Author Topic: Local Traceurs/euses, we need help with housing for (B)east Coast!!  (Read 2473 times)

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  Hi everyone!

  So, every year we house a TON of people at Primal and the draw just keeps getting bigger to come jam each year.

That's why we need your help! I've have a few people who've emailed me looking for housing as I am in charge of it. If you CAN house people for Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights please email me. There are lots of folks who's totally sleep on your floor, couch, roof, backyard.

Email me at if you want to help the community out. It will be much appreciated and you may one day need a couch at a jam out of state in the future!

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Re: Local Traceurs/euses, we need help with housing for (B)east Coast!!
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My only issue is transportation, because once I got there I'd probably cardboard-box it like a professional hobo. :P
Fecteau, you are the first person I will turn to when I break up with Micah, haha
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