Author Topic: Chicago Colossal Jam 2013 (June 7th-9th)  (Read 2996 times)

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Chicago Colossal Jam 2013 (June 7th-9th)
« on: April 29, 2013, 10:31:29 PM »
Forgot to post this here, more information on the facebook event page:

*Friday - Oz Park *
6:00 PM - Meet in Oz Park Field
6:30 PM - Move to spot behind Lincoln Park HS (Other side of field)
7:30/8 PM (Or when somewhat clear of kids) - Oz Park Playground

*Saturday - UIC/CIA*
10:00 AM - Meet at intersection of Halsted and Harrison
10:15 AM - Move to field across the street for warmup
10:45/11:00 AM - Quad (Jam picture will be taken when we get there)
12:00 PM - Student Center East
1:00 PM - Break for lunch (Taylor St. Thai Bowl, Subway, and more)
2:30 PM - Meet back up at Nacho
3:00 PM - Art and Architecture
4:00 PM - Scaffolding, BSB, and Rail building
6:00 PM to Midnight - CIA (Info below schedule)

*Sunday - Downtown*
10:00 AM - Vietnam Memorial (State and Wacker Intersection)
12:00 Picaso
1:00 Break for lunch at Chase McDonalds/Noodles 'n Co (Also a small training spot)
2:00 Millenium Park (Bean and the two fountain towers for those who haven't seen them)
The rest of the day will be traveling down Michigan ave hitting various grant park spots, as the main one is under construction, this is hard to schedule.  If it goes on long enough we will end off at museum campus/beach.  Jam will end whenever it ends.

--Directions for Sunday locations:
Vietnam to Picaso:  From Vietnam Memorial, walk right on Wacker until you hit Dearborn, turn left and take that to the Picaso training spot.

Picaso to Chase:  Keep walking down dearborn to Monroe, turn right on Monroe.

Keep going down Monroe to get to Michigan Ave and turn right to find the rest of the spots.

~~~CIA Information~~~
Address 135 Foster Ave, Bensenville, IL.

CIA is a huge cheer gym in Bensenville, it's a bit of a drive from the city and you can't get there completely by public transportation, but you can get within a few miles away.  I highly recommend everyone that can, drive to the jam so we can get as many people there as possible.  I'm also seeing if some people can drive from the gym to the nearest blue line stop to get some extra people there.

Cost for the 6 hour gym session and food is $15.
Provided food will be Pizza, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, and various Fruits.  I'll grab a good variety of pop too for drinks, this should go without saying, but just in case, no alcohol allowed.

Directions to the gym:
From UIC you're right between I-90 and I-290, so you have two options, 90 is a toll road while 290 is not if that helps with decision making.

From I-90 West:
Stay to the left at the 90/94 split to stay on 90
Take the South Elmhurst exit
Turn right on Foster, you'll see the gym on your right shortly afterwards.

From I-290 West:
Follow Signs to stay on 290 (stay to the right)
Take the IL 83 North exit
Turn right onto Foster Ave (The gym will be on your left towards the end of the road)

If you're coming from a long ways and need somewhere to stay for the nights of the jam, contact either

 Alex (Fresh)
(630) 824-7107


Jesus (Scales)
(773) 822-2623
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Re: Chicago Colossal Jam 2013 (June 7th-9th)
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Schedule posted!