Author Topic: Competition in Parkour  (Read 62317 times)

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Re: Competition in Parkour
« Reply #100 on: October 27, 2012, 07:22:09 PM »
While I am more on the part of participating in Parkour and Freer Running while "jamming" with my friends, I do find competitions to be very fun as long as they are done the right way, and for me that's...

•With friends and local Traceurs, not some gigantic event.
•Absolutely NO money, companies, or sponsorship whatsoever.
•For me, not judged on who's style is better, but who is unique, adapts to the environment well, and flow and fluidity.

And, it's all for fun and the passion.  :)

EDIT: Oh, and I mean competition for the Free Running side of Parkour, not actual Parkour itself for competition.
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Re: Competition in Parkour
« Reply #101 on: April 12, 2013, 02:47:11 AM »
Well, there is one point here I'd like to add.

M2 started this discussion as 'argument for' and 'arguments against' competition. Naturally, we see a whole bunch of people claiming '''I believe'', ''in my opinion'', ''because..'' ''for me'' and so on.

But if we are to determine the truth, then none of this matters.

First off, I don't care what people personally believe. It isn't interesting to hear what people personally believe about this. It is completely irrelevant. The fact that you believe something does not make it true. What matters in a factual question is the evidence, and there is no evidence that parkour is competetive. As a matter of fact, all sources points to the completely opposite if we're about to look at its origins. David Belle did by the way state this recently on his facebook. The founders have stated it various times. An objection to this may be 'what the founders says is also an opinion'. Not necessary. If anyone here were to take Bruce Lee's Jeet Kun Do and start teaching it, there is a way to teach it incorrectly, no matter what your opinion about that is. I could say that Jeet Kun Do is about acrobatics instead of martial arts, but that does not make it true. I could say that parkour is not based on movements but that does not make it true. Jeet Kun Do is already a defined training method. Exactly like parkour. Parkour is a name for a training method exactly like Jeet Kun Do.

Secondly, on a philosophical level, it is extremely difficult to measure humlity, how many people you've been helping, or even harder, all the many other aspects; creativity, ability to adapt, ability to push yourself physically and mentally of the course of your whole training. Neither can you measure 'to be and to last' by a competition. You can't measure peoples training method. There are so many variables that is very difficult to measure. It doesn't make it easier by the fact that parkour has no rules not any end. Because that is also a fact - parkour is a training method, not simply an action of doing x (whatever x may be). People who say otherwise - give evidence for that then.

Therefore, I would like to know how it is practically possible to be a world champion in parkour.

This has to be solved before we can accept ''parkour is competetive'' as true. And if ''parkour is competetive'' is false, as it all points to now, then all the people who have these competitions are actively misrepresenting parkour horribly out of ignorance, and this seems to fit well what this site, American Parkour, does.
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Re: Competition in Parkour
« Reply #102 on: May 03, 2013, 12:30:42 PM »
Hey there!

I'm super new to parkour but it seems really cool and I have a lot of fun. I tried looking around the competition bit of the forum, but there've been few recent posts  :(

I was wondering if anyone know of any competitions or big gatherings happening in the next few months. I'm not really up to competing yet or anything, but I'd like to watch in person and see what top notch dudes are like, preferably somewhere in the North East.

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Re: Competition in Parkour
« Reply #103 on: June 07, 2013, 12:28:04 PM »
Hi Bossanova

The reason there have been few recent posts is because, as Erik suggests immediately above your post, Parkour is not a competitive activity. That makes it very difficult to talk about the competition aspect of Parkour, since there isn't one. Various people have tried to force competition and Parkour together, but the end result is invariably something that is meaningless to Parkour practitioners, and harmful to attempts to educate people about Parkour.

If you are interested in Parkour then it's worth bearing in mind that Parkour is a training discipline. It's a holistic way of developing your abilities in order to meet the challenges you face in life. It deals with things that are far more important than a competition about who can jump over a wall in a pretty way.
~ Dave
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Re: Competition in Parkour
« Reply #104 on: June 07, 2013, 10:23:16 PM »
Dave, I just want to say I know we can agree on something ;D
I really agree with your statement and they make me think of Chris Rowat whose views I appreciate as well, expecially in the competition "controversy".
That is all.
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Re: Competition in Parkour
« Reply #105 on: June 08, 2013, 06:26:33 AM »
Bossonova you'd be better off looking for parkour jams happening somewhere near you. Competitions are something that a lot of traceurs don't agree with but more importantly in this case you'd only be a spectator. At jams you can get together with traceurs from all over and interact with them and learn from them instead of just watching. I wish I had seen your post earlier as the Beast Coast jam just took place in D.C. a few weekends ago.

Keep an eye out on the home page and in the national jams section of the forums and maybe ask around a little, hopefully there will be something happening near you that you can take part in.

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Competition in Parkour
« Reply #107 on: October 21, 2019, 11:51:15 PM »
The Horseshoe bar in Warren is having a beer and brats night on Oct. 23rd at 8pm. They will be having German beers for sampling and also a homebrew competition. A cell number is listed to enter homebrew:330-219-9819. I left a message for a Jennifer but she has yet to call me back with details. If someone else gets a hold of her please post the details on this thread.

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How To Convert FLAC To WAV
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Transferring AIFF To WAV
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M4A To MP3
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Convert Cda To Mp4 Tutorial Third
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