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Traceur's in Lafayette (or around it)


Daemon of Dunasthai:
hey people!

me and a couple friends have just jumped into parkour and we're looking around for some more people to get together with, maybe some training partners, hell, maybe even find some mroe people for the training group we have...

hit me up with a pm or just reply if ur around here...

I am interested in training, and i'm trying to talk my brother into it as well, we are both from the Lafayette area, Just post up some dates times and locations and i'll try to see when i can workout

Daemon of Dunasthai:
yeah, we're looking at throwing a jam September first...

until then, its gunna be random spur of the moment runs. i'll try to keep shit posted up here.

I'll commit. I'm looking forward to it, and I shouldn't have any problem freeing up that Saturday.

Just started meets start next week

Check us at:  http://parkour.meetup.com/107/


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