Author Topic: Parkour Horizons - Columbus, OH - My Experience  (Read 1735 times)

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Parkour Horizons - Columbus, OH - My Experience
« on: June 10, 2015, 09:30:25 PM »
Assuming I started seriously pursuing athletics and fitness around 12, for 20 years I have hated every second of exercising; until now.  Parkour has given fitness clarity.  For the first time I understand the 'why' behind becoming fit as opposed to the 'this sucks' of the moment.  For the first time I have a motivation for becoming a healthier, more-athletic person.  Over the last nine months training with #ParkourHorizons, I have begun to understand the capabilities and limitations of what my body.  And, I have never been more resolved to expand and crash through them respectively.  It will take me years to shed the result of sedentary lifestyle and dietary abuse that I have put myself through for a long time; during this time my progress will be slow and frustrating.  But, I now have one thing that has always been lacking, something that body building, crossfit, and directionless cardio could not provide.  Motivation.