Author Topic: Bike the US for MS Comes to a Place Near You  (Read 2494 times)

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Bike the US for MS Comes to a Place Near You
« on: June 01, 2011, 05:03:28 PM »
My name is Chris Wachtman, and I've been doing parkour for 5 years. Starting June 1st I will be riding across the country with a group called Bike the US for MS. I think this is a great opportunity to meet traceurs across the country.

We will be riding through KY for 7 days, and you should definitely come out and chill with us if we ride near your area!

Respond to this thread and join the Facebook event to let me know when/where you'll be.

Here is where we expect to be from June 11th to 17th:
16Rough River Dam55
17   Sebree   74

The full trip plan can be found here:
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