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Alissa J. Bratz:
Okay, I would like for this to be stickied, if possible, but if not, that's cool too. :)

The purpose of this thread is basically to give "snaps" or "props" to anyone who has been helpful to you in the past. I know we have the Karma points function, but this is a way to also publicly acknowledge someone who has been helpful to you, and to give thanks.

Here are the rules:

(1) Give "Snaps" (aka props, kudos, etc.) to anyone, for anything, whenever the mood strikes you to show your appreciation.

(2) There is no limit to how many snaps you can give out in a post. If you want to give snaps to 50 people or one person, go for it.

(3) The only appropriate response to someone who's given you snaps is, "Thank you."

I guess I'll start:

Snaps to DigitalKid and the rest of FoF, Cheetah, Leon, "EmDeux," Levi, Jim and Demon from COPK, Saint7, LaurieJennifer, Ando & Cloud, and Carolynn for being such great inspirations to a newb, and for being such chivalrous "big brothers" at the COPK National Jam.

Snaps also to aggreenvln. Alex, you're the best. I'm not sure what else to say. <3

Snaps to Muse and Steve for the vast amounts of information posted on this forum for the sake of helping others. Snaps to Leon for being as nice, and humorous as you are. Snaps to Blarg for simply showing common views and interests at a time when that's all I needed. Snaps to Muhammad and Joseph, along with the other guys at OSUPK for being such gracious hosts at the jam. Snaps to Sat Santokh for your assistance with my shoe delima. Snaps to phishfi for your kindness and generosity.

+1 to all

fantastic idea, i've been thinking about this as well.  so...

snaps to muse for starting this thread, as well as for answering my questions about ballet, and for the articles on stretching she has been writing.  i'm sure anyone who applies the principles she speaks of will be better for it  =) .  oh, and also for her great 'hot lava' training idea!

snaps to muhammad for sharing the story and posting the pics about 'jungle jaina'

snaps to lauriejennifer for her math work with the 10,000 pull ups thread, and for always being so supportive of everyone.  that goes for everyone who i'll name here, as well as countless others, i'm sure

i think steve low deserves snaps for all his efforts to help others with their fitness goals, and for giving them sound advice to boot

snaps to sat and leon for just generally being cool

snaps also go out to freestylefox for the "i often wonder..." post

snaps to cloud, gearsighted, skynative, and jason@fiveten for their write-ups on pk shoes... actually, everyone involved with that thread...

and, finally, snaps to everyone who was involved with the making of the APK dvd tutorial material

Great Ill sticky it!

My snaps go to Muse for sweet ideas like this, Great and helpful posts, and hours and hours of reading material! I also wanna give some snaps to lauriejennifer for her entries in the skipper's swapouts game in the pics and vids section, along with leonn and levi for their entries as well.

More to come!

more snaps to all participators in skipper's swapouts, good stuff there

snaps to steve for giving me new excercise ideas


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