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hey all you Iowa traceurs you need to step up and make yourself known.Me and my friend steven do parkour together and we need more traceurs because we are making a team.we do a show every year for the Iowa oudoor awarness program at the state capital in Des Moines.this year coming up we are hoping to get more traceurs to do it with because this yea it's gonna be huge.there's gonna be all kinds of news stations there just to watch us,and were gonna build a huge obstacle course to make the show even better.were gonna make T-shirts for our team if we get some traceurs to make a comittment. so all you traceurs in iowa if you think you can make it to des moines on a regular basis then hit me up at 515-266-0909.

dude i cant find any places to do it at. i guess im an amateur, ive been doing it for a couple weeks  :-\
I dont know if i should go on buildings, it seems kinda illegal. i guess i just donit know wat to do. help?

alright whatever you do don't go onto building, if you just started then you are not at the level where you can start to do roof gaps.try going downtown or in you local neiborhood and vaulting some rails or konging table. you know start little then work you way up. it takes years of training to master parkour.also do some resaerch on safety like how to toll and what to do and what not to do.

How often is would you need me to show, i live a bit a ways.

if you can try to show up at least a few time a week.how far do you live


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