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Guys I have been out of the parkour scene for a few years now and I sincerely want to get back into it. Does anyone know of people or places that have regular meetings in the area. I am out of shape and need to get back into the scene.

I hear people throw around a possible parkour group at KSU. I can't really join anything academic, since I'm not a student, but I would love to be the fat, pasty guy tagging along on literally anything. I live in Cartersville, work in Kennesaw and can do anything in between. I can do most nights and weekends.

Please hit me up.

Markov Mohawk:
I saw a post for the KSU in here, but I don't now the status on that. But I live in the Woodstock area, if your down we can try to get a group running around here

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. But I am absolutely down to meet up. Email me at Ianguitarist5@gmail.com. Like I said, I am out of shape... badly as it seems, but that won't stop me from doing my best. I have a few friends who could join in on Monday nights, if that is an available day for you.


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