Author Topic: Dar's quest to ultimate non-laziness  (Read 1495 times)

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Dar's quest to ultimate non-laziness
« on: October 07, 2012, 08:50:09 AM »
Might as well make use of this  : )

But firstly, some background; I am 22 years old (5’6” and approximately 160lbs) only just discovered both this site and the incredible art of parkour, and decided that it was time that I limit my time with video games. Parkour seems like just the thing to get me out of the house, get me active, and give me that freedom that I’ve been looking for. I’ve never been a very physical sort of person thanks to horrible amounts of embarrassment, but I like to think that I’m finally getting over that. I’ve realized however that as I begin my parkour journey, I’m going to have to be a lot more careful than most and start out extremely slowly. I happen to have very lax ligaments, basically the ligaments and tendons in my body are very loose and they can’t properly hold my joints into place; things like lifting my arms above my head and applying weight or rolling on my side wrong partially dislocate my shoulders or hips. I was in physical therapy for this years ago, but never kept up on the workouts and exercises at home. But now a few years later, my arms are getting worse, and I know that I have to get some physical exercise into my life (Never you mind the personal reasons why parkour has attracted me to such an insane level) like I said though, I’m going very…very slow. And since I’m not in great physical condition anyway, the idea is to begin with at least one to two (If not more) months of doing nothing more than getting into basic shape; lots of beginning exercise while I focus on rolls and jumping distance.

While I plan to work on all of my muscle groups, arms will take top priority because of my physical limitations. My left arm is my weak arm and often dislocates (Only partially, thank goodness) and my right arm is significantly stronger because it’s my dominant arm anyway.

Goals to reach by October 31st 2012.

Physical -
10 sit ups.
10 consecutive push ups (‘real’ push ups, working my way up from inclined and ‘girl’ push ups)
5 box jumps (Must find something that I can comfortable jump onto)
1 full pull up (Go buy a pull up bar!)

Diet -
At least 8, 8 ounce glasses of water (Or 2, 32 ounce cups at work, since they’re there)
Limit self to only one soda per day (Yes, this is a big one for me >.<)
Eat out ONLY 3 times a month (Another big one, college student and all, yikes)
Limit self to only five drinks from work  month (Working at a coffee shop, I drink A LOT of really fatty drinks right now that are really not helping me)

And remember (to self) when you get discouraged, remember what formally introduced you to parkour in the first place! Huzzah for video inspiration! Go figure that a game-nerd like me was inspired by a guy in an Altair costume, shouldn’t seen this coming, no?
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"Welcome to the Bridge of Insanity, Feel Free to Jump,"

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Re: Dar's quest to ultimate non-laziness
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2012, 12:20:42 PM »
Today, I've been doing some discovering of where I currently am.

This is what I can do comfortably as of today, it's very...unimpressive.

10 full sit ups (Collapsing on the 11th...Geeze)
10 push ups (On my knees)
Squats (Uhm...turns out that I'm a dork and actually can't do them without falling over, must be doing something wrong ((No wait, I figured them out, my balance just effing sucks right now)))
Front plank (As long as possible, which is like...ten seconds right now)

Can anybody tell that I'm working my way through DemonDrills videos?

Good god, I planned on taking more time with this, but I just looked at the clock >___O;
Time to get ready to go to sushi. But will likely do more of this later tonight when I get back.

Also, seriously thinking about looking into a workout DVD, even though that makes me sound like an old lady,
Or maybe a yoga one to work on my flexibility. It's occurred to me that maybe I'll benefit from having an actual schedule as far as working out goes.

Also, bought myself a dry-erase board to keep a checklist up in my room to remind myself.
"Welcome to the Bridge of Insanity, Feel Free to Jump,"