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Trash Cleaning & Halloween-ing on the Strip


Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/114078368747834/

Wear your costumes and help give back to the community! LVPK will be holding a jam on the Las Vegas Strip while taking part in the "Leave No Trace" movement. We'll give everyone a garbage bag to collect trash while jamming, and there will be prizes as well!

First Bag Filled - APK Long Sleeve Community Shirt!
Most Trash Overall - APK Perspective Hoodie!

Let's all come together for this event and put a respectful image in the public's minds and a fun visual at the same time!
(See link) We'll be starting/parking at the backlot of the Tropicana hotel (Las Vegas Blvd. & Tropicana) and move north from there, covering both sides of the street when we walk back from the Palazzo Hotel (Las Vegas Blvd. & Spring Mountain Rd.) - a 4 mile roundtrip with some of our city's best parkour spots in between


APK is going to post the event on their calendar, so if anyone can offer housing for out of town guests, that would be greatly appreciated!
Let's make this an awesome day, help make the strip look clean, and make a lasting impression on the Las Vegas community so parkour can always be associated with positive outlooks!


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