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It's the offical "break the ice" thread.

So tell us a little about you and your group. Where are you based? How did you get into parkour? How long has it been? What came first: chicken or the egg?


Ummm, names Chris or Zanadoo.
As of now my group consists of about 6-8 people that actively train with us at my college.
I live in Marietta and attend Southern Polytechnic State University.
Got into parkour about 3-4 months ago after I saw a video on 3run.co.uk that someone had posted on a forum and I've been hooked ever since.
And it is obvious the chicken came first, doy!!

It's crazy, I think there are quite a few of us in the Marietta area...

Sorry Tsi, you just live in the wrong place. (I know you'll read this)

Well I think most people know the "legend" of the Nekojin Clan. Started in August of 03 after seeing yamakasi and researching it on UF. We've been practicing heavily since then, with a few breaks now and again for injuries... Which have been messy: broken ankle, sprained ankle, ripped AC tendons, and shin stitches... I can still feel the pain...


Yeah, well Atlanta isn't too far away from you guys, and now I'm living in College Park, which is about 10 minutes away from Downtown. HINT HINT!

But now I'm pretty use to practicing by myself, so its all good.

Well it's good to hear that you're still getting practice. Since my injury I'm still struggling just to run and parkour is pretty much out of the question. I'm doing a lot of "monkey stretching" though. I find that to be a really good workout and an unusual amount of fun, too.



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