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Orlando, Florida jam!
« on: February 12, 2008, 05:21:19 AM »
Jonathan Camelo here and as noted on overflux the next jam in line for florida after following Tampa, Gainesville; is Orlando Florida.

The next jam will be at the end of March. On both the 29th and 30th. Do whatever is necessary to make it,take off from school work or whatelse have you. I do hope the outcome is similar to Tampa and Gainesville jams. people from Miami, Gainesville, Locals in orl, Tampa and Georgia have already hinted of an appearance. This jam might even be huger than Tampa's and Gainesville's :)

Its pretty self explanitory. Ucf will be the location, eleven o clock will be the time on Saturday and on sunday it will also be eleven o clock. Till about six or seven or till we depart. grabbing a bite to eat shall be easy because there is a huge pizza shop, mcdonalds, and a subway on the campus. All sorts of food for different taste,you'll see.

Traceurs and free runners from all over are welcome and encouraged to come, bring your friends, parents or old folk let them watch or even join in!

This meet will be held behind the student union, on the boardwalk area/ dock. Unfortunately i have no room for anyone to stay seeing as im still living with my parents and am seventeen. Fend for yourselfves but there are great hotels along the way on Semoran near the airport and inns also scattered about.