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Markov Mohawk:
I moved to Woodstock recently and I need to know if there are any good spots?

I lived in Woodstock for 2 years, and I never found any good spots. The problem is that there are people everywhere around the 'good spots' like downtown, and the parks are not built well for exercises like parkour. I've had more success at Kennesaw State University, but, again, we run into the problem of people being everywhere. I've read that Acworth beach has some spots, but I have ventured there and had little success. I feel that Cartersville has the most spots, but I am also very picky and have the most experience in Cartersville. I am all for venturing elsewhere, I am just relaying what I know.

I moved to Woodstock from Cartersville 2 years ago and fully expected to find some awesome areas, only to be disappointed. Sorry for the downer.


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