Author Topic: "I'm Just Going For a Run"  (Read 16333 times)

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"Im Just Going For a Run"
« Reply #100 on: December 26, 2018, 05:27:34 AM »
Names Carson and I just picked up my first Diesel Super excited to start making this thing look and run like new. Its main use will be for hauling my race truck and small fishing boat to and from the lake, but will also be for fun on the weekends.

I ended up picking up a 92 w250 autoI know I know, as I love the styling,simplicity, and no nonsence design. Plus, my grandpa had one when I was a kid and I loved bouncing around the cab with him while he made his rounds all over the west.

First things first, Im going through all the cooling system now, and have taken care of the KDP and changed the aftermarket thermostat to a factory cummins unit. this is where i ran into my first problem... the radiator needed vatted and rodded, but upon further inspection, Most of the fins are ultra thin and some missing so it looks like im needing a new radiator. Then comes a full fluid and filter change. After that, I will start with the suspension; thinking airbags Then the search for more power begins... I know all big plans but i cant ever leave well enough alone when it comes to my vehicles.

Thanks again, and look forward to contributing to this forum while I learn a little more myself.

By the way, what car auctions websites do you know? I recently stumbled upon automotive auction. I encountered good salvage FORD FOCUS 2010 . I'm pleased that i got vin report before buying. It had frame damage  damage. Be secure and always run vehicle check before buying.