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Official Schedule!!!


Paul Leon Mederos:
Here it is:

Monday @ 10PM - Meet in front of D2 for NEWBIES:
This sessions is for NEWBIES ONLY. We will be going over the same basics every Monday and going to the same spots. If you have attended once and feel the need to come again to get a better grasp, please feel free to come. If you are more experienced and want to help out new traceurs (as you should!!) then you may also attend  :)

Friday @ 6:30PM - War Memorial Gymnastics Room:
From 6:30 to 9PM the gymnastics team has allowed us to go in with them and train. We do everything from getting over fears of basic vaults to learning crazy stuff like precision to gainers  ;) The cost is $5 to be handed to the gymnastics team treasurer, or 40$ for the whole semester (It's actually open Mon-Fri at the same time and you're free to go whenever if you paid 40bucks)
***PLEASE RESPECT THE GYMNASTS. IF THEY ARE ON THE FLOOR, LET THEM COMPLETE THEIR ROUTINE. They may kick us out at any time without warning, but they're a bunch of nice people so they haven't done it yet hehe****

Other runs will be posted on a whim:
If you feel like going out, post it on our VT wall, or post it here. Call people up. Talk to them earlier in the day. BE SOCIAL WITH YOUR TRACEUR COMMUNITY  :) So yes, every run is basically disorganized... but it makes it FUN and INTERESTING!

We also have WEEKEND JAMS!!!! They will most likely happen on Sunday around 1PM, they'll be posted here with their own topic.

Also random outings/conditioning sessions will also be posted here. If you have facebook check out "Spartan Training" group for crossfit/pk related exercises!

Crazy Eddie:
CONDITIONING!!!!!! Wednesday night. exact times may vary. meets at the normal meeting area outside D2. usually 9pm so people can go to the gym before hand. usually lasts 1 hour.


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