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Cody G:
Anyone around Lafayette wants to jam, let me know!!

i used to live in louisiana, Ft. polk. i am moving to texas and will go through lafayette. my grandparents live there. do you know the bruexe's. they are my grandparents.

Yo. I'll be going to New Iberia this summer. If anyone around there wants to jam. Shout out.

hah whats up man. I live in Opelousas. I was starting to think no one else knew parkour existed down here. So what spots yall usually go to ,I never scoped out Laffayette to well

Yo Supa i'm going to be in Homa, and New iberia in about a week and a half. If you wanna jam. POST FAST. I wanna meet up with you but we gotta get it arranged fast.

Oops Homa is quite far away and New iberia is a hour or 2. But still, i'm all up for the drive to jam, or we could meat in the middle or something like that. Hurry PM me or post up.


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