Author Topic: Zlithin's Parkour & Gymnastics Log  (Read 1857 times)

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Zlithin's Parkour & Gymnastics Log
« on: May 08, 2010, 05:56:02 PM »
Hey everyone. I'm new around here and new to Parkour in general, so I thought I'd post one of these to help dedicate me. I also added a section for my gymnastics, as it and Parkour are similar, and it couldn't hurt, right?  ;)

A Bit About Me

Well, I'll be 13 in July of 2010, I've been a gymnast for two years, and I've recently started to Parkour. I really like Parkour because it's unusual, it's fun, and it just makes you feel free. I'm homeschooled, and live in Alabama. That combination equals nobody to practice with.  :( Ah well! Anyways, this is a little log for my goals and fitness plans etc. Enjoy!  :)

Current Workout Schedule

I do this 4-5 tmes out of the week, usually.

3x set of 10 dips with ~10 lb. of weights.
3x set of 10 pullups with ~ 10 lb. of weights.
50 bent-leg situps, without puting my legs under anything.
50 straight-leg situps without puting my legs under anything.
20 leg lifts.
30 push-ups on parralel (Sp?) bars, thus I go deeper than normal.
4 passes of lunge walks across a floor ~ 75' long.

I do this every 1-3 days of the week as well.

3x set of 5 mussle-ups on RINGS, as in gymnastics rings, not a pull-up bar.
20 reverse leg lifts.
20 reverse situps.
60 knee extender things. You lock out your knees as far as possible for a few seconds.

Parkour Goals

Currently my progress is being slightly slowed by the pressence of these stupid 'Jigger' bugs.

Wall climb a 12' wall.
 * Current max is 10'.

Kong vault to cat grab.
 * Stupid nerves. The place I do this is ~10' off the ground...

Kong vault to free fall of ~5'.
 * Nerves again.

Learn the dash vault.
 * The thought of putting my legs over a wall before my hands confuses/scares me, haha.

Roll a little better.
 * Having some trouble with this.

Jump higher/farther.
 * Jumping is obviously useful in parkour, and my broad jump is only about 5-6 feet.

Get better at the turn vault.
 * Can't really figure out how/where to place my hands...

Gymnastics Goals

Round-off back-handspring back layout with a full twist.
 * I can consistantly do a half, but on fulls I get dizzy and land on my face.  ;D

Hold a handstand without walking for 2 minutes.
 * Current best is 1:27.

Front hand-spring front tuck front tuck.
 * Only doing one flip right now.

Giant swing on highbar.
 * I use the strap-bar right now, meaning I can't fly off, lol.

Kip, cast to handstand on highbar.
 * My casts suck for some reason.

Moi on P-bars.
 * not consistant right now.

3 Circles on pommel horse.
 * Pommels = HELL ON MAT.

Back lever on highbar/rings for 15 seconds.
 * at horazontal, perfectly straight, I can hold for 7 seconds.


Well, hopefully I can reach some of these goals! I plan to update this every day with whatever I do. Thanks for reading!  :)

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Re: Zlithin's Parkour & Gymnastics Log
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Where at in Alabama