Author Topic: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log  (Read 5122 times)

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A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« on: June 01, 2007, 11:22:35 AM »
So since a blog is a weB-log, would this be a klog? or what about a wlog?

Lets start out with some backround. I've always had an active mind, but less than active physique. Parkour combined with leaving home for college changed that. Summer 2005 I start getting out and going to PK jams around northern ohio(much thanks to Willgrind for dragging me to my first jam). Through my own practice and just a good sense of reality, I knew I was out of shape, btu this first jam showed me how bad it really was, and made me wake up and decide to change it. I started doing push ups and eventually inclined pushups, but that wasn't enough I still weighed the same and  couldn't run a mile to save my life.
Fast foward to my first quarter of college, Walking around campus I had the parkour vision but I still had the mental block that I couldn't do 'the moves' without clipping my feet and face planting. So parkour got put on hold until I got into better shape.
Whilst walking around campus one day I got handed a flyer to join the Mens club rowing team, I'd seen it a few times on television during the olympics, and on the rivers back home so I decided to join it.

The first day of practice I was put on an erg(onometer) and taught the mechanics of the stroke and then we set the clocks for 6000m(eters)  and were told to row and 'keep it under 2:00/500m'
That is much harder than you'd think if you've never been on an erg and are out of shape. Then after that we ran 3 miles(I probably only ran 3/4mi total ).
Since it was a club they couldn't/wouldn't cut me for being horrendously slow and I stuck out the year. I eventually got pretty good at it, I lost a ton of weight throughout the year and by the end of spring season I got my 2000m time down to 7:03:9. Pretty respectable for someone who couldn't run a mile 9 months earlier.
With the end of spring season I decide I need to start up working out on my own to stay in shape for next year, and maybe lose some more weight. I can't remember which plan I was following at the time But if/when I find it I'll post a link to it(it was some sort of 'combat conditioning' type plan, not the Matt Fury one though, I got it from I started keeping a workout journal to hold myself accountable to, in the fourth week of the plan.

Monday May 22  2006
   I postpone my morning workout till 7pm due to illness and skip a class.
After tossing it around in my mind the past week or so, I am now determined to compete in as many Ironman competitions as it takes to get me to Kona.  Hopefully this workout I'm pursuing will add to my subsequent training for the Ironman competitions.I've never done an Ironman as of yet, but after seeing them on TV during the end of summer in my highschool days, I want to be one of those crazy bastards out there.I mean I joined rowing and thats a bitch of a sport, I've thrown up many a time doing rowing related workouts, lets see how far I can push this body of mine.
200 crunches   Woo feel the burn
100 push-ups  I took many a break after the first 50(which I half-assed by the way Only
      going down to about 100* instead of 90* I need to fix that)
100x65            Forced to take breaks every 10-20reps due to my weakness
lat pulldowns
200       Skipped due to no will power and being sick
2 mile run   woah, my arms are so heavy from that workout, I gotta change the order          around and do my run first.
Tuesday May 23
   Meh decided to sleep all day and skip all my classes(2), and not get my lazy ass out of bed at 7:20am to squeeze in my workout. I've been feeling kinda crappy the past few days, just major congestion and scratchy throat , probably some sinus infection or other weak malady. I finally got around to my work out at 5:30pm   

2  mile run   Meh not the easiest thing I've ever done, but heaps better than I would have
      done it last fall(ie I had enough trouble with 1/4mile contiunous run)
      took me around 15min to do, so thats not too shabby
2x100 body     I know, the workout says 1x200 but i'm sick remember
25 push-ups     I only did 25 cause I did 100 yesterday and am still sore and decided  I                                                                should take it easy since i'm fighting some pansy-ass head cold or          something.
200crunches    I did all of those cause they're easier, I feel the burn from 60-85 and          catch
      my second wind and then again at 160-185
100x65 lat      Again No upper body strength so until I can do 100x65 in one go thats
pulldowns       where the weights gonna be. I did  however manage to will myself to do 30
      consecutive reps
Wednesday May 24
   My Abs are still a bit sore from monday's workout, mostly my sides(obliques?)
thats enough of that, lets get down to brass tacks

2 mile run   I dunno how long it took me today, probably a minute or two slower, my
      right knee has been bothering me since I started getting active
      right below the kneecap, mostly on the left side, I'll just slather it up
      with icy hot tonight.
100 pushups   I changed my stance on these, instead of only going to like 105* I
      do as many 90* as I can and then go to 'girl style'  until I collapse and rest
      and am forced to take a break for 20-30 second
65x115 lat    I upped the weight today, cause thats why my workout buddy was doing
pulldowns   but he wimped out at 30 reps........amateur. My arms are freakin rubber          right now  I'm gonna regret it tomorrow when i have to get up
35 squats   I only did 35 cause my knee started feeling wierd/uncomfortable and given
      its history of giving me flak I decided not to press the issue.
Thursday May 25
   I woke up with a huge crick in my neck, on the right side so decided not to do the full blown workout but rather substitute today for saturdays workout. Having already done the workout I think I could have suffered through it, but I really don't fancy having a massive muscle spasm like I did last summer, that was such a bitch.

25 pushups   meh, what can I saw, they were pushups
40 Squats   exactly what it says it was
25 pushups   subtituted for 50 pushups
Friday May 26
   Completely pussed out on the workout today. I just couldn't force myself to do all the wokout. I skipped my Push ups and pull downs.  Combo of  didn't want to reinjure my recovering neck/trap and me being a lazy slob

2 mile run   I did this without too much suffering, just enough to remind me I was
      working out
200       Check. Crunches have never really been an issue for me. still felt the burn
crunches   though
43 squats   I have no idea why I stopped, I just couldn't go on, it wasn't that my legs
      failed, I just stopped and left the rec center
Saturday May 27
   I did absolutly nothing all day, it was great.
2 mile run   Slowly and steadily building endurance. I need to look at the clock before I       start my laps.
200 crunches   I can complete these in one set, as usual. The burn reps  are mostly the
      middle 50 or so
200 squats   I tried to do these all in one set, but had to take a break at 120 or so
      and then do them in sets of 10-20. mostly 10. I also went  a bit deeper than
100 pushups   Wow. My strength was really sapped. I have no Idea why, I couldn't even
      do 25 'man' pushups. it was sad. I was sweating like mad though.....
65x115   These were also hard to do, I did them in sets of 10 except for the last five
lat pulldowns    which I did as a set of.....FIVE.  My arms were rubber by the last rep. 
Sunday May 28
   Another lazy day, my legs were sore from yesterday boy did it feel good to stretch them out.
25 pushups   meh, what can I saw, they were pushups
40 Squats   I really felt the burn doing these, I assume from really taxing my legs
      yesterday. whew,
25 pullups   subtituted for 75 pushups
Monday May 29
   Memorial day. got about 7 hrs of sleep, went to the rec around 5 only to discover they were closed, as was the convenience store, so I was unable to pick up more protien powder since I ran out on satudray.  It was 90* today, so I put off the workout until dark(9:30-ish).My back felt twingy when I was stretching, I hope it dosen't develope into anything nefarious.
2 mile run   I ran, got really sweaty. my knee botherd me the first 1/2-3/4 mile but then       went away.
200 crunches   yep
125 squats   I have no idea whats wrong with me, I haven't had ANY strength  the past       few days its rediculous. I didn't even try the pushups and replacement         pushups since I didn't have acces to the lat pull down machine.
      Horsepucky!! I really need to force myself through the workout tomorrow.
Tuesday May 30
   I woke up at 7:20 as planned, but then decided I didn't want to work out in the morning, and went back to sleep. I bought some single serving protien powder from the rec center convenience store. The Berry flavor is terrible. It's so chalky and lumpy despite me shaking the shaker for like 3 minutes. Met-Rx brand powder is nasty. I don't know if I just started doing them right or what, but squats have gotten so much harder in the past like 5 days. I need to get my reps up on push/pull ups since these are supposed to be continuous excercises instead of rep sets.
2 mile run   This running stuff is getting easier and easier. Just keep swimming
200 crunches   check
75 pushups   25 real push ups, small break, 50 girly style.
100 squats   wow these got harder all of the sudden(hence my incomplete routine)
25x115   I decided to up the ante on my second set which ended up being a bad idea
10x135   I wasn't prepared for the extra weight and that really hurt my endurance
Wednesday May 31
   I slept through my classes again, grr, woke up at 11:3-something,  and I had a class I needed to go to. I decided today to mix bodyweights and lifting. I weighed myself after the workout, and was 214.5-215  with shoes on, so I figure I'm around 216 no shoes, fully hydrated.  Bleh this protien powder is terrible, too many insoluble chunks floating about. My knee is still tender under my kneecap, I hope i'm not doing perminant damage.
My back is also a bit tender, I hope this dosen't blossom into a spasm

2 mile run    I went on the treadmill in the rec, after bumbling through the controls
      I figured out how I wanted it set up. 2.1 miles in ~15:30min  on speed
      setting '8'(worked up from 5) no incline.
200 crunches   done
100 squats   sets of 25
20x135    I hate the fancy legpress machine, I need to use the plate  one next time
leg press
20x135 LPD   I did three sets at 135 and threw in one at 145, it was too much
20x150   sets of 4-6

Thursday June 1
   My knee was sore this morning when I woke up and stayed that way for most of the day. By the time it was wokout time(~7:15pm)  it was ok, but of course running 2 miles  aggravated it again. I bought a different brand of of protein powder (iss advantage matrix) and  its not too bad. 

2 mile run   again setting 8 on the treadmill took  around 15min, i say around, because I       bumped the emergency stop cord while swinging my arms. My knee hurt
      afterwards, right below the knee cap
200 crunches   still the same
50 pushups
6x130      the latter parts were halfassed, but the first two sets were pretty solid
Friday June 2
   My knee hurt once again today. Mostly just going up stairs(pain 1-2/10) So originally I wasn't going to run. but then I got caught up in a rowing team dinner  and then got dragged to the crew house for taylor-pa-looza and ended up not working out today. I need to figure out whats up w/ my knee and how to fix it or else I don't think I'll be in good enough shape  to accomplish my goals.
Saturday June 3
   Well I didin't get around to the work out till after midnight, so I guess it's technically sunday, but STFU. My knee is still a bit tender, but nowhere near as tender as it was. I think I'll hold off on running until tuesday atleast.
25push-ups   did these no probably
50 squats   I added 10 since I skipped yesterday
3x75      once again substituting push-ups for pull ups. had to resort to girl style
pushups   for the last set. my arms are burning and my heart is pumping. Good times
Sunday June 4
   Lazy sunday wake up in the late afternoon...... Yeah I spent the entire day watching TV.
50 pushups   yep
40 squats   done
50 pushups   still doing the end majority  girly style.
Monday June 5
   Day off from school. played some water basketball with Kirby, Bill and Adam. then stuffed myself at dinner, it was sick. Turkey sandwich, plate of waffle fries, brownie, cupcake, glass of milk, and milkshake. I was a pig. I need to stop doing that. but I was so hungry, I hadn't eaten much all day. I skipped the 2mile run since I want to give my knee a rest. I don't think I'm gonna run the rest of the week, not till I get a knee brace to run in anyways.

200 squats   had to take little 1-3 sec breathers a couple times, but overall pretty  good
200 situps   situps are situps,  i think I went a little higher on thse, or maybe just
      because it wasn't on a map I felt my shoulder blades clear the ground
100 pushups   I did these girly style, but without a break, so I dunno if thats worth it or          not.
Tuesday June 13
   Yeah, I know I skipped and entire week. but between exams, a terrible, irregular sleep schedule, I knew I just wouldn't make any real progress and wouldn't have enough time to recover, or have enough time to study. So I took the week off.
   But now that I'm set up at my dads house and got my stuff together I can start working out again. I'm gonna ease myself back into the routine over the period of the week.

2.5-3 mile   I don't know how much of the trail I actually ran but the gorge trail I went
run      to was 3.2 miles long. I walked up the stairs on one section of the park
      and then walked like the last 1/8 mile of the trail, to A) cool down, and B)       I thought I had a rock or something in my shoe....a blister as it turns out
      well thats what you get for running in brand new shoes..I wrapped my knee
      in an ace bandage and that seems to have kept me from making it sore
      so I'm gonna keep that up to see if it was the bandage or the week off
      that made the difference.
Wednesday June 14
   I tried a different section of the gorge park today, this trail was really rocky and hilly. and significantly shorter. but more intense.
100 pushups   40 break, 40, 20 girly style. a vast improvement from before. that rest
      seems to have paid off.
1.8mi run   I only ran like 1.5 of these 1.8 miles because I got out of breath going up
      hill and the blister on my left foot started acting up reducing my pace
Monday June 19
   After cutting last week short due to a mild ankle sprain(right) I hopped back into the swing of things.  I started right when I woke up, and was thristy so that might have contributed to my subpar performance during my run. I need to remedy that.

100 pushups   half good, half girlystyle

100 situps   yep
2 mile run   I ran to the highway overpass on the highbridge trail. on the way    
      back  I took a couple breaks(~1/8-1/4 mile total) and towards the end I
      started getting side stitches in my right side, I dunno if its bad stretching
      , a result of not running for a few days, doing it first thing in the morning
      dehydrated, or the humitity, either way I want to stop doing that.
Tuesday June 20
2mile runRan to the overpass again and back, running the whole time. it was a good
Wednesday June 21
   tut tut tut tut it looks like rain.
Thursday June 22
   the torrents continue
Friday June 23
   Moist, the trails are prolly washed out
 And that's where I kind of lost the initiative to keep working out daily, and I got a job working every day so that kind of made things difficult to keep working, seeing all of my freinds and excercising daily. I eneded up going on runs on weekends so keep my endurance up.

Fall season('06) went fairly un eventful as far as workouts go. We would go out on the river for about an hour 5 days a week and then on weekends when we didn't have races we would stay out for 2-3 hours( :P ::) ) working on technique and the like.
During winter quarter I really started working out regularly, lifting weights and doing bodyweights. Along with keeping a workout journal. so this is where the written story ends and the data story begins. Eventually I'd like to compete in an Ironman,and  Ideally make my way to the championship in Kona. But for now Its Just Rowing and Parkour that my goals are geared towards. But who knows That might change in 6 months. I'll keep this updated at most weekly, there's really no point in writing on here daily, all that does is rack up post count .  I don't need that.

 If all you see is a time, distance and/or 500 meter split then assume the workout is an erg piece. All lifting will have weights and reps by it
          60min   14,841m    This was an 'hour of power' pick a good pace and stick with it for 60                           min
              Time     500m split    distance
11/27/06   19:08min  1:54/500     5000m
11/28/06    no time recorded        5x1500m   
11/29/06   58:12   15000m
11/30/06   16:44   1:40.4            20x250m sprint   <-This workout blows
12/01/06   6:54.4                       2000m    PR!   
12/04/06   18:57                        5000m
12/05/06   27:37    1:48.4/500     5x1500m r(est)2:30
12/06/06   57:57   ~1:54/500      15000m
12/07/06   6:55.2                      2000m
winter break
01/03/07  23:09.6  1:55.8           6000m 23strokes/min
   Dbell press 20# x10  30#x10 30#x12
   Dbell fly    15#x10x2   15#x12
   Bench      110#x10x2  130#x12
   dip          110#x10x2   140#x12   this is not added weight, but weight lifted using a  dip assist
  W Lat pull  140#x10   170#x10   190#x12
  cable pull   60#x10x3   burn out 60x15, drop 20# every 15reps
3 rounds of the Death ball ab routine. 
 12# medicine ball, 50 crunches, 50 twist N-sit holds (Your back is 45*, your legs are held elevated off the ground try not to bend your legs), 25 toe touches( lay back, extend feet vertically, touch ball to toes), 50 crunches... proceed to die
01/04/07  5x5:00   1:50.8           6763m   5x5min suck
  pullups   bodyweight  4
01/05/07  6:58.9   1:44.7           2000m
01/06/07  3 stadium laps, run up one set of stairs, run over an aisle, run down that set, run over an aisle run up, repeat.
01/08/07  3x 15min    2:04.6       10830m   technique
01/09/07  60:11.4     2:00.36      15000m
01/10/07  9:31.7       1:54.3        4x2500m
              9:27.0       1:53.4
              9:22.9       1:52.6
              9:15.3       1:51.1
chest exp       25#x10,10,8
Dbell press      35#x8,8,8
Lat raises       10#x10,10,12
Widehand PU   3
pullup              3
closehand PU   3
Seal PusHUp    10    place hands at lower ribs, rotate perpendicular w/ body thumbs face forwards
regular  PHU    15
elevated         10
Dbell bench     35#x7,9,6
Fly machine     95#x9,8,8
Hammergrip PU 3
chinup             3
Closegrip CU     3
Dbell curl        25#x8,8,10
Dips              130#x8,7
Death Ball       2 rounds
01/11/07  10x2:30      4:52.7       6682m        my clock is messed up, you CAN'T Pull a 4:52 split
01/12/07     balance work on 1.25" rails for 30-45min
01/13/07  3 stadium laps
01/16/07  58:02.5      1:56          15000m
01/17/07  36:57.5      1:50.8        10000m     sprint pieces of some type, didn't write the interval
Upper body workout, didn't record weight/reps
01/18/07  48:00         2:08.6       8395m
squats             250#x12    270#x12     300#x12
leg curl             90#x12,12,12
leg exten          160#x12  175#x12   190#x9
leg press          360#x12,12,12
Eagle calfraise   270#x13   310#x13    350#x13
Calf raise          180#x12  205#x11,12           two different machines work diff section of the calf
Calf burn out     185#x12    160#x12    135#x12
Deathball    3 rounds
01/20/07   5 stadium laps
01/22/07  3x15min      2:01.5       11102m
01/23/07  57:59.7      1:55.9        15000
chest exp          25#x12,12,12
dbellpress          35#x10,8,8
lat raise            12#x,8,810
WHPU                3
PU                    2.5
CHPU                2.5
Seal PHU            12
reg PHU              17
elevatedPHU       10
DBell bench         35#x10,10,12
Fly Mach            95#x9,9,10
HammerGPU        3
ChinUp              2.5
CGCU                 2.5
Dbell Curl           25#x10,12,12
Dips                 140#x7,5  tricep curl 60#x15
01/24/07  37:05         1:51.2        10000m
01/25/07  10x2:30      1:48.6        6870m total
01/27/07  6 stadium laps

I'll gt this updated as time allows, I mean I do have 5 months of workout log to filter through, and with finals in under 4 days away, I have more pressing matters. Enjoy the reading. ask any questions
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2007, 04:56:45 PM »
              Time          500m split     distance
01/29/07  5:24.1          1:48     3x1500m
              5:27.2          1:49
              5:25.1          1:48.3
chest exp       30#x12,12,12
Dbell press      35#x12,12,8
Lat raises       12#x12,10,11
Widehand PU   2.5
pullup              2.75
closehand PU   3
Seal PusHUp    11   
regular  PHU    25
elevated         12
Dbell bench     35#x12,12,12
Fly machine     110#x8,8,8
Hammergrip PU 4.5
chinup             4
Closegrip CU     3
Dbell curl        25#x12,12,12
Dips              145#x10,11
01/31/07  1:45.5          " "        4x500m           
02/01/07  6:47.4          1:41.9     2000m             Row like Pigs!
 chest exp       30#x12,12,12
Dbell press      35#x12,12,12
Lat raises       12#x12,12,12
Widehand PU   2
pullup              3
closehand PU   2.5
Seal PusHUp    23   
regular  PHU    25
elevated         15
Dbell bench     35#x8,8,8
Fly machine     110#x9,9,8
Hammergrip PU 5
chinup             3
Closegrip CU     3
Dbell curl        30#x12,10,12
Dips              145#x12,8  tricep curl 70#x13
02/05/07  3x12:00        1:54.9     3131m
                                1:54.6     3140m
                                1:55.5     3115m
02/06/07  9:15.0          1:51.0     3x2500m
              9:12.5          1:50.5
              9:11.9          1:50.3
02/08/07  3x8x1:00      1:44.8     2680m
              1:00r           1:41
              5minbreak     1:46.0     2572m
           5min break       1:49.0     2529m
02/12/07  20:00          2:12.9     4512m     warm up piece
              25:00          1:58.6     6322m
            While out training on balance and monkey plants a week prior(02/04/07) after working                                             
            hard core for the past 45-60 minutes.
            as I was starting to get tired out, I went for another monkey plant onto the rail and the
            proceed to walk the rail until I fell off, as I had done countless times previous that very                   
            day. I went for the plant my left toe didn't get enough grip on the cold rail and 
            proceeded to slip off and drive my left shin into the rail with my entire bodyweight behind
            it, with minor impact to my right shin.
            I immediatley knew I was screwed, so after I regain my balance I test my legs weight
            bearing ability, I could stand on it with no pain. I the moment I vault the rail and attempt
            to 'walk it off' after a few steps and some cursing I draw up my pant leg to discover
            in the approximate middle of my shin a slight scrape with some loose skin hanging
            and behind that a MASSIVE welt/bruise in the making. I grab a handful of snow and
            proceed to ice down the wound. After that snow melts I begin to walk back home.
            Home is approximately 1/4 to 1/2 mile from my rail practice area. After walking Home I
            take the time to get a closer look at my shin. By this time It had swollen to the size of
            my kneecap. So doing the only responsibly thing I could at the time, I ask my
            housemates if they 'wanna see something gross'. After I showed them my wound, I broke   
            the ACE bandage and ice packs and attempted to get everything under control.
            Well apparently I hadn't done a  good enough job because A week later the swelling
            hadn't gone down much, and the bruising was draining into my ankle causing it to swell.
            So I took That as my cue to go to the doctors and see how bad I had screwed myself
            up. After They got done yelling at me for not coming in sooner they told me I had
            seriously bruised the bone and that I need to take a week off of anything more
            strenuous than walking as far as my legs are concerned. So that is why there is a
            weeklong break here.  Good Times.
02/19/07  22:31.0       1:52.5     6000m
              7:13.4        1:48.3      3x2000m
              7:36.2        1:54.0
              7:41.5        1:55.3
02/20/07  52:00.6                     3x4000m
                               2:09.3          technique
02/21/07  1:05:05.4    2:02.0     16001m
splitter rope cable pull     70#x12,8
^ burn out                    30#x150  40#x40
close hand Cable pull       20#x35
Preacher Curl Negative    95#x4,4          weight could be wrong, can't read my writing
Cable curl burn out         30#x15,15
Hammer Grip PU             5.5
CU                              4
CGCU                           3.5
Dbell Curl                     30#x12,12,12,12
Preacher Curl                55#x10,10
dips                            145#12,12
tricep curl                    100#6,5
02/22/07  21:03.1                    8x500m
02/23/07  22:38.1       1:53.1     6000m
02/26/07  4x5:00       1:48.9avg  5509
02/27/07  36:00         2:12.8     8071m       3x1200   84% effort
02/28/07  6:43           1:40.7     2000m       4x500m   mock 2k
03/01/07  6:51           1:42.7     2000m     
03/05/07  2x20:00       1:59.1 avg 
03/06/07  21:53.7       1:49.4    6x1000m
              7:24.3        1:51.0    2000m       punish work for others mistakes...not happy with
              7:28.0        1:52.0    2000m       our coaches choice to punish us instead of them
03/08/07  12x2:00      1:46.6     6750m
               1:00r         1:43.9
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2007, 05:10:58 PM »
After spring break Spring rowing season started up, with practices before the sun comes up being the norm, I decided to work out in the evenings as well, to further my upper body for the coming summer parkour jam season ;D . I followed the schedual as closely as I could given that I would be traveling 6 out of the next 10 weekends, with  few breaks until the season is over.
This is known as the Navy Seal Workout and can be found on
      Week 1
          o Running: 2 miles, 8:30 pace, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Pushups: 4 sets of 15 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Situps: 4 sets of 20 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Pullups: 3 sets of 3 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Swimming: Swim continuously for 15 min. 4-5 days/week
Week 2
          o Running: 2 miles, 8:30 pace, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Pushups: 5 sets of 20 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Situps: 5 sets of 20 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Pullups: 3 sets of 3 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Swimming: Swim continuously for 15 min. 4-5 days/week
 Week 3
          o Running: No running
          o Pushups: 5 sets of 25 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Situps: 5 sets of 25 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Pullups: 3 sets of 4 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Swimming: Swim continuously for 20 min. 4-5 days/week
 Week 4
          o Running: 3 miles, 8:30 pace, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Pushups: 5 sets of 25 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Situps: 5 sets of 25 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Pullups: 3 sets of 4 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Swimming: Swim continuously for 20 min. 4-5 days/week
 Weeks 5-6
          o Running: 2 / 3 / 4 / 2 miles, Mo/Tu/We/Fr
          o Pushups: 6 sets of 25 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Situps: 6 sets of 25 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Pullups: 2 sets of 8 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Swimming: Swim continuously for 25 min. 4-5 days/week
 Weeks 7-8
          o Running: 4 / 4 / 5 / 3 miles, Mo/Tu/We/Fr
          o Pushups: 6 sets of 30 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Situps: 6 sets of 30 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Pullups: 2 sets of 10 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Swimming: Swim continuously for 30 min. 4-5 days/week
   Week 9
          o Running: 4 / 4 / 5 / 3 miles, Mo/Tu/We/Fr
          o Pushups: 6 sets of 30 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Situps: 6 sets of 30 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Pullups: 3 sets of 10 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
          o Swimming: Swim continuously for 35 min. 4-5 days/week
Now I wasn't able to follow the pull up part of the workout due to my terrible upper body strength, prior to the last week of this past december( '06) I couldn't do ONE pull up.
and I think It was around week 7-8 I started to get a pain in my right leg in the shin/knee area, So I took a few runs off and just added 5min to the swim.
Then after I completed the workout I took a week off to just enjoy my free time since rowing season was over.
05/30/07 1/4 mi run to warm up
            20 bench dips(place you hands on a bench and feet on the ground)
            10 clapping push ups
            15 B. Dips
            3 round 1xPU, 2xPHU pyramid, ie level 1 is 1 pull up, 2 push ups, up to level 3, 3 pull ups 
                                     6 pushups. now notated as X round PU multiplier/PHU multiplier
           swam 30 laps in ~31.5min, I couldn't get an exact time because the clock I was using
                                                  didn't have a second display
               weigh-in 191.5lbs
          3 round  1/2 pyramid.

I haven't gotten around to working out yet today, but I will shortly.
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #3 on: June 08, 2007, 05:24:27 PM »
05/31/07   3 rounds 1/2 pyramid
06/01/07   3.5 rounds 1/2 pyramid          15seconds x8 Crunch-seat(L-seat progression)
               3 rounds 1/2 pyramid             60seconds frog planch  10 tries to get there
               15seconds elbow lever   I had to stop early my wrists started hurting
06/02/07   2mile run @ ~8min/mile  15:45 time to complete
               3round 1/2 pyramid       15x2 bench dips            12 Negative pistols
               cool down stretch hold each for 30s              30 min swim 
               My legs feel Like jelly :) I almost died walking down the stairs to the pool
06/03/07   3round 1/2 pyramid   
                   Legs are sore, back is sore. Good Times.
06/04/07    No work out, exams ate my day. Although I did discover I can do a regular dip
06/05/07   Grease the groove 1/2 pyramids  3 throughout the day
               60s Frog planch took 10 tries
06/06/07   2K erg test for 'fun'  6:58.4 time  1:44.6 avg split  rate 33
               60s Frog Planch          3 round 1/2 pyramid x2  90s rest
               15x2 bench dips          12 Negative pistols       100 Situps(one set)
               16 laps 25m pool ~17min
06/07/07   Helped my roomates GF move in
                 1 couch 1 love seat  1 bed(matress and box spring)      1 Desk   2x dressers
                 3 flights of stairs 94*
                 3 round 1/2 pyramid
06/08/07   2.25 mile cross country run    3 round 1/2 pyramid     25 inclined situps
               3 pull ups        15 Negative pistols.
               My right leg is close to a full pistol 
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2007, 07:05:19 PM »
What exactly are your goals?
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #5 on: June 08, 2007, 11:00:10 PM »
For now my Goals for the year are
20 pull ups
The advanced tuck planche
L-Seat 2:00min
12 Pistols each leg
12 Muscle ups
1 armed elbow lever(which is very close) 2:00
12 Handstand push ups.
and get my body fat down another 10lbs or so, possibly enough to show a 6-pack

 I haven't really worked on the handstands, let alone handstand push ups though. Up until a couple weeks ago I was training for Rowing season and really didn't have time for these goals.
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2007, 01:44:36 PM »
06/09/07   Jam at 1pm . We started off with some tree work followed up by Cats and top out
               practice. I managed to fit my 3 round 1,2 pyramid into the warm up. After Wannabe
               Spartan  showed up and we showed him what the park(burnet woods)  had to offer
               We piled into cars to travel to Down town Blue Ash. Pretty good selection of
               vaults and rails along  with some gaps and wall runs.  We got a breif roll tutorial/tips from
               Wannabe Spartan and then proceeded to drive to the Highway Graveyard. This place
               gives eastern europe a run for its money, entire sections of highway, 2 lanes plus
               shoulders and barriers wide and 20 feet across piled 12 feet high. None of it is level
               and there is rebar poking out in some places so you really gotta concentrate 110%
               there are gaps ranging from a few feet to 20 feet, so there is stuff for everyone. We
               finished up at 5:30 and all went our seperate ways.     
06/10/09   Racquetball with the roomate at around noon. Evening PK solo workout.
               3round 1,2 pyramid, under bars, attempts at kongs, I still keep rotating rather than
                going over straight, I seem to be braking w/ my arms rather than pushing off.
               Worked on rolls for a bit and figured out what I was doing wrong and how to fix it
               so no all I need to do is keep drilling until I don't have to think about it any more.
               The key is having your hands placed far enough away from your feet that you are
               forced to arch your back in order to roll, then you don't hit your pelvis/shoulder when
               you roll.
06/11/07   Gym Session for an hour. I finally got my monkeys down, After I figured out what I was
               doing wrong it seemed to just click and when I went to do one it just happend on its
               own. Light bar work on the uneven bars, mostly just 180laches and one 'fancy
               dismount' a kind of skin the cat movement. Not challenging at all, but certainly fun
               3x2reps full body weight dips. 30sec elbow lever before I got bored and decided I can
               do these at home, why waste gym time on them. 2x8-10ft rope climb, pure upper body
               I started working on front flips into the foam pits, I need to get my knees to my chest,
               I'm just getting them to slightly 'parrallel'(if I were upright) Also need to work on doing
               that at the apogee rather than on the way up. So I'm going to add tuck jumps into my
               routine. 3x parallel bars walk, shuffle arcoss on  your arms. 2x parallel bar hops, the
               entire length, swing you legs and 'kip' forward.
06/12/07   REST DAY
06/13/07   4 round 1,2,3 pyramid, hit level 4 twice but couldn't hit 5,  the 3 is the situp multiplier
               60sec rest 4 round 1,2,3 pyramid, didn't bother with the 5th level attempt this time.
               15 pistol negatives each leg
06/14/07   3x 10 swinging leg stretch, 3x10 body squats,and  30s calf stretch for warm up
               20min XC run, first .75mile was a steep hill, I was originally going for longer but I got
               bad side stitches and cut it short after a couple valient attempts to walk it off.
               5x10rep jump tucks 60sec stretch in between sets.             
06/15/07   3x10 swinging leg stretch, 2x10 body squats, 30s calf stretch 15min XC run around the
               very hilly UC campus. I started to get into the vomit and see stars zone around minute
               13:50  so I decided to cut it short once again and run tomorrow when its not 3pm
               and I am better hydrated. Its very frustrating to be this out of shape when a few
               weeks back I ran 5 miles no problem, granted it wasn't nearly as hilly, but still.
               6,5,5reps pullups, 1/4 of the way towards my year end goal! 5x3reps  BW dips
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #7 on: June 30, 2007, 12:20:30 PM »
It been 2+ weeks since I posted but I had other things to do.
06/16/07   10 arm circles, 10 pushups, 30s upper body stretchs, 10 trunk twists, 10 leg swings,
               10 bw squats, 30s calf stretches
               60 Second frog planch XIV tries       10 wrist rotations     
               20s door grab    5 OAEL attempts each arm     3x12rep chair dips     
               2:00 L-Seat IX tries, almost had  full l-seat for the first 2 15s holds
               3x10rep tuck burpees     3x2rep pull ups
06/17/07   light warm up jog, monkey plants and under bar practice
               flip practice onto a crash mat. Still under rotating
06/18/07   60s frog planch, VIII tries     2:00 L-seat VII needing only 3 to get to 1min
               3x20s door grab each hand     3x10 reps tuck burpee  fast as possible   
               3x50 situps     3x3 pullups     3x5 tuck burpees
06/19/07   3x5 pull ups     5x15 pushups     3x50 BW squats     wall climb practice
                and a bit -o- balance work
06/20/07   8k row in a 4          2.25mi XC run very hilly           
06/21/07   35min row early morning     60s Frog planch X tries     2.25mi XC run very hilly
               5x3rep dips     monkey planst during the rests
06/22/07   morning row 45min (15min warm up 10min steady state rest high rates racing a storm
06/23/07   3 pullups     15 push ups     6 monkey plants
06/24/07   Nerf War     monkey plants, laches, throughout the war,
               8ft rope climb     2x10 paralett pushups      6 monkey plants
06/25/07   30 min XC run ~4.6 mi     3x6 clap pushups     3x3 dips     3x6 clap pushups
06/26/07   rest day
06/27/07   57min run 6.6 mi
06/28/07   hand full of pullups throughout the day    helped remodel a house, fix staricase
06/29/07   handful of pull 2x6 clapping pushups
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #8 on: July 13, 2007, 04:53:51 PM »
06/30/07   4-5x6rep clapping pushups
               15 monkey plants     A few tuck jumps     All spread throughout the day
07/01/07   Jam for a while at the weekly Cinci jam. lasted about 90min. I think I strained
               my elbows/upper forams/lower biceps  so I'm gonna limit my upper body excercises for
               the next while.
07/02/07   Worked on flips for a bit
07/03/07   rest day
07/04/07   Happy 4th, rest day
07/05/07   rest day
07/06/07   2.5mi XC run, very hot out,  I had to walk for a bit due to intense side stitches
07/07/07   Went to a lake w/ a freind who has a boat, lots of tubing, me failing at wake boarding,
               me failing at water skiing and such, mostly rest, but the tubing was quite a grip
07/08/07   Jammage! weekly jam, about an hour
07/09/07   2.25mi XC run around campus, 3x50 sit ups
07/10/07   3x10 leg swings 3x10 BW squats   25 Decline situps  saw some guys jamming on
               but didn't talk to them, they disappeard while I got a drink of water
               3x15rep knee high plyo jumps     stretch during rests     2.1mi XC run around campus
07/11/07   3x10leg swings    3x10 BW squats     6 negative pistols
               20 monkey plants      45min precision practice at ' pedestal park'     
               1x 70ft rail walk(~1.25-1.5" diam)     Flow work outside one of the dorms consisting of
               diving 2 hand/lazy vault, pop vault, and just linking them together... I still haven't
               gotten my monkey's/kongs outside of the gym, but I have the dive for them now!
07/12/07   rest day(read: I was too lazy and kept putting it off until it was too late)
07/13/07   I spent about 2 hours drilling various things today. I started off with
               my now 'standard' lower body warm up consisting of: 3x10 leg swings  alternating
               3x10 BW squats in between sets, followed by standard leg stretches. After the warm
               I walked over to the soccer/track  area so I could begin working on
               my flips on the track/field crash mats, I have no idea how long I was there but it was
               a big chunk of time. I continued with another big chunk of time spent drilling  at the
               same dorm where I was at the other day, doing the same things, getting better.
               32 broad jumps     20 minutes precision work at  'pedestal park' I managed to link
               together 32 different precisions of varying heights and distances, without touching the
               ground between them. Its a fun and challenging game, requring you to plot your
               course so you don't double back and pushing your preconcieved limits. The jumps
               ranged from stepping distance to about 5-6ft apart and up to 2.5ft height difference.
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #9 on: July 21, 2007, 07:09:38 AM »
07/14/07   3.2mi run about 1mi of that up a steep hill     2x32 precisons
07/15/07   Highway Graveyard jam
07/16/07   2hr drilling   standard warm up,  mostly working on flips, precision practice
07/17/07   2mi XC run, I upped the pace from what I normally do, it felt pretty good
07/18/07   standard warm up, 30 tuck planch attempts, 4 OAEL attempts, 60s front lever progression
               1pu/1psu/3declined situps/1 dip     4x 2/4/3/2     1 mi run 10 pushups/.25mi     really sore
               right quad
07/19/07   Active recovery, my upper body is fried from yesterday. 3x10 pushups     5x1 pullups
               lots of stretching.   
07/20/07   Wall climbs, laches, 60s front lever prog.  2 min L-sit prog. monkey plants. 
               I tore my right hand apart on laches, and my right quad is still really sore, I think I might
               have strained it.  Upper body is sore as well, I came in to fast after 2 weeks of no upper
               upper body. I lost  some pull up strength as well :(
07/21/07   REST DAY
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #10 on: August 03, 2007, 07:23:56 PM »
07/22/07   Rest
07/23/07   60s front lever prog 11 attempts     2min L-seat (10)    2x2 pullups
               12x10s cat hangs     3 wall climbs
07/24/07   +3mi XC run ~25 min definately a PR, I'm sure the 9 hours of sleep helped.
               I ran shortly after a nice long nap
07/25/07   Rest too hot
07/26/07   standard warm up     3 rounds 2/10/2dips    6x10s front lever   6x10 cat hang 
               1.8mi XC run
07/27/07   Rest/travel
07/28/07   Helped hang plywood on on a barn. 3x7ft hands only ladder climbs   
07/29/07   Rest
07/30/07   4x5 pu/25psu    spread over the day
07/31/07   5x25psu/5pu over the day     Rt quad is still sore
08/01/07   20s front lever     5 clapping pushups     25 psu   
               25 3round sit ups(left, right, nomal=1)     ACE wrap on quad hopefully it gets better
08/02/07   1/4 mi run because I woke up late,   a few pull ups throughout the day but nothing
               significant to speak of
08/03/07   15 half muscle ups throughout the day     6x10s front lever throughout the day
               a few static 90* lockouts throughout they day, but mostly taking it easy and 
               restig my leg(ie; sitting)
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #11 on: August 22, 2007, 06:45:11 PM »
08/04/07   Travel     3x25 PSU  4x4 pull ups
08/05/07   4x4 pu through out the day     2 rounds 25 psu 25 su 4 pu
08/06/07   a few pull ups, dips and push ups spread through the day
08/07/07   4 level pyramid  pu/4 psu/ 5 su/ dip
08/08/07   20 min 'Bear'  psu/su/ supermans/  high knee running / su
                   Bear: Similar to tabata, but done in rounds of 5-8 excercises
                           40-45 seconds 'on' 20-15 seconds 'off'  I normally do the 45/15 variety
08/09/07   Rest
08/10/07   weeding party!     Travel to WV, Hike about a mile w/ a ~#50 pack
08/11/07   Hike 4-4.5 miles through bog and up hill #50 pack
08/12/07   Hike ~14mi  mostly up hill over rocky terrain and through rivers #50 pack     Travel
08/13/07   Rest
08/14/07   Rest
08/15/07   Rest
08/16/07   Rest
08/17/07   Rest
08/18/07   Rest
08/19/07   Travel     Jammage!
08/20/07   Rest
08/21/07   2mi XC run     deep stretching for quite some time     roll practice     wall climbs
08/22/07   Roll practice     2mi XC run     Jammage     percisions, monkeys, diving lazies, broad
               jumps. apparently it was 99* today, I kicked things off at like 4:30 and it was only
               down to 94* by 6pm. I probably shouldn't have been outside  running. Oh Well,
               I'll just have to remember to keep hydrated tomorrow, highs in the triples tomorrow.
               promises to be a fun day.  It dosen't have to be fun to be fun.. or something like that
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #12 on: September 23, 2007, 05:17:21 PM »
WELL, It's been about a month since I last posted, but don't think for a moment that that means I haven't been doing anything but getting out of shape.

08/23/07   2mi XC run in 100* weather, fun fun fun!
08/24/07   Wall Climbs, PR 11.5-12ft wall conquered   worked on rolls   balance   Night PK
               really messes with your senses
08/25/07   nothing
08/26/07   nothing
08/27/07   thought about working out...thats good enough, right?
08/28/07   2mi XC run   precision practice
08/29/07   2mi XC run   balance work             jacked my left knee on a marble block during
               monkey plant
08/30/07   Nothing
08/31/07   2mi XC run and packing my belongings for the move
09/01/07   moving, unpacking
09/02/07   PKOH laborday jam III at OSU. What a blast there were more people than previous
               years so thats good, the OSU campus really has a ton of stuff to do, and a ton of
               people who have spent lots of time exploring the campus. It's hard to decide
               if I had more fun jamming or meeting new people. The jam lasted roughly from
               12-3:45pm.  After I got home I decided to try out this free beginners yoga video
               I had found online(  a few years back. I found it challenging
               and a number of stretches that helped my trouble muscles.
09/03/07   yoga vid
09/04/07   1.5mi bike ride around campus
09/05/07   1mi bike ride     yoga vid
09/06/07   2mi bike ride      3mi bike ride later in the dar
09/07/07   .75mi warm up run   wall climb practice balance work
09/08/07   3x15ft QM    3x10 lunges no rest between sets
                broad jump  to 3x pushup x40yds I was gonna go for 50, but I got kicked off the
               football field by some camp....jerks
09/09/07   jammage
09/10/07   taught the  PK basics  to my freinds
09/11/07   nothing
09/12/07   nothing
09/13/07   3k row in the pair      7 wall climb downs    3 wall climbups
09/14/07   6k row in the  pairs
09/15/07   Moved connect-a-dock  2 john boats and other assorted stuff around
09/16/07   10x100m erg sprints  avg time 17s avg split ~1:23/500m
               jammage for 2 hours
09/17/07   14k row in the 8  by 6s switching pairs
09/18/07   12k row in the 4 switching pairs            U-ball in the afternoon
09/19/07   nothing, Coxed at practice
09/20/07   14k row in the 4 , by  all 4
09/21/07   10k row in the 8 by 6s switching pairs
09/22/07   14k row in the 8 by 6s switching pairs
09/23/07   jammage
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #13 on: October 11, 2007, 02:03:57 PM »
09/24/07   U-ball sore Left shoulder could have come from either sleeping on it wrong, or
               when I bailed on a cat last night and landed on concrete.
09/25/07   practice 10k 4,6/8( in an eight(8-man rowing shell) with 4 and 6 people rowing
               switching out pairs ~every min)
               500m erg sprint 1:33.8
09/26/07   10k 6/8   
09/27/07   3x8 min 6/8    2x6min 6/8
09/28/07   10k 6/8
09/29/07   8k 6/8 
09/30/07   Jammage
10/01/07   U-Ball     5min erg peice      10 min erg peice     6min erg peice      400m sprint 1:33.8
10/02/07   40 min swim
10/03/07   pairs 2x 25min
10/04/07   3x10min 6/8      1x25min  8/8
10/05/07   pairs 2x30 min
10/06/07   3x8min 4/7min w/ novice      2x6min 6/7     1x4min  4/7   
               rowing 7 people in an 8 person boat sucks, especially when going by 6s
10/07/07   Rest day
10/08/07   2 games U-ball    22:44.6 min  6000m  1:53.7/500m  28 s/m
               3x30 situps x 15 push ups x 3 pull ups
               30 min swim  <- mad crazy leg bannanas!
10/09/07   4x10 min 4/4    1x35min 4/4    2x50 crunches  1x25 pushups
10/10/07   2x20min 2/2     3x3 pullups x3 dips  x30 situps  x 15 pushups      30min swim

I need to re-evaluate my annual goals. I haven't worked on any of them in quite some time. Part of that is due to school and rowing season starting up, but part of it is just me getting side tracked with getting my basic fitness back up.  I need to write down my goals where I can see them every time I work out. I might just write them on a note card and put clear tape on them so I can keep it in my workout log notebook. I've just forgotten what they all are, I need to make monthly progress test of myself so I can see what I need to work on to meet my goals.
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #14 on: November 06, 2007, 11:58:47 AM »
10/11/07   25min 4/4
10/12/07   30min 2/2   22min 2/2
10/13/07   3k 9:21 2/2 
10/14/07   rest
10/15/07   3x30s head stand   25 pullups(took me 8 sets)
               3x6 dips   OAEL work             5000m   18:25.0  1:50.9/500m 26 s/m
10/16/07   15min jog   25 pushups   50 crunches  50 r/l crunches   50 crunches feet up
               25x60ft hill sprints   10 inclined pushups
10/17/07   10k 2/2    3x20min 6/8
10/18/07   2x8min   4/8  3x10min  6/8   2x15min 6/8
10/19/07   barefoot balance work   20s elbow lever   40ft stem walk
10/20/07   2x5k 2/2
10/21/07   jammage
10/22/07   2 games U-ball   1mi run
10/23/07   25min 2:03.07/500    6061m       15min   2:00.9/500m   3722m
10/24/07   8k 6/8   
10/25/07   3x10min  6/8     15min 8/8
10/26/07   2x12min 6/8   2x10min   8/8
10/27/07   pair race at Griggs resevior, Speakmon regatta
               8 race
10/28/07   Rest
10/29/07   2.5mi XC run 20min
10/30/07   4 games U-ball
10/31/07   5x2:30min r0:30   3570m  1:45.0   27s/m
                                        722m   1:43.8   28s/m
                                        722m   1:43.8   28s/m
                                        718m   1:44.4   28s/m
                                        704m   1:46.5   27s/m
                                        702m   1:46.8   26s/m
                 20 pullups{5,5,5-,4-,2-] #- == 90* lock out for 10s on that rep, incomplete
                 25 dips[6,8,6,5]       
11/01/07    15min 6/7   20min 7/7   6 min 7/7   10min 7/7
                 OAEL work, Handstand work, B-kick work
11/02/07   bodyweights at practice
   Head of the Hooch Regatta
11/03/07   5k warm up  5k Race 8/8  17.13.0                 Events 19 and 65
11/04/07   5k warm up  5k Race 2/2  20.48.9         Bow numbers 354 and  1220
11/05/07   3.5k 6/8   2.5k 6/8   1k 8/8
               6k  23:13.9  1:56.1  22s/m              Eating before erging==bad idea, stomach cramps
               #125/leg  leg press [12,12,12]   20 pullups [5,5,5,4-,1]      20 Dips [10,10-]
               20min swim.
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #15 on: December 24, 2007, 03:04:48 PM »
            School started taking more effort to balance with life, and something had to give. So as a result this log has stagnated for over a month. Worry not my fitness has not suffered the same fate as this log, my goals for the year however have. The only goal I have met is I've burned off some body fat and come closer to my side-quest of a sixpack. With the new year approaching and winter erg season following my goals have switched gears a bit and will focus on rowing mainly while fitting in body weight feats where the goals align and time permits.  I plan to have an acutal wegith routine written out by new years and will follow it for atleast 10 weeks( winter quarter) before I take a look at my goals and where I am in relation to them. But as monty python would say GET ON WITH IT!
 When rowing by boats I will display it as a fraction. number of people rowing / rowers in the shell. When rowing on an erg  I will merely list the distance, over all time, 500m split   and stoke rating, not neccesarily in that order.
11/06/07   4km 6/8    2km 8/8     2km 6/8     1.5km  6/8   
               6km 22:39.7   1:53.3min/500    23s/m
               Hand stand on the wall 40s, 25s      14 OAEL attempts   
               20 handstand kick up attempts    Elbow levers[ 10s, 15s, 10s, 15s, 10s ]
               20s right and left side planks
11/07/07   6km  22:12.2   1:51.0   25 s/m      20 pull ups [6,5,5,4+]
                (#+ == that number  plus a 10s lock-out at 90* on the way down)
               20 dips [10,8,2]      Leg press 130#/leg  [10,10,10,12]
11/08/07   15min warm up 6/8     6min 8/8     6x2min 8/8  32 s/m        10 pull ups[8,2]   
               10 dips     Hand stand [40s, 22s]  Elbow lever [10s, 12s, 16s, 20s]
               30 handstand kickup attempts    6 OAEL attempts each arm + 3r/2l
11/09/07   10km 8/8     and I spent some time at the bouldering wall
11/10/07   8km practice at the course
11/11/07   race day at UVA  raced 5km in the  8 and the pair.
11/12/07   rest
11/13/07   6km  22:17.4   1:51.4   25 s/m        10 pull ups [5,5]    10 dips
               Handstand[5s, 10s,30s, 10s, 5s] [5,10,20, FAIL] almost face planted on the last set
               30s plank all sides
11/14/07   10km row at practice broken up, forget how though.  Pain in right wrist below thumb,
               worsens as the day progresses.
11/15/07   practice don't remember workout
11/16/07   short practice don't remember what though
11/17/07   5km race at Dayton
11/18/07   Rest
11/19/07   Rest
11/20/07   2 stadiums 50 crunches feet up, feet down, rt, lt      20s plank 20 switchies
               switchies/switchbacks== jumping lunge, 1 rep is once on each leg
11/21/07   rest
11/22/07   rest
11/25/07   rest wrist feels to be at 80%
11/26/07   2x 5km  9:55 rest
                   18:42.6   1:52.2   25s/m            18:54.2    1:53.4   26s/m
11/27/07   3x 2500m  5:00rest
                   8:56.4   1:47.2  26s/m       9:02.6  1:48.5   26s/m
                   9:06.9   1:49.3   26s/m
11/28/07   "Hour of power"  15,020m  57:28.3   1:54.7   24 s/m
11/29/07   5x5:00   5:00 rest  alternate on/off w/ a partner
               1423  1:45.4   28s/m
               1420  1:46.3   28s/m
               1420  1:45.6   27s/m
               1413  1:46.1   28 s/m
               1439  1:44.2   29s/m
11/30/07   2Km test    6:46.5   1:41.6   31s/m PR bitches!!!!
12/01/07   3 games U-ball
12/02/07   rest
12/03/07   2x5km   6:00 rest    18:32.3  1:51.2  28s/m     18:34.1  1:51.4   28s/m
12/04/07   4x500m 2:00 rest
                1:36.6  34s/m
                1:36.5  32s/m
                1:37.5  31s/m
                1:39.4  31s/m
12/05/07   5x1km   6:00 rest  "5km pace" 
               3:39.8  1:49.9  27s/m
               3:37.9  1:48.9  26
               3:34.3  1:47.1  25
               3:29.6  1:44.8  28
               3:25.7  1:42.8  29       5km pace didn't work out. noone followed it
12/06/07   Rest
12/07/07   travel to Miami
12/08/07   rig boats      30min run through miami beach
12/09/07   2x day practices begin!
12/10/07   forgot to write down workouts
12/11/07   Mostly technique these past few days
12/12/07   1 morning practice, rest of the day off. Bruised heel jumping into the pool
12/13/07   2x 15km pairs row once in the AM, once in the PM
12/14/07   15km row in the pairs in the AM    10k row in the 8s , technique
12/15/07   8k row pairs     6k row pairs. Saw a manatee when we were launching w00t
12/16/07   Travel home. 5 people in a '96 accord blows. but 3/5 were femals so it coulda been
               worse, atleast it wasn't all dudes, that car woulda reeked of dude for decades to come
12/17/07   Rest
    |           a few sets of 10 pushups thrown in
12/19/07   rest             
12/20/07   5x 3 pull ups 10 pushups       10s adv tucked  back lever [5s,5s]  shoulders were on
               fire and not used to it.          2x25 leg lifts hands behind head
               60min swim  roughly 8 laps/ 10 min   and 30strokes/25m. I need to get those strokes
               down to around 20/25m
12/21/07   rest sore left lower bicep near elbow
12/22/07   ABS!
                50 feet up  50 feet down   50 left side 50 right side crunches    2x25 leg lifts
                25 3 count situps( right elbow to left knee, down, left elbow to right knee, down,
                elbows to knees = 1 rep)     25 N-sits   Left hip POPPED every single rep, no pain but
                I'm fairly certain thats not supposed to happen.
12/23/07   Rest
12/24/07   5x10 pushups (elbows at sides)     50 FU/FD/LS/RS crunches    25 situps
               hip popped on sit ups too, but not nearly as loud as N-sits the other day.
 Well I hope to have a workout plan written up by new years and will follow it for the next 10 weeks. I'll post it here after the first week once I give it a test run. It will most likely be broken into upper body, lower body, and full body days. Focusing on getting my 2km erg score below a 6:40min. and of course the other goals will still stand, but they are pushed to the back burner and I think focusing on 1 feat per 6 weeks should give me some appreciable results.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and ingeneral Cheers!
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Re: A balancing act: Deceiver's workout log
« Reply #16 on: January 21, 2008, 05:05:55 PM »
12/31/07   Pull ups[4,4,4,4,3,1]   dips[10,9,2]   dumbell bench press #30[12,12,12]
               eagle fly machine #90[10,10,10]    2 clapping push ups... No strength left
01/03/08   3x25 push ups   25 3ct sit ups   2x25 leg lifts   2x25 N-sits   2x10 seal pushups
01/04/08   15mi Hike #12-15 pack  high for the day 41*. left hip flexor cramped up 8-9 mi into the
01/06/08   planch prog[16s,8s,20s,10s,12s,10s,10s,17s,11s,11s]   30s plank each side
               elbow lever[40s,30s,21s,30s,16s]   30s plank each side  2x25 situps

        I finally got around to creating a workout plan and started it this week. here's the workout in its original form. I'll ammend it at the end of this post to how I actually ended up doing it. I decided on a 3 on 1 off rotation due to the  intense cardio that comes with winter erg season. I usually lift in the morning and do cardio at night around 6. This just happends to fit into my schedual best so thats how it works, there are also fewer people at the campus rec center at 6am than 6pm....darned new years resolutioners. Although on weekends and days when I feel horribly unmotivated at 6AM I leave the lifting until around lunch time.

Upper Body
1-pullups 5x4           4- cuban press 3x10       7-Abs
2-pushups 3x25        5- lat raises
3-dips 3x8               6- dumbell pullover
Lower Body
1-DeadLift 3x8                      4-switchies 3x25
2-Power Clean 3x8                 5-Pistols 3x3
3-hacksquat  3x8                   6-abs
1-Planch progression 2:00         4-dips 3x8           7-leg press 3x8  10-abs
2-front lever progression 2:00    5-pushups  3x25   8-jumpies
3-pull ups 5x4                         6-squat 3x8         9- pistols 3x3
01/07/08   5x4 pull ups     3x25 pushups    3x3 dips   cuban press #15[10,10,10] 
               lat raises #10[10,10,10]  Dumbbell pull over #25[12,12,12]   3x25 situps 
               2x25 leg lifts   
               3x12:00 3:00r    3132m 1:54.9/500m   18s/m
                                     3043m  1:58.3/500m   18s/m
                                     2959m  2:01.6/500m   19s/m
               50 fu/fd/rs/ls crunches  25 leg lifts   60s plank each side( that was hell)
01/08/08   Dead lift #75[8,10,8]   powerclean #65[8,10,8]   Hack squat #180[10,8,8]
               switchies[10,10,10]   3x3 pistols   25 3ct situps
               3x2500m   9:13.1  1:50.6/500m  23s/m        9:28.6    1:53.7/500m  24s/m
                              9:37.9  1:55.5/500m  24s/m
01/09/08   planch prog[12s,20s,14s,9s,12s,25s,6s,18s,5]
               front lever prog[10s,5s,5s,6s,7s,5s,5s,7s,8s,4s]   3x3 pullups   3x3 dips   
               leg press #80[12,12,12,]   3x20 jumpies   50 fu/fd/rs/ls crunches
               16,500m  1:04:52.5   1:57.9/500m   24s/m
01/10/08   no lift
               5x1500m  r5:00   5:41.1   1:53.7/500m   24s/m      5:41.1   1:53.7/500m   23s/m
               5:38.4  1:52.8/500m   24s/m    5:37.7   1:52.5/500m   25s/m   
               5:27.3   1:49.1/500m  27s/m
01/11/08   5x4 pullups  3x8 dips   3x20 pushups   cuban press #15[10,10,10]
               lat raises #10[10,10,10]   dbell pull over #30[12,12,12]   50 crunches fu/fd/rs/ls
01/12/08   Yoga class quads burned during it. Hot as all get out in the studio
01/13/08   unschedualed rest
01/14/08   no lift   
               3x12:00 r3:00   3116m   1:55.5/500m  23s/m    3125m  1:55.2/500m   23s/m
               3187m   1:52.9/500m  25s/m
01/05/08   5x4 pull ups  3x8 dips   3x25 pushups  cuban press #20[9,8,8]  lat raises#12[7,6,8]
               Dumbbell pull over #35[12,12,12]   25 3ct situps   25N-sits
               60min  15,453m  1:56.4/500m 24s/m
01/16/08   DL#115[8,8,8]  Dumbbell squat #120[8,8,8]  Hacksquat#180[8,8,8] 
               switchies[15,15,12]  3x3 pistols  50crunches fu/fd/rs/ls
               8x1000m  r2:30   3:29.3   1:44.6/500m   30s/m 
                                       3:31.4   1:45.7/500m   30s/m
                                       3:33.4   1:46.7/500m   29s/m
                                       3:34.9   1:47.4/500m   29s/m
                                       3:37.9   1:48.9/500m   29s/m
                                       3:37.5   1:48.7/500m   29s/m
                                       3:37.6   1:48.8/500m   29s/m
                                       3:38.6   1:49.1/500m   29s/m
01/17/08   planch prog[21s,32s,14s,44s,8s]   Front lever prog[12s,13s,6s,12s,7s,7s,3s]
               3x3 pullups   3x4 dips   3x25 pushups  Power clean #85[10,10,8]   4x20 jumpies
               2x5000m   18:28.6   1:50.9/500m   28s/m    19:18.2  1:55.8/500m  26s/m
01/18/08   No lift
               Tanks 3x10min easy rowing
01/19/08   Yoga Class
               5x4 pullups   3x8 dips   3x20 pushups  Cuban press#20[8,8,8] Lat raises #12[7,8,9]
               dumbbell pullover #35[12,12,12]   35s plank each side
01/20/08   slept outside last night on a bet. Overnight low was 3*.. I won the bet
               Deadlift#115[10,8,12]  squat#115[10,10,12] Hack squat#180[10,10,10]
               3x15 switchies  25 3ct situps   25 N-sits   3x3 Pistols
01/21/08   Planch prog[50s,30s,38s,10s]   Front lever prog[12s,7s,7s,10s,7s,6s,8s,6s,]
               3x3 pullups  3x8 dips   3x25 pushups   leg press #100[12,12,12]  3x20 jumpies
               3x3 pistols <=superset=>  3x25 situps

And now incase you haven't noticed, I made changes during the execution of the routine. So in an easier to follow format Here they are.  You may also have noticed that I'm not following it strictly. I change it based on time, waiting on machines or bars, and how fried my muscles are at any given stage of the workout.

Upper Body
This worked out pretty good, the only change I made was to do dips before pushups, I was able to do more dips that way with very little detriment to my pushups
1-pullups 5x4           4- cuban press 3x10       7-Abs
2-dips 3x8               5- lat raises
3-pushups 3x25        6- dumbell pullover
Lower Body
I did it the original way ONCE, and then I realised that the 'pros' actually know something after all, the power clean is as much an upper body workout as it is lower,  so it fits better and allowes safer/proper execution when done on the complete day.
1-DeadLift 3x8                      4-switchies 3x25
2-Squat 3x8                         5-Pistols 3x3
3-hacksquat  3x8                   6-abs
I'm really behind where I was during the summer with my front lever, so I knocked it back to 1:00 since it felt like my shoulders were being torn out of their sockets the first time I tried to pick up where I left off. After I get closer to 25s holds I'll probably add in the other minute.
1-Planch progression 2:00         4-dips 3x8                    7-leg press 3x8  10-abs
2-front lever progression 1:00    5-pushups  3x25            8-jumpies
3-pull ups 5x4                         6-Power Clean 3x8         9- pistols 3x3

So far this workout coupled with eating smaller 2-300cal meals every 3 hours seems to be paying off. I'm seeing slow changes in muscle definition and obvious strength gains particularly in  the dumbbell pull over. I think thats more based on me throwing my body a curve ball than much else. I mean for the past year I've essentially eaten the same things for break fast lunch and diner.  I've increased my protein intake with this change in lifestyle. I've started eating a 2 egg omlette every day, the only 'bad' thing is the cheese I put on it, but I gotta get my dairy somewhere ;D and I can't give up cheese, nor are eggs particularly appetizing without it. I'm confident that by summer I'll have the muscle definition I'm really looking for, Thats not to say that I'm fat now, but I'm not where I want to be.
The obstacle is the path