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Mark Toorock:
This thread will serve to introduce new members as they sign up, but more importantly we'll soon have some Community features built right into the main website, perhaps even with new member lists and ways to view other member's profiles.

Until then, please just say Hi in here, and realize that you may be asked to send more information once we get the community component up and running!!

Let us know what state and area you're from, if you hang with anyone else on the forums, how long you've been practicing, anything really, but start with those basics :)

Hello brothers!

Tis I, Billy aka Skipper

location: Washington DC
i train with gear, leon, akh horus, m2, blah blah blah

i like short walks on the beach followed by fast runs through the cityscape.

Asa Liebmann:

I'm Asa and I live in Central New Jersey.

I enjoy running, writing and cooking.

Paul Leon Mederos:

It is I, LeoNn, Warchief of the commanding armies for the Horde.

Ripping people's heads off, the smell of fresh blood, a razor sharp blade tipped with poison.... ahhhh the smell of victory!!

... Ok fine... I live in VA (not orgrimmar), love computer stuff (ask if you need help), and uhmm... teh secks! w00t.

akh horus:
What's going on in this internet forum?
It's me, Brian, aka Akh Horus [ôk hôr-üs].

I reside in Rockville, MD over the summer. But until I finish my senior year, I'm here at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD.
My special power is : Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start, computers, and Leon Mederos are a few of the things I love.


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