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Free-republic Parkour:
Hello fellow free-runners and traceurs I am 14 and i am starting a parkour group in Clarke County.Ive only been parkouring for 2 months and i
already know the double kong,rail flip,front hand spring,kip-up,and most vaults.If anybody wants to get together in Clarke County and do some
parkour and maybe get some more experience just reply and tell me if you live in Iowa.Ive never talked to any other traceurs besides my twin brother and it would be nice to have some people to train with.

Parkouring is not a word, you can say doing parkour or tracing.
However I would use facebook to find people around your area.

Free-republic Parkour:
did i fail to say i hav only been doing it for 2 months

No, no you didn't.

Free-republic Parkour:
and i get discriminated against in school about parkour and alot of my so called friends on facebook are in my school.


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