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Title: Michael's training journal (Comments liked)
Post by: Michael Himes on October 06, 2009, 12:03:46 AM
Well here I am... Not particularity new, actually I got into parkour last year September, but took to many extended breaks. So um... Yeah no idea how to do a training journal per se. Well I'll start now. A little bit  about me, I'm way under weight and can not gain fat for shit. So muscle gain has been my only weight gain. Right now I'm 5'9"-10" (no clue really) and only 105 pounds. My endurance for running is less than par, I have trouble running a mile straight. Though it seems during a session I can keep going for hours witch makes no sense.

Within three months-
Title: Re: Micahel's training journal
Post by: Ozzi on October 06, 2009, 12:35:19 PM
This might help you have a better idea of how to keep your training journal
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Post by: Michael Himes on October 08, 2009, 01:01:43 AM
Um... I should have done this before but... Also none of this is in any order so... Also I might have a bit of footage up maybe possibly.

October sixth, 2009-
Went out with a friend originally to capture footage then it changed to searching for spots then we ran around the track a bit :/... So here it goes.
A few jump muscle ups, about seven.
Pull-ups, about five at the playground (as we were playing around) and 15 more at the track.
Ran up bleachers five times up, five times down... twelve stairs I think.
Two laps around the track, one half of the second walked... Shouldn't have drank soda before hand.
Attempted dead hang muscle up at the track, didn't go to well. Having trouble getting my left arm up.

Now onto the parkour stuff we did.
Tick to cat, about three feet from the wall (?)... I have one clip of that might upload it later
Precision practice, made a jump I thought I couldn't... I would say... six to seven feet.
Other random things but not much.

I know I know not very good but 'eh... :P
Title: Re: Micahel's training journal
Post by: Rebecca Myers on October 08, 2009, 12:41:45 PM
You're not truly 5'9" and 105lbs, are you? I'm 4'9" and 105 lbs!!
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Post by: Michael Himes on October 08, 2009, 02:32:52 PM
Yeah I have a really high matablisom or something... I just weighed my self, 105 pounds >.>...
Title: Re: Micahel's training journal
Post by: BlazingHawk on October 08, 2009, 04:31:55 PM
im 5'3" 90 pounds lol
Title: Re: Michael's training journal
Post by: Rebecca Myers on October 09, 2009, 01:37:55 PM
Oh wow. I'm either really muscular or really fat...haha.
Title: Re: Michael's training journal
Post by: Michael Himes on October 09, 2009, 01:53:26 PM
Or we're sticks.
Title: Re: Michael's training journal
Post by: Michael Himes on December 16, 2009, 01:50:58 AM
I haven't been here in forever... dang I feel stupid... Computer troubles only cause so much I should have payed attention.

Though I don't have much to say other than getting a new camera so I can track my movements and progression.
There is some pictures (new and old) Of me and a friend... I'm the long haired one.

December 14, 2009
Didn't do anything, after waiting an hour for the bus I got overheated and felt sick and couldn't really do anything for the day, I even fell asleep at five in the afternoon.

December 15, 2009
In this order I did these... I know 'cause I'm doing them then typing. And adding notes
Stretches I don't know the name of stretches, if someone could link me or explain the simple stretches that would help.
Workout Got any good routines y'all'd like to share?
A short and small workout, but it's better than nothing.
Title: Re: Michael's training journal
Post by: Michael Himes on January 02, 2010, 11:23:43 PM
New years resolution! I want to become a better person. As vague as that is that is it. But broken down I want to stop the downward path I'm on now. First is I'm going to condition every day. Second if I'm going to train and drill every Monday, and Friday. Also Wednesday if I'm not to bad off. Third is something a bit off of these two, I'm going to do good in school. Also becoming healthy is on there.
Now to pull this off I'm going to try and schedule my self, not hard core but a general idea of it. On school days I'm going come home, do my homework. After that I'm going to condition, then take a shower. Then the time I have left is time to read, play on the computer, ect. Pretty simple yeah? Weekends hopefully the ones with jams I'll be there, and others I might plan jams with friends or use them as more "me" time. To get healthier I'm going to limit my self to one soda a day, and only snack on healthy food, or fruit. And I will try and eat breakfast too. Think this will work... Well I got to make it.

So from now on, I'll update during my "me" time, and hopefully keep a daily track. It will contain a lot of boring things, like nutrition and other things so yeah... And just general over view of what I did.

About me - I'm sixteen, turning seventeen on the tenth. I'm 5"9'ish and 105 pounds.

Can some one help me with my goals, the muscle up has eluded me for a while, so what should I condition to get this better.
Goals by March First:
Dead hang muscle-up
Three handstand push-ups
Two twenty-five sets of push-ups
Two thirty sets of sit-ups
Run a mile with out stopping

January 2, 2010
Breakfast - Bowl of Cheerios with 2% milk, orange juice.
Lunch - A banana, mountain due
Dinner - Pizza bagel bites, water

Went walking/scouting with a friend. Covered at least six miles.
Got first wall spin. It was on a eighty degree slope, and I had a slight fear of my hand slipping off.
Did a few wall-ups
Found a little exercise playground, did around eight jumping muscle ups. Also did a little flow on the bars that are parallel.

after I got home I did
ten push-ups
fifteen sit-ups
twenty-five squats
"benched" my thirty-five pound sister two sets of ten

And after that I played with my sisters letting them do pull-ups on my arm and other random things.

Hopefully I'll have a routine by Monday.
Title: Re: Michael's training and nutritionish journal
Post by: Michael Himes on January 03, 2010, 09:36:47 PM
I think I'm going to try the Paleo diet once I get a job, 'cause then I can buy my own food. But for now I'm just going to cut the sugar and milk. Hopefully this goes well. I successfully declined a piece of pizza so so far so good. I've decided to every Monday mark my self on my goal, so try to achieve them in other word.  Nothing else really to say. Got to sleep Elven P.M. yesterday, not so good...

January 3, 2010

Woke up at five A.M. and fell back asleep, alarm woke me up at six A.M. and fell back asleep, I.M. ping woke me up at eight A.M. Finally got up.
Stretched, went for a run. Got .4 miles then side hurt... a lot, more than it ever has, I had to have done something wrong. Walked the remaining .6 miles.

Breakfast - Bowl of cheerios with 2% milk (No more of that) and water
Lunch - Top Ramen, an apple, and water.
Snack - An apple
Dinner - Roast Beef, water, and a nectarine
Been feeling tired today, maybe from lack of sleep or sugar. I'll have to see later.

        Push-ups  Sit-ups  Squats
Set 1     7           15         20
Set 2     7           15         20
Set 3     10          20        25
Set 4     7           15         20
Set 5     10          20        25
Total      41         85        110     
This will be my regiment until I find a better one. I just need to find more things I  can do in my room easy.
Title: Re: Michael's training journal (Comments liked)
Post by: Michael Himes on January 19, 2010, 06:56:32 PM
GOD! I hate myself. Can't remember to update a stupid log >.<... Well what ever. My friend and I are doing a more game approach to our workouts. It sounds retarded but hopefully will work. Pretty much twice a week during lunch we workout, with a day in between. Another day or two (depending on furloughs) we will drill certain moves we (or mostly I since I always become a leader among my friends)  chose to do, like tomorrow we're training rolls. Then the last day left we do a tag/duck duck goose thing.

Chart time!
Code: [Select]
       Push-ups     Sit-ups    Squats  Pull-ups
Set 1     7           10         15       5
Set 2     7           10         15       5
Set 3     13          15         20       7
Set 4     7           10         20       5
Total     34          45         70       22

Then because we were still feeling good we ran suicides about 6, 13, 20 meters marks twice. Doing that math it's about 156 meters. I was winded after only that so I really do need to work on running and cardio.

A light work out in all, but it's not half bad I guess...

Stop! Edit time! (Bad pun >.<)

I went outside and trained a little bit. Practiced a few thing. Namely kongs. There's a table no idea how wide and 2 meters long (6.5 feet roughly). I'm pretty close to getting the kong long wise. I know I can kong something I would say 1.5 meters maybe a bit more. Then I also practice a wall spin a little. A tree at about a 80-85 degree angle is really weirdly shaped. It's like one of those z blocks in Tetris. But I can place my top hand on the flat part. I kept doing that and slowly moving my hand toward the vertical part. Did that well. Then practiced a few cats. My best single training session. I always train with a friend so it feels weird training alone and I can't focus on drilling moves very well but today I did alright, especially for having a cold/the flu.

Title: Re: Michael's training journal (Comments liked)
Post by: Michael Himes on January 28, 2010, 10:11:18 PM

I tried Tuesday's WOD and didn't get far... Got to the 6-7 minute mark but got five instead of 7, I got f5. First failed on, then at 12-13 I got 1 and kinda just fell from the bar... So in total 42 pull-ups. Not much of an update but I can't remember what I did wednesday or today... Tomorrow I'm going out, doing the APK warm-up, then training.
Title: Re: Michael's training journal (Comments liked)
Post by: Michael Himes on February 02, 2010, 09:23:21 PM
This mornin' I got up and ran a mile without stopping... I could have gone further too but I had to get my stuff for school... Then at the bus stop I did four sets of 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 15 squats, and 5 pull-ups... Then the cursed bus came...

And to re-iterate my goals
Goals by March First:
Title: Re: Michael's training journal (Comments liked)
Post by: Michael Himes on February 03, 2010, 09:19:29 PM
Again got up and ran. Using Google maps I found out it's a bit over 1.1 miles... I ran it in 10 minutes and 30 seconds though so I'm not convinced it's only a mile since I can walk a mile in 10 minutes. After school me and a friend went down to a MC Donalds to get job applications. It's about 3.5 miles, though we got lost and that raised to about 5. I brought my bike and ran about a mile while he rode it and rode it the 4 miles there, then the 3.5 back. Nothing else really... A need to keep running if nothing else though.