Author Topic: Springdale/Rogers/Fayetteville North West Arkansas, looking for peeps  (Read 3769 times)

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Anyone that does parkour in this area of NWA? Me and my friend don't know many good places, and are kinda bored by ourselves. It'd be great to meet some other people that share the same interests, And I plan on building a parkour gym in my backyard for anyone to come and visit. We're both in early high school, and would like to meet anyone that is interested in doing some parkour/freerunning as well, that is in the same area as us.
If you want to contact me, my number is 479-365-9077, so hmu anytime.

I wonder how many people actually do parkour in NWA, never seem to see anyone :/

Wait what is this emoji omg  :-Sarcasm
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Re: Springdale/Rogers/Fayetteville North West Arkansas, looking for peeps
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2017, 11:03:09 AM »
Try posting in the Facebook group for Arkansas parkour. I hope you can find some training buddies! Good luck!
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