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Nick Briseno:
So i have been thinking of trying to get a statewide jam together.  Does anybody have any ideas where they would like it to be? like where would be the best location for everyone to meet and have a good time?

Who: The New Orleans Parkour and Free Running community would like to volunteer to host this event.

Where: Here in New Orleans we have 2 excellent locations to trick and trace that are adjacent to each other (University of New Orleans and Ponchartrain Beach).

When: If we hosted this, it would need to be on a Sunday (any Sunday is available, since we meet every Sunday already) when campus is empty to null the chances of someone complaining to campus police.  Otherwise, as long as there is no one causing us any grief, security does not mind what we do.  So long as it is organized and not a wide-spread, gladiator-streamed obstacle course, we will be free to play and practice.  As for the beach, we are free to do whatever however whenever.

Why: Why not...?

It may even be possible to have some of our professional stuntmen to help moderate this if we give them a long enough heads-up.

set a date and ill come home for this :D

Brett Bergeron:
This might be a good event for me to get started with. Would this still be possible to have?

Luke Tate:
I would love to support this event and I could get our local Mandeville & Covington parkour/freerunning group to attend ^^ Lemme know if this is gonna happen :D


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