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Indiana - Bloomington
« on: July 28, 2007, 07:59:59 AM »
Hello, Keyouse here. I myself know about 6 traceurs around my area. Not including the rest of you Indiana traceurs. Which in my opinion would make since to have a jam.

**Please note that this is not, unless talked over with dale, replacing his jam.**

But at the moment, Dale is busy with work, ect. So until further notice, he will not be able to have his jam. Thus I am hosting this one.

I was thinking Bloomington, because of the downtown area and the schools around here. Please, to help, if you could name other places in Indiana, that we could go, that would do also. Not to mention Indianapolis would probably have some good places.

Also note that I am 16. At the moment I do not have a job, but am putting in applications very soon. Because of that, I do not have the most money! Smiley But I was thinking more of what dale was thinking. By renting a camp ground for a few days or so, and try to have everyone pitch in. Which shouldn't cost to much money.

Not to mention, my friend owns a fairly huge yard behind his house. Which has enough area to pitch some tents and have a place for a fire... I was thinking that we could stay there (his mom is very nice, hehe), pitch some tents, make some food, ect. I mean, it wouldn't be much of a problem most likely because we would only be staying the night, then leave to do parkour. Which would be very cheap... almost free... We would just need to buy some hot dogs, drinks... water... ect. Then leave for downtown, or wherever we would be going. Downtown is about 10 minutes away from his house. We could have a couple people drive everyone.

If anyone has any ideas. Post them below. Also I need to know who can make it, or where we should go and stay if you have other ideas.

I also need dates that will work for everyone, thanks.

Thank you and good day! Smiley