditioning to work on a vault box. It felt all wrong. Like I was setting up to drill a list of movements. No variety of obstacles. Made the warmup boring. No creativity. That's the challenge...warmup flow to stretch flow. Play. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 01, 2011, 12:02:55 AM

visualize. visualize your next move. and visualize your movement on the way to your training location. going to a class where someone is not only laying out your next move, but demonstrating it for you can leave you wondering what to do when you train solo. visualizing helps your training flow. it allows the creativity to come out and determine your path for you. all you have to do is imagine and your body will follow. you can literally just look at an obstacle and your mind starts to formulate ways over it. the next thing you know your body is in motion. and if you take a second to notice you just might find that your mind is quiet. that is body and mind as one. no mind, yet pure thought. actual work.
this is the way I like to practice parkour on my own. otherwise I will have an idea of what I want to work on and I might some drills in mind for certain walls or rails or a general area where I know there are opportunities for that kind of movement. you can also visualize when you watch videos on your own time. I spent a lot of time doing this before I went out there, and although a lot of that time was spent on the couch I think it had some effect in lodging it in my brain. better times spent doing that were after a session of the same movement. watching during a session is just a distraction.
solo sessions without my creativity pushing me tend to be lackluster. unless they are geared toward drilling something in particular. I don't know if it's laziness or what, but when I go out there and don't have something to push me it can just feel like I'm going through the motions. especially when the weather isn't nice. visualization can take you inside yourself and turn your imagination on. like you are a kid. the walls become vaults. a handicapped ramp becomes a playscape. people around you fade back and it's just you. distraction doesn't exist. sometimes kids join in, but that's just another obstacle.
everything that’s in your way is an obstacle. the biggest one is yourself.
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 01, 2011, 12:03:52 AM

run, joints, bounce with drop and tuck jump

QMs fwd and back, stopping between steps to balance
10x fwd bkwd in a half step
Same other side
Plank QMs

Hang Lache progression
side Lache, swinging arms straight, back
Side, sliding arms bent, back
Body perpendicular to bar hand over hand arms straight, back
Same thing arms bent, back
Pullup to chest from that position (body aligned with bar)
360 traverse, back
6x 6xpushups, 11s handstand
3x 11xpushups, 22s handstand
5x 5xhandstand pushups. Did 10 last set

20-25 minutes

light night. Didnt need a stretch. I feel great. Lache felt mostly pretty good. Better than ever. Coordination is there on side traverses. Other direction not so good. Gotta work on legs counterbalancing to eliminate circular swing. Leg got scratched up pretty good on thorn bush. Caluses are better. Stayed in tact for 90% and rip wasn't bloody deep. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 05, 2011, 11:56:20 PM
2011.12.05 MONDAY CLASS


11 sets of
10x jumping squats
Run, vault
10x pushups
Run jump roll

Gate vault progression on low wall
Gate vault from high back side of garbage enclosure, pop out
Drilled that
Safety/turn vault in, pop and gate out
Butt to turn to kind of cat...lazy turn vault
Went to lazy vault 
Drilled that
Flow x7 or so
From back side pop, safety pop gate


gate vault is fun. Got right side pretty well. Didn't try other side but I feel confident about the technique to go play with it. That vault is the highest we've done to concrete landing. Feiyues offer zero cushion. Concentrating on my landings left me with a heel bounce on one and tender balls of the feet. I didn't try the lazy vault. Intimidating at that height but it looks easy enough. May even be easier than a over a rail as you kind of shoot straight down and land on all 4's. Feeling kind of lackluster. Low energy a bit. Had a mellow weekend. flow was good and I committed to every movement. You can't let your guard down with those shoes. Gate vault smacks down pretty hard on the feet. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 07, 2011, 11:48:16 PM

joints on grass
Random sets of 10x pushups
Pushup and roll over to pushup
Pk circular
DD elbow pushup to plank and back
One arm pushups from DD 
Box jump to side QM down along both side of wall and back

5x drill at 6 stations, then put flow together x5
•Vault to table, cat to column and traverse 
•Pop to high wall, safety dismount down to conc
•Kong to low wall, thief to high wall and dismount down to roll
•kong to safety over corner of low wall
•thief vault down from high part by road/two handed sim to kong to roll...took roll out of flow
•kong up wall from road, vault down
Link all for flow

10 min guided meditation

I can't believe how time is just flying by. Mom's birthday today. This one is for you. Good class. Mellow warmup and great movement. Tired. Core is burned out. Not beat like the flow classes when we just take off. Box jumps to low wall are getting there. High Landings with Feiyues are improving. Rolls feel great both sides. Kongs are getting there...height is improving, but low ones are still a challenge on the approach...dive...footing for takeoff. Low back is tender. Need to continue to eliminate extraneous steps between elements. Still making progress. Worked some pops before class. Got first one with feet to center. The sweet spot on these shoes is small
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 12, 2011, 11:24:31 PM
with Wendi

Nice mellow hike. Good opportunity for movement at the top. Lots of rusted metal too. Feiyues are great for hiking. Mostly it's railroad ties all the way up. Did some long rail balances on the train rails on the way up and most of the way down. I like the trestle part. Did rails there. Vision and control is improving. Depth perception and coordination. Trusting you eye foot coordination. Did some precisions down to ties but the sand makes it kinda slippery. Lower legs were getting a bit like jelly which makes it more of a challenge. Had some fun sprints up. Did some mounting vaults at top. Core strength is gettin there. When other muscles are tired, core still has endurance. 

Didn't have time for the beach after. Have to go to the Company Christmas party. Yay. 
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Post by: AndrewL on December 12, 2011, 11:41:11 PM
2011.12.12 MONDAY CLASS


10 burpees, 30 mountain climbers, 10 jump squats 
Burpees: drop to plank in one move if can, no pushup, jump
Jump squats: putting hands down
100 reps (3 sets + 1 set of 10 burpees) nonstop cardio
Did a couple sets to warmup
The idea is 10's. But Mountain climbers are 123, 223, 323, 423, ... So it seems like a set of 10
10x 4 wall pullups from cat, 4 dips
Can do jumping climbup to get to dip position. 

Progression to running precision on wall by ward, clearing sidewalk
Crane from curb
Crane clearing sidewalk
Crane no hands
Crane without safety foot...eventually both feet on wall
All with split foot takeoff
Can try as precision with two foot takeoff 
Precision to curb from wall back or vault back


still can't get to climbup from cat. I need to try it from a running cat. And need to work climbups. Still so weak on those. Got the precision on the wall from the curb but caught one foot. Nearly bailed. Didn't get past the crane. It's mental. The curb make the wall seem farther or smtg. I didnt really challenge myself. Found I was floundering and reverted to the progression and worked reps. It got me back to where I knew I was. But I want to be farther. Frustrating. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 13, 2011, 11:06:16 PM
2011.12.13 TUESDAY CLASS

4x? 8x? Zig zag run on steps fwd and bkwd, pop up wall
Side QM, pop
QM bkwd along top step
2x QM dn fwd and up bkwd, pop up wall
QM fwd along top step
Did so much back and forth I lost count
15 or 20x Plyo pushups down 2 steps, push back up
5x kong QM up bkwds and back dn steps

A few to half dozen times per movement as usual
Jump to seat, sketchy stealthy over tables
Vault to seat, safety
Butt roll
Half vault on table, other foot thru
Half vault on table, other foot over so you spin around
Cart wheel style vault switching sides
Monkey stall to table, safety thru...Did a bunch of these
Palm spin on corner, palmspin
Other side
Palm spin to bkwd palm spin, same on other table
Other side
150x jump tucks


RIP uncle Seamus. This one is for you. Hard conditioning. I wouldnt have followed thru all of it solo. Dripping with sweat. Super wet tables for movement. Barefoot. Fear is a big obstacle. Monkey stalls over seat felt good once I committed
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 14, 2011, 11:40:22 PM

joints, light muscle warmup
Gauntlet by bathroom:
Kong QM up big white steps, run to low white wall, QM on wall, safety vault/palm spin up and over column, waist shimmy along wall, traverse ledge, pop up wall, safety/spin on column again, vault down

Pop vaults up columns to waist catch
Started on low one with the low wall at the lifeguard tower
Moved to higher one about 4-5" above highest reach

Flow: From palm trees by bathroom, kong on low wall, kong back up,  thief vault up and around high wall to drop, tic tac off wall, pop up, running precision from high to low wall to kong dismount down, kong over low wall back to palm trees
Did a shadow of lead, one follow, and one caterpillar with all 7 of us

as usual, so I'm gonna drop this section unless I do smtg special

I'm sore from 100 pushups yesterday morning. Bruised the ball of my right foot yesterday. Left big toe is still kinda tweaked. Couldn't get up the high column. Slipped off one time and pushed myself out of the way avoiding a face smash. Got up the low one both sides. Kip coordination is getting better but i still need to will it. spin on top of that column was scary. It's small and high. 

Was a hard and humbling week. A lot of stuff I couldn't get too well. Not sure if I am progressing but I probably am. Keep pushing forward. Only you can measure your own success. Validation is not necessary. That's ego. Even mentorship isnt necessary if you can analysize and set your own path. But I do think training with people helps. Being shadowed helps you focus and push yourself
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 19, 2011, 10:20:54 PM
with Tim and Joe

•Joints, bouncing, etc
Basically 4 rounds of 25 precisions and 50 QM, but did more QMs than that:
•6x Precisions up steps and back down, QM to other wall, pop (QMs alternated: fwd, bkwd, side, other side, kong fwd, kong bkwd)
•3x 10 monkey stalls and pushups

Kong vaults


1.5 hrs

Class is on Xmas hiatus. Have a bit of tendinitis in left knee and a right elbow. Knee is worst. Tiny bit in other elbow. Should probably do more conditioning. And work landings more. Mellow session. Didn't really get the sweat up much for movement part. Warmup was average. Kongs were fun. Worked progressions and coached. Joe konged the table and was stoked. It was fun. I miss my solo sessions but it's nice to train and not be in class. Makes me feel independent. Makes me feel the need to push myself. Challenge. Flow. Move. Drill technique. Analysize. Repeat. Love it. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 21, 2011, 09:56:55 PM


10 sets of
10x jump squats, run, 10x pushups, run back

palm spins
Monkey stall to rock, Precisions from rock to rock to ground
Vaults at wall by ward side
Cats to wall 


1 hr

Natural movement session at rocks. pretty lackluster session. Im getting bad habits from work...lazy. Having people to train with helps. The boulders are totally different than walls.  It got super dark...shortest day of the year. The surfaces are different but distances seem closer. I want my frees for that. Energy isn't great. All the Christmas junk - the office is coming down with it - is eating my energy. And we haven't been eating well at home. It kills my explosive power. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 26, 2011, 04:32:23 PM

1:10 car door to car door. 35 minutes or so going up, 10 minutes or so at the top, apple banana  down mostly non stop, coconut water. Faster going down. 
Ab it harder than I remembered. Throat a d lungs felt it most from huffing. Legs are like jelly. I stopped at least a dozen times going up on the mid section. Ran the first section up. Did t do any rail balance. Monkey vaulted up the big steps and precisioned them on the way down. Wore my frees. I like the cushion and feel but there sensitivity is not the dame as the Feiyues, which gave me more confidence landing on the edges of the ties on the way down with the ball of my foot. Frees made me want to land with my mid foot. 

It was fun. Especially going down. I ran a good part of it or was at least doing high knees to I just had an hour and a half window while Wendi was in hawaii Kai so it was a perfect opportunity to do it fast. Could have gone faster...but not much. Haven't trained hard for a while so my edge is a bit rusty. I feel fat and sluggish from the Christmas feast. Was in need of some movement. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 28, 2011, 10:47:16 PM
with Niko, joe and Neil

5 sets: 10x jump squats, QM to ocean, 10x pushups, QM back
3 sets: 5x wall pullups, 10x monkey stalls
First set was 10 pullups

Monkey vaults
Low impact dismounts
Pop vaults
Thief dismounts at high wall
Some rolls
Some wall runs to 180


1.5 hr

Had a nice session. Trained Niko mostly. It's fun to train with people. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 29, 2011, 10:16:03 PM
with Niko

Bounce, joints
25x knee ups ea leg
3 sets of 10x incline pushups, vault to top of wall
Agility drills on wall:
Shuffle up and down, walk back
Half vault, QM back
Box jump up, vault down
Other side

10x Two handed vault over wall down to steps, back up
10x precisions up and down steps
QM to other wall
Other side


1.5 hr

Mostly conditioning. About rep 3 on set 2 of precisions i was hurting. Finished it with QMs. Wanted to work pops and drops on big wall to sand but back was too sore. think I Hurt my low back again. Tight and sore. Precisions seemed to do it. Vaults were nice and easy. Showing Niko the ropes. He hurts from his first session every. He didn't finish the conditioning
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 30, 2011, 05:43:37 PM
2011.12.30 FRIDAY SUP and BACK CARE
Had the day off. mellow paddle. Back Is sore. QL right side. Not as bad as last time but I really had to be careful. Iced and stretched. Planning a mellow session tomorrow. QMs and maybe some chill vaulting. Maybe some upper body work. Some running 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 01, 2012, 07:31:07 PM
ate some brownies with Paula, Niko, and Wendi. Did hike. Lots of fun. Beach after. I wanted to grow a Billygoat beard. Love my Feiyues. 

Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 04, 2012, 11:54:25 PM

Bouncing on steps
Squat shuffle sideways along steps a few times
Same but super slow
Same with crossing ninja feet
50x Pitter-patter steps...up up dn dn, that's 1. 
Same sideways crossing front and back
Other side
50x jump ups straight legs
Same with hands behind back
5 sets of:
10s run on spot, 10 wide squats, 10s rest

5x 20 pushups with 15s rest
5 sets of:
5s run on spot, 5x wide squats, frog jumps

Flow by baseball field. Thief style vault up over corner of medium wall, kong up, dismount down
A dozen or so


1.5 hr

feeling strong lately. Balance bracelets are helpful. Probably left some stuff out. Fun class. About a 7 or 8. Box jumps finally felt like I got it. Was doing more of a monkey stall before at times but tonight I had more of a precision to bounce back move where I will never hit my shins. Vault is leaning fwd. This is leaning back. 

It's been an eating and drinking fest. I was 165 for a couple days running a week ago. Now I'm over 170 for a couple days! Before that I was a solid 168. Still aiming for 160. First movement technique is high for that. Kind of a kong and a lazy vault. I feel Motivated to move lately. Lanikai pillbox was fun. I love this island. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 07, 2012, 03:23:24 PM
with some of the pk community

2 sets of
10 monkey stalls
10 Pk pushups
Leg thru agility
box jump to vault 
20 pushups
30 squats

Some pops, drops, balance work, rail squats, laches, reverse drills, parallel bar butt spin work (new!)
Flow thru trees, cat to tic tac, cat traverse, cat climbups
2-step tic tacs off column


3.25 hrs

It's nice to train in daylight for a change. Feeling pretty lazy today. Tired I guess. Don't feel like working in general. Had 2 3-day weeks and the family just left after 2 weeks. Need to build the discipline. Or at least stick around and spend more time to get the work done if I'm stuck in 3rd gear.  I tend to get thru the warmup and want to stop. Took me about 45 min to get thru it. Then i wasnt feeling inspired Even tho I'm around some inspiring movement. I even made a list if ideas and none of it looks appealing. Back is kind of tender which is limiting. Parallel bars were fun. Working on a move to drill the back hand on a thief drop. thinking of doing a Pk petcha kucha.

feeling strong and getting stronger. I'm definitely still in a strength-building stage of my practice. I get a totally different view of people's practices at jams than at class. I have a solid conditioning regimen and pretty regular practice. I think I need a partner for arch practice. Or some serious discipline. discipline is easier when there is passion for the practice (arch & pk), but hard work is still hard work. Did a lot of hanging out this session. Feeling good in general. Mellow. Maybe it's not laziness. Maybe it's dedication; To stay with the flow, no matter the strength of the current...especially when its easy to get out. There is aloha here, and it helps

none to speak of other than general direction forward and self directed spontaneous training. Want to run distances and track it my my Nike plus. Lose 5-10 lbs. Run a mile plus to train and run back. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 12, 2012, 09:39:25 PM

Run to the park from work. About 1/2 - 3/4 mile
Joint and leg warmup

at wall by baseball area
3 sets of
5x QM up wall, palm spin at top, strides dn
10x monkey stalls on table, knees in
10x wall dips facing away

Did a couple pops on a tree but it was super dark and sketchy
Kongs on wall by bathroom/sidewalk

Just shy of an hour and a half

Boot camp was going on but i didnt want to join. Mellow session. Conditioning got me sweaty tho. My back is still sore so I was taking it easy. It hurt after the last session. I think it was the pop vaults. I'm Not feeling so inspired. I need to plan more these days for movement. Conditioning always comes easy. But conditioning for certain movement can drive things. Still feeling pretty lazy from having visitors. Going to Kauai tomorrow. Worked late this week so I didn't work out. Did 50 pushups last night with a bunch of stretching just to do something. I need to test myself. And have more creativity sessions. I like solo, but I like training with people. And I mean train, not goof around. I'm competitive and I want to learn. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 14, 2012, 09:49:00 PM
With Wendi, Alice and Beth

Hoopii falls. 2 falls. Truly awesome hike. Had some great movement. Monkey stalls onto rocks, kongs overtrees, safety vaults over slippery trees, speed vaults, cat balance on limbs, Precisions on rocks and over water, trail running. Love my feiyues. 

beers at donkey beach. Some good movement potential there. Crashed a resort at Hanalei bay...pool and spa. Bitchin sunset. Had a nice Sunrise on the east shore. Absolutely love Kaua'i. There are real people here. Mana and aloha. 

Started out mellow and turned into a great day. We were going to hike to hanakapiai valley. I was stoked to see the Na'pali coast but they had food poisoning. We will see what tomorrow holds. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 19, 2012, 01:00:43 AM

joints, bouncing, etc

50x knee ups
QM fwd
10x box jumps
QM bkwd
10x ploy monkeys
QM side
3 sets of 10 monkey stalls w/ QM in between

50x precision to curb, only count the ones you stick
7.5 feet
Running Precisions to bollard at wkk entrance, strides


1.5 hrs

Mellow night. Counting Precisions really matters. Enjoyed my session. I had success once I planned. I can wing it sometimes but was having trouble lately. Needed to plan this one. I wanted to do the height Precisions at the bowling but was a bit wobbly. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 21, 2012, 10:25:31 PM
with Alice, Beth & Wendi

Fun hike. No brownies this time so it was a more real experience in a physical way...a different way. I wanted to go a lot faster. Did as much movement as I could. Mostly Precisions and mounts. Some cats on the pillbox. I like natural movement more and more. Abs are good and sore from my precision workout. I'm getting a good sense of what actions require what muscles and which ones affect my QL the most. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 22, 2012, 03:19:56 PM

nice mellow jam. Had to leave after an hour and a half to take alice and beth to the airport. Didnt stretch. Pop vaults definitely make my back funky. I really need to switch legs. 
Saw some really inspiring movement. Huge Precisions, dynos, etc. 

I want to come back and train Precisions on the walls at the ramp next to the playground. High but short. Train turn vaults at rails near steps by parking lot and the climbup to the top of the steps. That's a nice high turn vault to work on when I get my landings tight. There is great flow potential there...lazy vaults. Train cat from the steps there. Work the cat in the hole next to the library

Add on
Precisions on curb
Running Precisions 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 26, 2012, 01:48:13 AM

Run, joints

•5x QM fwd dn steps, bkwd up, 10x squats
•Gauntlet: 10x pushups, vaults over rails, 10x monkey stalls
Just did it once...thought of 5 and then decided to do a long flow instead. 
•Flow: safety, turn, vault, monkey over rails, monkey stall up wall, dismount, pop up wall at stairs, vault to stairs, lazy over rail, monkey stall to wall, cat to high wall, 3x wall pullups. 
Did this twice and realized it was a bit much. Worked mellow stuff as a build up to flow like that later...can do some loooooong flows here

•Cats from steps to wall in the hole. Worked up the steps to second highest working both legs. I was afraid of this before. Feels good. Grabbed the bottom bar, not the wall. 
•Worked the high cat to the wall under the broken window. Looks high but it's super short and is easy. Both of these cats were good to get used to. 
•Rail flow again but shorter:
Lazy, turn, safety/speed back, monkey
Alternated turn sides and alternated lazy and Thiefs to start switching sides. 
•Some Thiefs over wall at library door
•Cat balance on rail...wasn't happening so I went to the wall along the ramp. Those Rails are super skinny
•Rail balance and squats next to tree
•Precisions from concrete barrier to busted slab sections. The jump looked beyond my limit so i Found a good test spot and it was fine. Then moved the lump a bit closer to the barrier...set of 10...only needed 5...closer...fine. I ended up grooving on this for a while. Looks scary but not so bad. This is my max at about 80% with a bit of a drop to help
•Post balance, precision down


1.5 hr

It's Been hard to fit In training time but I need it. Had a biz dinner last night with PF on kaiser MOB prj. Charrette yesterday. All day mtgs. I love training in pants! It's been board shorts til now

Nice session. Some breaking the jump. Not planned. Creativity a bit but mostly had a vague idea of things I wanted to work on and that place has so much so it was easy. I saw a lot more tonight and on the way. Pk vision is improving. Play. Time went by slowly tho. I might be a fool to move away from this Pk and Ala Moana. 

•Precision the walls at the handicap ramp. They are the right distance, a good height, and fairly fat. Break the jump. Timeline...? Maybe end of the month. Should be good.  I'm really enjoying Precisions these days. 
•train cat balance on fat rails at kakaako...lazy's and Thiefs too
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 28, 2012, 12:43:45 AM

30 min run

Run to park with mounts, vaults and cats on the way. Ran thru construction scaffold ducking under caution tape and such. 
10x monkey stalls
10x turn vaults over wall to cat and drop
Precision play, agility on concrete lumps to warmup
Big precision about 10x or so
Cats in the hole, maybe 10ish
Run home


Used my Nike dakine and set it for 30 min. Went for a run. Ended up at the park doing a bunch of movement and a bunch of play on the way. No warmup really, but I tailored my movement on the right curve. Constant motion. Didn't stretch. Had very little time. Work, run, dinner with friends at 7

Did my biggest precision again. Did the turn vaults at my bldg's ramp I always thought about. Biggest turn vault ever at highway: Maybe 8-10 feet drop. Biggest monkey stall ever...about chest height with a drop on the other side. Nike says I burned 250 calories and had an average mile of about 15 min. I wonder how it averaged my speed....running, walking, and flying thru the air as an average...
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on January 29, 2012, 09:26:01 PM
with john, Rachel and Wendi

Fun times. Lots of off trail exploring. Super windy cliff side trails. Trail running, Precisions on concrete piers about chest high, mounts, drops, Precisions, cats to pill boxes, cat negatives, scrambling...
Then halona bay. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 02, 2012, 10:30:57 PM
More of a confession than a training log entry

went for a run again to MAkiki Pk and ended up doing basically nothing. Did that a couple times this week. I am generally Stoked about that place. There is more and more to do there But it can get crowded. I need to be totally inspired or have a conditioning plan or have a limited time like last Friday...last good session. I see opportunity, then realize I need to warmup but get lazy to do it. Lame. 

I could see Kauai or places with limited opportunity being easier in that way. You have your place for Precisions and another place for cats and another place with only one element to work with. So you have to know what you want to work on and go to the one place you can do that. There are almost no walls or rails on that island. Its crazy. Just boulders, mountains and beaches. Anyway...

Scouted out some good flows. Awesome tree routes. Found an amazing tree sloping up as the ground slopes down. You can basically run up it and vault thru a Y of branches about 10' up and roll onto grass/dirt. 

That place is great for cats, turn vaults and Precisions. Found some jumps to break and progressions up to them. There is some pretty big stuff there. And a daring turn vault at my building a story up. It's totally safe if you land on the right spot...basically a beam over the parking lot below. But it looks scary. Something to work up to. 

I miss training with people. I can get lazy on my own. In a group when someone is being lazy it pushes me harder. But alone it's different. Then again, it's a great way to woodshed some technique. Refine. Push. It's a Challenge to keep it fresh. Changing loc helps. Planning helps. High # of Reps helps. Being inspired and creative helps. 

I tend to do too many movements if I'm feeling restless. Like a hodgepodge of movement. But focusing on one movement is great and I should commit to it more. Unless it's Precisions, Which can be limiting unless you are In a place with enough variety to do different lengths and hts, running and multiple jumps. 

But rail and wall work can turn one movement Into a lot of variety. Working on turn vaults can turn into drilling climbups and negatives and you can work on cat hangs...without it being a cat leap session. Maybe you end up drilling some over and back core work on top of the wall...similar movement...or some dyno work if there are multiple rails, and you end up doing 400 tuck jumps to top it all off. That kind of focus works for me on sessions that aren't flow oriented. But flow needs to be flow...not "ok, I'm bored with this, let's wander aimlessly over here..." 

I plan to get back to class once a week and do a weekly solo with hiking on weekends until I can get this next exam out of the way. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 08, 2012, 11:36:52 PM

•Sand bouncing
•High knees turning the circle...sideways high knees
•20 or so x Touch down to the left with leg extended, other side
•Same fwd and bkwd like a lunge with a touch down
•20x Touchdown on the spot and jump up to extension, 10s plank, 10s low plank. Did about 100 of those in sets of 10. Felt like longer low plank but it wasn't mentally hard. Just breathe

•Lunge walk from brick to water and bkwd back, arms behind back
•Lunge walk without getting up, smtg else frog hop maybe
•ninja sideways walk and back
•Fwd crouch walk holding ankles, frog hop back with hands behind back
•Side low QM and back
•50x plyo monkeys with squat at the top and Pushup at the end. Sets of 5. At low white wall

Vault table, run up table, cat to column, up to wall, run along wall, jump over bags to lower wall, kong dismount down to roll


good to train with people again. Ive been lazy this week but i HAVE been studying! More conditioning than I do on my own. And more focused flow. Was hard but not a stuggle. Feels good. A bit much for big movement. Calf cramped up on flow

I have the cat, but i need to Work on it from a precision off the table with both feet on the wall. I can't visualize it so the commitment isn't quite there. Work on out of body visualization. Or flip the "Fu<k it" switch and grunt through it. As soon as I know I have the distance I just need to drill it. Eventually work up to the crane. Need to be able to do either foot in the cat to get it. I still have two steps on the table. Delete 1. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 16, 2012, 10:44:47 PM

Quick joints

Set of monkey stalls on wall at sidewalk
Few sets of incline pushups with mount 
Some box jumps
Some vaults up and down walls, drops
A tiny bit of flow to get warmed up
Precisions over grate back and forth, some drops away from the metal plate in the sidewalk
Some vaults over rail at grass for fun

1/2 hr or so. Tried for 15 min but Wendi said it was about 30 min

I jus moved and felt it. Had a general idea...loc, precisions, turn vaults. nice quickie. Tuen vault will take some work to land feet on the wall going over a rail. Wall is easier. That precision is nice. Kinda Short but a drop on the other side, so it's nice to drill that and get used to the depth and mental aspect. This was a study break from SS. night time, and right under people's open windows so somewhat of a stealth mission. Keys in pocket. No stretch. Back to work!

had a mellow wknd hike with Joe and the ladies in manaloa valley. Some good movement there. Lots of bridges. Potential for a nice natural movement session:

•Run to bridge: station 1 warmup, scope out some movement potential for the way back
•run to next bridge: station 2 conditioning, scope for movement for return trip
•QM thru creek to next bridge: station 3, conditioning of some sort. If this is the cliff/cave then there could be something else
•turn around, back to station 2, smtg else
•back to station 1, stretch
Total 5 stations, probably 5 min or so run, 10 or 20 min per place, easily 1.5-2 hrs. We spent at least 3 and didn't get to the end. Saw about 7 bridges but only 4 or so were of any height. 
Lots of potential for strides and stuff along the way. Tons of Precisions. Not much for vaulting, but there's flow. Lots of drops

Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 20, 2012, 05:08:26 PM
palolo valley to crater trail with John
Lots of fun. Very technical. Lots of ropes. Super slippery. Muddy. Saw 3 waterfalls. Climbed 1. Ended up on top of the koolau mountains overlooking both sides of the island. Wore my hiking shoes. So stiff. Feiyues may have been ok for the rock part but overall would been a slippery mess. Will need to test that. Tweaked my left knee somehow and limped the whole way down.

Crater hike actually had movement but not so dynamic. QM (the most useful so far) up mud faces, across top of waterfall, crabwalk down mud faces, scrambling up rock walls and waterfall, lots of balance, grip work.
5 hrs round trip

Hiked to dragon's nostrils at Makapuu yesterday. Super big waves. They were crashing and shooting water up about 30'. 40-50' on the big ones. Incredible. A bit of movement. Rocked the frees. Love them.
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 21, 2012, 10:42:09 PM

Joints, dynamic movement

10 sets of 10 pushups, precision gap, drop, 10 monkey stalls

Turn vaults
Safety vaults
Cat leaps

I'm getting lazy about this

45 min

just a quick session while mother in law was getting picked up at the airport. They came home early. There are a lot of cars there. Just more obstacles I guess. Flow is fun with other people. I can train technique with reps and get off on it but I haven't really done gauntlet type flow on my own. If I don't I just get lazy and end up walking around. I could play a bit more if I had a bigger bag of tricks or fewer observers. Gauntlet = focus. There was an ambulance hanging out on the street so i cant say they really bug me, at least when i'm conditioning. 

Need to Keep knees in on monkey stalls. Found a good turn vault with a tight ledge and a drop. Work up to that. Drill those at ground level. Drill, drill, drill! 

100 pushups for 100 days
I think this is day 3...or 4...
Got behind and had to do 200 today
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on February 22, 2012, 10:42:52 PM
with JC


Jog to end, slow motion gauntlet
5 sets of
5 pushups, run to wall, monkey stall, 5 squats, vault dn, run back slooooooowly, 5 v ups

Fast version, Sprint back
5 sets of 
5 pushups, run to wall, monkey stall, 5 squats, vault dn, run back, 5 v ups

rolls on sand
Rolls around line of cone people
Jump rolls on sand
Rolls on grass
Rolls on concrete


1.5 hr

mellow class. Was late so ran to it. Knee was tweaking on sprints. It's like a knot on my tendon. It rained like hell the whole time. Rotator cuff is hurting. Generally feeling strong other than pains and that stuff. Need to work on mental strength...break jumps

25 more to go today. Class pushups don't count. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on March 01, 2012, 10:42:49 AM
Day 7 or maybe 8
Stopped the pushup challenge. I can finally lift my arm above my head but not without pain. Deltoid. Probably a myofascial thing. 

Have not trained. Knee is still funky so other than core work I am limited. And I've been using the time to recover from visitors and Wendi finally getting a job offer and everything else. And at is still slightly declining...holding at about 165 now so I lowered the bar to 160

Will train this weekend
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on March 11, 2012, 11:22:09 PM
Not injuries, really, but i have not been functional. Could have trained in mimited ways...haven't done anything for weeks. Been resting but hasn't been effective. Have not stretched or anything. Took 2 exams and passed the big one so I have at least been productive. 

Finally figured out my knee pain. Forgot that I rolled my ankle a bit on the start of that 5 hr hike. I think I pulled the attachment of my peronius longus at the knee (inverts the foot). It probably pulled something out of whack and other muscles in the knee are compensating. Need to foam roll that area, IT band, calf, hamstring and quad. 

Deltoid is still sore. Can't straighten arm fully. I need to figure this one out. Not sure what it is but maybe a fascial injury? Feels different. Slowly getting better but needs to be stretched maybe? Painful to stretch it, which is weird. 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on April 29, 2012, 10:23:56 AM
2012.04.29 SUNDAY UPDATE


Aloha from Kapaa, Kauai!
We have been here a week. New job - DREAM JOB! - new apt, new Parkour vision. Haven't trained in a while...knee still needs work, shoulder is a bit better but still painful for some things. Got my last 2 tests done, and coordinated an island move in 2 weeks with a container and a car. Pretty crazy. 

So here we are! And now it's back to training. I've been cataloging Kauai hotspots and am eager to post on the forum. Go to a gym class in the next month maybe when I get my groove back. KC is moving here too. North shore. It's not Oahu by a long shot, but pk will find it's way. And soon there will be KPK. 

Anyway, I'm stoked to see there are more training opportunities here than I thought based on the last 2 trips. I see a wall here and there, some rails. Tons of boulders and lava which really only offer good training in the rarest of configurations. I have seen a couple boulders that could be pop vaulted. A few high walls for pops and other training, but most have a curb or something to work with. I think I found the only HC ramp in town! 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 08, 2012, 11:19:01 PM
with Wendi


5 x 10
Jump squats, QM, pushups, QM
100 tuck jumps
Toe to hand walk
Butt kick walk



first workout on Kauai, first in over 2 months. I feel like crap. Light headed, dizzy, feel sick. Yuck. I can't go this long again. Good news is NO MOA EXAMS, Shoots! Registered architect! 

Shoulder is sore for certain things and feels weak on PU. Core is mushy. Muscles are tight. Knee was fine. Mind is strong. I'm ready to bounce and move. Excited. Run felt good. I just need to ramp back up and ease into it. Still under 165 but I lost a lot of muscle. 

I've been doing tons of homework on spots. Found lots in town. Stoked about hikes and SUP at kalapaki. Get my jeep Sunday. Mellow hike this weekend maybe. Looking fwd to mellow movement, lots of stretching, QM, meditation, rides...foam rolling. 

1 Tues, Thurs, Sat training at a minimum
2 Get knee and shoulder to 100% in 6 weeks
3 by my birthday/In 3 months:
- 10 consecutive pullups
- cat balance the length of the credit union rail
- palm spin left as good as right
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 10, 2012, 10:59:07 PM

sand warmup and various movement
Very Chill session
Did some scouting around the area and found a few more things but mostly I think i've tapped The area for obstacles. The next obstacle is creativity with those obstacles and training alone. JC will be here soon but north shore
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on May 19, 2012, 05:07:26 PM

Attachment of the peronial longus
Probably aggravated the attachment
Might have torn it a bit

Or it might be the posterior tibialis

Or Biceps femoris based on motion
Knee flexion
This is most likely it

Treat with 
Cross fiber friction and foam 3 dimensional leg 

Foam roll 5 min ea leg daily
1 hamstring
2 calf: sides and back
3 bottom of feet
4 quad
5 IT band
6 hamstring
7 cross friction
8 hamstring
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 04, 2012, 10:19:00 PM
First weekend on June

First Kauai Parkour jam that we know of

I'm not going to journal the same way

My job is all design all the time, so I'm throwing away the schedule and format and templates and am going to let it flow like it should. Goals...less than none. Flow. Direction. Motion. Movement. Creativity. Moment. 

I'll probably journal by hand. Design is analog anyway. And humans should think at the pace of a pen when reflecting. Digital doom goes with fluorescent light. pen and paper are better suited to sun light 
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on June 22, 2012, 12:32:33 PM

See notebook
Evolution in progress
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on September 09, 2012, 03:08:35 PM
just a quick update while i'm at a computer. have not been logging online or really much at all in my notebook but have been moving. not regularly, but struggling and making some progress on that. the move went well, got my exams out of the way, knee is healing with continual movement and foam rolling/pt.

i'm working 60-65 hours a week and that is my main obstacle at the moment. luckily i have a boss, who at 58 tried slacklining for the first time in his life on lunch break before a big about a delicate balance, and i mean that hard, play hard and make sure you keep up with everything...isn't that what life's all's tough but totally and completely satisfying

training is taking shape - other than sessions with JC - as a playful, spontaneous event at the nearest location when i have the time. limitation is the space/place and my imagination.

turned 36, and despite the lack of regular exercise i'm lighter than i can remember being in my entire life. and the earliest memory i have of my weight is the 7th grade. got white feiyues for my bday. and stoked to get my inov8's when they arrive. i'm officially a pk shoe princess...worse than wendi.

been working on breaking jumps almost every session. sometimes fear isn't scary. sometimes it's the tiniest hesitation that tells your body not to fully commit. it's totally psychological. and like a muscle. needs training. i find keeping loose helps a lot. stiffness sets in when you hit that rut. and the only way to move on is to do one more jump...isn't that what life's about...just one more jump. jump around and spaz out to get that i know why DL does that tweaky thing before he commits to breaking a jump; other people do the same. the mini mental jump over the obstacle of fear so you can be fully in the now to MAKE THAT JUMP.

what else is going on...the pk scene here is non-existent but there are playgrounds everywhere. and abandoned buildings. it's a struggle to keep a regular schedule with no crew, and with just the 2 of us it's easy to bail if it's raining or we're feeling lazy or it's dark or whatever. a 3rd would help the balance. need to get back to my regular solo sessions and create the itch again. there is no excuse not to go outside and play on this island...other than there are lights ANYWHERE, so night training is tricky.

well enough babble...just wanted to check in. everything is drastically different on this island. but it's just a new set of limitations...or should i say, opportunities. keep moving.

Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on April 23, 2014, 11:03:12 PM
Log update

Been a while since I have logged. And had a lot of gaps in training. Haven't been logging the trainings online. Logged some in notebook. Been varying movement in different modalities with varying regularity. It's been tough getting into a rhythm on Kauai. Small community.

I have vaults and gear but motivation is the hardest. Some random spots but nothing like Honolulu. A few buddies to train with but not enough to have a critical mass to create real momentum for anybody. Ozzi is traveling Asia with Dan and Stephane. Great opportunity and well deserved. Miss training like that.

Training on the beach couldn't be easier or more amazing with nothing but rocks and logs and the sweaty need to jump in the ocean after a grueling set of whatever. Gotta love that. But routine is driven more by 4wheeling out of ruts than generated by class or meet ups. That can be disheartening.

Movement is movement. Challenges are challenges and all are welcome. The self directed life is critical and is challenging to keep consistent. Confidence is not the same when it dips and peaks. Easier to build on a larger curve than smaller curves moving wildly up and down. But maybe lifetime movement and health works that way...a bigger set of waves when viewed from a distance

Keep training and moving forward. Aloha
Title: Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
Post by: AndrewL on December 28, 2014, 12:33:20 PM
Its been a long time since I have made an entry in this online journal. Have been keeping sporadic training journal entries in my notebook but there are becoming regular so I decided to update here.

Kauai training is much different than Oahu. Some spots we like to jam. Innumerable natural jam spots. No parks that feel "comfortable", ie you will be the only person training and no one will have any any ides what you are doing. One good park by work where I can train and am confident no one would ever bother me. Its normal to see pk movement on oahu beaches but you feel more like a freak qm'ing around on kauai sand. I Have a great setup in the yard with vault boxes, 2 pairs of wood precision trainers, set of bar trainers, picnic table, front steps, low wall akong house, concrete block  wall in back. I am most likely to train alone. Public jams mostly limited to when visitors are on island. Small group sessions whenever, but not a lot of expectation that anyone else will show up. Can't just go to a class or a jam or text people and poof there is a training session in an hour, just hop the bus and get excited for an adventure. It's quiet here.

I've gotten away from strictly "parkour" training. Its been a real struggle to get a practice off the ground. Habit forming has been interesting experiment. Critical for long term behavior change. No guilt. I'm Learning about what motivation actually is. Its definitely a challenge to adapt to this sort of self guided approach. Change of perspective. No schedule, which is how it should be anyway. Reaction is key  Drastic change in approach to planning. difficult when you are used to routine. It calls for a softer and more humble approach. Take any and all opportunities. You Can't wait for more ideal conditions. Conditions are limited here...but that's not really the point. Fewer urban obstacles means the real obstacles are more obvious

Current track:
- goal is to develop a solid daily movement practice for LONG term with more\shorter sessions of all kinds
- research and reflect (journal) often. Am monitoring and adjusting daily
- meditation with wendi after daily parkour session (short and comprehensive) for 2 weeks min
- daily muscle development
- weekly aerial class
- resting 1 min squat several times daily with habitual trigger. Will add\change as needed
- stay open to any and all movement opportunities. No obstacles. No limit
- feeling inspired and want to add a day running

I may post here again in coming months. Will continue notebook journal