Author Topic: Any Virginian's and Near looking for a group to train with and or learn from!  (Read 2184 times)

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We are Pillar Parkour we are located in the Heart of Virginia, in Richmond.   We also have members of the team in Southside/Chesterfield and the team runs both the VCU Parkour group and the networking group, Eastern Virginia Parkour Hub (EVAP)              We keep a very friendly and open to anyone mindset and are always willing to take new people, experienced or not.       We have a strong passion for Parkour and Freerunning and believe it really is for anyone and everyone.   One of our hopes is to see parkour grow to the level that it is socially acceptable everywhere and that more people take on a stronger and healthier lifestyle.     We have a group of experienced athletes/instructors and an even larger group of dedicated individuals to parkour and freerunning.     If you're looking for instruction or just some people to train with and have fun, come down train, and have a great time.

Pillar Parkour (
Parkour VCU ( (this is where we run the majority of our practices out of)
Eastern Virginia Parkour Hub (EVAP) ( (this is a large networking group that is connected to groups located all over VA and some outside, and is intended to help new people find others in their area or anyone nearby, and also for information sharing between groups and individuals)
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