Author Topic: New to Norfolk,VA. Looking for people to train with and learn from.  (Read 1809 times)

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I'm new to parkour and only started in the past 6 months and haven't been able to train to the extent I want to until recently but even so, I can do some of the basics like vaults, the kick up, rolls, and very terrible precision jumps. I would like to find someone to train with and learn from as I learn better and faster if I am training with someone else.

I would really like to find a good place to learn from and I currently find myself too nervous to practice the more dangerous techniques on account of my lack of safety equipment. I'm looking for a place, maybe a gymnastics gym or something in the area that I can go to to train the more acrobatic parts of parkour(or rather freerunning) such as flips, corkscrews, websters, B-Twists, etc.

Mostly though, I really want to learn parkour but without anyone to train with and learn from I find it really hard to keep myself as motivated as I spend more time messing up than getting much success from what I'm trying to learn. I know that I learn better when I have someone I can strive to equal. I tend to push myself a little harder if I have someone to train with and learn better bcuz of it.
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