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On Competition
« on: August 05, 2007, 10:43:37 PM »
I've seen a lot of "anti-competition" sigs and banners. I just searched for "competition" and saw a few PRO-competition threads (which surprised me) and a heavy dose of anti-competition ones.

I can see a few things about competition clearly:

1. It might have positive effects--encourage improvement, push your opponents, etc.--and it might also make Parkour a bit more fun. And throw in an extra incentive for just doing it, as well.

2. It wouldn't be too hard to do, either...come up with point values for tricks, rotations, moves, jump heights, etc...

3. It would destroy the philosophy. Tricks fall under the philosophy of freerunning, so have freerunning competitions, and refrain from ruining Parkour. Adding more height, more rotations, more moves, would only destroy the effectiveness of it.

Now, I've looked at all of this, from a fairly newbish perspective (been about a month and a half since I started) and I have decided one thing that absolutely rules out any question of competition in Parkour: There is no "better." There is only different.

Think about any trick you've seen where you thought "WOW that guy/gal is way better than me." Now try to think of a way to get over the same obstacle without that trick. That's the spirit of Parkour. You aren't worse or better for the moves you can or cannot do. You should work on those moves regardless, because they may come in handy someday, but if you don't need it, it's not "better."

If we start competing, we are discouraging people from trying Parkour, just like competitions in skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, and more can be kind of intimidating to newbies (HOW do I stop? Why can't I just do a 720 now?). Not only that: It'll put more pressure on them to go bigger, faster. That increases the chance of injury (ĂȘtre et durer).
There is no "better," there is only "different." -Me

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I give you this:
I will never view my fellow traceurs as a springboard.